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Are you looking for a wife who is excellent at doing household chores and upbringing kids but is not completely obsessed only with these two things? Then pay your attention to Lebanese girls.

They harmonically combine the best traits of Eastern and Western mentalities in their characters. That is why they can make perfect wives for Western men.

Learn more about Lebanese ladies and decide whether it is worth dating one of them particularly for you. From our guide, you will find out what Lebanese women are like, why they can make good wives for Western men, where to meet Lebanese girls, and how to date them.

What Are Lebanese Women Like?

Ladies from this country harmonically combine the elements of Eastern and Western mentalities in their characters. This very peculiarity attracts family-oriented men from the USA and Europe to them. Here is a more detailed description of the advantages of Lebanese girls.

They Are Charming And Exotic

Girls of this nationality are as adorable as all oriental ladies. They look rather unusual for Western men, and, thus, very attractive. A Lebanese girl is a treasure for a man who looks for someone exotic, different from the Western women he is used to.

Sometimes even one look at the photo of a lady from Lebanon is enough to become eager to date her! Long lush dark hair and stunning hazel eyes of Lebanese women make men go crazy over them.

They Are Extremely Well-Groomed

Few Lebanese ladies are content with their natural beauty. Most of them have their faces and bodies improved with the help of cosmetology and plastic surgery.

And this is not only about mature women who want to hide aging. Young Lebanese girls often visit cosmetologists and plastic surgeons too.

The most common surgery among young ladies is rhinoplasty because the majority of them are not satisfied with their natural nose shapes. A lot of Lebanese girls have their noses done right after school graduation.

Additionally, Lebanese women are regular visitors to beauty salons. They take thorough care of their skin and hair. Also, they never forget to apply makeup and have a beautiful manicure done.

They Are Affable

Friendliness is a distinctive character trait of all the inhabitants of the Middle East. Lebanese people donโ€™t make an exception. They treat others, including foreigners, with kindness and respect. Also, they are open to new acquaintances and easily make new friends.

They Are Self-Confident

Unlike the majority of other Eastern ladies, Lebanese girls are not too shy and restrained. This country is secular, and its inhabitants donโ€™t obey strict Muslim rules. So, Lebanese women are free to communicate with men. They are the few oriental women who know how to flirt.

They Are Respectful And Polite

Though Lebanese women are self-confident and sociable like Western ladies, they respect men like all the other Eastern girls. They are never rude or arrogant. And their good manners attract men, especially foreigners who are tired of respectless women from the countries they live in.

They Are Feminine And Family-Oriented

Though Lebanon is one of the most progressive Eastern countries, traditional gender roles still exist here. Therefore, the character traits that are considered โ€œfemaleโ€ are encouraged in girls from childhood. These are kindness, gentleness, and compliance.

As for the model of romantic relationships in Lebanon, pointless dating is not common in this country. Lebanese women date men only with serious intentions. So, a Lebanese girl is a great choice for a man who wants to start a family soon.

Do Lebanese Women Make Good Wives?

Dating a Lebanese girl without serious intentions is impossible. Sexual life before the wedding is prejudiced in this country. Therefore, if a woman sees that a man is not going to marry her, she will not communicate with him for a long time, so as not to waste her time, and will find a more appropriate alternative.

So, before you decide whether it is a good idea for you to date a girl from Lebanon, learn what kind of wife she will most likely be in the future. This will help you to make up your mind.

Lebanese Wives Respect Their Husbands

Like all Eastern ladies, Lebanese women consider their husbands to be the heads of their families. They reckon with their opinions and respect their decisions.

Wives from Lebanon never do anything in defiance of their husbandsโ€™ will. They often compromise and entrust major decisions to their husbands.

Lebanese Wives Never Cheat on Their Spouses

Lebanese women believe it to be unacceptable to cheat on their husbands. They donโ€™t even flirt with other men since they get married. So, girls from Lebanon are a great choice for jealous men. They will never raise doubts about their wivesโ€™ loyalty if they marry the ladies from this Middle-Eastern country.

Lebanese Wives Are Excellent at Cooking

Lebanese cuisine combines oriental and Mediterranean motives. Lebanese housewives prefer to cook food in the oven or on the grill, season it generously with olive oil, and serve it beautifully.

The cuisine of this country is rich in dishes made of seafood and fish. Many Lebanese women have their own unique signature recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation in their families.

Meat is slightly less common than fish, but Lebanese ladies know a few delicious lamb and poultry recipes.

Before the main dishes, starters are served. These are salads made only of vegetables or with bulgur or couscous. At the holiday table, there can be 8-12 of them.

In general, the husbands of Lebanese wives are always provided with tasty, healthy, and varied food.

Lebanese Wives Have a Talent for Organizing Celebrations

Lebanese women are very hospitable and are always glad to have family celebrations with a lot of guests. The culture of celebrations is very developed in Lebanon. As people of different religions live in this country, most people organize celebrations for any reason: they celebrate holidays not only of their own religion but of others as well.

The husbands of Lebanese women are never shy to invite guests to celebrate an event or just relax at the weekend. A rich tasty table and good manners of a wife make an evening pleasant for everyone.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Women of Lebanon adhere to traditional family values. They believe that a woman must be a housewife and a man must work and provide for the family financially. Therefore, the first thing they pay attention to is the social and financial status of a man.

Lebanese women choose men who can ensure a good standard of living for their families. Also, such character traits as being polite and caring are highly appreciated by Lebanese girls.

As men become ready for a family later than women, the age gap between a husband and a wife is very common for women of Lebanon. So, donโ€™t be afraid to meet young Lebanese girls if you are a mature man. An older man has even more chances to win the heart of a lady from Lebanon than a young guy because he is more financially stable and family-oriented.

Where to Meet Lebanese Women in Lebanon?

This country is a rather popular tourist destination. It is washed by the Mediterranean Sea on the West. And not only the sea attracts foreigners to Lebanon. There are a lot of ancient history monuments interesting for tourists as well.

In winter, admirers of ski resorts visit this country. The best ski resort in Lebanon is Faraya, the village located 28 miles to the North of the capital.

If you want to have an unforgettable vacation or plan a business trip to Lebanon, donโ€™t forget to make friends with beautiful local girls, one of whom can become your faithful wife in the future.

The most popular tourist destination is Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. It is located on the Mediterranean Sea shore. You can combine the beach rest with spending time actively and meeting beautiful local chicks there.

You can meet a lot of pretty girls at the local beaches. Also, nightclubs are full of charming Lebanese singles. The most popular of them are Skybar, Volume, Diamond, and Taiga.

If you prefer more calm leisure, visit some good local restaurants where you can also find many attractive girls. The best places are Ferdinand, Em Sherif Restaurant, and Babel Bay.  

Where to Meet Lebanese Women Online?

If you have no opportunity or desire to go so far away to meet Lebanese girls, try your luck on mail order brides services. These are online international marriage agencies that help Lebanese women find their foreign husbands. Thousands of beautiful single chicks are looking for their destiny there. You can start communicating with them right after getting registered and passing verification which ensures that you are a real person.

How to Date a Lebanese Girl: 6 Tips

The following recommendations will help you to win the favor of a lady from Lebanon:

  1. Be a gentleman. Well-mannered girls from this Middle-Eastern country want to have polite men by their side. Show good manners, donโ€™t shout, and never use swear words.
  2. Compliment her. Girls from Lebanon are keen on maintaining and improving their beauty. Compliment her for her to be sure that everything she does is not in vain.
  3. Find common interests. Emotional contact is very important for women from this country. They believe that the best serious relationship starts with friendship. And it is impossible without common interests.
  4. Be careful with intimate topics. Sex before the wedding is prejudiced in this country. So, if you try to discuss intimacy, a girl may decide that you just want to get her into bed and will stop communicating with you.
  5. Show that you are ready for a family. This is an essential point because Lebanese women date men only with serious intentions. So, you should prove that you are ready for a family before a girl agrees to start a romantic relationship with you. Tell her what your occupation is and show what kind of apartment you live in. This will show what standard of living your future wife can expect you to ensure.
  6. Get along with her parents. Their opinion means a lot to ladies from Lebanon. So, meet her parents as soon as you start dating a Lebanese lady and treat them respectfully. Also, it is important to show them that you are serious about their daughter, otherwise, they will be against your relationship.


What Language Do Lebanese Women Speak?

The locals speak a mixture of Arabic, French, and English, sometimes changing languages in conversation at random, sometimes diluting French speech with Arabic words, or vice versa. Almost everyone in this country is good at English, so donโ€™t be afraid of a language barrier.

Are All Lebanese Women Muslims?

People of different religions live in Lebanon. According to the statistics, 67.7% of the population are Muslims while the other 32.2% are Christians.

Is It Allowed for Lebanese Women to Marry Foreigners?

According to Lebanese traditions, local ladies can marry only men of the same religion. So, if you are a Christian, pay attention to Christian Lebanese girls. If you are a Muslim, you have a chance that a Muslim Lebanese woman will marry you.

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