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Ladies from Jordan are worth meeting, dating, and marrying if you are in search of a perfect wife. Find out why they can make Western men happy, where to find a girlfriend of this nationality, and how to court her.

5 Main Advantages of Jordanian Women

jordanian girls
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These women charm men from all over the world with their numerous attractive physical characteristics and virtues. Here are the main and the most appreciated strong points of these women.

They Are Attractive

The following physical features help these wonderful Arab ladies conquer menโ€™s hearts:

  • hypnotizing big dark eyes that are hard to resist;
  • seductive full lips that men dream to kiss;
  • beautiful well-groomed long hair that looks resplendent;
  • a sexy body that attracts men with its beckoning curves.

All these characteristics make Jordanian women extremely desirable.

They Are Good-Natured

The first thing men see is the beautiful appearance that makes them fall for these adorable ladies. But being physically attractive is not enough to conquer the manโ€™s heart and make him want serious relationships with a lady. However, Jordanian girls have a lot of positive character traits that attract foreign men aimed at dating them seriously.

The first one is kindness. Few modern women have preserved this feature. But Jordanian ladies are one of those who still can boast of it. They are benevolent and compassionate. These ladies are always ready to cheer others up when they are sad and to help others when they are in need.

They Are Compliant

Very few modern ladies from the USA and Western Europe have this character trait. On the contrary, they tend to be bossy. But Jordanian women are not like that at all. They never try to dominate their life partners. They consider men to be the leaders in a relationship, so they respect their opinions and decisions and usually agree with them. This makes many Western men prefer Jordanian girls to their compatriots for serious relationships and marriage.

They Are Sincere

Women of Jordan canโ€™t stand falsehood. They are not inclined to pretend or lie. These girls never lead on men with serious intentions. Also, they donโ€™t cheat on their husbands because it is severely frowned upon by the local culture and religion. This is considered to be a big shame and a great sin. So, Jordanian girls never risk their reputation and good relations with their beloved husbands for the sake of fleeting flings.

They Are Polite

Good manners are highly appreciated in this country. Local ladies always show good manners and treat others respectfully. They are never rude, so it is very pleasant to communicate with them.

5 Features That Make Jordanian Women Good Wives

Jordanian woman
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Before you start dating a Jordanian woman seriously, find out whether she can make a suitable spouse for you in the future. Here are the main features of the wives of this nationality that make those men who have married Jordanian girls happy.

Jordanian Wives Are Responsible Housekeepers

Like in all Arab countries, in Jordan, traditional family values significantly influence the roles of a man and a woman. A husband is considered to be the family head who is responsible for making decisions and providing for the family. Meanwhile, a wife is in charge only of housekeeping and child-rearing.

As doing household chores is one of the main duties of Jordanian wives, they can focus on this without any distractions and deliver the best possible result. These women are excellent at cleaning and cooking. And they are very conscientious while doing these things.

Jordanian Wives Are Devoted Life Partners

People from this country consider loyalty to be one of the best virtues a person can have. It is especially relevant when it comes to family. Jordanian women believe it to be inappropriate to cheat on their husbands or break up with them in difficult times. They are very devoted and stand for their spouses no matter what.

Jordanian Wives Are Welcoming Hosts

Hospitality is an integral element of Jordanian culture. Women of Jordan are always glad to receive guests. And they do everything possible to keep them comfortable and amused.

Jordanian women like to organize family dinners or invite friends to their place. This makes family life not so boring, as well as helps to maintain family ties and social connections.

Jordanian Women Are Respectful Wives and Daughters-in-Law

According to their native culture, a woman must worship her husband and his parents. Wives of this nationality never treat their spouses and parents-in-law disrespectfully. They are courteous, polite, and soft-spoken towards them. Also, they adhere to their advice and respect their opinions and decisions.

Jordanian Ladies Are Caring Mothers

These women like large families and love all their kids equally. They take thorough care of the well-being of their children and their all-round development. Moreover, they cultivate good character traits in them. According to Jordanian culture, for boys, these are courage, decisiveness, and independence, while for girls, these are gentleness, politeness, and knowing how to do household chores.

What Do Jordanian Women Consider While Choosing Husbands?

Are you afraid to meet Jordanian girls because of hesitating whether you are of their type? Learn more about what kind of men they like and what parameters they consider while choosing their future spouses.

Jordanian women donโ€™t judge men by their appearance and age. They believe inner qualities to be more important. They appreciate the following features about men the most:

  • Responsibility. A man should be good at making decisions and be ready to take responsibility for their family.
  • Honesty. Jordanian women canโ€™t stand lying. They like men who donโ€™t try to lead them on.
  • Loyalty. This is crucial because divorces are frowned upon by local culture.

Where to Find Beautiful Girls in Jordan?

You can meet a lot of beautiful and good-natured Jordanian women in their native country, in such cities as:

  • Amman โ€” the capital of this country which combines modern infrastructure with a wide range of ancient historical monuments.
  • Aqaba โ€” one of the most beautiful and popular resort cities in Jordan located on the Dead Sea shore.

The places where Jordanian women frequently do and where a lot of them can be found are beaches, parks, and malls. Nightclubs are not quite popular with decent girls who are appropriate for marriage.

The compilation of the best places to meet Jordanian girls

Beachesโ€” City Beach, Aqaba South Beach, Al-Yamania Beach, Berenice Beach Club, Tala Bay Beach Club.
ParksAl Hussein, Millenium, Martyrs, Prince Hashem Bird Garden, Amman National Park.Aqaba Park, Princess Salma Park, Al Hafayer Park, Al Darb Park, Aqaba Bird Observatory.
MallsCity Mall, Abdali, Taj LifeStyle Center, Galleria, Mecca, Amman Mall, The Plaza Outlets, Golden Gate, Baraka.Aqaba City Center Shopping Mall, Dream, Shweikh.

How to Get a Jordanian Girlfriend Online?

Online dating can be even more efficient and pleasant than offline one if you know the right places to meet girls on the Web. If you want to find a Jordanian woman for a serious relationship, the best places for this are mail order brides sites. They do everything possible to help Western men and Arab girls meet each other and develop a relationship online:

  • Allow only real users by verifying every new person who wants to join.
  • Have a wide range of features for looking for a match and keeping in touch.
  • Offer professional translations, virtual gifts, real gift delivery, and help in organizing personal meetings.

5 Practical Recommendations on Dating Jordanian Girls

Here are the ways to develop a good and lasting relationship with a woman of this nationality:

  1. Specify your intentions. Jordanian girls consider only serious relationships and donโ€™t want to waste their time dating men who are not ready for the family.
  2. Be polite. Never show aggression, do not shout, and avoid using swear words if you want a lady from Jordan like you.
  3. Be proactive. Jordanian women never take leadership in relationships with men. They expect men to take the first step.
  4. Discuss the future family life. To understand whether you see eye to eye and can make each other happy, talk about some important issues like where you are going to live together, how you are going to manage the family budget, share duties, spend time together, how many children you plan to have, etc.
  5. Be reliable support for a girlfriend. To show that you are the right candidate for the role of her husband and ready to assume the role of a family head, help a girl solve her problems when she needs this, support her, and give presents to make her happier.


Do I Have to Make a Good Impression on a Jordanian Ladyโ€™s Parents?

Yes, you do. You should get their approval before you will be able to marry a Jordanian girl. Therefore, treat them respectfully, prove that you are responsible, and tell them that you are serious about their daughter and strive to make her happy.

Is Intimacy before Getting Married Appropriate for Jordanian Women?

No, they are not appropriate. Premarital intimate relations are severely frowned upon by local culture. Therefore, even a hint at sex may be taken as an insult by a decent Jordanian lady.

How Many Children Do Jordanian Women Typically Plan to Have?

The fertility rate in this country is 2.6, which demonstrates that families with 2-3 children are most common.

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