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The sheer number of beauties is one of the reasons Singapore is so popular with single male tourists. Local girls are highly regarded by lovers of sophisticated Asian beauty. They are graceful, charming, and often have a pleasant meek character, which makes them wonderful wives. If you are going to visit this exotic city-state, learn more about Singaporean women to better understand them and know how to establish communication.

singaporean girls

What Are Singaporean Women Like?

Singaporean women are as diverse as the culture of this exotic city-state. They combine features of different nationalities and different types of mentality. We tried to highlight a few common characteristics of most Singaporean ladies.

Their appearance is astonishing

In Singapore, the indigenous population is a tiny fraction. The majority of the population are migrants from China, India, and Arab countries. Therefore, the looks of Singaporean women are a dizzying mix of traits. They have absorbed the best features of the appearance of different races. As a rule, they are moderately tanned, have dark hair, brown, slightly slanted eyes. They are usually small in stature, but very graceful and well-built. You will rarely see overweight Singaporean women. Thanks to genes and sports, they tend to be fit.

They are smart

Singapore women are generally smart. Good erudition is encouraged in this country. Singapore has one of the best education systems. By the way, the main language of instruction here is English. This makes it possible to unite a multinational state and, at the same time, to integrate more organically into the global world. 

Therefore, you can easily find a common language with local girls. They are also pleasant to talk to. At the same time, smart and discerning, Singaporean women will never show off their wits.

They are liberated

Singaporean girls are open and relaxed. They easily make contact and know how to maintain a conversation. Women in Singapore are the most open about sexual intimacy of all peoples in Asia. The study found that 18% of Singaporean women surveyed were โ€œmost likely to initiateโ€ sexual activity with their intimate partners.

They are tolerant

The prosperous national situation has led to the diffusion of different cultures, and in a short time, a distinctiveness inherent only in Singapore has emerged. In Singapore, Chinese, Filipinos, Hindus, and Europeans coexist side by side. This factor makes them respect other cultures and the habits of other nations. Women here are an example of tolerance and cosmopolitanism.

Do Singaporean Women Make Good Wives?

Singaporean women are very attached to the family. They are wonderful housewives and strictly follow traditions. However, they will not always settle at home and abandon their careers for the sake of the family. The majority of Singaporean women will prefer to realize themselves in one or another profession. But family is an absolute priority for them.

Singaporean ladies will perfectly cope with the role of wife, mother, and housewife. If a woman in Singapore decides to give birth to a child, she will do everything to become an exemplary mother for him.

Singaporean women are very sensual and passionate. They are open to new ideas in sex life, but at the same time remain faithful to one partner. Their principles in intimate relationships are passion, honesty, and interest.

singaporean girl

What Kind of Man Do They Like?

Singaporean women like to achieve everything themselves and want to see the same men nearby โ€“ confident and self-sufficient. Often they prefer partners from their social circle โ€“ while race and nationality do not have the slightest importance for them, appearance is usually also not critical. 

It is important for Singaporean women that they have something to talk about with a man or husband. They would prefer a person who is about the same level in moral, intellectual, and financial terms or higher. Also, balance, stability, tolerance, and kindness are important for her.

She will watch how a man reacts and behaves in non-standard situations โ€“ this can tell her a lot about his true character.

Where to Meet a Singaporean Woman?

In Singapore, there is an incredible number of interesting and picturesque locations, and tourist attractions where you can meet a lot of gorgeous girls. You may ask a Singaporean beauty to be in the role of a guide and enjoy not only the panoramas but also the company of a stunning woman nearby. So where new impressions await you?

On The Clarke Quay

The most famous waterfront in Singapore is not only about breathtaking panoramic views, it also has great air conditioning, which creates a pleasant coolness even on the hottest evening. There is also a huge number of cafes, bars, and restaurants, where acquaintances happen by themselves. And if acquaintance in a cafe or on the street is too commonplace for you, go on an excursion on a river tram, and then new meetings are certainly guaranteed to you.

In parks and reserves

Singapore has an incredible number of parks, entertainment, and nature reserves. If you open one of the tour guides, you will have a lot to choose from. Amusement rides, zoos, water worlds, or the wilderness? Go where you want most, and there you will surely not get bored alone. After all, Singaporean women also love to spend time in these places.

Most popular parks in Singapore:

  • amusement parks: Universal Studios Singapore, Wild Wild Wet, rope park Mega Zip;
  • parks and reserves: Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve;
  • greenhouses: Flower Dome, Cloud Forest;
  • zoos: Mandai Wildlife Reserve, Mandai River Wonders, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, Jurong Bird Park

On the beaches

Local girls spend a lot of their free time on the beaches. They do not swim so much, more often they relax in the shade of picturesque trees, ride bicycles, go to restaurants, and visit discos, which take place here almost every day.

The most famous beaches in Singapore: Changi Beach, Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach, Tanjong Beach

On Sentosa island

The island is home to one of the worldโ€™s largest amusement parks and numerous attractions. It is considered a mecca for flirting, as many attractive young girls who are looking for new acquaintances spend their time here. Perhaps they will take the initiative and come up to you with a proposal to walk together.

Where to Meet Singaporean Women Online?

If you are seriously aiming to find a soul mate in Singapore, then the best option would be to use an online service for finding brides. It is affordable and easy to use, so you do not have to guess what intentions lie behind a pretty face. All the information about girls you can find on the site.

The girls you see there know exactly what they want from men and relationships. They have serious intentions and a desire to meet their man to create a family with him.

With the help of the online service, you can also meet girls not at random, but based on your preferences, as well as select a partner based on interests and character traits that are close to you. In personal correspondence, you can immediately form an opinion about a potential bride and understand whether you want a relationship with her.

singaporean woman

How to Date a Singaporean Girl: 5 Tips

You will have to make some effort to win the heart of a beautiful Singaporean woman. However, if you are a strong, confident person, and not devoid of humor and creativity, an exciting event awaits you. 

Take her to a new place

Invite her to go  somewhere she hasnโ€™t been before. Perhaps it will be a new restaurant or a fairy-tale reserve, where she has long dreamed of getting, or maybe even a voyage to another country or island. The impressions should be new and unforgettable. 

Prepare for her national dishes of your country

Invite her to dinner at home and tell her that it will be a surprise. For dinner, prepare a couple of traditional dishes from your country. If you canโ€™t cook, you can order delivery. Singaporeans love to talk about food, try new dishes, and it will be incredibly interesting for them to taste the national delicacies of the country where you are from. Be sure to talk about food traditions and recipes at dinner.

Present her a book or a ยซsmartยป present

Singaporean women love gifts โ€“ it is important to give them not just only on the occasion of a particular holiday but also without any reason. Women in Singapore are often smart and educated, and they value gifts that will empower them to develop โ€“ be it a book, a fitness bracelet, or an inventive puzzle.

Have a teen style date

Stylish, charming Singaporeans are real children at heart! They get bored with monotony, and they get bored from languid, expensive restaurants. Why not be little schoolchildren? Instead of a restaurant, go to a noisy cheap food court โ€“ especially since the food there is incredibly tasty.

Then have fun on the rides, fool around and run one after another in the park. It does not matter how old you are. It is important that you are happy together and see the fire in her eyes.

Improvise all the time

Do not surprise with money โ€“ surprise with actions. Singaporeans grew up in a wealthy country, and you will not surprise them with wealth. Therefore, they are unlikely to be delighted with fashionable restaurants and expensive jewelry as gifts.

But what they are looking for is passion and experience. Therefore, you should not plan anything, but rather surrender to the natural flow of events and your moods. They will get your relationship back on track. 


How should one behave on the street when walking with a Singaporean woman?

Singapore has certain unspoken rules of street behavior that should be adhered to. It is best not to draw attention to yourself with loud speech, active gestures, or overly provocative behavior. Singaporeans usually walk leisurely and speak in an undertone. Be as delicate and polite as you can. 

How do Singaporean women feel about smoking and alcohol consumption?

Singaporeans are not alcohol addicts. Often they only drink beer, sometimes wine on holidays. But if you want to have a drink, she will not dissuade you. Unless it happens too often. Singaporeans are neutral about smoking if the person smokes in a designated area. They themselves are not big tobacco lovers.

At what stage of the relationship should you get to know her family?

In Singapore, traditions are carefully honored, and at the stage of a serious relationship, a woman needs to introduce her dear one to her parents and relatives. This is usually done when the partner has proposed marriage to his beloved. But she may want the acquaintance to take place earlier. This big step mainly depends on her but if you propose to meet her parents, youโ€™ll show your serious intentions.

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