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A lot of US and Western European men are disappointed with local women because they value their careers more than their families. That is why they start to look for their new spouses among foreign girls.

One of the best nationalities for marrying Western guys is Georgians. Ladies from Georgia are more feminine and have a lot of other advantages compared to US and Western European women.

Learn more details on what Georgian women are like and how to date them from our comprehensive guide for foreigners.

What Are Georgian Women Like?

Georgian ladies have a lot of features that attract foreign men to them. Here are just a few of them.

Outstanding Natural Beauty

Georgian girls are beautiful by nature. Thick dark hair, tan skin, and expressive eyes attract rapturous looks and make many men fall in love with these charming ladies.

Hair is considered the main advantage of girls and a sign of femininity in Georgia. Therefore, the ladies from this country diligently look after it. Short haircuts are not popular there. Most girls are proud of their long, lush hair.

Besides, Georgian girls are naturally slender and do not gain weight in their youth, despite the abundance of high-calorie dishes in the traditional local cuisine. Excess weight is typical only for mature women, since metabolism slows down with age, and gyms are not popular with the female population in Georgia.

Friendliness And Optimism

Georgian women are cheerful and easy-going. They are very talkative and are always open to new acquaintances. The optimism of these ladies may be envied. Georgian girls do not dwell on the negative but enjoy every minute of their lives.

Moreover, they are very sympathetic and know how to share their good mood with the people surrounding them. Thus, spending time with Georgian girls is pleasant and fun.

Also, Georgian girls are fond of parties and traveling. This makes their lives bright and rich, so it is interesting to communicate with them.

Sincerity And Emotionality

Pretense and deception are not typical for Georgian women. They prefer to speak directly about their feelings and desires, as well as openly express their emotions. This allows a man and a woman to trust each other and quickly establish close emotional and psychological contact, which is very important for a serious romantic relationship.

Good Manners

Georgian girls are very courteous and polite. They never speak in a raised voice or use swear words because it is considered to be shameful for a decent lady. Good manners attract men who want to have polite girls by their side.

Do Georgian Women Make Good Wives?

If you like the description of Georgian ladies so much that you are ready to try dating Georgian women, note that romantic relationships with them without serious intentions are impossible. So, you need to decide whether a Georgian lady could make a good wife for you before you meet beautiful girls from this country. And here are the most typical features of Georgian wives.

They Are Affectionate And Tender

Georgian women are very emotional. Therefore, they never hide their feelings. Georgian wives adore their beloved husbands and surround them with affection and love.

They Respect Traditional Family Values

According to local traditions, a woman is primarily a housewife and a mother, and a man is the head of a family and a breadwinner. Though it may seem old-fashioned, Georgian wives consider such a family model to be the only possible one.

They Are Faithful

Georgian women are very religious. This prevents them from cheating on their husbands, as this is believed to be a great sin.

They Are Talented Cooks

A food cult is flourishing in Georgia. For every woman, it is a must to know how to cook delicious meals. And wives cook a lot every day for their husbands and kids to have a healthy and diverse diet. And, of course, a lush feast is an obligatory attribute of weekends and holidays, to which relatives and friends are invited.

They Love Children

A big family is happiness and the meaning of life for a Georgian woman. This is proved by the statistics that show that the fertility rate in this country is 2.05 kids per lady. This means that families with only one child can hardly be found in Georgia. Women from this country prefer to have 2 or more kids.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Many Georgian women prefer foreign men because they treat them not only as potential wives but also as personalities. Therefore, interesting and many-sided men who can share these ladiesโ€™ hobbies are highly appreciated.

One more thing that is important for Georgian ladies who are looking for serious relationships is career success and a stable income of a man. It is an essential point because Georgian women become housewives after marriage, and they expect their husbands to provide for their families financially.

Women in Georgia strive to get married as early as possible. They usually start a family immediately after completing their education. But they understand that few men are willing to marry and have children in their twenties. Therefore, they are tolerant of the age gap between a man and a girl.

Where to Meet Georgian Women in Georgia?

Tbilisi, the Capital of Georgia

This is the biggest and the most important city in the country. And, of course, the largest number of beautiful and well-educated Georgian women live here. As these girls are very friendly and easy-going, it is possible to get acquainted with them everywhere:

  • In the park: Mushtaidi Garden, Mtatsminda Park, Rike Park, and Mziuri Park.
  • At the nightclub: Safe Night Club, Bassiani, Club 22, Club 10/11, and Spacehall.
  • In the mall: Galleria Tbilisi, Tbilisi Mall, Karvasla, and Isani Mall.

Batumi, a Picturesque Resort City

If you want to admire local nature and combine having a rest at the seaside with meeting beautiful Georgian women, be sure to visit this very city. It is located on the Black Sea shore and is famous for its pretty beaches and rich flora. You can meet positive and sociable Georgian women at the following places:

  • At the beaches: Batumi Beach, Sarpi Beach, Mtsvane Kontskhi Beach, and others.
  • At the nightclubs: Garage, Discorium, Sector 26, The Gate, and Lionโ€™s Garden.
  • In the malls: Metro City, Batumi Mall, and Batumi Plaza.

Kutaisi, a Historic City in the West of the Country

This is the destination of the tourists who want to explore the history and culture of Georgia. There are a lot of sights to see in this city, for example, Bagrati Cathedral, the Colchidian fountain, White Bridge, and Gecutis Cixe.

You can meet beautiful girls on your way to these attractions or in some other places:

  • In the parks: Park of Glory, Park with Fountain, Mosita Park, and Kharazov Park.
  • In the nightclubs: Bude Club, El Galeon, and Reflector.
  • In the malls: Grand Mall and Kutaisi Plaza.

Where to Meet Georgian Women Online?

Those who donโ€™t plan to go on a trip soon donโ€™t have to give up their desire to start dating a Georgian woman. You can meet Georgian girls wherever you are. Your location doesnโ€™t matter if you get acquainted with ladies online.

The best place to meet Georgian women on the Web are mail order brides websites. They are strictly moderated and, thus, free of fake profiles. Thousands of real Georgian girls are looking for their future husbands from abroad on these websites.

How to Date a Georgian Girl: 10 Tips

Here is a detailed guide on how to date a lady of this nationality if you are a foreigner:

  1. Learn a few words in Georgian. This will definitely be pleasant for a girl, because Georgian people are proud of their authentic language and culture. Begin with remembering the greeting. To greet someone, say: โ€œGamarjoba!โ€. And if someone says this word to you first, answer โ€œGaumarjos!โ€.
  2. Treat ladies respectfully and politely. In Georgia, it is customary to behave like a real gentleman. Courtesy and good manners are a must.
  3. Maintain an interesting conversation. Share your cultural experience and discuss your hobbies and interests. Take interest in her hobbies and lifestyle, encourage her to tell about Georgian culture and history. This will help you get more close psychologically and get to know each other better.
  4. Be initiative. Georgian women adhere to traditional gender roles. So, they are waiting for men to take the first steps in relationships. If you meet girls online, donโ€™t wait for them to write to you first because the chances of this are very low.
  5. Show your serious intentions. Dating without serious intentions is offensive for Georgian girls. So, before you start a romantic relationship, you must show that you are ready for a family and that you are serious about this very lady you are eager to date. For this, tell her what you do for a living, what kind of apartment you live in, and be honest in answering all the questions she asks you.
  6. Be careful with expressing your emotions. Georgian women are very sympathetic. So, never show that you are upset if you donโ€™t want to talk about your problems. A lady will definitely pry excessively about your difficulties if she sees that you are in low spirits. Also, never show that you are bored on a date with a Georgian lady. She may take it as an insult.
  7. Watch your language. Never use swear words because Georgian women donโ€™t like impolite men. Also, it is better not to discuss politics. And, of course, never criticize the religious views and national traditions of the Georgian people.
  8. Donโ€™t show your feelings in public places. This is not customary for Georgia and is considered to be the lack of good manners. So, intense hugs and kisses are not allowed in cafes and restaurants or other public places you visit together.
  9. Meet her parents and get along with them. Treat her parents very respectfully and do your best to make a good impression on them. Prepare the presents for them in advance, share your plans for the common future with their daughter, and donโ€™t refuse anything they want to treat you to because it is considered to be impolite.
  10. Take your time with intimacy. Premarital sex is highly condemned in Georgia. Not to offend your girlfriend, donโ€™t hint at getting her in bed. You will be able to feel the sexuality and passion of your beloved only after marriage.


Are Georgian Women Religious?

Yes, they are. Georgians are Orthodox Christians. They obey the religious rules and celebrate religious holidays.

Does Parentsโ€™ Opinion Matter to Georgian Girls?

It has a great influence on young Georgian ladies. For example, some parents choose the future husbands for their daughters by themselves.

Though such a tradition is losing its popularity nowadays, parents still should approve the choice of their daughter. If the girlโ€™s parents donโ€™t like a man, they will not let their daughter marry him.

How Do Georgian Wives Share Duties in the Family?

Georgian wives are fully responsible for all household chores: cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing the husbandsโ€™ clothes, bringing up children, and so on. And a husbandโ€™s duty is to earn money for the family because a wife never contributes to a family budget.

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