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Indonesian women are dancing goddesses, whose life is a radiant holiday, which they are ready to share with their beloved men. They will dizzy you with the smell of the ocean freshness and tart spices. Living with them is like living in the fabulous resort of Bali. But you will have to make a considerable effort to conquer them.ย 

indonesian girls

What Are Indonesian Women Like?

Indonesia is a cluster of islands, each of them is unique and has its own flavor. So are the women of this country. They are diverse, however, they have many common features.

Their exotic appearance is stunning

Indonesian women look like they have borrowed the best from Hindu and Chinese women. Their eyes are dark, expressive, almond-shaped, slightly narrowed, reminiscent of two olives. Indonesian women have swarthy skin โ€“ not as dark as that of Indians, as if slightly tanned, giving their fit bodies a special luxury. 

Their figures are wonderful, they are long-legged, slim, and fit, and at the same time, their forms are impressive. Their hair is predominantly long, often dark brown, sometimes slightly wavy, with a shiny tint. Indonesian women take great care of their appearance, and thanks to excellent genetics, many of them look much younger than their age.

They are hospitable and good-natured 

Southeastern women are well-known for their openness, cheerful disposition, and good nature. They are friendly, affable, easy to get along with people, and are happy to help them. They are sociable and fun. In Indonesian women the childlike spontaneity of the Hindus marvelously combines with the prim sophistication of the Chinese women, making an incredible cocktail. 

But donโ€™t think that Indonesians canโ€™t stand up for themselves. They know their worth and inspire respect. But their nature is so radiant that people themselves become better and kinder in their presence.

They are creative and full of sexuality

Indonesian women are unique, they are famous for their originality not only in appearance but also in their approach to life. This only makes them better, because it gives them a special charm, fascination, and irresistible enchantment. 

They are often very creative, many of them love painting or designing clothes. They also have a creative approach to their style, to recreation, and, of course, to sexual games. You will definitely not get bored with them.

indonesian woman

Do Indonesian Women Make Good Wives?

Because Indonesia is a patriarchal country, local women honor and adore their husbands, especially when they are surrounded by love and care. An Indonesian woman will cook breakfast for you early in the morning, iron your shirt, and in the evening will eagerly listen to how your day went. 

Rest assured; they are wonderful to get along with and will be nice with your relatives. They are incredibly hospitable and know how to surprise the guests. Also, they will be the best moms: they adore children and know how to take care of them. Because of their creativity and bright temperament, they can turn childcare into a fun game. You wonโ€™t get bored either. Even after many years of life together they will not get tired of endlessly seducing you and satisfying your wildest desires. 

What kind of man do they like?

Indonesian women are ready to do everything for the sake of their man, but on one condition: if her man will adore his darling and will be totally devoted to her. They are very grateful wives. A caring attitude will return to you tenfold a hundredfold. They are sensual and emotional, and next to them want to see a reliable man, with whom she will feel protected. 

In the man of her dreams, strength and self-confidence are combined with tenderness, sensitivity, attentiveness, and tolerance. With such men, they open up and shine like the rays of the sun in ocean waves. At the same time, nationality and even race donโ€™t really matter for her. 

In foreigners, Indonesians can look for the desired freedom, which, by tradition, is taken away from them after marriage. Therefore, if you take care of her, without suppressing her personality and creative nature, intercultural marriage will be long and strong.

Where to meet women in Indonesia?

On the beach

A relaxed atmosphere reigns in numerous Indonesian resorts. All of them are conducive to openness, pleasant acquaintances, easy communication, and flirting. Often, such innocent communication forms mutual sympathy, which in turn develops into a strong feeling. On the beach, everyone is half-naked, and not only in the literal sense, which, of course, also contributes to confidence. You immediately see what kind of woman is in front of you.

Popular beaches on:

  • Bali: Kuta, Bingin, Nusa Dua
  • Gili Islands: Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan, Gili Air
  • Lombok: Pink Beach, Tanjung Aan, Nipah

In the cafe

Whether itโ€™s cozy seaside restaurants or traditional coffee shops, the islands of Indonesia have plenty of that. And there you will surely meet many cute, adorable creatures, one of which can certainly become the love of your life. It is not difficult to strike up a conversation with local girls: you can simply praise the local tea or coffee โ€“ she will sincerely smile at you and charmingly invite you to continue your acquaintance.

Popular cafes in:

  • Jakarta: Jakarta Cafรฉ, Cafรฉ Batavia, ST ALi
  • Surabaya: ONNI House, Grandfather Coffeeshop, The Localist Coffee and Bistro
  • Bali island: Canvas Cafe, The Farmer Brews Coffee, Kafe Kayuapi Bakery

In nightclubs

Indonesia has incredible discos attended by adorable young ladies. It will not be difficult to get to know them. But what happens next? It depends on how lucky you are. It is quite possible that when you wake up in the morning, you will understand: next to you is exactly the girl you want to see in the morning every day.

Popular nightclubs in:

  • Jakarta: BLOWFISH, Colosseum Club, Dragonfly
  • Surabaya: Top Ten Club Coyote Bar, FOUR CLUB, FLO SEVEN
  • Bali island: Club Jenja, LXXY, Sky Garden

On yoga

Attend yoga classes, which are often held by the ocean in the dawn or dusk sun. By the way, yoga liberates and releases desires, providing an opportunity to better understand them. Perhaps you will feel the desire to spend time with a pretty slender girl, sexually curving in one of the yoga poses next to you. They say that common hobbies unite.

On local holidays

Some islands in Indonesia are Muslim and some are Buddhist. Bali, for example, is predominantly Buddhist. If you are lucky enough to get to Bali on the Full Moon holiday, do not miss this action. After all, it is visited by many inhabitants of the island, including young unmarried beauties. One of them will definitely appreciate your sincere passion for local traditions and will certainly fall in love with you. And, of course, she will want to know about the traditions of your country.

indonesian girl

Where to meet Indonesian women online?

If you are not aiming at aimless pastime and know exactly what you want, then this is perhaps the best way to get acquainted with an Indonesian woman. On specialized online services, you can meet a girl with whom you have common goals โ€“ a long-term relationship and starting a family. Moreover, you will immediately find out everything about the girl you like at the initial stage of dating. After all, on the beach or in the club, you never know who she really is and what her intentions are.

How to date an Indonesian girl? 6 tips

Indonesian women love fun and excitement โ€“ create one and your chances of success skyrocket! But try not to overdo it with frivolity and pranks โ€“ after all, you are the potential father of her child!

Surprise her

Take her on a hot air balloon ride, arrange a rooftop date with an orchestra, or invite her to celebrate cocktail strawโ€™s birthday. Do anything that makes her face shine with unexpected joy. Indonesian women love surprises, especially bright and enchanting ones! A storm of emotions in return is guaranteed to you.

Praise her appearance

Like all women, Indonesian girls love compliments. At the same time, it is not necessary to say any general words โ€“ for instance, beautiful, charming, or looks great today. Mention her silky hair or stylish hairstyle and sophisticated dress. Indonesian women value individuality and believe they have a taste. If you mark this, you will certainly get her favor.

Take an interest in her hobbies and praise her talents

It is important for Indonesians that they are not just beauties, but also clever girls. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to emphasize her intellectual and creative merits. She will definitely appreciate it if you ask about her hobbies and ask to show the fruits of her work. Admire her talents, whether they are overt or subtle. It is very important for an Indonesian woman that you appreciate her extraordinary nature.

Show love for children and animals

Indonesian girls sympathize with caring men who respect nature and love children. Feed the birds, show affection for a little girl, or just tell a story in which you demonstrate your love for people, especially small children, and also animals. This will surely bribe your companion, and she will see you as a sensitive, caring family man.

More PDA

Indonesian women are unlikely to appreciate restraint in the expression of feelings. Public displays of affection (PDA) would be appropriate. Therefore, feel free to take her hand, touch her gently and even kiss her in public. Without breaking the rules of decency, of course.

Admire her country.

It is important for an Indonesian woman that you love her country and honor its traditions. Tell her on occasion how you are delighted with the fabulous nature, what pleasant and positive people live here. If possible, ask about her family, folk traditions, and holidays. She will be flattered and willingly go to the further development of relations.


What is the main myth about Indonesian women?

For some reason, many foreigners consider Indonesians to be rather frivolous and ready to move on to an intimate relationship immediately after the meeting. This is not true. Indonesian women will go to bed only with those in whom they are sure. Therefore, do not impose. You can say that you find her very sexy, but further rely on the natural development of events.

What are Indonesians in everyday life?

Despite their bright nature, Indonesian women are often excellent housewives. They cook perfectly, keep the house clean and comfortable. Very often they grow up in large families, where everyone has their own responsibilities. Therefore, from childhood, Indonesian women are accustomed to looking after their homes and know how to do it.

What is impermissible for them?

Indonesian women do not accept rudeness and cruelty. They dislike even jokes below the belt, not to mention violence and cruelty. Therefore, you should not try to demonstrate machismo โ€“ this will only repel an Indonesian woman.

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