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Do you like women with a mystery in their eyes? If Yes, you should get acquainted with Iranian women. These ladies will make your heart beat faster and make you forget about all your problems. Iranian women are a blessing for the whole world, especially for Western men. Want to know why?

What Are Iranian Women Like?

Iranian women differ from all the women in the world. First of all, they stand out because their religion is different. According to Islam which is an official religion in Iran, women have to wear veils and cover all parts of their bodies except hands and faces. This might be very unusual for Western men when they meet Iranian women. However, if you respect these women, you will enjoy their purity.


It is clear to see that all Iranian women are very beautiful. They have to wear veils in order to be protected and not to be seduced by some frivolous men, or do not tempt men to trick them. Most Iranian girls are very serious. However, it does not mean that they do not have a sense of humor. They like to laugh, so if you are good at playing jokes, feel free to approach the Iranian lady you like, and win her heart.


If you think that it will be easy to marry an Iranian girl, you are mistaken. You should prove to her parents and closest relatives that you can feed the family, even if she cannot work. Some but not all Iranian ladies work.


Most Iranian women are raised with the idea that they will be housekeepers and bring up children when they marry. They think that they should not work, and this is a duty of their husband to be a breadwinner. Nevertheless, not all Iranian women are like those. The number of working Iranian women keeps on increasing. So if you want your woman to work, do not mind looking for your future wife among Iranian women.


Keep in mind that Iranian women are very smart. They are well-educated, and can support the conversation with their own point of view. They like to study and getting a diploma at university is one of their dreams.


Also, most Iranian women know English very well. So there will not be any problems communicating with her for every Western guy. Moreover, Iranian women even work using English at work. Meaning, the level of knowing English is very high.


Note that Iranian women like to use make-up. They still should wear a hijab, however, it does not mean that they must not use cosmetics. Therefore, Iranian women look very attractive, stylish, and stunning. Most Iranian ladies are very positive and kind. They do not mind trying something new, so you will easily get acquainted with one of them.

Do Iranian Women Make Good Wives?

Indeed, Iranian women are some of the best wives in the world. They are brought up to do household chores and raise children. They are very loyal to their husbands. According to their religion, they must cover most parts of their bodies, making them look less sexually-seducing in the eyes of the opposite sex.

However, it does not mean that Iranian must wear hijab at home. When they are alone in their houses with their husbands, they might dress whatever they wish. Meaning, they can be really sexy when they are on their private territory.

Note that Iranian ladies are very good cooks. They will please every man with their cooking skills. Their parents tend to teach them how to create real masterpieces in the kitchen. So you will never be hungry when you marry an Iranian woman.

The vast majority of the Iranian women are very kind-hearted and humble. They understand that their main duty is to respect their husband when they get married. So that makes them the most silent and understanding wives in the world. If you do want to be happy and have a wife that treats you like a real man, you would better search for the future wife among Iranian women.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

It is not a secret that the average Iranian woman would not mind you being wealthy and rich. If you can take care of your future family, it is a big plus for you. As long as most marriages in Iran are arranged ones, parents of the girl tend to select a husband for her. If you manage to create a positive impression on them, it means that you almost won.

However, money is not the most important thing the Iranian lady is looking for. You should, of course, love your bride. Some women love with their eyes while others love with their ears. Iranian women are no exception to this rule. Therefore, mind this advice if you begin dating her.

The best thing you can do to impress an Iranian lady is to dress nicely. You should not just wear the most expensive clothes but try to combine the items in a stylish manner. It goes without saying that you should be neat.

Iranian women like men with brains. They, like any other girls in the world, think that this part of the manโ€™s body is the sexiest. However, looking โ€œtoo smartโ€ might scare her, so keep the balance.

Where to Meet Iranian Women in Iran?

You may travel to Iran and try to find a wife by yourself. However, note that it will not be an easy thing to do. Your mission might fail because Iranian girls are very shy and it might be complicated to start a conversation with one of them just on the street. However, still, it is possible. Check out these places where you might easily get acquainted with Iranian ladies:

Shopping Mall

Iranian ladies like window shopping. They do enjoy the process of looking for new clothes and stylish looks. Therefore, you might meet the best Iranian girls in the highest spirits. They will likely date you if you offer them. For instance, you might hang out in such shopping centers as:

  • Gandhi Shopping Center (Tehran);
  • Arman Shopping Center (Razavi Khorasan Province, Mashhad, Holy Shrine);
  • Isfahan Mall (Isfahan).


Spending leisure time in parks is a common practice among Iranian girls. You will find the most cultural and decent women there. Moreover, you will not only enjoy your time with a lady from Iran but also breathe fresh air and improve your health. You may visit such parks in Iran as:

  • Mellat Park (Tehran);
  • Bagh Melli Park (Mashhad);
  • Soffeh Mountain Park (Isfahan).


All Iranian women like cooking, but it does not mean that they are tired of it from time to time. Searching for some inspiration and friends, they go to the best restaurants where they can enjoy nice company and food. You may find the best Iranian girls in those restaurants:

  • Shabestan Restaurant (Nejatollahi St 90, Tehran);
  • Hezardestan Traditional Teahouse (Jannat Street, Mashhad);
  • Khayyam Restaurant (Nazar Street, Jolfa, Esfahan).

Where to Meet Iranian Women Online?

There are plenty of mail order brides services where you can search for your gorgeous Iranian wife. Make sure your intentions are serious and strong to make the lady you like put an eye on you. Registration on such websites will require you to spend minimal time and effort. So why not do it right now?

How to Date an Iranian Girl: 4 Tips

No matter which way you are planning to date your Iranian girl, there are several principles you need to follow. Check them out:

Respect her

Just because you might think that your future wife will be a housekeeper when you get married to her, you should not make her think that she is less worthy. Iranian girls are very intelligent, so you should respect them and treat them as equal people.

Bring a present

You might either meet with her in a public place or date online, bringing a small or big gift to her. If you date online, you may send her a digital gift to improve her mood and impress her. Start with something small. When your dates work out, you might give her a more expensive gift. However, starting with a very expensive gift might even scare her and make her think that you want to seduce her this way.


Just because Iranian women are very humble, it does not mean that they are not talkative. All Iranian women like to share their opinion, so you will not need to say something during the date all the time. She is the one who will keep on talking. According to psychologists, it is normal to say, at least, 20,000 words per day to feel good and happy. So let her express herself!

Pay compliments

ะ•From time to time, you should say something kind to her. For example, you might say that her eyes are very beautiful. All girls like compliments! Iranian girls also like when a man notices her strong points. One of the best things you can do during the date is joking. Seriously. Try to make her laugh. Even if you are from two different cultures, still, you can find something in common to laugh at.


Why Are Iranian Women Unlike Women from Other Islamic Countries?

In Iran, women are almost not limited in rights. For example, they can drive a car, vote, buy property, and sit in parliament. Therefore, it is possible to say that they are almost equal in rights to men. However, they still have to wear a veil to cover their bodies. To add more, Iranian ladies are luckier than women from other Islamic countries.

What Is Illegal for Women in Iran?

Due to the law, Iranian women are not legally protected from sexual harassment and domestic violence. The constitution features no clause to protect the female citizens of this country. Therefore, an average Iranian girl will sooner agree to move to your Western country with you.

Can a Foreigner Marry in Iran?

If you are a Western guy, you have a right to marry in Iran. They will accept you into their family lovingly and completely willingly. Love has no borders, so if you decide to marry your Iranian charming lady, feel free to travel to Iran.

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