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The warm country of Dominican Republic offers tourists from other countries many pleasant moments, like warm seas, sandy beaches, sunny and pleasant weather. It inhabits over 10 mln people, and Dominican women are the treasure of this island. 

What are Dominican Women Like?

Planning your trip to Dominican Republic be sure to pay much attention to Dominican women, especially if you are single and looking for love. These outstanding women will reward your efforts a hundredfold. 

Which traits of the character are so attractive for bachelors from other countries? 

Bronze beauties 

Dominican women are diverse. Mostly they are bronze-skinned; however, shade of the skin varies from darker and almost chocolate to light-tanned. Dark brown eyes of Dominican girls are miraculous and charming; their glances cast a spell. 

Baby-like faces are very attractive. Though their features are not regular and chiseled as compared to western women. Thanks to this tender and innocent look, Dominican women of all ages are attractive and youthful. 

These ladies have curvy bodies, which may be compared with an hourglass. Arms, bust are toned and good-shaped; thighs are thick. Physical fit of Dominican women is usually perfect due exercises, a vigorous way of life, an abundance of parties and dancing. 

Skillful dressing and open character   

Dominican girls love their feminine look and decorate themselves. At the same time, the quantity of clothes they wear is extremely small. Their dresses, shorts, tops do not hide and even highlight perfect curves of their bodies.    

Like their open dresses, these gorgeous Dominican women have sincere character and are open-minded. Being perfect dancers, they like socializing and partying. You will be mesmerized watching skillful performances of their traditional merengue and bachata. 

Inventive and quick witted

Inventive and resourceful women, Dominican girls frequently originate from families with limited means. They usually resort to inventions in their outfits to look great. Your Dominican wife from Caribbean can cook a tasty and unique lunch from the simplest ingredients. 

Dominican ladies are extremely family oriented, and spend much time with their parents and grandparents. Their decisions are often influenced by the older generation.   

Do Dominican Women Make Good Wives?

The sunny and prominent country in the Hispaniola island has numerous attractions; kind and hot Dominican girls are among them. If you are seeking a faithful wife, your destiny is here. Dominican women make excellent spouses. 

Perfect and boundless lovers

Hot Dominican women are gorgeous and passionate; they become mature for sex very early. Their bodies resembling hourglasses are seductive, and baby faces are promising sweet moments. A Dominican wife is a real treasure for a long and happy life.       

Caring moms

Being accustomed to living in a big family and caring about younger siblings, Dominican girls become perfect mothers in future. They provide their kids all that is necessary, raise them skillfully and teach them to become independent. 

Family values and respect for older are strong in Dominican people, and Dominican wives transfer this habit to their children. Men usually have no problem with their children obeying, and they grow as free people able to understand and express what their desires are. 

More and more people in the Dominican Republic become educated, and this striving for knowledge is also thanks to their Dominican momsโ€™ upbringing.      

Nice housekeepers

Generally, mid-income and low-income families maintain a common household with their children. Sometimes, up to 3 generations live together and share the same roof. Parents and grandparents share the secrets of their national treatments, dishes. 

Dominican wives are diligent, hard-working. Girls from an early age are taught to keep an order, wash up, clean and cook. Early marriages are not uncommon for Dominican families. However, they are skilled in all house chores.   

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

To attract a Dominican girlfriend is not difficult, when keeping to the main tips in the relations with these adorable Latino women. 

  1. Be attentive and polite with their 2 national attributes: Dominican cuisine and Latino dancing. 

Dominican dishes are very specific, full of local spices and generally are very tasty. Girls are taught to cook them from childhood. The main ingredients are beans, rice, meat, avocado, e.g. La Bandera (โ€œa flagโ€) which is served for lunch or dinner. 

Incendiary dances of Salsa and Bachata are widely spread. They are performed everywhere. To win your Dominican girlโ€™s attention, do not try to master these movements perfectly, but even your intention to follow her in the dancing pole will be appreciated. 

  1. Move fast, go straight ahead. Hot Dominican women do not need any pauses in relations or two-three days between dates. If they like a person, you are allowed and even encouraged to proceed to intimate moments without hesitation. 
  2. Demonstrate respect and sympathy for her parents. Dominican women have very close relations with their relatives, especially dads. To have success with women, you need to really love her predecessors. 
  3. Be sincere, express your thoughts frankly. Dominican women are not only passionate about feelings, but they openly discuss all things, which really matter between both of you. Be ready for this. 

Where to Meet Dominican Women in the Dominican Republic? 

Planning your trip to the Dominican Republic and aiming at dating a local beauty, think about your expectations. 

If you are looking for an exotic Latino girl, then think about staying somewhere far from the main tourist attractions and famous resorts in a paradisal corner with spectacular nature views.  

If you are ok with westernized and emancipated modern Dominican lady, then the best venues are the capital city of Santo Domingo, famous historical places, popular seaside cities and resorts

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo, being a city with a rich historical background, can offer its English-speaking and highly educated women, as well as plenty of places to visit. The capital of the Dominican Republic, the city was founded in 1498, a few years after Americaโ€™s discovery by Christopher Columbus. The ancient settlement of Spanish colonists got its beginning from this place; many historical monuments are preserved nowadays. 

The city and its surroundings offer multiple attractions to visit with your Dominican woman. Opportunities for new meets are also various: nightclubs, restaurants, cafes with vibrant dances by the sweet and hot Dominican girls. There are also some prominent resorts with sunny beaches nearby.  

Punta Cana 

Punta Cana is another great place to be acquainted with Dominican girls. This is an all-inclusive resort and the most modern tourist spot in the Dominican Republic. It was built specially for touristic purposes, and its infrastructure is designed for entertainment. Diving, snorkeling, kayaking, horse riding and many other activities are offered. 

The seaside with turquoise waters and white sands attract not only visitors from abroad. This resort is a great opportunity for any Dominican woman to meet a foreigner, if she dreams about it. Thus, many lounges, bars and restaurants are full of promising and ready for relations with Dominican women.   

Las Terrenas beach resort

Las Terrenas beach resort offers unforgettable rest and leisure. This place is intended for romantic couples as its spectacular views on the mild ocean, green quiet grooves and white sands are a perfect landscape for two persons in love. 

Bayahibe resort

Diving is an exciting hobby and the Dominican Republic is the perfect place for it. If your Dominican girl shares your interests in this activity, choose Bayahibe resort. Transparent waves and unique views of the ocean and the variety of hotels will help you to spend good time together and learn more about each other.

Santiago de los Caballeros 

For those interested in historical monuments and Spain conquerors of the Americas, Santiago de los Caballeros with its ancient colonial architecture will be extremely attractive. Your Dominican lady may be a nice guide on this tour. Listen and be attentive to the interesting facts she knows. These romantic days will be unforgettable for both of you. 

Where to Meet Dominican Women Online?

Multiple online dating platforms offer a great opportunity for a single man to meet and vibe to a Dominican girl before travelling to the Dominican Republic. Dating sites, mobile apps, portals make your choice very handy and quick. You do not need to waste time on personal meetings. Just enter your preferred parameters (e.g. you like lighter shade of the skin and a taller figure). 

Be aware of scammers; do not send any money just by a written notice or an inquiry. Read attentively all terms of usage of the dating platforms, including payment terms. Usually, there is a free trial period, during which you may make up your mind about the usefulness of the dating resource.  

How to Date a Dominican Girl: 5 Tips

  1. Relationships of Dominican girls with foreign men are a bit ambiguous. This makes it sometimes difficult to distinguish between a woman who meets a man for the money, and a Dominican lady, who enjoys a manโ€™s presence and company. 

Dominican women seek to be cared for, provided for and courted. Being accustomed to independent western girls, it may seem to be inappropriate. However, this is natural in the Dominican Republic. A man is referred to as a head, a decision maker and โ€œa purseโ€ for poorer females. 

If you are not ok with that, try to establish good relations with the upper class of the social layer in the Dominican Republic. Women from this class are not in need of the money, and will just enjoy your company if you like each other. It is possible to do by social networks. Another way of being acquainted with these girls are gyms, malls, cafes, supermarkets.

  1. Anyway, in relations with your Dominican lady, you will need to look like a Gringo. Machismo is a commonly adopted feature of Dominican men. They are often dressed nicely and stylishly, have perfect hair-cut and physical fit and unbounded self-assurance. Your outfit will also demonstrate your financial capability, as a material basis is also important for Dominican women.
  2. Generally, you do not need many dates before spending a common night with your hot Dominican women. However, if you want to avoid relations with prostitutes, do not interact with persons who ask for financial help and tell you about their problems. 
  3. Be accustomed to nightlife and dancing. This is one of the most significant parts of life of all Dominicans. Their Latino dances reveal the essence of these women, they like and are fond of moving and rhythms. If you enjoy this, you will win the heart of your Dominican girl.
  4. Speak Spanish, as few Dominicans can speak English. Generally, some Spanish words and a special application for interpreting will be enough to start a conversation and find something common between both of you. 

However, if you are seeking for longer and tighter relations, be ready that a Dominican accent of Spanish is a bit more difficult compared to other accents. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are stereotypes on Dominican women?

All Dominican women are perfect dancers. 

Really, all Dominicans are physically fit, have perfectly shaped bodies and are taught their national dances from early ages. You win the heart of your Dominican woman, learning some passionate movements of Merengue, a Caribbean music style dance. 

Life in the Dominican Republic is so easy and effortless, that Dominican women have vacation all year around. 

This is not so. Modern Dominican women try to get a good education and move higher on their social ladder. Those who cannot manage this, are involved in family caring, household chores, assisting the male head of the family. However, the tourists seldom see the everyday life of Dominicans.  

Dominican women have a very special notion about timing and obligations. 

Yes, this feature is one of the most irritating habits of the female and male population of the Dominican Republic, especially for punctual western people. Dominican ladies are often late. Since their entertainment starts late at night, usually they do not hurry up in the daytime. Dominican women frequently โ€œforgetโ€ to cancel dates they previously agreed to. 

Dominican women are passionate and crazy in love.

Yes, but they may also be calculating and jealous. Try to meet a woman with adequate demands. Never pretend to be richer and better, do not overdo when showing off. Thus neither of you will be frustrated.  

What authentic dishes to taste when dating a Dominican girl?

Dominican cuisine is cooked of simple and natural ingredients, which grow all year round in this paradise island. There is no doubt that you like it very much. 

Do not skimp on praise when your Dominican girl cooks it, or you taste it together in some restaurant. You will win her heart at a moment, if you try to cook it yourself.

These Mangu (mashed plantains), Tostones (fried plantains) and Mofongo (fried mashed green plantains) are simple and extremely sweet.

Learn to mix Mamajuana (a local cocktail with rum, red wine, species and honey), and you will have an unforgettable night dating a Dominican woman. 

Does financial welfare matter in relations with your Dominican girl?

Dominican girls are very sincere and passionate, but also calculating. Social status and social layers matter much for Dominicans. 

Women from lower income families try to increase their material well-being by all the means they have. Dating a Dominican girl and arranging your rendezvous by social media like Instagram, be aware that many Dominican women try to look better, richer, than they really are. At the same time, this type of women is more amiable and welcoming to foreigners.

As for Dominican girls from upper classes, which are usually distinguished by a stylish outfit, an easier way of life, and even by a lighter skin shade, they may be more arrogant and less approachable. They usually opt for relations with higher income men.

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