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Turkmenistan is not one of the most popular tourist destinations. Very few men from the USA, Canada, or Western European countries have been to this country. That is why they hardly know anything about local ladies. But this guide is going to change this! Find out why Turkmen women are worth meeting, dating, and even marrying. Get some tips on how to make a good impression on them and court them.

3 Features that Make Turkmen Women Unique and Amazing

turkmenistan girls
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Turkmen Ladies Are Beautiful

These women are exotic and extremely attractive. Foreign men find the following features about them the most excellent:

  • superb long brunette hair;
  • mesmerizing dark eyes;
  • flawless tan skin;
  • sexy graceful bodies.

Additionally, girls from this country have a nice taste. They dress up both modestly and impressively at the same time. Turkmen women prefer dresses and skirts to jeans and trousers. This makes them feminine and eye-catching.

Turkmen Girls Are Well-Mannered

Politeness is a crucial element of local mentality. Parents have been cultivating good manners in their children, especially daughters, since their early childhood. And the entire local culture appreciates and encourages politeness.

Therefore, all women in Turkmenistan are well-bred and courteous. They never behave rudely and never do the things they are ashamed of in the future.

It is a pleasure to go out with such a well-mannered person. A man will be glad to introduce his polite and nice girlfriend or wife to his family and friends. And she will never make him confused or ashamed because of her actions.

Turkmen Women Are Modest

This is a very rare character trait in the modern world. The majority of young ladies in Western countries, such as the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom, believe it to be redundant and negative. But Turkmen women are completely different. They believe modesty to be one of the main virtues of a lady. These girlsโ€™ modesty makes them even more attractive and adorable. 

The 3 Best Advantages of Turkmen Wives

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Are you still hesitating whether a girl from this country could make a good spouse for you? Here are some virtues that Western men like the most about their Turkmen wives. These traits make women of Turkmenistan perfect wives, even much better than the ones from the USA and other Western countries.

Turkmen Wives Are Responsible

These women are very conscientious when it comes to the duties related to their families. They put their families first, so pay as much attention to housekeeping and child-rearing as possible.

Turkmen women donโ€™t strive for career success and are content with the role of a housewife. So, they do all household chores with maximum diligence. Also, they are very caring mothers. They donโ€™t like to delegate taking care of kids to strange people like babysitters. Instead, they are happy to do everything related to child-rearing by themselves.

Turkmen Wives Are Loving and Devoted

The faithfulness of Turkmen women is eternal, and their love is limitless. Divorces are discouraged by local culture. That is why ladies of this nationality always do their best to maintain good relations with their husbands. They hardly ever provoke conflicts and appreciate everything their spouses do for them.

Turkmen Wives Are Respectful

It is scarcely possible to find a woman who respects her husband and in-laws as much as a Turkmen lady does. Respect for men and elders is a crucial part of local culture. Therefore, Turkmen women never challenge their husbandsโ€™ decisions and donโ€™t do anything that could offend their parents-in-law.

What Kind of Men Do Turkmen Women Like?

Are you worrying about whether you can impress Turkish girls or not? Take it easy! These ladies are not quite picky. A man doesnโ€™t have to be perfect to make a good impression on a woman from this country.

Turkmen girls donโ€™t attach great importance to the look of a man. Also, they donโ€™t judge men by their age. A man doesnโ€™t necessarily have to be an age-mate of a Turkmen girl. On the contrary, some young ladies deliberately choose mature men, considering them to be more suitable for family life.

A significant to Turkmen women thing is the readiness to assume the role of a family head. For this, a man must be responsible, caring, and stable both financially and psychologically.

Where to Meet Turkmen Women Offline?

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Though Turkmenistan is not the most popular tourist destination, this is a quite hospitable and picturesque country. If you feel like a Turkmen lady could make a good wife for you, it is worth going to Turkmenistan to meet local women there.

The best city to choose is the biggest one with the largest number of single girls and interesting places to visit as a tourist. This is Ashgabat, the capital of this country where more than a million people live.

As for the certain places to visit to meet Turkmen girls there, they are the following:

  • Parks. Local women like an active lifestyle. They often go for walks or gather for picnics with friends at local parks. The prettiest of them in the capital of Turkmenistan are White City Ashgabat Park, Victory Park, and 2nd Park.
  • Malls. Graceful and stylish Turkmen women frequently go shopping there. The best mall in Ashgabat is Berkarar.
  • Museums and galleries. Some inquisitive women in Turkmenistan visit them to learn something new and admire beautiful artworks. If you are a culture vulture and want to meet an intelligent and many-sided girl, places of this kind are worth visiting. The most interesting museums and galleries in Ashgabat are The State Museum of Turkmenistan and The Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Karaoke. Places of this kind are not the most popular with Turkmen women because they are quite modest and reserved. But some sociable and energetic girls still sometimes visit them. The best places of this kind in the capital of Turkmenistan are TM Star Karaoke Club and Deep Karaoke Club.

Where to Meet Turkmen Girls Online?

Dating Turkmen women online is easier, more convenient, and more effective. Especially if you know the right place for this. International dating agencies are perfect for those Western men who are looking for Turkmen wives. And here are the main reasons for this fact:

  • They are very popular with Turkmen girls who are looking for foreign husbands. Thus, there is a large selection of beautiful ladies to meet there.
  • They verify all members. So, there are no fakes.
  • They assist in developing international relationships. For example, they offer gift delivery, professional translations, organizing personal meetings, and other services to make your long-distance dating more enjoyable and effective.

5 Tips for Dating Turkmen Girls

While dating a Turkmen girl, keep in mind that traditional gender roles and family values prevail in this country. Thus, a man is expected to:

  1. Be proactive. Turkmen women rarely dare to write to men first. Thus, donโ€™t just wait for a lucky chance. Feel free to take a leading position in a conversation and a relationship in general!
  2. Take care of a lady. Tender and modest Turkmen girls expect their strong suitors to help them and make their lives easier.
  3. Make her happy. For this, communicate on positive topics, spend time together in an interesting way, and give gifts to a lady. And this will help you to make her fall in love with you.
  4. Be responsible. This is crucial because this is the most important feature of a family head. To prove that you are suitable for this role, never break your promises.
  5. Be family-oriented. Dating a Turkmen girl without an intention of marrying her is severely frowned upon by local culture and is considered shameful. So, make up your mind whether you are ready to settle down or not before you start a relationship with a Turkmen woman.


What Gift to Give a Turkmen Lady?

These girls are fond of gold jewelry. This is a part of the local culture. It is customary for men to give gold jewelry to their girlfriends and wives. If a woman has no gold necklace, bracelet, or other accessories made of this metal, her circle can decide that her man treats her poorly.

How to Meet Turkmen Girlโ€™s Parents?

It is crucial to win their favor because you cannot marry a girl of this nationality without her parentsโ€™ approval. The following recommendations will help you to make a good impression on them:

  • Be respectful and show this with good manners. Be courteous and considerate.
  • If you meet them in person and come to their place, cross the threshold with the right foot first. There is a belief in this country that only a person with bad thoughts and intentions starts entering home with the left foot.
  • Prove that you are suitable for the role of a family head. For this, tell about your social status, income, place and style of living.

What Dishes Do Turkmen Women Cook the Best?

These ladies are perfect at cooking the traditional dishes of their native cuisine, such as:

  • Kuurdak โ€” roast meat with vegetables.
  • Manty โ€” pastry with different fillings, most often with meat or fish.
  • Dograma โ€” the dish made of boiled meat, pieces of puff pastry, and broth.

Moreover, they easily and quickly learn how to cook various modern dishes of European and US cuisines. Therefore, their husbands and children always have diverse and tasty diets. And the guests never leave their places hungry.

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