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Vietnamese women have not become as popular and well-known on the international marriage market as other Asian ladies yet. But this does not make them worse!

If you still do not know much about beautiful Vietnamese girls, this guide is just for you. Find out what Vietnamese ladies are like, why they can make perfect matches for Western men, and how to date them.

What Are Vietnamese Women Like?

If you have not decided yet whether a girl of this nationality can make a good match for you, read some details on the qualities that make these ladies so popular with foreign men.

They Are Cute

Vietnamese girls cannot be called very beautiful if you evaluate them from the point of view of stereotypical Western beauty standards. But this does not mean that they are not attractive. Pretty Vietnamese women impress men with their adorability. They are miniature and have cute doll faces. Due to these features, they often look very sweet and younger than they really are.

They Are Friendly

Every tourist who travels to this country immediately notices this feature of local girls. They are not too shy to get acquainted with new people and always meet them with a smile. Cute and positive Vietnamese girls do not mind making friends with foreigners even if they do not speak English.

They Are Kind-Hearted

Vietnamese women can conquer any man due to their kind hearts. These ladies are very understanding, sympathetic and can always support others in difficult times. They usually become true friends with their life partners. And this helps them to build strong and close relationships and maintain them for years. So, ladies of this nationality are perfect for long-term relationships and true love.

They Are Honest And Straight-Forward

These girls are simple and do not like pretending. So, they show their emotions honestly and express their opinions straightly. This helps to understand each other better.

A man should not guess what mood his girlfriend is in today and what she thinks about some issues. This makes the process of dating and getting to know each other much easier and more pleasant for both sides.

Do Vietnamese Women Make Good Wives?

Have you already ensured that ladies of this nationality can make good girlfriends? But is it really worth starting serious relationships with them? Find out what kind of wives they become and you will probably want to marry a Vietnamese girl!

Vietnamese Wives Are Family-Oriented

There is nothing more important for Vietnamese wives than a family. After getting married, Vietnamese women concentrate fully on their families.

They will not be distracted by career ambitions or having fun with friends every day. The top priority of Vietnamese wives are their husbands and kids. Everything else in their lives matters less for them.

So, if you have always dreamt of a wife that would pay maximum attention to a family not being distracted with anything else unlike emancipated Western ladies, then Vietnamese women are just for you!

Vietnamese Wives Are For Traditional Family Values

Even the studies of scientists and culture experts prove that family is the first priority for Vietnamese women. The mentality of locals is based on Confucianism. According to this philosophy, the most important things in life are harmony, responsibility, respect for others, a good level of education, and being faithful to family.

So, Vietnamese wives are very loyal and usually choose one life partner for their whole life. They also often want to have a few children and take very thorough care of them.

Moreover, Vietnamese wives respect their husbands very much as they believe them to be the heads of the family. So, they rarely argue and respect the opinions and choices of their husbands.

Vietnamese Wives Are Diligent And Hard-Working

As women of this nationality do not work after marriage, they do all household chores with great responsibility. They try hard to keep the house always clean and neat and never to let their husbands and kids be hungry.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Vietnamese women are fond of foreigners. Getting a foreign husband is believed to be a big wheel. So, just the fact that you are a Western man will attract hot Vietnamese girls. Other qualities that can make you popular with ladies of this nationality are:

  • Calm nature. Calm men who can control their emotions are very attractive to ladies of this nationality. They believe this character trait to be an expression of dignity, self-respect, and respect for others.
  • Honesty. Talking straightforwardly about everything is very important to the ladies of this nationality. They do not like playing games and pretending. If you try to cheat and understate, a lady of this nationality will take this as disrespect for her.
  • Maturity. Vietnamese women believe mature men to be more appropriate for serious relationships. So, the age gap is not a problem for ladies of this nationality.

Where to Meet Vietnamese Women in Vietnam?

If you want to meet a lot of diverse girls go to one of the largest cities:

  • Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam with a population of more than 7 million people.
  • Da Nang, a big city on the coast of the South China Sea.
  • Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), the most populated city of Vietnam with approximately 8 million citizens. It is situated in the south of the country.

The choice of places may vary depending on the type of girls you like and the style of spending time you prefer. If you want to meet sexy Vietnamese girls who know how to have fun and you like noisy parties, go to local nightclubs. If you are fond of intelligent girls, try to meet them at art galleries or museums. And, of course, it is possible to meet Vietnamese girls, friendly and helpful, in the parks and just on the streets.

Here is a little guide to the most popular places of the largest cities of Vietnam for the tourists whose main goal is meeting girls.


The best nightclubs are:

  • The Opera Nightclub;
  • Infinity Club;
  • Shark;
  • Klub One;
  • Savage.

The best places for culture lovers are:

  • Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts;
  • Hanoi Museum;
  • Vietnam Museum of Ethnology.

The most picturesque parks are:

  • Hanoi Botanical Garden;
  • Ngoc Khanh Lake Park;
  • Thong Nhat Park;
  • Thu Le Park;
  • Cau Giay Park.

Da Nang

The most popular nightclubs are:

  • New Oriental Nightclub;
  • Karaoke Night Club;
  • Ghost Club;
  • Leo Night Club;
  • QIN Lounge;
  • Sevva Sky Lounge.

The most recommended places for the admirers of culture and art are:

  • Da Nang Museum;
  • Da Nang Fine Arts Museum.

The most attractive parks are:

  • Asia Park;
  • APEC Park;
  • Ba Na Hills Da Nang;
  • Hot Springs Park.

Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)

The coolest nightclubs are:

  • Lush;
  • New DC Club;
  • Arena Mix;
  • Vibes Club;
  • Commas/

The best places for cultural education are:

  • Fine Art Photography Museum;
  • Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts;
  • Ho Chi Minh Campaign Museum;
  • Ho Chi Minh Museum.

The most scenic parks are:

  • Tao Dan Park;
  • September 23d Park;
  • Saigon Riva Park;
  • Vinhomes Central Park;
  • Suoi Tien Theme Park;
  • Hoang Van Thu Park.

Where to Meet Vietnamese Women Online?

There are websites that are created especially to help Western men meet Vietnamese girls. They are very popular with Vietnamese women who are looking for foreign husbands. So, you will find hundreds of them there. Just get registered, choose the ladies of your taste, and do not lose your chance to get a kind-hearted, sincere, and accommodating Vietnamese girlfriend.

How to Date a Vietnamese Girl: 8 Tips

Dating Vietnamese women may seem rather intricate because of language and cultural barriers. But it will turn out to be easy and pleasant if you follow these recommendations:

  1. Keep yourself well-groomed. Vietnamese women believe a good image to be an expression of self-respect. Untidy and unkempt men are not worthy of beautiful Vietnamese girls.
  2. Be restrained and respectful. Vietnamese women are fond of men who behave modestly and show respect for them. This is how they differ from Western women who like โ€œbrightโ€ men, or at least those men who just pretend to be bright to attract attention. Modest behavior will not be taken as shyness. Quite the opposite: it will show that you are a strong man: calm but dignified. This is a very good way to win the heart of Vietnamese girls.
  3. Respect her family and culture. Take interest in her close circle and the culture of her motherland. These are the things Vietnamese women are usually proud of. Also, never say any disrespectful words or negative opinions about her family or the culture of Vietnam. This will be taken as a serious offense. 
  4. Pay attention to her mood. It can say even more about your girlfriend of this nationality than her words. And Vietnamese women need to be close emotionally to their life partners. So, always react to her mood: join her in having fun when she is happy and do her best to comfort her when she is sad.
  5. Be an interesting conversationalist. You must build a conversation in an interesting and engaging way. The more decent a Vietnamese woman is, the more attention she pays to her education and self-development. Therefore, she is looking for an appropriate partner: intelligent, smart, and interesting.
  6. Share your thoughts and secrets. Being close emotionally matters much for Vietnamese girls. So, if you tell her about your feelings and experiences, secrets, and plans for the future, it will help to develop strong and lasting relationships based on mutual trust.
  7. Constantly keep in touch. Vietnamese girls cannot stand loneliness. So, never interrupt your communication for a while. Text with her every day and call as often as possible.
  8. Take care of her. As Vietnamese girls are for traditional family values, they expect men to be strong and solve the problems of weak ladies. Try not to disappoint your lady by being indifferent. Help her when she needs it, and she will love you even more.


Why Are Vietnamese Women Looking For Foreign Husbands?

According to statistics, there are fewer men than women in this country. In 2020, the female population was 48,99 million people, while the male population was 48,59 million people. So, there are 400 thousand more women than men. This is why there are not enough local grooms for all Vietnamese women and they start to look for foreign men. Moreover, they are fond of Western men as they are more interesting, respectful, intelligent, and successful.

Do Vietnamese Women Speak English?

Rather few people in this country can fluently speak English. Even people who know this language well are rather difficult to understand by a native because of a very specific accent.

So, think of solving the problem of a language barrier in advance. Most likely, you will need to use translation services to communicate with Vietnamese women. But if you really fall in love, no obstacles will be able to prevent you from dating a Vietnamese girl.

Do Vietnamese Wives Work After Marriage?

Vietnamese women appreciate traditional family values. They believe that the roles of husbands and wives should be clearly separated. So, the majority of Vietnamese girls are not going to work after marriage. They believe that a man should be a breadwinner, and a woman should be a home keeper.

One more reason why even Vietnamese women who do not mind earning their own money will not manage to find a job in the USA or Western European countries is a language barrier. English of these ladies is usually rather poor and very difficult to understand by natives.

So, you should be ready to provide for a family on your own. But do not worry: Vietnamese women are not very pretentious when it comes to money. They are used to planning the budget carefully as the average income in Vietnam is about $300-$500 per month.

Though a woman of this nationality will not contribute to a family budget, she will ensure comfort at home. And you will not have to share household chores with a Vietnamese wife.

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