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Ecuador is famous not only for delicious bananas but also for beautiful and passionate women. At the same time, these women are quite sensible and dream of creating a strong family with their beloved husbands, whose dreams they will realize for many years. So, letโ€™s take a closer look at the inhabitants of this wonderful country near the equator.

What Are Ecuadorian Women Like?

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Ecuadorian women have absorbed the most attractive features of the southern people. They have a great appearance and a sincere, friendly disposition. From this moment โ€“ more about the features of the countryโ€™s representatives.

They have a bright, enchanting appearance

It is difficult to ignore an Ecuadorian woman. Its appearance is very attractive for its southern heat and seductiveness. Dark skin color gives Ecuadorian beauties a special charm, expressive eyes, and luxurious dark hair. The body of an Ecuadorian woman is fantastic: round hips and feminine shapes are features that are common to almost all girls in this country.

They are always in a good mood

It is very difficult to meet a sad Ecuadorian woman. It seems that they can not be in a bad mood. Ecuadorian girls are naturally cheerful and optimistic; they know how to enjoy simple things and not get nervous over trifles. They may be affected by the southern climate, but even in difficult circumstances, they smile and enjoy life.

They are polite

The representatives of Ecuador are extremely kind and polite. They are ready to come to the rescue, listen, and give advice. Also, they are always happy to meet new people. Five minutes after meeting, you will feel as if you have known this girl all your life โ€“ Ecuadorian cuties quite skillfully create such an impression with their sincerity and openness.

They are afraid to offend others

Ecuadorian girls are so polite that they are afraid to offend the interlocutor with careless remarks or refusals. In general, in Ecuador, it is considered a bad thing to say โ€œnoโ€. Therefore, not everything โ€œyesโ€ is really โ€œyesโ€. But if you are an attentive interlocutor, it will not be difficult to find out what the woman wants. After all, Ecuadorian girls are very open and do such things only out of concern for you.

Do Ecuadorian Women Make Good Wives?

Ecuadorian women are born to be wonderful wives for several reasons:

  • The family is their greatest value; Ecuadorian women put their interests at the center of their priorities.
  • They are excellent masters of sex and know how to satisfy a man, and over the years, this gift has become more refined.
  • Ecuadorian women are real fans of creating a cozy family home. They do not tire of self-improvement in cooking delicious meals and still have a habit of keeping the house clean. At the same time, the man does not even notice when the Ecuadorian beauty manages to do all this โ€“ it is almost impossible to see traces of fatigue on her face.
  • They adore children โ€“ especially babies who are incredibly emotional. Ecuadorian women are thrilled with both their children and those of others.
  • Ecuadorian wives are loyal friends and partners who do not even mentally betray but always listen and comfort you and sincerely share your success.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Women in Ecuador suffer from machismo, so they see the kind and sensitive man as a miracle. Unfortunately, it is not good for womenโ€™s rights in Ecuador. Instead, if she meets an attractive man from Europe or North America who respects and admires her โ€“ most often, she has every chance to fall in love with this man. 

However, this does not mean that any foreigner has a chance to win the affection of an Ecuadorian woman solely because he came from another country. Women in Ecuador are sensible and dignified; moreover, they are convinced that marriage is important only based on mutual feelings.

Where to meet Ecuadorian Women in Ecuador?

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Prosperous machismo in the country is not a reason for Ecuadorian girls to stay at home. ะกheck the places where you can meet hot beauties.

In the capital of Ecuador โ€“ Quito

Quito is the capital and richest and most modern city in Ecuador, located at the foot of the Andes. There is something to see: Gothic cathedrals, palm trees, futuristic skyscrapers. It is better to make acquaintances in the city center โ€“ near the central squares (Plaza Sucre, Plaza Bolivar, and Plaza Independence) or in one of the cozy fantasy parks with beautiful landscaping. You can also visit a cafe, restaurant or nightclub and try your luck in such places.

Restaurants in Quito: Chez Jรฉrรดme, Sur โ€“ Parrilla Gourmet, Apetit Mariscal.

Night clubs in Quito: CANELA Night Club, 515 Night Club, Bungalow 6.

Parks in Quito: Itchimbia Park, La Carolina Park, La Alameda Park.

On the beaches

To visit Ecuador and not meet on the beach? It is not about you. However, you do not have to wait long โ€“ places like beaches in Ecuador are just created for dating, which you will then remember for a long time. If you still feel shy โ€“ try surfing: after that, you will not be afraid of anything.

Beaches in Ecuador: Los Frailes, Canoa, Ayampe, Montanita.

At a football match

Football is one of the national cults of the country, and in modern Ecuadorian society, young girls like to go to matches. So do not waste time, care for your family, and get acquainted โ€“ with the one you like.

Where to Meet Ecuadorian Women Online?

It is not always possible to go to Ecuador for pleasant acquaintances. Moreover, they can easily turn into unpleasant ones โ€“ because of the macho mentioned above. It would be much safer and more effective to chat with the beauties online first and then go to each other if necessary. You must create a profile on the relevant online dating site and look for a girl you want to spend time with. The main thing is that the desires are mutual.

How to Date an Ecuadorian Girl: 5 Tips

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If you are lucky and have a romantic relationship with a beautiful Ecuadorian girl, then itโ€™s time to find out what dates she loves the most.

More romance and feelings

An Ecuadorian girl will be pleasantly surprised if you can show her your romantic nature. Flowers, restaurants, walks in the moonlight โ€“ this is what the Ecuadorian girl is so lacking. If she gets this, she will likely fall in love.

Touch her and kiss her in public

In Ecuadorian culture, touching each other during a conversation is customary. Ecuadorian women must be in constant physical contact if they are in love. Remember this and give your loved one as many tender touches, hugs, and kisses. It doesnโ€™t matter if you are alone or in a public place.

Pay attention to her body language

We have already said that Ecuadorian girls are delicate and afraid to offend their interlocutor with a refusal or a harsh word. But you can always know what your Ecuadorian bride wants. You have to be careful โ€“ her emotions always speak for themselves, and it is quite easy to guess a womanโ€™s desires. If you can, she will feel even warmer and attached to you.

Say youโ€™re happy to care about her

Women always value the care of the opposite sex, and Ecuadorian women need it very much. So this is what you can give to your beloved girl. Say that she is dear to you and you want to protect her, and then reinforce your words with actions. And she is yours.

Arrange a language exchange

In Ecuador, the vast majority of people speak Spanish. If you do not know this language โ€“ this is an opportunity to learn. Your passion for Ecuador will be comforted if you want to teach it to your people. This will to some extent, mean the seriousness of your intentions. In addition, your dates will take on new meaning.


What are Ecuadorian values?

The family is the greatest value for the whole culture of Ecuador, especially for women. Ecuadorian ladies not only take care of their own family but also do not forget their relatives โ€“ they visit them, help them, and take care of them. In Ecuador, family holidays are very popular. Usually, they can take place just on the weekends.

What is considered rude in Ecuador?

Each culture has specific rules of conduct, and Ecuador is no exception. Yes, in this country, the limit of rudeness is yawning in public. Ecuadorians see this as an indicator that you are not interested in them. So try to sleep well in order not to embarrass the people of Ecuador.:) 

Are women in Ecuador jealous?

Women in South and Latin America may be jealous of their husbands, sometimes very sharply, but this is not the case with Ecuadorian women. They trust their partner completely and do not get hysterical if he is late for work. That is why men feel very comfortable with Ecuadorian wives.

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