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A lot of Western men dream of wives who will do whatever it takes to keep home cozy and bring up children in the best possible way. But the majority of ladies from the countries they live in are more focused on their careers and self-actualization and are not going to give up their jobs for the sake of families.

This is why it is worth paying attention to foreign women from countries where traditional family values are still relevant. One of them is Syria. Ladies from this country are family-oriented and make perfect housewives.

If you feel like being ready for a family, learn more about Syrian women and find out how to build a serious relationship with one of them. 

What Are Syrian Women Like?

Few Western men know much about these oriental ladies. But it is really worth learning more details about Syrian women as they have a lot of advantages that attract foreign men. Here are a few of them.

Syrian Women Are Beautiful

Syrian girls are very adorable and attractive. Their beauty makes menโ€™s hearts beat faster. Long brunette hair and hypnotizing hazel eyes in combination with seductive bodies charm men. So, they canโ€™t stop themselves from falling in love with these exotic chicks.

Foreigners who dare to start dating Syrian women are not disappointed after getting to know these ladies closer. Syrian girls not only look beautiful but also have many character traits that make dating them pleasant.

Syrian Girls Are Positive

Syrian women have a talent for remaining positive despite the difficulties. It may even seem that a good mood is the main sense of life for Syrian girls.

They donโ€™t focus on the negative but try to see the positive in everything. In addition, they love the comfort and everything that helps to enjoy life.

Therefore, communication with girls from Syria brings a lot of positive emotions. This is the main reason why men appreciate these girls.

Syrian Girls Are Kind-Hearted and Well-Mannered

Syrian women are kind to everyone, even to strangers. They donโ€™t act arrogant when someone tries to get acquainted with them. Also, they have good manners and are never rude.

Therefore, donโ€™t be afraid to take the first step in a relationship with a girl from this country. If you are polite, she will definitely reciprocate you with the same behavior.

Syrian Women Are Humble and Respecting

Though Syria is a secular country, that doesnโ€™t adhere to strict Muslim rules, the main principles of the Muslim worldview are still present here. Among them, there is the upbringing of girls to be modest and respect men. Thus, if you date a Syrian woman, she will treat you with more respect than a Western lady would.

Do Syrian Women Make Good Wives?

Syrian women are serious about dating. They never start a romantic relationship without a clear purpose. If a man starts to court a woman from this country, it means that he is going to marry her. So, before you decide whether you would like to start dating a Syrian woman or not, find out what kind of wife she can make.

Syrian Wives Adhere to Traditional Family Values

According to local traditions, the main meaning of a womanโ€™s life is family. For Syrian ladies, their homes, husbands, and kids are the first priorities. They devote as much time and effort to housekeeping and the upbringing of children as possible. 

Syrian Wives Are Faithful

Wives of this nationality never cheat on their husbands because this is against the Muslim mentality. Once a lady from Syria chooses a man and marries him, she remains faithful to him forever. So, Syrian women are perfect for men who want to be sure of their wivesโ€™ loyalty.

Syrian Wives Are Hospitable

Hospitality is the main national trait of the women of Syria. These ladies are always glad to receive guests. Therefore, husbands of Syrian wives can feel free to invite their friends to their places at any time they want. A spouse will do everything possible for the guests to feel comfortable. Also, there is a tradition in Syria to invite relatives for a family dinner at the weekend.

Syrian Wives Are Sociable And Like to Have a Rest

Families of Syrian wives never become isolated. These women know how to establish and support social connections. And they like to have a rest together with the whole family and the friends of the family, when they have spare time. They can relax either at home at the family dinner, at the restaurant, or organize a picnic at the park.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Syrian wives are very respectful to men. They never rudely reject men who want to get acquainted with them. But the fact that they are polite doesnโ€™t mean that they are unpretentious at all.

To start a relationship with a Syrian woman, a man needs to meet certain criteria as well as be accepted by the brideโ€™s parents. Here are the parameters that ladies from this country take into account while choosing a life partner:

  • responsibility;
  • readiness for a family;
  • social and financial status.

As Syrian women prefer men who are ready to take responsibility for the family and donโ€™t mind having kids in the nearest future, the age gap between a bride and her beloved man is rather common.

Where to Meet Syrian Women in Syria?

Syria is not considered to be a good or popular tourist destination. It is well-known for long-term hostilities. A big part of this country has been severely damaged by war. So, it is not very attractive for tourists.

But if you have to go to Syria on a business trip, you can take this chance to meet Syrian girls. Though these women are rather shy while meeting men offline, if you are lucky, you can meet a lady that will become a nice wife in the future.

If fortune is on your side, you can meet the right girl anywhere. But to increase your chances to get acquainted with a future wife in Syria, go to the places where single girls like to hang out. These are nightclubs, restaurants, and malls.

Though the dominating religion in Syria is Islam, this is a secular country where there are no strict rules. Alcohol and nightclubs are allowed here. So, you can visit one of the places for the fans of nightlife. The most popular nightclubs in different cities of Syria are:

  • In Damascus: Lavo, Back Door, VIP, Le Serail.
  • In Aleppo: Al-Ahli Club, Samira Miss Nightclub.

The best restaurants where a lot of single Syrian chicks have a rest together with their girl friends are:

  • In Damascus: Bakdash, Naranj, Haretna.
  • In Aleppo: Al Kommeh, Cordoba, Grand Station.

The biggest malls of these cities, where it is possible to find beautiful Syrian women, who like shopping, are:

  • In Damascus: Damasquino, Cham City Center, Massa Plaza.
  • In Aleppo: New Mall, Shopping City.

Where to Meet Syrian Women Online?

If you donโ€™t plan to visit Syria and cannot meet local women offline, donโ€™t get upset too soon. You still can meet Syrian girls online. Such an opportunity is provided by mail order brides services. These are specialized websites where a lot of Syrian singles are looking for their foreign life partners.

There are hundreds of different women from Syria there for every man to be able to choose the lady that meets his tastes. To find the girl who meets the manโ€™s requirements to a future wife faster, he can use advanced search filters or professional matchmaking services.

To keep in touch uninterruptedly, a wide diversity of means of communications are provided: EMF (long messages with images), classic text chats, voice and video calls.

And when a man feels ready to take a relationship to the next level, he can order the real gift delivery to make his bride happier and the real meeting organization to see his beloved lady in person.

How to Date a Syrian Girl: 5 Tips

Here are some recommendations on how to get along with a Syrian lady:

  1. Always be polite. Syrian girls know their own value and never date men who treat them rudely.
  2. Think about what you are saying. Never say anything that can offend her religious feelings. Also, donโ€™t discuss the political situation in the country.
  3. Show that you are ready for a family. Tell her about your best character traits, your career success, and show what kind of apartment you live in. But try not to sound boasting.
  4. Discuss your plans for the future. Show that you are serious about her. Tell her how you envision living together after the wedding: where and how you will live, what your family budget will be, how you will spend your free time together, how many children you would like to have, and other important points. This will show your serious intentions and will help you completely understand whether you match each other.
  5. Make a good impression on her parents. Meeting her parents is a crucial stage of a relationship, because you will not be able to get married unless you get their blessing. So, prepare presents for them, be well-bred, and show that you love their daughter and can make her happy.


How to Make My Profile on a Mail Order Brides Service More Popular with Syrian Women?

For more girls to pay attention to your account and respond to your messages, add high-quality photos.

Since Syrian women are interested only in serious relationships and adhere to traditional family values, they are attracted to men who can provide a decent standard of living for their families. So, you should look presentable in photos.

The best solution is to take a photo in front or in your car. According to the Syrian mentality, only wealthy men own good cars. And this increases your chances to attract the lady that will make a nice wife for you in the future.

But keep in mind that no matter how solidly you look at the photographs, Syrian girls are not likely to write to you first. They behave in accordance with the traditional gender roles and wait for men to write to them first.

Is Sex Before the Wedding Allowed in Syria?

Though Syrian people donโ€™t live in accordance with strict Muslim rules, the basic ones are still followed. And one of them is that intimate life is only for married people. So, to have sex with your beloved, you should get married or at least engage first.

Do Syrian Wives Work?

According to traditional family values, a husband is fully responsible for the family budget. And a wifeโ€™s duties are household chores and kidsโ€™ upbringing.

Very few Syrian women want to work if they are married. But still, some ladies are ready to combine their jobs with their families. These are women who have got educations considered prestigious in Syria: medical or pedagogical. And if they really like their professions they can be eager to work, but they never do this in order to contribute to a family budget.

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