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Croatia is a lovely state situated in the Northern part of the Balkan Peninsula. The country is characterized by rich natural resources: both splendid marine landscapes and mountains can be found there. It is no wonder that Croatia is one of the biggest European attractions for tourists. In addition to nature, Croatia is well-known for its women who manage to combine genuine beauty with wisdom and excellent character features. 

What Are Croatian Women Like?

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To understand Croatian women better, a relationship seeker must be familiar with some features of the country’s history, geographic situation, and attitude. Despite the connection with the other Slavic nations and some common stereotypes, Croatian ladies have some unique peculiarities.

They Are Naturally Beautiful

In comparison with other Slavic and Balkan women, Croatian girls are high. The average height of the population is more than 1.8 meters (5.11 ft.). However, it does not spoil their figures: the perfect sand watch body shape is the most common. A typical Croatian girl has light hair (the aftereffect of the sunny Mediterranean climate) and keen faces: big eyes match straight noses and dimpled cheeks. 

They Care About Themselves

Croatian women might not be obsessed with fashionable outfits like Italian or Czech ladies, but they know how to be dressed attractively to men. A demand to be beautiful every day is a matter of history and society. Croatian men are well-known beauty connoisseurs. They always made women pick sensational clothes and national outfits. 

In addition, Croatian women are obsessed with a healthy lifestyle. You will hardly find a desolate beach when the weather lets people take sunbathes. Croatian girls got used to active sports. They are likely to go in for volleyball or basketball. Even if they cannot afford it, they are likely to visit gyms or jog.  

They Are Proud and Smart

The main stereotype about Croatian women concerns their pride. It does not enlighten the whole situation, but it is not far from the truth either. Indeed, constant attention from strange men makes women learn their value. However, this fact does not imply that Croatian women do not like attention and do not know how to act when they meet a man. These features give birth to a great sense of humor and communication skills. Sometimes, it seems that you can never get bored with a Croatian lady. Innately, they are very attentive and are always tuned for friendship. 

They Are Communicative

The great Croatian climate does not let local women sit at home for too long. They are obsessed with outdoor activities. Croatians love camping, hiking, and travelling on foot. They are got used to big parties with numerous people invited. 

Croatian ladies love meeting friends at local cafés and drinking coffee. They show a mild attitude to alcoholic beverages. They are less likely to share a beer with a friend, but no one can call them Puritans. 

Do Croatian Women Make Good Wives?

The complicated history of the state formed a stereotype about an attentive and hard-working Croatian wife. In the past, the Balkan Peninsula used to be a land of farmers and warriors. Men often left families to service in the military or be a mercenary. Many of them did were absent for a long time, did not return at all, leaving the whole household for women. Both history and character give Croatian wives the following positive features:

  • A Croatian woman is not afraid of domestic labor. She has a natural talent for handiwork, and she knows how to keep her husband well-fed and the house clean. 
  • In the family, a Croatian wife is the main advisor of her husband. She will care about everything that concerns the household and children. At the same time, she is not obsessed with a big family (1-2 children on average). 
  • Croatian women do not mind leaving their country to find an international husband. They will try to communicate with their relatives, but they will not miss them much, living abroad. 

Finally, a Croatian woman will not be afraid of getting a job and becoming a family budget supplier. Modern times highlight these positive tendencies: Croatian women take leading positions in many companies and even in the government. 

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

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Women in Croatia are wise when it comes to choosing a man. They do not choose him only for his natural handsomeness or money. They know how to notice the strongest character features. Ladies from Croatia seek the following perks of their future husbands:

  • A man must be a true friend for a woman. He has to be loving and attentive.
  • He must be a good father for her and his children. 
  • A husband must devote time to his wife. He must not be selfish and egoistic.
  • A partner of a Croatian woman must be responsible. He must not make much money, but a lady will not stand laziness. 

In general, every love seeker has a chance to find a wife in Croatia. If they manage to shout their honesty and fairness, they will not be deprived of attention. One more tip: Croatian wives value themselves, so they will not pay attention to men without serious intentions concerning family building. They are not attention addicts, but they will not be happy to find a female competitor. Once a Croatian girl chooses her future husband, she is ready to surround him with love and attention, looking forward to the same in return. 

Where to meet Croatian Women in Croatia? 

Croatia is a lovely country with an excellent climate, so the streets will be overcrowded with beautiful women almost every day and evening. However, it is always better to meet Croatian girls at specialized locations, where the atmosphere is designed for meetings and informal conversations. 

In The Bars

Bars are a renowned location for dating and meetings. In Croatia, the bar culture is not as developed as in other European states. However, local people use bars to arrange dates and romantic evenings. In Croatia, you will find a lot of interesting locations crowded with single women. Here are the most popular of them:

  • Zagreb: Ro $ Do Bar,  La Cubanita Bar, Bar 45;
  • Split: Sanctuary, The Daltonist, Teraca Bamba, Pun Kufer;
  • Dubrovnik: Cave bar, Buzz bar.

Do not bother with nervousness about starting a conversation. Croatian girls are always happy to meet new people. They can start a conversation by themselves. 

In The Clubs

Croatian people love spending time in nightclubs. Warm nights and modern music attract many single women. Women of Croatia are good dancers, by the way. Be sure that you are over 18 to enter, relax, and meet some single girls, who are likely to share a drink or dance with new friends. The most popular nightclubs in Croatia are:

  • Novalia: Aquarius, Papaya Club, Noa Beach Club;
  • Zagreb: Maraschino, BP Club, Purgeraj;
  • Rovinj: Monvi, Zanzibar.

In general, you will find a club that matches your musical tastes. Croatia is rich in rock, jazz, and electronic music clubs and bars. So, it will be easier to find a girl that shares your preferences. 

In Resorts

Knowing about Croatian girls’ obsession with outdoor activities, it is not complicated to guess that numerous resorts are an excellent variant for your searches. Starting from beautiful beaches and finishing with nightclubs, local resorts provide the best atmosphere for meeting and dating Croatian women. The most popular Croatian resorts are:

  • Novalia is a resort city on Pag island. The  ZrćeBeach beach is full of clubs and restaurants: Club Vanga, Kalypso, Ethiopia Club. What is more, it is a popular location for some festivals (Hideout, Fresh Island, Sonus).
  • Makarska is a Dalmatian resort city with some interesting locations. For instance, the Petar Pan Club is a club under the open sky.  It works only during summer. Buba Beach Bar works constantly. It is renowned for its themed parties. Deep is the most authentic club within a natural cave. 
  • Porec is the biggest resort city on the Istra peninsula. The best club here is called Byblos. As it is an internationally famous resort, you have a chance to meet women of numerous nationalities.

Besides the overcrowded locations, you will have a chance to find many desolate and quiet places. Beautiful sea and landscapes make Croatian resorts the best in Europe. 

Where to Meet Croatian Women Online?

Meeting a girl in the street or bar is good, no doubts. However, it might not be handy for some people. Hopefully, there is a way out. You can meet many Croatian women on specialized websites. These services are created to help people with getting along before a real-life meeting. It is convenient, as you can avoid the awkwardness of the first meeting and date the girl you already know. On the other hand, women in Croatia got used to online meetings. Dating a Croatian woman online will not be boring due to the special atmosphere of an online service and her willingness to chat.

How to Date a Croatian Girl: Five Tips

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Though dating Croatian women is not complicated, you should be aware of some recommendations. They will increase your chances of success. Here are the five most common tips for men seeking a Croatian girlfriend.

Learn Some Language

Taking the full course of Croatian is not obligatory. However, you can learn some common words and phrases with ease. You will not need more than a dictionary or a conversation book. Greetings, a couple of compliments, and some simple conversation starters will do the job. Croatians are very patriotic, and such an attempt will work better than presents or flowers.

Mind Your Outfit and Appearance

Croatian girls do not mind the appearance of their men. However, an attractive look will increase your chances. Croatian men care about themselves, so you must be in the competition. Get your clothes according to the situation. Keep them tidy and clean. A visit to the barber’s for a modern haircut will be a good idea as well. 

Get Ready For Vivid Conversations

Here is an important moment to learn. Croatian girls like to communicate. You can face many laughs, unintended touches, hugs, handshakes, etc. Your main task here is not to freak out and act naturally. However, such a girl’s attitude does not mean that you are allowed into her personal space at first. As soon as she gets along with you, you will notice the changes. Also, be ready for a date held in the big company of her friends. No, a Croatian girl is not crazy to take them for a dinner with you. However, you can be invited to the party, where you should act correspondingly. 

Be Sincere 

Sharing all the matrimonial plans during the first date is not recommended. However, you must show a Croatian woman that you are serious about your intentions and ready to take responsibility. Tell her about your reason to date. Try not to tell a Croatian girl about your previous experience and other women unless she asks about them directly. 

Be Gentle

Croatian women are not deprived of attention from men. They are real gentlemen. You must not lower the gap. It is obligatory to listen to her with all the interest, support a conversation, and tell some innocent compliments. For instance, you can highlight her beauty or outfit. Keep eye contact during a conversation. Mind to ask her questions about her friends, hobbies, and relatives. 

To be honest, dating a Croatian girl is not that complicated. Their sense of humour and love for communication will not make you bored. You are not meant to give her expensive presents. They must not be costly, but interesting. It is always better to act according to her hobbies and situation. She can admire a shopping ride as well as a simple flower bouquet. Mind to speak with her at an online dating service to get ready. 


Is There Anything a Croatian Woman Hates Most of All?

Generally, it is difficult to get a Croatian girl really mad. However, there are some things you should not do or say during a date or conversation:

  • Even if you have never been to Croatia and dislike it at all, do not tell her girlfriend about your attitude to her country. 
  • Be gentle, but do not show a girl that she is weaker than you, and you are not equal. The level of emancipation is high in Croatia. A true Croatian woman will not stand humiliation and abuse.
  • Unless it is not discussed beforehand, try not to impress her with a gift of cosmetics or clothes. 

Do Croatian Women Relocate?

If you are not from Croatia, you should not worry about taking your Croatian girlfriend to your place. You will find many Croatian women living in the USA and other European countries. They will try to preserve communication with relatives. Maybe, you should get ready to visit Croatia every year or two. Generally, Croatian ladies do not face problems with adaptation to the new language and culture.  

What is Their Attitude to Children?

Croatian wives love their children. They devote them much time and happily share their activities. They do not have difficulties if a husband already have sons and daughters as well. Furthermore, they will love them as their own. In a family, a Croatian mother has authority. She knows how to make her child self-confident, gentle, and self-dependent.

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