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Laos women can make perfect wives for Western men. From this guide, you can find out why they are so good for serious relationships and family life, where to meet them, and what to consider while dating them.

The 5 Main Advantages of Lao Women

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They Are Exotically Beautiful

Lao girls are one of the most attractive representatives of exotic Asian beauty. They use their oriental charm to enchant men. Their best physical features that are hard to resist are:

  • The expressive eyes of a specific shape. Sometimes, even one look at them is enough to fall in love with a Lao lady.
  • Pretty smile. Girls from this country are very positive and like to smile and laugh. And they are even cuter than always when they do this.
  • Miniature refined body. These lovely women are extremely adorable thanks to being petite, slender, and fragile.

They Are Feminine

Unlike in the USA and Western European countries, in Laos, people still adhere to traditional gender roles and family values. Therefore, women of Laos are encouraged and expected to have the features that are traditionally considered to be feminine.

For example, Lao girls are very well-groomed. They always make sure that they look attractive. They wear pretty clothes, and bright accessories, and use some makeup to emphasize the beauty of their cute faces.

Also, they are compliant. These women are not bossy and donโ€™t strive for leadership. They adhere to the opinions of people they respect. Also, a Lao lady is always ready to compromise if it is needed to save good relations with a person who plays an important role in her life.

Moreover, these girls have some other character traits that are traditionally considered to be feminine, for example, tenderness, thoughtfulness, compassion, affection, emotionality, sensuality, and others.

They Are Modest And Polite

It is quite typical for Lao women. They donโ€™t tend to behave too loudly or rudely. Lao ladies always show good manners and do their best never to get ashamed and never to offend others. 

They Are Positive

It is customary for Laotians to be positive and enjoy every minute of their lives. They donโ€™t fall into despair when they face some troubles. These people often donโ€™t even attach importance to some small disruptions and keep on enjoying their lives as always.

Thus, it is very pleasant to communicate and spend time together with girls of this nationality. They donโ€™t get fixated on the negative aspects of life and are not inclined to complain. So, a man who has a Lao girlfriend can also forget about all his problems when he has a good time together with his beloved lady.

They Are Friendly

Lao women are nice and kind towards everyone, even strangers. They are always glad to make new friends. And nationality doesnโ€™t matter. It is possible to establish contact with a girl of this nationality even despite cultural and language barriers. The main thing is to show a good attitude to her. And she is most likely to reciprocate with a friendly person.

What Kind of Wives Do Lao Women Make?

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Lao Wives Are Respectful

Traditional family values are customary in this country. Therefore, local women consider their husbands to be their family heads. So, they never try to dominate them and donโ€™t behave bossily. On the contrary, they respect them and adhere to their opinions.

Lao Wives Are Grateful

These women appreciate everything their husbands do for them. And they give their unlimited love, affection, and positivity to their spouses in turn.

Lao Wives Are Caring

They do their best to keep all family members happy and comfortable. Women from this country are very good at keeping their homes cozy. Also, they are excellent cooks who always ensure a diverse and nourishing diet for their husbands and children. Furthermore, they are quite compassionate and are always ready to cheer their husbands up when they are in low spirits and to support their children emotionally when they need this.

Lao Wives Are Faithful

Loyalty is one of the most significant advantages of the spouses from Laos. Ladies from this country are very devoted to their spouses. They never turn their attention to other men after getting married. Lao wives never cheat on their husbands and donโ€™t leave them in difficult times.

Lao Wives Are Hospitable

Lao women are always glad to receive guests. Also, they like to organize family dinners and invite as many relatives as possible. This makes it easier to maintain good relations with relatives and friends.

What Preferences Regarding Men Do Lao Women Have?

While choosing their life partners, the majority of Lao girls donโ€™t pay much attention to the age, physical features, and nationality of men. They consider some other parameters. The things that matter more to them are the inner qualities of men. The most significant to Lao women are:

  • Being ready for the family. Lao women worship family values and believe getting married and giving birth to children to be the main purposes of a womanโ€™s life. Therefore, they are looking for men who want to date seriously but not just to have a good time.
  • Politeness. Good manners are crucial for Laos girls. They avoid communicating with ill-mannered and rude men.
  • Stability. As a man is expected to be the family head, according to Lao culture, he must be stable both psychologically and financially to be ready to take responsibility for his future wife and children.

Where to Meet Lao Women Offline?

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Lao girls very rarely travel abroad, so it is possible to meet them in person only in their native country. And it is better to choose a big city to have a wide choice of beautiful and single Lao women.

There are no big cities in Laos other than its capital called Vientiane where more than 900 thousand inhabitants reside. All the other localities have less than 100 thousand people living there. So, the capital of this country is the best destination for a man who wants to meet Lao women offline and start dating a Lao girl.

As for the exact places where to go to meet Lao women, there are quite a lot of them in Vientiane. Firstly, you can try to find pretty girls in nightclubs. But discos are not quite popular with decent Lao girls who are looking for serious relationships. However, you can attend one of the local nightclubs to admire beautiful ladies, have fun, and socialize. The best nightclubs in the capital of Laos are

  • Phoenix;
  • Romeo Lao;
  • New Life;
  • Gold Star;
  • Zeus.

Also, parks are very popular with local ladies. They frequently go there to have a walk, ride a bicycle, or exercise in the open air. The prettiest parks in Vientiane are:

  • Chao Anouvong Park;
  • Patuxay Park;
  • Nong Sa Phang Lenh Park;
  • Setthathirath Park;
  • Don Chan Public Park.

Moreover, Lao women often attend malls to relax and do some shopping. The largest malls in the capital of this country are:

  • ITECC Shopping Mall;
  • View Mall;
  • Parkson Laos.

Where to Meet Lao Girls Online?

Traveling for thousands of kilometers and staying in a foreign country for a while in search of a future wife is not for everyone. But there is another way out for those who want to find Lao women for serious relationships. Specialized international online marriage agencies will come in handy for them. They create a safe and convenient environment for long-distance dating with serious intentions.

5 Tips on Dating Lao Girls

To maintain good relations with a lady from this country, keep in mind the following recommendations:

  1. Never criticize her or others in her presence. It is considered to be very rude, according to Lao culture. A girl will get offended if you criticize her.
  2. Avoid showing aggression or irritation. This is inappropriate, according to the culture of this country. A person who shows these emotions is considered to be impolite.
  3. Discuss your plans for the future. To understand whether you can make each other happy, talk about how both of you imagine your future family. This will help you understand whether you see eye to eye on family life and whether you are a good match for each other.
  4. Support your beloved lady. Feminine, fragile, and tender Lao women expect strong and reliable men to take care of them. To show your love for a girlfriend and prove that you can make a good family head, assist her in solving some problems, help her financially, and give presents to her.
  5. Get along with her family. Lao girls are very close to their parents. So, to be in good relations with a girlfriend of this nationality, it is important to ingratiate with her parents.


How Do Lao Wives Share Duties with Their Husbands?

Wives are responsible for housekeeping and child-rearing while husbands are in charge of making major decisions and earning money.

How Many Children Do Lao Women Have?

There are usually 2-3 kids in Lao families, which is proven by the fertility rate, which is 2.6 in this country.

Do Lao Girls Choose Their Future Husbands by Themselves or Arranged Marriages Are Common in This Country?

Arranged marriages still exist in Laos. But a woman can reject a man whom her parents want her to marry and choose a future husband by herself.

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