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Sri Lanka is a marvelous country that beckons tourists with its scenic beaches and exotic nature. And everyone who comes there as a tourist gets astonished by the beauty of the local girls. Is this beauty decisive or not? Is it worth marrying a Sri Lankan woman if you are a foreigner? Where to find a beautiful and loving girl from this country and how to court her? Discover the answers to all these questions from this guide!

4 Best Characteristics of Sri Lankan Women

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Sri Lankan Girls Are Beautiful

Women from this resort country look exotic and beguiling. The most stunning physical features that help them attract men from all over the world are:

  • good-looking tan skin that is not prone to blemishes;
  • thick long hair that makes these ladies more feminine;
  • a snow-white smile that beckons others to these awesome girls;
  • a sexy curvaceous body that drives men crazy.

Sri Lankan Women Are Smart

Education is highly valued in this country. All young people from decent families strive to get it. Even many ladies who are not going to make a career in the future, get a college degree to broaden their horizons and become more intelligent.

These girls are interested in learning something new all the time. They like to read and communicate with the representatives of foreign cultures. They easily find a common ground with foreigners, sometimes, even despite a language barrier.

Sri Lankan women are also resourceful. They can find a way out of any situation thanks to their sharp wit.

Sri Lankan Girls Are Friendly

People are amiable and easy-going in this warm country. They prefer a laid-back style of communication and easily make friends with new acquaintances. They are fond of socializing and donโ€™t mind communicating with foreigners.

Women of Sri Lanka tend to be straightforward. They donโ€™t believe there is anything wrong with expressing oneโ€™s feelings and emotions openly and talking about oneโ€™s opinions and attitudes directly. This makes them easy to understand and establish good relations with.

Sri Lankan Women Are Positive

Being optimistic and not fixating on the adversities are integral parts of the local mentality. People from this beautiful country never fall into despair. They believe that it is possible to find a way out of any situation. And even if there is no solution to some problem, then a person needs to deal with their fate and keep being positive, despite the difficulties.

Features of Sri Lankan Wives That Make Their Husbands Happy

Sri lankan woman
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Sri Lankan Wives Are Caring And Helpful

Ladies from this country have a kind heart. They are sympathetic, compassionate, and loving. Wives of this nationality always take care of their husbands and children to be happy and comfortable. They do everything possible for this.

Moreover, these ladies do their best to maintain good relations with all the other relatives in addition to their husbands and kids. They are respectful and nice towards their parents-in-law because it is customary in their native country to worship elders.

Also, they are friendly towards distant relatives of their own and their husbands. They never forget to keep in touch with them and are always ready to help them.

Women of Sri Lanka Are Responsible Housewives

Traditional family values still influence the mentality of people from this country greatly. Local women believe that there is nothing more important to them than a family. Therefore, they do everything possible for their husbands and children to feel comfortable at home. They are excellent at cleaning and doing laundry. Moreover, they are talented cooks who do their best to ensure a healthy, nourishing, and tasty diet for their families.

Sri Lankan Wives Are Hospitable

These women are fond of visiting others and, in turn, they are always glad to invite guests to their place. They frequently organize dinners for friends and relatives and do this with great pleasure. Sri Lankan women try hard to keep their guests comfortable and entertained, and never let them leave their homes hungry. Thanks to this, it is easier to save family ties and maintain good relations with family friends.

Sri Lankan Women Are Devoted Mothers

Ladies from this amazing country believe child-rearing to be the essential purpose of a womanโ€™s life. Therefore, they are ready to sacrifice anything for their kidsโ€™ happiness. Sri Lankan women adore their children, do everything possible to ensure their well-being, and try hard to give the best possible education to them.

Sri Lankan Womenโ€™s Tastes And Preferences Regarding Men

Ladies from this exotic country aim at serious relationships. That is why a manโ€™s character means more than his look to them. These girls believe that it is a must for their perfect match to be:

  • Family-oriented. Sri Lankan women consider family to be the most important thing in every personโ€™s life, especially womenโ€™s. Thus, they donโ€™t delay tying the knot until their thirties as Western ladies do. Girls from Sri Lanka start looking for their future husbands at 18-25. And they donโ€™t want to waste time dating men who are not ready to settle down.
  • Well-educated. Good education is considered to be a sign of high intelligence and is associated with a prestigious social status. Sri Lankan girls like men who have a postsecondary degree. Also, they are fond of those who have broad horizons thanks to traveling around the world and reading various books.
  • Responsible. This is essential for a man because, in local culture, he is the family head and the main breadwinner. So, he must be reliable, stable, and conscientious.

Where to Meet Beautiful Girls in Sri Lanka?

This is a unique country where you can combine having an unforgettable vacation with meeting splendid ladies. The best cities to choose for a great rest and looking for a future wife are:

  • Colombo โ€” the largest city in Sri Lanka and its commercial capital where more than 600 thousand people live.
  • Galle โ€” a city on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka with 90 thousand residents.
  • Negombo โ€” a picturesque city in the West of Sri Lanka where more than 140 thousand dwellers live.

The compilation of the best places to meet girls in Sri Lanka

Tourist attractionsGangaramaya Temple, National Museum, Independence Square, Jami Ul Alfar Mosque, Seema Malaka Temple, Dutch Museum, Pettah Floating Market.Galle Fort, Old Town of Galle, Meera Mosque, Rumasalla, Yatagala Raja Maha Viharaya.St. Maryโ€™s Church, St. Sebastianโ€™s Church, St. Anneโ€™s Church, Angurukaramulla Temple, Dutch Fort.
BeachesMount Laviniya, Crow Island, Galle Face Green, Wellawatte.Pitiwella, Dewata Surfing Beach, Lighthouse Beach, Beach Le Grand Galle, Jungle Beach.Browns Beach, Morawala, Negombo Beach.
ParksViharamahadevi, Crow Island Beach Park, Gangaramaya.City Park, Mahamodara Beach Park & Marine Walk, Dharmapala Park.Ceylon Kingsmen Garden, Rukmani Devi Park, Rajapakse Park.
Nightclubs and barsRhythm And Blues, Cleopatra, W Lounge, Disques.Taphouse By RnR, Cigar Bar Le Grand Galle.Cockpit Night Club, The Sky Track Lounge & Bar.

Where to Meet Sri Lankan Girls Online?

A lot of beautiful Sri Lankan women use mail order brides sites to find foreign husbands. All girls are real there because these websites verify every new member. They also provide everything that is needed for an enjoyable and effective online dating:

  • a large selection of search filters for it to be easy and fast to find a perfect match;
  • convenient and stable means of communication to always keep in touch;
  • virtual gifts and real presents delivery for effective courtship;
  • help in organizing real meetings to save men from difficulties connected with this issue.

5 Tips on Dating Sri Lankan Girls

Sri lankan girl
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Here are some recommendations on how to treat a lady from this exotic country in the right way:

  1. Show good manners. Sri Lankan women scorn rude men. Therefore, never be aggressive or impolite.
  2. Talk about your intentions. Being aimed at family is a must if you want to date a lady of this nationality. Pointless dating is inappropriate for them.
  3. Share your cultural experience. Women of Sri Lanka are very proud of their native culture, so it flatters them when foreigners take interest in it. Also, they are inquisitive and are glad to learn something new about foreign cultures.
  4. Meet her parents and ingratiate with them. It is customary in this country to organize a meeting where a man, a woman, and the parents of both of them gather all together. This takes place as soon as a couple starts dating seriously. This is very important because family and their opinion matter much to Sri Lankan ladies.
  5. Provide reliable support to her. A man is the family head, according to local culture. To show that you are suitable for this role, give presents to her, give her valuable advice when she asks for this, and support her financially.


What Language Do Sri Lankan Women Speak?

The official languages in this country are Sinhala and Tamil. Also, some well-educated women speak English.

How Many Children Do Sri Lankan Women Dream to Have?

These ladies strive for a middle ground in this issue. They are not big fans of large families with an abundance of kids. However, they donโ€™t like to have only one child as well. Families with 2 children are most common in this country.

At What Age Do Sri Lankan Girls Get Married?

The average age of getting married is 24.

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