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Lithuanian women are rather popular in the international marriage market. Hundreds of marriages between girls from this Baltic country and foreign men are registered annually. Are you one of those men who would like to get an exotic foreign wife? Then check out our complete guide to Lithuanian ladies.

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6 National Characteristics of Lithuanian Women

Before you decide whether it is worth dating Lithuanian girls, find out more about the advantages that attract foreign men to them.

Incredibly Beautiful

Lithuanian women look like snow queens. They are very beautiful and graceful. Their straight blonde long hair, blue eyes, and slender bodies attract mesmerized gazes. Many men fall in love at first sight with these stunning unapproachable beauties.

Modest And Restrained

Lithuanian girls are very reserved. They are not rich in emotions at all. Instead, they always act in a calm manner. And because of this, they can seem cold and mysterious. But they are extremely attractive to men who are fond of shy ladies with good manners.

Lithuanian ladies behave well in society, always act politely, and never raise their voices. And thanks to their calmness, men also feel calmer next to them.

Prideful but not Arrogant

Lithuanian women are mostly introverts. Therefore, they carefully filter their social circle. They are proud enough not to associate with people they dislike. However, they are not arrogant, so they donโ€™t refuse rudely and donโ€™t treat people in a bad way for no reason. They usually reciprocate with men who behave politely and decently.

Intelligent And Many-Sided

Good families are very concerned about the education of their children. In addition to the main school subjects, parents encourage their daughters to attend different extracurricular activities. Moreover, a lot of Lithuanian ladies continue getting an education after they graduate from school. Many women in Lithuania enter universities and get their Bachelorโ€™s or Masterโ€™s degrees.

All this makes Lithuanian girls intelligent, broad-minded, and many-sided. They have a lot of interests and hobbies. Therefore, it is interesting to communicate with them as they are capable of keeping any conversation flowing.

But, surprisingly, few of these clever and well-educated ladies become career climbers. Traditional family values still prevail in this country. So, Lithuanian women are aimed at getting married and becoming housewives.

Open And Honest

Though Lithuanian women are not very emotional and behave modestly, this does not mean that they are antisocial, and it is impossible to establish contact with them.

Lithuanians are considered the friendliest of the Baltic nations. They are happy to make new friends with polite and understanding people. They make contact quite easily and sincerely talk about their opinions and feelings.

Purposeful And Hardworking

Determination and industriousness are the basic national features of the Lithuanian people. And women show these character traits not only at work but also in their families. They do everything connected with the housewivesโ€™ duties with devotion and diligence. By the way, you will find more details on what kind of wives Lithuanian women make below in this very guide.

5 Features of Lithuanian Wives that Make Their Husbands Happy

Here are the main reasons for foreign husbands of these Baltic ladies appreciating and loving their wives.

Lithuanian Women Are Devoted Housewives

Very few married Lithuanian women aspire to pursue a career. Since they are not self-fulfilling in their work, they show their full potential in coping with the housewivesโ€™ duties. They are very good at keeping the house clean and excellent at cooking delicious meals. They also have a great love for nature and enjoy gardening. Moreover, they do everything related to kidsโ€™ upbringing with extreme devotion.

Lithuanian Wives Are Faithful

Lithuanian women treat their soulmates with love, gentleness, and affection. Most of them are very well-behaved and are used to seeing their father and mother being loyal to each other as role models. A decent Lithuanian lady will never cheat on her husband. Love for him and good manners will never let her do this.

Lithuanian Wives Are Compliant

Lithuanian girls have a very gentle disposition. Additionally, they consider their husbands to be the heads of their families. Therefore, they are always ready to compromise and are not inclined to quarrel.

Lithuanian Wives Are Hospitable

Lithuanian women, despite their seeming coldness and aloofness, are very kind towards guests. They are always happy to welcome relatives or friends to a family dinner.

Lithuanian Ladies Are Loving Mothers

Lithuanian women adore their children and do whatever it takes to give the best things to them. They buy the goods of the finest quality for children, send them to the best schools, and organize the most fun free-time activities for them. But, in addition to such unconditional love, sometimes, Lithuanian mothers can show strictness, if it is necessary for the good of their children.

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How Do Lithuanian Women Imagine Their Perfect Life Partners?

Lithuanian women are fond of well-groomed men. Being well-dressed and neat is a must for a guy who wants to attract Lithuanian ladiesโ€™ attention. While choosing a partner for serious relationships, women from this Baltic country consider the following parameters as well:

  • Psychological stability. Lithuanian girls donโ€™t understand people who have an unstable mood and often change their decisions and preferences. They donโ€™t match men like that because they could never get along with such a person.
  • Being able to provide for a family. Lithuanian women become completely dedicated to home and children after marriage. Therefore, they expect their husbands to be the only breadwinners for their families. Thus, having a stable income is very important for a man who wants to marry a Lithuanian lady.

A mature man has a higher chance of a serious relationship with a Lithuanian girl, as he is more emotionally and financially stable than younger guys.

Where to Meet Lithuanian Women in Lithuania?

Lithuania is a compact pretty country on the east coast of the Baltic Sea. And it is rather welcoming towards tourists. If you are thinking of spending a vacation in a place youโ€™ve never been like that before, you will not regret visiting Lithuania. You will have an opportunity to explore its unique culture and admire the ethereal beauty of local girls.

The best destination for a tourist who has never been to Lithuania is Vilnius, the capital of this country. It has the largest number of interesting sites and places where you can meet Lithuanian girls. Here is a quick guide to the main of them.

What to See in Vilnius as a First-Time Tourist

The top-3 must-see sights are:

  1. Gediminasโ€™ Tower that was built in the 15th century;
  2. Trakai Island Castle, the favorite residence of Vytautas the Great, a famous Lithuanian duke;
  3. St. Anneโ€™s Church, a monument of architecture in a Gothic style.

Where to Meet Intelligent And Creative Lithuanian Girls

The cleverest and the most curious ladies can be found in local museums and galleries. If you want to find an intelligent and creative woman who is interesting to communicate with, try to look for her in the following places:

  • Vilniaus paveikslลณ galerija (Vilnius art gallery);
  • Nacionalinฤ— dailฤ—s galerija (National art gallery);
  • Lietuvos nacionalinis dailฤ—s muziejus (Lithuanian National Museum of Art);
  • Lietuvos nacionalinis muziejus (The National Museum of Lithuania);
  • ล iuolaikinio meno centras (Contemporary Art Centre).

Places to Meet the Most Cheerful Lithuanian Girls

If you want to get acquainted with women who know how to have fun, visit the best parties of Vilnius in the following nightclubs:

  • Burlesque Night Club;
  • Mazzor Night Club;
  • Opium Club;
  • Rumor Lounge & Club;
  • Mojo Lounge.

Where to Meet the Most Relaxed Lithuanian Girls

A lot of young Lithuanian girls like to relax with friends after their studies at universities in bars. So, go to some local bars to meet the most relaxed and open to new acquaintances girls:

  • Who Hit John;
  • Apoteka Bar;
  • Alchemikas;
  • Nomads Cocktail Bar;
  • Skybar.
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Where to Meet Lithuanian Women Online?

It is possible to fulfill your dream of dating a Lithuanian girl without going to this faraway Baltic country. Specialized international dating sites will help you do this.

They have hundreds of profiles of Lithuanian women who want to meet foreigners and start serious relationships with them. All the newly created accounts are strictly moderated, so there are only real girls.

Besides, international dating platforms supply the users with everything that is needed for convenient looking for a match and keeping in touch with her. There are a lot of search filters, means of communication, translation services, and high-quality customer support on the sites like that.

Of course, the sites with such a broad functionality and a wide range of provided services need funding. Therefore, they have some chargeable features and services

How to Date a Lithuanian Girl: 4 Tips

  1. Make sure you are well-groomed

Lithuanian women love well-groomed men who are dressed well and smell good. They believe that neat clothes and good personal hygiene are signs of self-respect. Therefore, decent girls donโ€™t pay attention to poorly dressed or sloppy men.

So, if you are meeting Lithuanian ladies online, add the best photos in the most presentable outfits to your profile. If you are meeting Lithuanian women offline, then always think about your image before going to the places where you are going to look for a girlfriend.

  1. Act in a polite and moderate way

Decent Lithuanian women choose only decent men. Good manners are a must to win the favor of a lady from this Baltic country. Do not be overly emotional, do not raise your voice, and do not use obscene language. Also, it is better not to show your feelings to each other in public places.

  1. Find the unique key to a particular lady

Lithuanian girls are well-educated and have multifaceted inner worlds. Each of them has her own hobbies and interests. You have to build conversation, give gifts, and choose places to date taking into account your girlfriendโ€™s interests.

For example, if she enjoys drawing, present art supplies to her or visit an art gallery together. If she is fond of dancing, then present a beautiful costume for performances to her or watch the ballet together.

Keep in mind that the most important thing is to find a girl whose interests are at least a little interesting to you as well. If you are pretending, the Lithuanian girl will quickly get you through.

  1. Donโ€™t rush a lady

Lithuanian girls are shy and take time to get used to their men. So, donโ€™t insist on developing a relationship rapidly. Adjust to her pace and take a relationship to the next level only when she is ready for it.


Do Lithuanian Women Speak English?

Rather few Lithuanian girls are fluent in English. A lot of them have the basic level of this language, but it is not always enough for interesting conversations.

Therefore, you need to think of overcoming a language barrier. A good idea is to use the services of professional translators and entrepreneurs for the first time. And in the future, if a woman loves you, she will do her best to improve her English before you get married.

How Long Does It Usually Take from the First Meeting to Marriage?

Lithuanian women cannot develop relationships with men quickly. They need time to take a closer look at a person, get to know him better, and get used to him. Thus, it takes at least 1 year of dating before she is ready for marriage.

Men From which Countries Do Lithuanian Women Like the Most?

Lithuanian girls often marry men from Germany, the USA, the UK, and Russia.

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