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If you are looking for someone unique for a romantic relationship, pay attention to Estonian girls. They are extraordinary both in appearance and in character. If you have been charmed by these Baltic ladies, learn more about dating Estonian women. This will significantly increase your chances to win the heart of an exotic girl!

estonian girls

The 5 Most Typical Characteristics of Estonian Women

Have you ever met girls from this country? If you havenโ€™t, we have drawn up a portrait of an average Estonian lady for you! Here are essential peculiarities of Estonian girls you should know before starting to date one.

Adorable Natural Beauty

The outstanding features of Estonian women are naturally blond hair and blue eyes. They charm men with these exotic elements of their looks. Moreover, they have attractive bodies with curvy shapes. Estonian girls are not too slim but still not fat. As for their height, they are average, not too tall and not too short.

The style of Estonian women is not too bright. They prefer casual clothes and low-heel shoes or trainers in their everyday life. But this doesnโ€™t make them look worse. On the contrary, neither bright makeup nor flashy clothes distract men from the natural beauty of pretty Estonian women.

Calm Nature

Estonian women may seem cold at first glance. But they are not unfriendly at all. They are just calm and reserved.

Estonian girls are not very active in using facial expressions and gestures while speaking. As for intonation, it is also often monotonous. But that doesnโ€™t stand for boredom or dislike. Itโ€™s just a peculiarity you need to get used to.

The calmness and restraint of Estonian ladies can also be considered an advantage. Such women are not inclined to sudden mood swings and loud scandals.

Honesty And Directness

Estonian women are straightforward and donโ€™t like pretending. This can be considered to be both a plus and a minus. On the one hand, Estonian ladies donโ€™t lie or shy away from answering when men want to get to know them better. But on the other hand, if a woman of this nationality is not satisfied with something in a relationship, she will not tolerate this silently, but will directly express her discontent.

A Specific Sense of Humor

Despite their calmness, Estonian women like to laugh. They can joke about anything. But sometimes their sarcasm can sound harsh or even offensive. However, Estonian girls donโ€™t want to hurt anyone. Itโ€™s just the national specifics of their humor. If you are dating an Estonian woman, do not take it as an insult if she makes fun of you a bit harshly.

A High Level of Education

Estonia cares very much about the quality of education. And women in Estonia are so curious and purposeful that they are better educated than local men. 45% of Estonian women have got a tertiary qualification, while only 28% of men have got a post-secondary degree.

A high level of education makes Estonian ladies more interesting to communicate with. Their broad outlooks allow them to feel confident in conversations on a wide variety of topics.

estonian woman

What Estonian Wives Are Like?

For those who feel ready for serious relationships, it is important to understand what kind of wife a foreign lady is going to make. Here are 4 features of Estonian spouses that will help family-oriented men to understand whether they are compatible with Estonian women.

Estonian Wives Are Perfect for Quiet Life

These modest and reserved women love a stable and calm lifestyle. If you strive for the same, you can make a happy couple with an Estonian lady. She is not likely to consider a quiet and peaceful life to be boring.

Estonian Wives Are Thrifty

Women from this Baltic country are used to planning their lives carefully. They not only live for today but also think about the future. Therefore, they competently manage the family budget and know how to make savings.

Estonian Wives Are Diligent

Diligence and responsibility are the most typical character traits of Estonian people. And they are manifested not only in study and work but also in the performance of household duties if a woman becomes a housewife.

Estonian Women Are Loving But Strict Mothers

Women of this nationality are very responsible and scrupulous in raising children. They not only care about the happiness and satisfaction of their children, pampering them, but they can also be strict if it is needed. Thanks to this, their children are polite, obedient, responsible, and disciplined.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Estonian women are self-contained, and they donโ€™t need to have at least any life partner around just not to be lonely. They look for boyfriends who really match them and can make them happier. The following characteristics are highly appreciated by Estonian women:

  • Courage and determination. A man shouldnโ€™t be afraid of taking the first step. Though Estonian women are self-sufficient and independent, they are not feministic enough to take initiative in relationships. They still expect men to do this.
  • A high level of education. There are a lot of well-educated women in Estonia, and they are looking for life partners of the same level. As there are fewer men than women with postsecondary degrees in this country, ladies are looking for better-educated foreigners.
  • Courtship skills. Though Estonian girls are independent and there are a lot of career climbers and business ladies among them, they still want to feel gentle and feminine when their boyfriends are around. So, they expect men to court them beautifully and act like true gentlemen.
  • Stability and calmness. A calm lifestyle is very important for women from this Baltic country. They feel good and confident only in a calm environment. So, Estonian girls never date men who bring chaos into their stable lives.

As for age, nationality, and style of clothing, Estonian women are not quite picky about these criteria.

The Best Places to Meet Estonian Women in Estonia?

The Baltic countries attract tourists with their unique nature and distinctive culture. The inhabitants of Estonia, like the rest of the Balts, are proud of their national literature and songs and donโ€™t forget about their old traditions and customs. If you like to discover new cultures, be sure to visit this interesting country. It is ideal both for active and relaxing vacations.

Estonia is rather small. It consists of little towns with fewer than 100 thousand inhabitants. And the most interesting things are concentrated in Tallinn, the capital of the country, the most lively and the most populated city (more than 400 thousand inhabitants).

Parks: the Favorite Place of Estonian Women

People from this country are fond of spending time outdoors. They often go for walks with friends and organize picnics. So, feel free to meet Estonian girls in the most picturesque parks of Tallinn: Lรถwenruh, Kadrioru Park, Hirvepark, Toompark, Tammsaare Park, and Falgi Park.

Nightclubs: Where Do Young Estonian Girls Hang Out?

Nightclubs are not as popular in the Baltics as in the USA and Western European countries. But they still have a lot of fans and regular visitors. Additionally, the general atmosphere of fun in the nightclubs is very conducive to meeting new people of the opposite sex. The most commonly visited by local youth nightclubs in Tallinn are Club Hollywood, Vabank, Prive, Venus, The Club 9/11, and Club Studio.

Pubs And Bars: Where Does Local Youth Chill Out?

If you need some alcohol to become courageous enough to get acquainted with a girl you like, visit some cozy local pubs and bars: Clayhills Gastropub, Tops, Karja Kelder Pub, Sessel Speakeasy, The Nautilus, or Kotzebar.

Malls: Where Do Estonian Ladies Go Shopping?

If you want to meet the most fashionable girls, go to the malls which they often visit: Foorum, T1 Mall of Tallinn, Arsenal, or Rotermann City.

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Where to Find Estonian Women Online?

Going to Tallinn to meet Estonian girls is not a must. You can get acquainted with pretty ladies from this country online.

There are specialized platforms for international dating on the Web. Just choose the most appropriate one and use your smartphone or PC to find a girl you like and keep in touch with her.

To choose the best site for dating Estonian girls, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • User-friendliness. The interface should be intuitive.
  • Trustworthiness. A site can be considered reliable if it has been functioning for at least a couple of years and has the contacts of customer support on it.
  • Audience. All new profiles should undergo verification to avoid fakes. The catalog of women should be large, and there shouldnโ€™t be a lot of profiles that havenโ€™t been active for a while.
  • Functionality. Convenient text chats and stable video chats are a must. Also, think of some additional features you might need and check whether they are present on the website.

Keep in mind that all good international dating sites have some chargeable features.

How to Date an Estonian Girl: 5 Tips

  1. Donโ€™t be too bustling

Women from Estonia like a calm lifestyle and a relaxed mood. They donโ€™t like people who are too loud or are used to doing several things at the same time. While you communicate with a lady from this country, concentrate only on her and your conversation. Do not get distracted by any other things. Otherwise, she will be very irritated with you being not focused enough.

  1. Get her interested in you and take interest in her

Estonian women are rather intelligent and many-sided. Therefore, you need to find some interesting topics to discuss. If you donโ€™t know what to talk about, a woman will get bored soon. So, tell her about your hobbies and experiences and encourage her to share her interests. And it will be perfect if you find something in common.

  1. Take your time with becoming closer physically

Estonian women have some stereotypes about men from abroad. A lot of ladies from this country believe that the majority of foreigners who have come to Estonia to meet girls are sex tourists. So, you should become close psychologically and prove that you want something more serious than just sex before she will be ready to start intimate life with you.

  1. Compliment her

Local men rarely compliment women. Many of the local guys are insecure and afraid of rejection, so they donโ€™t dare to show their feelings for ladies. Thus, if you often tell a girl how beautiful and nice she is, you will be very favorably different from local men and have a better chance of winning the heart of a stunning Estonian girl.

  1. Pamper her with flowers and surprises

Estonian women are delighted with beautiful courtship. Beautiful bouquets and lovely gifts will instantly melt the heart of a girl who seems cold at first glance.


Do Estonian Women Speak English?

The English of the majority of young ladies is very good. Their level of proficiency in this language is completely enough to communicate with foreigners without any problems or misunderstandings.

Are Estonian Women Ready to Move Abroad?

If you want to marry an Estonian lady, it is a crucial point to know whether she is ready to relocate to the country you live in. Estonia is a country with a rather good standard of living and a lot of career opportunities. So, local girls donโ€™t strive to leave their motherland. But if a lady really loves you, she will be ready to move to the country you live in.

How Many Kids Would an Average Estonian Lady Like to Have?

The fertility rate in Estonia is 1.61. Thus, the majority of women prefer to have 2 children while some of them still would like to have only 1 kid.

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