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Sweden is not some small, obscure country that most people hardly ever think about. On the contrary, Sweden is a prosperous European state that has a lot to offer both to tourists and expats. Sweden is also well-known in the context of international dating thanks to its gorgeous and irresistible female population. Here is everything you need to know about dating Swedish women.

What Are Swedish Women Like?

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Whether you have never spoken to a Swedish girl before or you have met some Swedish women in passing, you probably haven’t gone beyond a short conversation with them. If you don’t know what kinds of girlfriends Swedish women make and why they are so popular among men, here are three facts to know about them.

They embody Scandinavian beauty

The Scandinavian beauty standards stand out from any other types of female beauty around the world, and Swedish women are the best examples of them. We are used to thinking of Swedish girls as tall, athletic, light-skinned beauties with blonde hair and green or blue eyes, and the majority of women in Sweden do have those features. However, Sweden as a nation is becoming more diverse, which is why you can meet Swedish women with different skin tones, hair colors, and other features.

They are smart and driven

When you first talk to a Swedish woman, you will feel like you’ve finally found your match. Swedish girls are not some naive, bubbly creatures who only care about finding a partner, getting married, and becoming stay-at-home wives. Swedish ladies know that they are capable of a lot, and they are using every available opportunity to achieve it. Women in Sweden are often as successful at their jobs and make as much money as men, so while it means that you’ll need to keep up with your woman’s accomplishments, it also means that your relationship will be between two equals.

They shine when they’re in love

When you first meet a Swedish girl, you can consider her somewhat cold and reserved. This is because Swedish ladies are naturally calm and don’t tend to get too emotional for no reason. Things change, however, when they fall in love. A Swedish woman who is crazy about her partner is a much more affectionate, caring, and passionate individual than you can imagine. This is the type of woman who can bring you lunch when you’re not expecting it, take you on a surprise romantic getaway, and even propose to you instead of waiting for you to do it.

Do Swedish Women Make Good Wives?

If you’re determined to find yourself a Swedish woman, chances are you are looking for someone closer to you than a girlfriend. The popularity of Swedish wives among Western men constantly grows, and here are the three most attractive qualities of Swedish women for marriage.

  • Fun and creative. Marriage to a Swedish woman will obviously go through several stages when you stay together for years or decades, but it will never become boring. Swedish wives know how to make life interesting and exciting not only for themselves, but also for their families.
  • Smart about finances. Swedish women have a unique attitude to money. They understand how important it is, but they are also happy with what they have and have no interest in expensive purchases or vacations. A Swedish wife will smartly manage the family’s budget and make her own contribution to it.
  • Diligent as mothers. Women in Sweden are in no rush to have children early, but they consider motherhood to be one of their top priorities in life. When a Swedish wife gives birth to a baby, her career and other distractions will take a back seat and she will spend all of her time with the little bundle of joy.

What Kind Of Men Do They Like?

Western men often think that Swedish women are very meticulous about finding a partner for life and that it’s therefore very hard to please them. This notion is partially true because Swedish girls won’t waste time on meaningless relationships and they do have a thorough approach to selecting a person to date.

This is why so many Swedish women are attracted to Western men. After having some experience with local guys, they see Western gentlemen as the perfect partners. Everything about Western guys, from their appearance and their confidence to their ambitious nature and their readiness to start a family, is incredibly attractive to Swedish singles.

Where To Meet Swedish Women In Sweden?

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Sweden is a fascinating country, and if you’ve never been there, now you have one more reason to do it. Meeting Swedish girls as a tourist in Sweden is definitely a possibility, and here are the top spots for you to check out.


As the capital of Sweden, Stockholm has both the highest number of attractions and the biggest population of women who are open to meeting foreign men. Swedish girls are very sociable and you can chat with them right in the city streets, but if you want to meet many women at the same time, try the Aifur, Nook, and Stockholm Fisk restaurants, the Icebar and High Bar, as well as The Auld Dub pub. Marquise, Sens, and Golden Hits nightclubs are must-visit spots after dark.


Gothenburg is a beautiful city with romantic canals and dreamy streets. In Gothenburg’s top locations, you can meet both local girls and women from other Swedish regions who come here as tourists. The hottest social destinations in Gothenburg include the 2112, Bord 27, and Fiskekrogen restaurants, the Steampunk Bar, Rockbaren, and The Bar. After 8 p.m., you can head to the Excet, Lounge, and Valand nightclubs to meet even more Swedish singles.


Malmö is not just a popular tourism destination, but also an important economic, educational, and cultural hub in Sweden. There are plenty of ambitious, educated girls who work hard, so you won’t meet a lot of them during the day in the streets. However, in the evening and during weekends, you can catch them at the Sture, Lyran, and Bistro Royal restaurants, Pickwick Pub, the BrewDog and Belle bars, or the Swing Inn, Deep, and Babel nightclubs.

Where To Meet Swedish Women Online?

In this day and age, Swedish singles are not saying no to meeting men in real life, but they find online dating to be a more convenient and time-saving alternative. This is even more true for Swedish women who want to date and marry Western men — they simply don’t have any other way to meet their ideal guy besides online dating.

Popular dating apps and sites are fairly popular in Sweden, but they may not prove to be very useful when you are a foreigner because most of them are location-based. If you’re a Western man who wants to date Swedish women, you should definitely consider international dating services. They are a safe, fast, and budget-friendly way to meet Swedish women for dating, and the best thing about them is that they are very popular among Swedish singles.

How To Date A Swedish Girl: 7 Tips

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Once you meet the woman who fits your criteria and you want to make your new relationship successful, you should definitely do your research. Swedish women are not too difficult to date, but they do have certain expectations from their romantic partners. Here are a few tips that will help you:

  1. Don’t insist on always having the upper hand. A typical Swedish girl is fine with the man being the leader in most situations, but she wants you to take your opinion into account and let her make important decisions as often as you do.
  2. There should be more than just physical attraction. Physical attraction is incredibly important for Swedish ladies and they won’t date someone they are not passionate about. However, they also want to see a spiritual and intellectual connection.
  3. Hanging out with her friends is essential. Don’t be surprised when your first few dates happen in the presence of her friends. Swedish girls value their social circle a lot and will always want you to meet them and make you part of their social group.
  4. Don’t try to impress her with material things. Sweden is a country where people have a more or less similar financial state and don’t chase the life of luxury. Boasting about your salary, house, or car, is considered to be distasteful in Sweden.
  5. Try to spend more time at home. There are lots of lovely spots to have a wonderful date in Sweden, but once you get close enough to each other, you should try having more dates at home — Swedish ladies truly enjoy the level of intimacy they provide.
  6. Avoid making the relationship too intense. Even when you both know there is marriage on the horizon, you should still try and have fun in the relationship. Don’t make it all about the end goal — it’s important to enjoy the process as well.
  7. Make plans and always stick to them. Women in Sweden don’t have any outrageously high expectations from men, but the one thing they demand is staying true to your words. If you promise something, you should always make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it common for Swedish girls to get married late in life?

Yes, compared to Slavic, Latin, and Asian girls, Swedish ladies prefer to wait until getting married. Their reasoning behind it is pretty smart: they want to approach marriage with a certain amount of accomplishments and wealth under their belt. So while Swedish girls tend to be older when they get married, you can know for a fact that they won’t get second thoughts.

Who typically works in Swedish families?

Sweden is one of the countries where equality can be seen in every aspect of life. In most Swedish families, there is no such thing as one person being the sole provider and the other staying at home. There is a 99% chance that your Swedish wife will continue working, which means you’ll feel less of a financial burden at all times.

Do Swedish ladies depend on the opinion of their parents?

No, the most common situation in Sweden is when the daughters move out of the family home when they enrol in a university and they continue living on their own after graduating. They are still pretty close with their parents and often talk on the phone or visit the family home, but when it comes to the major life decisions, they rely only on their own judgement.

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