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Russian women are demanded in the whole world. Men from all over the world date and marry them. Do you want to be one of them and succeed in dating Russian girls? Then this guide is just for you!

What Are Russian Women Like?

Ladies of this nationality are very popular with foreign men. Even famous personalities have got Russian wives or girlfriends. Here are just a few examples of stars who prefer Russian ladies:

  • A popular musician Jared Leto dates a Russian model Valery Kaufman (Kiseleva).
  • A famous actor Ashton Kutcher has got a wife of this nationality, an actress Mila Kunis.
  • An outstanding actor and screenwriter, and a professional boxer Mickey Rourke dates a girlfriend of this nationality, a dancer Irina Koriakovtseva.

Why are Russian women so popular with Western men? Here are 6 features making them so sought after by grooms from all over the world.

They Are One Of The Most Beautiful In The World

This is a proven fact. Girls of this nationality often become famous models and actresses and win beauty contests. And all this is due to their natural beauty and thorough self-care. Women in Russia are really obsessed with their looks. There is no other country in which appearance plays such a big role. For Russian girls, beauty is the most important thing in the world. So, they do everything possible to look fantastic.

They Are Bright

Expressive make-up, flashy clothes, and an abundance of accessories are often not only attributes of parties but the parts of everyday looks. Due to this, Russian women immediately draw the attention of men.

They Are Sexy

They are rather uninhibited and do not limit the expression of sexuality. Usually, they feel free to discuss sex-related topics. And if a girl of this nationality loves you, you will have the best sex in your life with her.

They Are Optimistic and Energetic

Everyone likes to spend time together with people who are always in high spirits. Pretty Russian women are so optimistic and energetic that they charge other people with their positivity. So, men like them as their mood lifts after they communicate with girls of this nationality.

They Are Interesting Personalities

Every relationship starts from communication. And it is very important to always have something to talk about. Russian women have a lot of interests and hobbies and lead active lives. So, it is always interesting to communicate with them. This helps to develop relationships faster and easier.

They Are Strong And Self-Sufficient

Being self-contained and independent makes men respect ladies of this nationality. And respect for each other is an indispensable condition for maintaining good, close, and lasting relationships.

Do Russian Women Make Good Wives?

You can already conclude that Russian women can make perfect girlfriends after reading about their typical features. But what kind of wives do they become? Do not doubt that they can make great spouses as well. Here are the roles they combine in a well-balanced manner.

Russian Wives Are Fascinating Lovers

Intimacy does not become boring over time with Russian wives. These women believe good sex to be one of the most important elements of lasting relationships. So, Russian wives are always interested in the desires of their husbands, do everything possible for both to get maximum pleasure, and care for the sex life to be always varied.

Russian Wives Are Caring Mothers

Women from Russia are very kind and affectionate to children. Russian wives tend to surround kids with care, sometimes even excessive. But this ensures that children always feel beloved. This helps them to become happy and self-assured when growing up.

Russian Wives Are Excellent Cooks

There is a cult of food in Russia. According to the local mentality, it is impossible to be happy without a tasty, varied, and balanced diet. Moreover, a good celebration cannot be held without a full table of delicious dishes.

Russian Wives Are Devoted Life Partners

As women of this nationality are strong and diversified, it is important for them not to be just wives but to become true friends with their husbands. And Russian wives do an excellent job with this task. A Russian wife can share the interests of her spouse, easily join his circle, and will always support him when he is in trouble.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Russian women are rather pretentious while choosing a life partner. To be attractive to a woman of this nationality a man should be:

  • Interesting. Ladies from Russia want their boyfriends to be their friends as well. So, there should always be something to talk about. If a man has no interests and cannot keep up a conversation on any topic, he has no chances to start dating a Russian woman.
  • Positive. Ladies of this nationality do not like pessimists. Russian women stay positive although life is difficult in their motherland. That is why they cannot stand yammer and panic over nothing. Positive emotions are what these girls appreciate.
  • Free of bad habits. Although young Russian girls usually do not mind drinking a few cocktails at the party, they believe that men who drink very often are not appropriate for serious relationships.
  • Generous. According to Russian culture, a man has to give presents to a lady and pay for common outings to conquer her.

Where to Meet Russian Women in Russia?

If you are ready to go abroad in search of a perfect girlfriend, choose one of the biggest Russian cities:

  • Moscow;
  • Saint-Petersburg;
  • Sochi.


This is the capital of Russia with the most beautiful and luxurious girls. There are plenty of chick nightclubs there. So, if you are a fan of nightlife, you will definitely like this city. Here are the most popular places where you will find fabulous Russian girls:

  • Lookin Rooms;
  • Leningrad;
  • Gipsy;
  • NIght Flight;
  • Mix Club;
  • Zall;
  • Roxy;
  • London.

If you like relaxed walks and fresh air, go to local parks where you are likely to find some beautiful Russian singles. The most picturesque places are:

  • Park Druzhby;
  • Lianozovskii park;
  • Sadovniki;
  • Ekaterininsky park;
  • Sokolniki;
  • Taganskiy park;
  • Sirenevy sad;
  • Meshcherskiy park;
  • Vorontsovsky park.

If you are an admirer of art and like intelligent and creative girls, do not forget to visit the following places:

  • State Tretyakov Gallery;
  • The Multimedia Art Museum;
  • Moscow Museum of Modern Art.


This city is often called the capital of culture. There are a lot of museums and art galleries there. If you are fond of such places, do not forget to visit:

  • State Hermitage Museum;
  • The Peterhof Palace;
  • New Museum of Contemporary Art;
  • The State Russian Museum;
  • The Russian Museum of Ethnography;
  • The Fabergรฉ Museum;
  • Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art;
  • Street Art Museum.

But there are higher chances to meet Russian girls in nightclubs. So, here is the list of the most popular of them:

  • VNVNC Nightclub;
  • Lomonosov;
  • Scandal bar;
  • Santa Barbara;
  • Nebar;
  • Blank;
  • Chicago X;
  • Gagarin;
  • Action.

And, finally, you can try your luck at local parks where sometimes pretty Russian singles can be found. Here are some of the most beautiful places:

  • The Field of Mars (Marsovo Pole);
  • Aleksandrovsky park;
  • Peter the Great garden;
  • Mikhailovsky Garden;
  • Tauride Garden.


This is the most popular resort city in Russia. So, if you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere and want not only to date girls but also to have a good rest, this is your destination.

To see the hottest girls in this city, go to local parks:

  • Cocos;
  • District 15;
  • Penthouse;
  • Single Island;
  • Sova.

Where to Meet Russian Women Online?

If you open some popular dating apps, you are not likely to find many Russian women there. So, it is better to use specialized online platforms for international dating. They are popular in Russia, so you will find plenty of Russian women there.

How to Date a Russian Girl: 5 Tips

Dating Russian women may seem difficult for Western men because of the difference in mentality. But there are some tips for simplifying the process of winning the heart of a lady of this nationality:

  1. Compliment her. Russian women need to know that men like how they look. If you do not compliment a girl of this nationality, she will decide that she is not attractive to you. Giving compliments is the best way to win the heart of a Russian lady. But do not be trivial. Beautiful Russian girls are used to receiving a lot of compliments. So, for Russian women to notice you in the crowd of other admirers, try to be original.
  2. Pay much attention to her. Russian women are very affectionate and attach to their boyfriends very fast. And they cannot stand indifference and long separation. If you do not contact her for a long time, she will decide that you do not love her anymore. So, try to always keep in touch. Text with her for the whole day, call her frequently, and never leave her alone for a while.
  3. Be romantic. This is the surest way to win the heart of a Russian lady. Girls of this nationality are fond of romantic evenings and cute surprises.
  4. Give presents to her. Generosity is believed to be a feature of a true man. If you are not greedy for gifts, Russian women will be delighted with you. And if you already date a girl of this nationality, this will help you to maintain good relationships and passion.
  5. Add variety to your relationships. Russian women cannot stand monotony. They prefer an active lifestyle and like to experience something new every day. So, always find new topics to discuss and new ways to spend time together.


Do Russian Women Speak English?

This is not the most popular language in Russia. Though it is taught at schools and universities, far from all people of this nationality speak it fluently.

Some well-educated Russian women can speak English while others do not know this language at a sufficient level.

So, it makes sense to ask a girl whether she speaks English before you start communicating with her. If she does, there will not be any problem. And if she does not, you will have to think of overcoming a language barrier. For example, use online translators or the services of professional translators and entrepreneurs.

Are Russian Women Golddiggers?

There is a stereotype about girls of this nationality to be materialistic. But this is not true. This prejudice has probably appeared because of the peculiarities of the Russian mentality. Ladies of this nationality expect their boyfriends to pay for them in restaurants and during vacations, and give presents as well. But this is not because a girl is interested in the manโ€™s money more than in his personality. Just generosity is believed to be the expression of love and respect to a woman, according to Russian culture.

Do Russian Wives Work After Marriage?

There is no unequivocal attitude to this issue in the Russian mentality. Some women prefer to be housewives while others are not going to give up their careers after marriage. If you want your future wife to work after marriage or, on the contrary, want her to devote all her time to family, discuss this issue with a Russian girlfriend in advance.

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