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The special charm of Bolivian girls is beyond doubt. They are known for their unique exotic allure, femininity, and exclusive duende that make them attractive to men. What are they, these cuties, how to comprehend their mysterious souls, and how do date them?

What Are Bolivian Women Like?

bolivia girls
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Bolivian girls are as quaint and varied as their homeland. Among them are mestizos, Injuns, and Europeans, as well as many mixed ethnic groups. By the way, there are quite a lot of native redskins here โ€“ about 20%. Therefore, first of all, Bolivians are associated with a colorful and original authentic culture, which manifests itself in everything โ€“ from temperament to manner of dressing.

They have charm

What most Bolivians have in common is that they have an irresistible, one-of-a-kind charm that sets them apart from other women on the planet. Mixed blood, southern temperament, cute appearance, blinding smile, and emphasized femininity can impress any man who appreciates exotic sexuality.

They are friendly

Many Bolivian women may seem proud and unapproachable at first glance, but if you get to know them better, you will realize they are very open and kind girls. Thanks to traditional upbringing, they treat others with great respect, have tact, are polite, and are always ready to help.

They dress brightly but tastefully

Bolivian women dress very unusual and strikingly, combining ethnic motifs and modern things in their clothes. They often wear colorful puffy skirts, traditional capes, and often hats. However, young girls are increasingly drawn to the contemporary European style.

They honor traditions but are open to new things

Folk traditions are held in high esteem in this country. Bolivian girls love participating in national festivities and honoring their culture and history. But they are also curious and open to new knowledge and experiences, combining needlework and cooking with travel and mountaineering.

Do Bolivian Women Make Good Wives?

Bolivian girls are taught to respect men and elders; they get all the necessary skills and habits to become good wives. Therefore they usually make exemplary spouses. The house will always have order and comfort, and the husband and children will be fed. In addition, they can pay attention equally to both children and their husbands by some miracle, finding time for all household members.

Modern Bolivian girls strive to realize themselves not only as perfect homemakers but also as all-around individuals. They love to read, go in for sports, have hobbies, are interested in the latest movies and music, and love to travel. Therefore, they are also interesting companions and true friends.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

In general, Bolivian girls look for those qualities in men that are traditionally considered masculine โ€“ reliability, purposefulness, and good socialization. In addition, they are especially attracted to those qualities that women value so much but which are not so common among Bolivian men, namely, understanding and respect for the lady. 

Bolivia still has a fairly high level of domestic violence, with men often abusing their wives and seeing them as predominantly submissive housewives. Therefore, a Bolivian woman will be happy to meet a caring, well-mannered, and respectful man who can become not only her husband but also an understanding friend. They also value intelligence, education, and a good sense of humor.

Where to Meet Bolivian Women in the Country?

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Bolivian women, especially young girls, love to spend their free time outside the home. You can meet many Bolivian beauties in the bustling streets and squares of big and small cities and nightclubs and bars.

On the streets

Streets in Bolivian cities, especially large ones, are usually crowded. Among other things, this means that you can meet a huge number of girls there. Most of them will not refuse to help you if you ask them, say, to show you the way to the nearest attraction, shop, or market. It could be the start of a new acquaintance.

In nightclubs

Nightclubs are the perfect place to get to know each other easily. After all, the girls themselves come there for this. Bolivia is by no means an exception in this regard. Visit the best clubs in the country to find the one that can become your girl.

Nightclubs in Santa Cruz de la Sierra: Club Paradise, Night Club Hawai, Luxos โ€“ Club Nocturno y Sports

Nightclubs in El Alto: Ibiza Club Bolivia, Kusillo, La Clave

Nightclubs in La Paz: Club Nocturno La Nuit, Club Play Internacional, Nuit Variette

In bars

Bars in Bolivia are not as noisy as nightclubs, which is their advantage. You can calmly chat with the girl you like over a glass of cocktail. Bolivian bar culture is famous for its exotic drinks. Ask your new friend for advice on what to try.

Bars in Santa Cruz de la Sierra: Black Mount Pub, Simon Speakeasy Bar, Boulevardier Bar

Bars in El Alto: Oveja Negra Pub Rock, Matriqui Bar, Cafe Pub Wiphala I

Bars in La Paz: La Costilla de Adan, La Luna Pub Music Bar, Diesel Nacional

Where to Meet Bolivian Women Online?

Meeting Bolivian girls on the streets, in bars and nightclubs is a kind of adventure. It can be exciting but not very convenient and effective since you will have to act randomly, not knowing if the girl is ready to meet, who she is, and what her goals and interests are. Online dating, in this sense, has many advantages. 

Girls, whose profiles you will find on mail order brides services, are open to communication and acquaintance; you can find at least a minimum of information about the Bolivian beauty you like in advance to understand how suitable she is for you. In addition, many guys prefer online communication, as it eliminates the embarrassment and awkwardness of live conversation.

How to Date a Bolivian Girl: 5 Tips

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It is better to approach the conquest of the heart of the Bolivian beauty prepared. So you will be much more likely to find a common language and achieve your goal.

Show interest in her country

Bolivian girls have great respect for their traditions and the culture of their country. You can use this in various ways: ask her to take you to a restaurant with local cuisine, visit places of interest with her and ask her to talk about them. And in general, ask her more about her country. So you can easily find topics for conversation and at the same time show your sincere interest in her homeland.

Learn a couple of phrases in Spanish

Many girls in Bolivia know English at a basic level. But you will be able to win over the interlocutor more if you include Spanish words and expressions in your speech since Spanish is the main language of communication here. If the girl is Native American, it would be nice of you also to ask her to teach you a few phrases in her native Indian language.

Donโ€™t just compliment her looks

Girls in Bolivia appreciate it when they are treated as attractive women and as interesting people. Compliment her sense of humor, vast knowledge of her countryโ€™s culture, lively mind, and curiosity.

Go for walks

Bolivian girls love nature walks. Many of them consider this pastime the best recreation. If there are mountains nearby, go there, they are incredibly beautiful. This trip will bring you closer.

Give a souvenir from your country

Being patriotic, Bolivian women appreciate when their interlocutor also respects the culture of his country. A small souvenir from your homeland will be received with enthusiasm and gratitude, especially if you accompany it with a fascinating story about this memorabilia.


Is it true that street fighting is popular among Bolivian girls?

It is a misconception that originated with the popular traditional show Flying Cholitas. It is a colorful performance in which Aymara girls, dressed in fluffy bright traditional skirts, demonstrate street wrestling techniques. Most Bolivian girls prefer to be spectators of this show.

What customs should you be aware of when traveling to Bolivia?

Be prepared that you can be offered a traditional drink made from coca leaves in Bolivia. It is very popular among the local people. You donโ€™t have to be afraid to try it. Although one of the strongest narcotics is obtained from this plant, the brewed leaves are not dangerous. On the contrary, they pleasantly invigorate and help acclimate if you happen to be in the countryโ€™s highlands.

How do Bolivian girls feel about gifts?

They love them like any girl. But be restrained in your desire to impress the Bolivian girl. She lives in a developing country, and too expensive gifts can embarrass her. Please her with something non-binding and cute, such as a book, a modest decoration, or a funny trinket.

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