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Venezuela, a county in the Caribbean basin, is located in the South American continent. Being conquered several centuries ago by Spanish colonists, they affected the cultural and historical inheritance of this land.

The beauty of its sea shores, the fresh nature and a mild climate, is emphasized by the dazzling splendor of its amazing women, who frequently have become winners of transcontinental and world beauty contests. Many foreign men dream about a miraculous wife or a partner from Venezuela.ย 

venezuelan woman

What are Venezuelan Women Like?


When speaking about Venezuelan women, one can say they are beautiful and impressive. The titles of Miss Universe, Miss World and Beauty Queens are rightfully awarded to them. 

Venezuelan girls are expressive, bright and pretty. They have big brown eyes, dark thick hair, olive skin. Venezuelan women are perfectly sculptured and slender. Their bodies are curvy, but have almost no excessive weight. 

These adorable women dress attractively and always look gorgeous with their excellent sense of taste. It allows them to take advantage of any outfit, style and occasion.

Being at a bright night out, in a restaurant, in the office or on the beach, Venezuelan ladies always look stylish and catch the eye of men. The impression is enhanced if a Venezuelan girl skillfully adds makeup. Many bachelors all over the world dream about a gorgeous Venezuelan woman as a wife.

Ambitioned and passionate

There are men, who find Venezuelan women too fiery. However, amazing Venezuelan women are really expressive and passionate. This refers to all sides of their life: love, family, work, parents, partying.

If you want to hook up with a Venezuelan woman, to get a wife or a companion, you should be patient and put up with this feature. This trait of character helps Venezuelan girls succeed in their difficult life in their country. They set ambitious aims regarding education, careers and families, and achieve them in different ways. Speaking frankly, the Venezuelan women are extremely target-oriented and sometimes stronger than their compatriot men.

Family oriented

Venezuelan women have more progressive views, as compared to Venezuelan men. Still, girls are very family oriented and respect traditional values. They often share the lodging with parents till their marriage or relocation to another country. In the immigration, Venezuelan women help their family members financially.

Extraverted and positive attitude

All night partying and incredible communication skills โ€“ these two facts illustrate Venezuelan women. They are tireless when it comes to meeting new people and getting new impressions. 

On the one hand, Venezuelan women are too noisy and create many occasions for jealousy. On the other hand, any man can be happy with such a lady. She is openhearted, sincere, amusing, skilled in conducting conversations on any subject.

venezuelan girls

Do Venezuelan Women Make Good Wives?

Any man may be glad to have a beautiful and clever spouse, as a Venezuelan wife is. Her outer beauty and openness are perfect qualities for partner relations and make her desirable by single men. However, Venezuelan women have a great number of other features, which are indispensable for a happy family life.

Passionate lovers

Fiery women, hot Venezuelan girls are passionate not only in entertaining and in dancing. They also are inexhaustible and inventive in bed affairs. It is not an easy thing to hook up a Venezuelan girl. Although if you succeed, you will surely get new sweet impressions and unforgettable moments with her.

Good moms and housekeepers

Traditional Venezuelan families teach their children to maintain houses and to be independent from an early age. The future Venezuelan wives are skilled cooks. Their Latin American dishes combined with Spanish cuisine traditions are very delicious. 

Venezuelan wives have big families and a wide circle of close friends. Big parties and family dinners are customary for them.

Ambitious and target oriented

A Venezuelan wife may support any decent man in his good and bad life circumstances. Expecting their future husbands to be prosperous and financially capable, still they can earn the money themselves. They may give good advice to their husbands in different situations. 

As a rule, Venezuelan wives set ambitious targets for themselves, their families, husbands and children. These qualities make them usually successful in life.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

To understand what kind of men Venezuelan women prefer, one should learn what Venezuelan men are, and why many local girls look for a foreign husband or immigrate to other countries.

Local men are rather rude and have conservative views. The level of criminality is high in Venezuela, many male are a part of it. Thus, foreign partners and spouses are a good way out for demanding Venezuelan girls.

  • Supporting

Economic situation in Venezuela has been difficult during the last years. Many people lost jobs and an opportunity for good living conditions. Men from North American or West European countries with a reliable background is a dream and a good opportunity for future success of Venezuelan girls.

  • Understanding

Hot-tempered locals seldom sympathize with adorable Venezuelan women. Thus, girls are looking for a kind nature in their future darling.

  • Nice outfit and pleasant odor

Clean body smell is the best perfume for men. Bright Venezuelan women and men are always dressed well and have fashionable haircuts. 

To attract the attention of a gorgeous Venezuelan woman, one should correspond to her high expectations. Thus, coming to this Latin American country to meet a hot Venezuelan girl, thoroughly think over your look.

venezuelan girl

Where to Meet Venezuelan Women in Venezuela

Dating Venezuelan women somewhere out of this Latino country is not a rare occasion, as they frequently move abroad seeking better education, life, and occupation. Moreover, this is not a bad decision.

However, traveling for your heart issues to Venezuela is also worth its efforts and money, although some precautions and safety measures are needed, like avoiding staying alone in the streets at night. 

Venezuela is full of places for romantic dates just in its natural sites, like seasides, mountains, memorials. There are few prominent cities to visit and plenty of gorgeous women may be hooked up there.


Caracas is the first city to think about when targeting a unique journey and love experience with hot Venezuelan girls. This is the capital and the largest city of the country by population. Skyscrapers with numerous malls are located here. We recommend Parque Central Towers with numerous cafes and lounge zones for private encounters. 

Your Venezuelan girl will gladly show you whereabouts with historical and cultural places of interest, like the Museum of Contemporary Art. Nightlife is very active here as well, Discoteca Marbella, Le Club, Maute Grill San Pietro are on the list of the most popular entertaining establishments with good cuisine and music. 

Usually, there is no need for strict mutual obligations, when you come and meet a hot Venezuelan girl here. 


Maracaibo, is the second largest city in Venezuela, the capital of Zulia state and the first city by origin. It is situated in the banks of Maracaibo Lake and is one of the most developed economic centers due to its petroleum industry. The main part of public and municipal services in the country were implemented here first. 

The city is worth seeing not only due to its exciting Venezuelan ladies, but also due to numerous historical and cultural attractions. However, local women here are as beautiful as in other parts of Venezuela. Besides, there are many offices and Venezuelan girls work here and do well in their careers. 

They are mostly educated and self-confident, and usually are targeted at successful private life and happy marriage. Foreign singles play an important role in their plans, and usually they are eagerly dating Venezuelan women and entertaining with men from other countries.


Valencia is the third city of the country by population. There are not many places of interest here. Nevertheless, it is a big industrial center as Maracaibo, and many diligent and hot Venezuelan women work here. They will be glad to meet a foreign single in one of its restaurants and lounges: Pastas Nenetta, Marchica, Punta Brava, 4 Avenue, Zouk Club.


On the contrary, the fourth city in Venezuela, Barquisimeto is a very attractive tourist center with plenty of monuments and cultural sites to visit and watch. You will surely meet here the most attractive Venezuelan girls in one of its vibrant night clubs or entertainment establishments, like Contertulio, Atletico America, Caffe 90.

Where to Meet Venezuelan Women Online?

Plenty of dating web-resources provide convenient services for those bachelors who want to be acquainted with their future beloved. The Internet becomes very handy nowadays, when travelling possibilities and geographical preferences vary significantly.

An option of being acquainted prior to your arrival to a country and dating a Venezuelan woman, is extremely useful for Venezuela. It allows a man to avoid waste of time, unnecessary dangers, and choose a hot Venezuelan woman for love and marriage. Moreover, this match is sure to be successful.

Prior to starting browsing for Venezuelan women online, make sure a dating application you use is reliable. You will spend much time with it, and entrust it with your personal data. It must comprise following obligatory elements:

  1. Availability of real profiles of Venezuelan women.
  2. An attractive interface, with a complete search and selection module.
  3. Convenient payment methods to increase a number of provided services.
  4. Customer support service available 24/7.

How to Date a Venezuelan Girl: 5 Tips

To get a precious diamond of a Venezuelan girl on your ring, you should put some effort though they will not be too tiresome.

  1. Reveal your main positive qualities, respect to Venezuelan women. They will appreciate kind words. Listen attentively, with interest. They will provide you with a new experience in a new country and new love.
  2. Being passionate, Venezuelan women sometimes may be too expressive. A man should be very calm and understanding not to be annoyed by their thrive for partying, dancing and entertaining.
  3. Your knowledge of some Spanish words, some interesting cultural and historical facts will add you extra scores in the eyes of Venezuelan girls.
  4. Prepare small gifts to win the heart of your Venezuelan woman: no need in precious presents; your attention is more valuable.
  5. Be smart, trendy and stylish but do not overdo it. Venezuelan women are accustomed to the smart appearance of their compatriots; however, they appreciate strong and confident men.

Frequently Asked Questions

What customs and traditions are Venezuelan women stick to?

Venezuelan women are religious. They are mainly Roman Catholic. If your religious convictions are other than hers, it will not interfere in your life. 

Venezuelan girls are very family oriented. Kinships play an important role in the life of these adorable women. They ask their parents for advice on many issues. If you are close with your Venezuelan woman, you are sure to be invited to a family dining. Her parents will be happy if you send a handwritten thank you note after it.

Venezuelan women are proud of their country. They are very patriotic; they refer with respect to their country symbols, an anthem and a flag. All national holidays are solemnly celebrated. Learn some of them to display your concern for a Venezuelan woman and her likings.

What concerns may appear with Venezuelan girls?

  • A language barrier. If you meet Venezuelan women somewhere outside of their native country, a girl will surely speak a foreign language. 

However, it frequently occurs that they speak just Spanish in their native country. Think ahead how to avoid a language barrier. Learn some phrases in their native Spanish, or get professional interpreting services.

  • Strong will and ambitions. As Venezuelan women often have to work and earn the money themselves, they usually are target-oriented. They have strong will and reach their goals, as a rule. 

Of course, this means that their characters are strong and sometimes are not flexible. However, their amiability compensates for this drawback.

  • Vibrant and jolly nature of Venezuelan girls. They are partygoers, and enjoy restaurants and nightclubs. Avoiding loneliness, sometimes they may entertain too much. But their cheerful nature will make your life brighter and happier.

Why do Venezuelan women frequently dislike local men?

Unlike Venezuelan girls, their male compatriots are less ambitious and hardworking, but pay too much attention to their appearance. They spend much time in barbershops, gyms and choosing clothes. While these habits seem natural for women, it is doubtful that men should be concerned about these things instead of their careers and money earning.The temper of Venezuelan men is explosive and tough. Their customary beliefs are too conservative, frequently interfere in their life, and make their mental, professional and everyday progress difficult. They have strict religion and family priorities, think women should obey men, and are rather rude in their communication.

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