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Looking for some exotic relations, a loving family and a new sweet experience? Latin women from Costa Rica are for you. You will not waste time if you plan travelling to this Caribbean country, seeing its magnificent views and meeting these gorgeous Costa Rican women.

The Republic of Costa Rica is one of the small Latino-American countries. Its ancient history of indigenous population and Spanish colonists has formed the basis of many beautiful and interesting historical attractions. 

At the same time, the mix of nations and races make its people and especially Costa Rican women look gorgeous. Besides, amazing bright โ€œticasโ€, Costa Rican ladies, possess a number of excellent qualities, which we have collected for you. 

What are Costa Rican Women Like?

Many foreign grooms think Costa Rican women to be the most attractive ladies on the planet. Except for their outer beauty, โ€œticasโ€ are smart, faithful and supportive. They are excellent partners, friends, lovers, and spouses for any man. 

Outstanding appearance

It is difficult to confuse a Costa Rican girl with a woman of any other country. These females are unique and diverse with different skin shades, height, constitutions. Generally, all of them have regular and bright facial features, dark eyes, brown eyebrows, long lashes, thick hair. 

Their bodies are curvy, but slim and demand no exhausting training in a gym. Just conducting a healthy way of life keeps Costa Rican women in a good fit.  

Perfect character traits      

However, bright and attractive appearance is not the only virtue of Costa Rican women. They are very positive creatures. Being a popular tourist route, Costa Rica is a very welcoming country. Costa Rican girls are accustomed to foreign visitors and treat them amiably. There is no difficulty with cultural or language barriers for adorable Costa Rican women. 

Besides, they are very smart and are often highly educated. The government pays much attention to bringing up the younger generation. Thus, multiple schools and universities allow their students to get fundamental knowledge and education degrees. Costa Rican women are interesting interlocutors, able to support any conversation. 

Strong family values and traditional believes 

Costa Rican women are rather old fashioned and traditional. Eternal values are very important for them, like religion and families. Christian beliefs make them honest, open, kind and submissive. These features are perfect for a good wife.

Faithfulness to their families is another distinguished quality of Costa Rican women. They have very close relations with their fathers, which make them strong and target-oriented.  If your intentions with Costa Rican girls are serious, you will be introduced to all her relatives including cousins and aunts.  

At the same time, these women are caring and tender mothers. They train their kidsโ€™ rising skills with their brothers and sisters, as their parents usually have big families.

Do Costa Rican Women Make Good Wives?

Outstanding energy and ultimate passion make Costa Rican women unique wives. In addition, all housekeeping and kidsโ€™ rising abilities they usually practice in their parentโ€™s families assisting their mothers with household chores.     

Every Costa Rican wife has enough energy to move a train. A sample daily routine for this amazing woman includes: cooking up to three meals, keeping track of kidsโ€™ school lessons, supporting their husbands with advice or assistance, part-time or full-time work, volunteering in her community, visiting friends. Moreover, this circle can be wider.

Costa Rican women are very passionate and this is a double edged sword. Passion and faithfulness to one man make these girls sweet lovers. They complete all their commenced projects and activities, vigorously carry out them. This quality allows Costa Rican women to achieve their own and family targets, to support their husbands. On the other hand, be prepared for these girls to be stubborn and sometimes difficult to deal with.

Traditional Costa Rican families have a strong hierarchy, and households are kept in ideal order. Thus, โ€œticasโ€ are ready to be good partners from an early age

Costa Rican wives are brilliant for any man. Their exotic beauty, as well as strong and supportive character make ideal spouses.    

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

As compared to other Latino countries, Costa Rica is well-developed economically, providing its citizens with high-quality education and health care. Poverty is not widespread in this country. 

It allows Costa Rican women to be free in taking decisions about the marriage and partnership relations with men. They are not looking for a male who will provide them. Often Costa Rican girls are wealthy, make good careers at work and earn the money themselves. 

Thus, these gorgeous Costa Rican women search for: 

  • equal relations between women and men, 
  • attention,
  • tenderness,
  • love, 
  • feelings, 
  • common values. 

At the same time, men of Costa Rica are too customary, and do not follow modern tendencies. So called โ€œmachismoโ€ is another drawback of these males. They try to impose their traditional views. 

Thus, the union of reserved western men with passionate and Costa Rican women is very successful. They combine and complement each other. 

Where to Meet Costa Rican Women in Costa Rica?

Picking up successfully a single Costa Rican woman is better with the tips, which cover both nightlife and casual daily routine.  

The tiny country of Costa Rica has gathered its entire cultural, entertainment and tourist life in its capital, San Jose, which is the largest metropolis. Dating a Costa Rican girl is easy and comfortable almost anywhere here.

  1. University areas. The Costa Rican government is concerned about education, and multiple universities provide studying for many outstanding Costa Rican beauties. Your chances are great in such areas as San Pedro and La Calle Amargura, which house local universities. Girls are ready to be picked up during their parties at nightclubs. On the other hand, many of them may be seen in local bars and cafes during the daytime, staying there after their lectures. 
  2. Bar and nightclub areas. Santa Ana, Escazu are great for dancing and partying. These are areas for vivacious entertainment and enjoyment offering many places for dating Costa Rican women.
  3. Gringo Gulch is an area of red lights in San Jose. Although it is also full of entertaining establishments, it is doubtful that you get one nightstand with a Costa Rican girl for free. 
  4. Shopping malls and business districts are almost everywhere in the central part of San Jose. It is a good idea to meet and pick up a Costa Rican girl here. A lot of atmospheric cafes and lounge zones for your intimate conversation are located there. Pay attention to Plaza Real Cariari, City Mall, Mall San Pedro. 
  5. Coastal part of Costa Rica. Sandy beaches and ocean coasts are the places for tourist attraction of this Latino country. You will have an excellent time here, enjoying tender waters and soft beams of the sun, as well as noisy discos and nightclubs. The only concern is that not only Costa Rican girls visit these places, but also foreign females. However, localities such as Tamarindo, Liberia, Lemon should definitely be on your travel list.

Where to Meet Costa Rican Women Online? 

Starting to message an incredible Costa Rican woman even before you travel to this Central American country, is a great saving of your time and money. It is convenient to use the Internet platforms to pick up and date girls. 

Costa Rican girls are familiar with modern technologies, thus their portfolios and profiles may be found on different web sites and dating applications. Here you may opt for any means, which is comfortable and easy for you.   

  • Social media and its messengers. It is the most updated way of communicating with your future date. Just remember that these platforms are not specialized in dating, thus not 100% of womenโ€™s profiles are there for rendezvous aim.   
  • Free dating web sites. These Internet resources generally have limited functionality, lacking messengers and options for selecting definite features of women. If a website is not practical and looks cheap, be cautious and do not leave your data there.The cases of fraud and scam web-sites collecting usersโ€™ data are frequent.   
  • A good dating web resource to meet a Costa Rican girl has excellent functionality and may have paid services. It is easy to use, quick to select necessary information. Usually its interface is practical and the design is upgraded. Its main virtue is updated information about beauties. Here you may freely create your own profile, though usually messaging and video functions are additionally paid services.  

How to Date a Costa Rican Girl: 5 Tips

It is a good idea to be armed with relevant information about the habits of Costa Rican women and the traditions of their country. This will make your trip more enjoyable and sweet dates spectacular. 

  1. Remember chivalry. This is the most efficient way of conquering a Costa Rican girl. Be traditional. Western emancipation is not about these amazing ladies. Open the door in front of her, help with her coat. If meeting her parents, ask them permission to date their daughter in an old-fashioned manner. Be caring, but avoid rude machismo.
  2. Learn Spanish. If you have serious intentions about your Costa Rican lady, you will face the prospect of communicating with your future in-laws sooner or later. Speaking one language will be perfect. However, learning a few words in Spanish even if you plan one nightstand will attract her. 
  3. Be ready for body language and gestures. This language of signs is very important for a passionate nation of Costa Ricans. Embraces, cheek kisses, hands gestures are common for them. Donโ€™t be jealous if she kisses other men in greeting or goodbye.
  4. Choose the correct season for coming. Weather circumstances wonโ€™t be an obstacle, if the two of you are eager to be together. Should you stay indoors or be outdoors, an affectionate couple will always be engaged with each other. Though, be aware that the May-November period is the season of rains in this country. Dry months are December โ€“ April.
  5. Dating a Costa Rican woman is better, when many tourist attractions are available. She may accompany you and be your personal guide, which is very pleasant for both of you. This means that coming in the high season of holidays will restrict your opportunities for sightseeing and visiting places of interest.      

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Costa Rican women speak foreign languages? 

Spanish is a native language in Costa Rica. It is a rather easy and widely spread language all over the word. 

However, receiving many foreign visitors, working expatriates and tourists in their country, many Costa Rican women learn foreign languages. As one of the most educated nations in Latin America, they have many university graduates, who also speak fluent English.     

What character traits make Costa Rican women so special? 

Outstanding exterior beauty is not the only attractive feature of Costa Rican women. They have a great number of virtues, such as a kind and gentle character, tolerance, politeness. Being educated and smart by nature, Costa Rican women are usually in a good mood and radiate happiness. 

The inhabitants of this country live in mild weather conditions. The country has a favorable economic situation. So it is no wonder that Costa Rican are often called the happiest nation in the world. 

Is it easy for a Costa Rican woman to separate from her parents after marriage? 

Parents and relatives play an important role in the life of your Costa Rican girl. They influence her decisions; lay the basis for her upbringing and behavior. 

However, after the marriage a โ€œticaโ€ put her own family first. It is not difficult for a Costa Rican wife to relocate to another country and learn its traditions, culture, cuisine. Just after the wedding, her husband started playing the first role in her life.

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