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Are you one of those US men who want to try a relationship with someone exotic but donโ€™t want to make an effort to overcome a language barrier? Then pay attention to British women.

They are quite different from US ladies but still English-speaking. So, while dating a British girl, you will be able to enjoy the uniqueness of your beloved without thinking of how to overcome a language barrier.

Learn more about why British women are worthy of your attention and how to date them if you are a foreign man.

What Are British Women Like?

British ladies seem rather enigmatic to foreign men. But we are going to open up the veil of secrecy a bit. Here are 5 features of British women for you to understand better what they are like.

Charmingly Natural

British girls prefer a reserved style. They never overdo it when it comes to makeup and donโ€™t wear artsy clothes in their everyday life. The only reason to put up a sexy dress and high heels is a special celebration. But some British girls who hang out in nightclubs often, wear casual clothes even at parties.

The natural style allows men to assess the beauty of British girls at once. There is no huge contrast between a lady with the dramatic makeup a man has met in the nightclub and a woman in her casual look he is going to see every day if he dates her.

Self-Assured And Loving Themselves

British women donโ€™t seek to change themselves for the sake of fashion. They donโ€™t use the services of cosmetologists and plastic surgeons as often as American ladies do. Also, British girls donโ€™t sacrifice their good mood for the sake of slim bodies. They donโ€™t cut down on sugar to keep fit. They would rather eat a piece of cake to feel positive and satisfied.

This kind of self-love and self-respect attracts men to British women. As everybody knows, to make others love you, you must first accept yourself for who you are. British girls successfully cope with this. And their self-confidence allows them to flirt with men without hesitation and build romantic relationships with them without internal psychological barriers.

Ambitious And Enterprising

Women of Great Britain are extremely confident and very ambitious. Thanks to this, a lot of them make good careers or manage their own businesses successfully. Self-realization is one of the most important things for British women. Without the jobs they like and successful careers, they feel inferior and unhappy.

Polite And Affable

British women know a lot about good manners. They are friendly, smiling, and courteous. They are brought up to be like this from childhood. It is pleasant to communicate with such ladies for men of any status. And they are not ashamed to introduce their beloved British girls to friends and relatives.

Not Too Emotional

It is not customary in Great Britain to show off your feelings. Thus, the character of British women is as reserved as their clothes. British girls donโ€™t like scandals and donโ€™t throw tantrums. They prefer to solve problems peacefully and find compromises.

Do British Women Make Good Wives?

Foreign men who are fond of calm and reserved girls, fall for ladies from Great Britain so badly that they are even ready to marry them. What kind of spouses are they going to get? Here are the 4 most typical features of British wives.

British Wives Are Rational and Thrifty

โ€œWhy should I buy something expensive if I can find it somewhere cheaper?โ€ This is the motto of a typical British lady. Even wealthy women often wait for sales to buy good things at a lower price. Therefore, husbands of British wives donโ€™t have to be afraid of the family budget being wasted.

British Wives Are Reserved

Women of this nationality perfectly match men who donโ€™t like noisy showdowns and want to live quiet and peaceful lives with their spouses. British girls are not inclined to scandals. It is possible to strike a balance in any situation with them.

British Wives Are Independent

British women are good and practical housekeepers. They know how to make important decisions effectively on their own. Wives from this country donโ€™t expect their husbands to solve all problems by themselves. So, they make equal life partners men can rely on.

British Wives Adore Children

British mothers dote on their kids. They do whatever it takes to ensure happy childhood for them. But they also donโ€™t forget about education and cultivating such positive character traits as responsibility, politeness, and independence in their kids.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

British women love and respect themselves, so they donโ€™t date just anyone. They choose boyfriends carefully taking into account the following criteria:

  • Social status. In Great Britain, the class nature of society is still clearly expressed. Therefore, for example, a woman of an upper or middle class will never date a man of a working class. And, vice versa, girls of a working class are not looking for โ€œprincesโ€ and date men of the same level.
  • Meeting of minds. Having common hobbies, a similar outlook on life, and the same lifestyle is very important for British ladies. They believe that too different people cannot make a happy couple.

But what these girls donโ€™t take into account while choosing life partners are stereotypes. They are against ageism, lookism, or racism. So, they donโ€™t judge men by their look, age, or nationality.

Where to Meet British Women in Great Britain?

If you are ready for an exciting journey in the pursuit of happiness, choose one of the top biggest cities of Great Britain:

  1. London;
  2. Birmingham;
  3. Leeds.

You will have a huge choice of beautiful girls there. The perfect way to get acquainted is not to try to talk to the girls on the streets but to go to a place with a relaxed atmosphere where people have a rest. It makes girls more open and disposes them to new acquaintances. Choose the place in accordance with your lifestyle and preferences.

Parks for Healthy Lifestyle Adherents

The most picturesque places are:

  • In London: Hyde Park, Richmond Park, Greenwich Park, Kensington Gardens, St Jamesโ€™s Park.
  • In Birmingham: Kings Heath Park, Eastside City Park, Queens Park.
  • In Leeds: Roundhay Park, Golden Acre Park, Park Square, Middleton Park.

Pubs And Bars for Those Who Like to Relax

The places with the best drinks are:

  • In London: The London Pub, The Comedy Pub, Ye Olde London, The Flying Horse.
  • In Birmingham: Bacchus Bar, Lost & Found, The Roebuck, Birdies Bar.
  • In Leeds: Whitelockโ€™s Ale House, Bowerโ€™s Tap, The Botanist, Three Legs.

Nightclubs for the Fans of Hanging Out

The favorite ones of beautiful British chicks are:

  • In London: Piccadilly Institute, Cargo, Carwash, Dolce Kensington Club, Phonox.
  • In Birmingham: Pryzm, Nightingale, Bambu, Reflex, Popworld, Rosies. 
  • In Leeds: The Backroom, The HiFi Club, The Warehouse, The Key Club.

Restaurants and Cafes for Gourmets

The places with the most delicious food and the coziest atmosphere are:

  • In London: De Vine, Townsend, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, New London Cafe, Franx, St Jamesโ€™s Cafe.
  • In Birmingham: Land Restaurant, Folium, Fazenda, Hylton, Yorks Cafe & Coffee Roasters.
  • In Leeds: Hern, Home, The Oxford Place, Cafe 164, Kitty Cafe, Sociable Folk.

Where to Meet British Women Online?

It is not compulsory to set out for a distant journey to meet British girls. It is possible to date them online. The most convenient and the safest place for this is a reliable international dating site that takes care of its users. The signs of a good and trustworthy one are:

  • It verifies new members not to allow fakes.
  • It has the contacts of customer support on the website.
  • It offers all the needed features and services for full-value online dating: text and video chats, virtual gifts, real gifts delivery, etc.
  • There is a wide selection of various women, and a lot of them are online.
  • Some of its features and services are chargeable because a good website cannot exist without financing.

How to Date a British Girl: 5 Tips

  1. Work on your profile to meet British women online

To attract the right woman, think of how your profile looks from the point of view of ladies who take a look at it. It should be easy to understand who you are and what lifestyle you prefer by looking at your photos and reading what you have specified in the โ€œAbout Yourselfโ€ section. Some ideas of how to show who you are with the help of your account:

  • add the photos from your workplace;
  • upload some pictures that reflect your hobbies (from your trips, parties, etc);
  • write about the ways you spend your free time;
  • specify your life principles.

All this will help you find a soulmate and filter out the girls that donโ€™t match you.

  1. Communicate only with girls who reciprocate you

It is not customary in Great Britain to act coldly just for a man to run after a woman. If you see that a lady is cold to you, it means that she doesnโ€™t like you. And instead of bothering ladies whom you are indifferent to, it is better to find other girls who will be sincerely glad to meet you.

But donโ€™t mix up coldness with business. If a woman doesnโ€™t reply to you for a while, and she is not online, she is, most likely, just busy. But if a lady is online and ignores you or replies only a few words to several paragraphs youโ€™ve written to her, itโ€™s better not to waste your time on this very person.

  1. Donโ€™t be afraid of a womanโ€™s initiative.

It is OK for British women to take initiative in a romantic relationship. If a lady likes a man and sees that she has something in common with him, she will not hesitate to take the first step. Some men may be confused by such behavior, but it shouldnโ€™t be considered to be something strange.

  1. Treat her with respect and understanding

British girls love and value themselves. They canโ€™t stand someone disrespecting them. So, a man should stick to some rules while communicating with a self-assured British lady:

  • Never talk negatively about her life principles.
  • Accept her for who she is.
  • Never shout at her.
  • Find a compromise instead of trying to impose your opinion.
  • Respect her personal boundaries.

If a man neglects these recommendations, a British lady will break up with him immediately.

  1. Add a bit of courtship to your relationship

British women are independent and are always ready to pay for themselves in restaurants. But it doesnโ€™t mean that they donโ€™t like it at all when men court them. You need to do something to show that you would like to be more than friends with her. A good idea is to give small pleasant presents to her.


Are British Wives Good at Cooking?

It depends on the family a woman has been brought up in and her occupation. If a ladyโ€™s mother is a housewife, she will, most likely, prefer to become a housewife too. Such girls are good at cooking, cleaning, and gardening.

But if a lady is a career climber, she is not likely to cook on her own. Such women order food delivery or hire housekeepers to cook for their families.

How Many Kids Do British Women Prefer to Have?

The average fertility rate in their homeland is 1.65 kids per woman. It means that families with 2 children are a bit more widespread than the ones with only 1 kid.

What to Give to a British Lady as a Present?

British women like some practical presents they can use in their everyday life and good alcohol, while they are not fond of cute useless trinkets.

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