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Filipino women are a gift of nature as these girls are embodiments of their motherland. Men from different countries desire them as partners and wives due to their strong personality and immense beauty.

The Philippines are located in the cross of ways of different continents and countries โ€“ Malaysia, Australia, Asia. Being under supervision of different colonists, it obtained a number of absolutely different features in appearances, characters, customs and ways of life. As a result, the nation of Filipino women and men became stronger and got a unique culture created by different races.

What are Filipino Women Like?

Charming features. Filipino women are very tender and slim. Mostly they are tiny. With a nice tanned shade of skin and bright brows, eyelashes, lips, they often become winners of various beauty contests and obtain crowns of Miss Universe, Miss World for their charm and beauty. The outfits of Filipino women are thoroughly thought out and always styled and appropriate.

Amazing and funny character. Even from the very first moment of your date with a Filipino girl, you wonโ€™t encounter any inconveniences. She will skillfully make you feel at ease. Telling a thousand funny stories, Filipino women will entertain you during your stay in a foreign country.

Industrious and diligent. Nevertheless, the ability to entertain is not the only good quality of easy going Filipino girls. They are very motivated and diligent in any activity, their careers, household maintenance or motherhood. Thus, they are demanded as professionals (e.g. doctors, nurses, cooks) and spouses in their native country and abroad.

Strong personality. These women are very strong. Filipino ladies may support their men, provide a reliable base and create a comfortable atmosphere in their houses. In case of any hardships, Filipino women withstand them with courage.

Best lovers ever. The intimate side for the relationships is very important and these Asian women are very strong in love and lust. Being devoted to their men, they present them with all eastern mysteries of sex. It is hard to think about more passion, desire and sweetness, which is customary for almost all Filipino women.

Do Filipino Women Make Good Wives?

Perfect housekeeping abilities, skills in managing the money and budgets, attention for kids and passion in bed make Filipino wives desirable for men in any country.

  • It is not a rare occasion that Filipino women emigrate from their native land to other countries as nannies and housekeepers. The women of this nation are famous for their tidiness, neatness, and preciseness in performing their obligations. Thus, the houses they maintain are perfectly clean and are in a good order. It is a pleasure to visit the house of a Filipino wife and be a guest of this welcoming and friendly lady. 
  • The best mothers in the world probably live in the Philippines. These adorable women frequently combine their professional careers and families. Even in such a case, they devote themselves to their children entirely. Kids rising is in their blood as they often originate from large families where they were taught to take care of their younger siblings. Filipino wives know how to educate their kids, and support their healthy physical and mental development.
  • Being motivated and strong, Filipino girls understand how to maintain budgets perfectly. They are accustomed to different life circumstances. Financial hardships occur in this country. Frequently they work hard and earn their own money. Anyway, many men may be sure that these adorable Pilipino women will make use of every dollar for their families.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

The Philippines is a developing country nowadays, and it provides less privileges to their citizens in the terms of health, education and life standards compared to western and developed countries. 

  • Many Filipino women are looking for a better life abroad. Some of them move to work, others relocate to study in foreign universities. However, marrying men from a different  country is also a great way out for many Filipino girls. Being a foreigner is a big advantage for a man who want to marry a Filipino woman.
  • Many girls from this bright country wish to have children with white skin. Such women are looking for a partner with westernized face and body features.
  • Wealth and a secure social position are another important factor for girls, whose life circumstances are not always favorable. We cannot blame Filipino women for their desire to improve their lives and the lives of their children. 
  • Sometimes it may be difficult to find a partner for a man of middle or older age in western countries. However, it is not a problem in the Philippines. Filipino women usually do not have any preferences in the age or appearance of a man. If there is something common between the two of you, and your aims coincide, you will get a faithful and devoted companion even if your age gap is big. 

Where to Meet Filipino Women in the Philippines?

Filipino women like dancing, entertaining and partying. And the easiest way of being acquainted with Filipino girls is a nightclub or a bar, which are widely spread in all cities and towns of the Philippines.


Manila is the capital and the most populous city in the Philippines. It is also a city of vivid nightlife with numerous restaurants and places for dancing. Three districts are worth mentioning in terms of safety and popularity among tourists. These are Malate, Makati, Ermits. 

You may date Filipino girls almost without precautions here, meeting them not only in restaurants or nightclubs, but also in numerous malls, sport gyms, or in the street. Enjoy an excellent rooftop view offered by Skye Lounge and Sky Deck View Bar located in Makati.


We offer to visit Cebu, a big city of the Philippines. It is more compact compared to Manila and is less populated. However, its sightseeing is more exciting and there are more places to observe for tourists. It will be an excellent journey as it also is full of cosy lounges, bars, nightclubs, where hot Filipino women are waiting for manโ€™s attention.

Mango Square with numerous malls and hot clubs like J-Ave or Liv Superclub is one of the districts for your pleasant hunting for a hot Filipino girl. Numerous places to talk and to have a snack create an excellent atmosphere in the Ayala Mall for new encounters.


Angeles is another popular city with numerous places to meet Filipino girls. Chances to get acquainted with a woman for the money is higher here, as the city has many red light districts (Walking Street, Fields Avenue). 

However, check out High Society Club, the Grands Central Hotel Bar, Kokomo, to encounter more educated and intellectual Filipino girls, who like to meet foreigners and spend pleasant moments.

If you are looking for a relationship with a Filipino girl, it will be difficult to distinguish between a girl looking for new impressions and a woman who wants to earn money. Prostitution is widely spread in the Philippines. 

Those girls working in massage saloons or nightclubs have a fixed rate for their services. Be aware that even if she looks like an ordinary girl, a Filipino girl may ask for the money and tell you about some hardship and problems.

Where to Meet Filipino Women Online?

The Internet is our favorite option for meeting Filipino women. 

  • Specialized on-line dating platforms or social media offer a comfortable and easy way to make a match for you staying in the Philippines. 
  • Different dating applications are usually very handy and may be used for targeting a Filipino woman with your favorite parameters.
  • A messenger is another excellent feature of the online matching portals. Your live conversation is a perfect way to learn your friend closer, listen to the timbre of her voice and get in love.

If your photo and information in the profile is attractive enough, you will be accompanied by the most gorgeous and hot Filipino girl.

How to Date a Filipino Girl: 5 Tips

Dating Filipino girls is very pleasant and comfortable. They are gorgeous, passionate and easy going women, and may support all your conversations. Be polite and courtesy, do not rush into intimate touches and kisses.

In addition, follow just a few tips, which are essential in dating Filipino women.

  1. Filipinas are very loyal to any manโ€™s age and any face or body features. However, your perfect hygiene and odor is necessary. Filipino women are keen on cleanliness and their partner should always smell good and wear perfectly tidy clothes.
  2. As every Asian country, Filipinas have national customs and strong religious traditions, such as esteem for parents, long prayers, wearing religious paraphernalia. Reveal your understanding and respect to these peculiarities, as well as your sincere interest.   
  3. If you want to win the attention of an adorable Filipino woman easily, speaking some words in her native language will be a winning gesture. Learn some frequently used phrases and she will be pleasantly impressed.
  4. Forehead kiss is another sign of your respect and reliability as a partner for your Filipino girls. Lip kisses are not common for the first date, in case you are looking for some serious and strong relationships. On the contrary, forehead kiss means security and a tender gesture from a man.
  5. If you visit the Philippines, you will be astonished with the number of karaoke bars in any big or small municipality. Filipinos enjoy singing and use every opportunity for this entertainment. Invite your Filipino woman to such a bar and be sure you will have a nice time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What dishes should you try with your Filipino woman?

Since the old times of colonization by Spain, Filipino dishes have got many European qualities, tastes and ingredients. Its cuisine is adorably tasty. Try an authentic drink or dish made by your Filipina, and learn how to cook something yourself.

Oxtail stew โ€œKare Kareโ€ is cooked with oxtails, tripes, vegetables. It is spiced with onion, garlic, peanut butter and chili and served with Filipino lemon juice and shrimp paste. 

Balut is a โ€œKinder surpriseโ€ for Filipinos. This dish consists of only one ingredient โ€“ a 17-day developed duck egg, lacking hard tissues (feathers, beak and claws), boiled and served with a drop of vinegar. Filipino women consider this dish very tasty.

Chicken โ€œadoboโ€ is one of the most famous Filipino meat dishes. Spanish colonists brought its receipt to the Philippines. Actually, this is any protein (pork, chicken or fish) mixed with herbs, braised in vinegar. Marinade is its main ingredient, and Filipinos use various species such as sault, soya sauce, peppercorns, bay leaves for it.

Are families important for your Filipino girl?

As an Asian country, the Philippines is a state, which respects traditions. Filipino women are a little old-fashioned. This feature adds numerous advantages, such as putting a family first place, and respect for a head of the family. 

If your intentions regarding your Filipino girl are serious and you are planning partnership relations or a marriage, you will surely be introduced to her parents. However, Filipino women usually expect you to do the same. Introduce a girl to your relatives. You will not be frustrated by this acquaintance as Filipino ladies are respectful, well-mannered, and will ensure the best impression.

Are Filipino girls religious?

Religion is very important for Filipinos. The population of this country is mostly Christians and Catholics. Thus, Filipino women practice various religious routines, such as Sunday masses, Catholic holidays, honoring the saints. 

Being open-minded, Filipino girls wonโ€™t convert you into their religion, if you are not practicing Catholicism. A modern generation is less religious or at least not so ardent believers.

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