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Time doesnโ€™t rush in Switzerland, a neat country in the center of Europe. Its exciting tourist attractions, like the white slopes of Alp ski resorts, beautiful lakes, and delicious cuisine, are complemented by eye-catching Swiss women.

These independent and conservative females have appealing looks and magnetizing inner qualities. There are no brighter and hotter females as Swiss girls are.

This guide aims to provide you with more tips on courting and dating Swiss women if you have decided to conquer the heart of a mesmerizing Swiss woman.      

What are Swiss Women Like?

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Swiss beauties have a fantastic look

It is difficult to figure out the standard description for Swiss girlsโ€™ looks. They are diverse. However, there are some similar features for many of them. 

Swiss women are petite, slim, have fair porcelain skin and chiseled facial features, and naturally blonde or brown hair. 

Swiss women have attractive curvy body lines, highlighted by strong hips and thin waist, making their appearance sexy. They exercise in the gym, jog, or attend fitness lessons, rarely gaining weight.  

Elegant and practical outfits

Adorable Swiss women are always neatly dressed. They avoid bright colors and skimpy outfits, preferring comfortable suits according to occasions. They put on an elegant office look in the morning or trendy mass-market garments in the evening. 

Swiss girls are practical and economical. They do not invest a fortune in expensive haute couture clothes and jewelry, borrowing them for special events. 

An extravagant character with feminist notes

Swiss women produce the first impression of reserved persons as they are mainly introverts. However, the girls from Central Europe are intelligent and amiable as you come to know them closer. 

Usually, they get an excellent education and strive for equal opportunities with men in terms of work and salaries. Local females try to succeed in their profession and social realization before starting relations. They are not keen on families and baby care.

At the same time, they are not against meeting and getting closer to men they like. They are friendly and make you feel at ease in their country. 

Do Swiss Women Make Good Wives?

swiss girls
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You may be sure that your future Swiss wife has many virtues.

Not hypocritical

If you meet a Swiss girl and your feelings are reciprocal, you will be pleased to make progress in your relations. Although Swiss women do not hustle with intimate relations, they make decisions quickly. 

Once a girl has decided you are the right man for her, she doesnโ€™t play games and openly discusses your shared future.


Swiss wives try to keep their jobs even after marriage with an independent income source. This habit may be an excellent advantage for people who value their personal space and time, even being in love and having a great passion for each other. 

However, additionally, they try to keep their hobbies, paying much attention to their development. Health, body, books, pets, and travels โ€“ are the incomplete list of the sphere of their interests.  


Despite vivid socialization, arranging homes and a family is one of the main places for Swiss women. These adorable females are good at organizing excellent care for houses and families. 

Their attention is always on their husbandsโ€™ comfort and kidsโ€™ safety and upbringing. Be sure that by tying the knot with Swiss women, your family life will be full of many sweet moments.   

Where to Meet Swiss Women in Switzerland?

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Staying in Switzerland and hunting for nice Swiss women, use several options for mingling with local girls. 

Rural areas

Country sites offer perfect rest in the open air in Swiss mountain villages. However, the number of nightclubs and coffee bars is restricted here. Thus it is good to meet new people through social circles. 

Different cultural events, sports activities, language courses, and speed-dating meetings are typical for making friends and being introduced to a fantastic Swiss girl. 

Do not miss an opportunity to join your local friendsโ€™ birthday parties and anniversaries, as many single Swiss women attend these gatherings. 

Big municipalities

Geneva, Zurich, and Bern are the most populated cities, housing thousands of inhabitants. 


  • The capital of Switzerland offers multiple places for dating Swiss girls. Its touristic sites and big shopping malls attract numerous visitors, including single Swiss girls in the daytime. 
  • Hosting museums of iconic persons like Einstein, Renaissance time statues in the Old City, beautiful fountains, festivals, fairs, and exhibitions, your Swiss girls will gladly join you in your excursions as local guides.    
  • In the evening and nighttime, jump for beer or a tasty treat in the numerous establishments: Kornhauskeller, Ristorante Ottimo, Rosengarten, Noumi, Mille Sens. Ask for assistance or some advice, and local women will listen to you attentively and try to be helpful. Thatโ€™s how to get their social media contact.    

Geneva and Zurich 

These cities are more inhabited than the capital of Switzerland. 

  • It is easy to find a single girl dreaming of marriage to an intelligent foreigner in different public places and private offices, hosting numerous attractive Swiss women. 
  • The options for outings are also numerous: Grossmรผnster, Kunsthaus, Zoo in Zurich; Jardin Botanique, Vieille Ville, Lake Geneva in Geneva. 
  • After having a drop of fresh air, it is good to hang out at some club or restaurant: Alice Choo, Gonzo, Club Bellevue in Zurich, Mambo Club, Village du Soir in Geneva. 

Where to Meet Swiss Women Online?

Take advantage of remote acquaintance with a lovely girl from Switzerland if you have decided to get into relations with these gorgeous women. 

Matchmaking websites and applications for dating Swiss girls are widely spread and are exclusively popular among local ladies.

  • Due to closed character, women turn their eyes to Internet dating options. 
  • Total engagement of Swiss ladies in social or professional life makes them search for quicker and more reliable ways of dating. 

Online matchmaking services are more convenient for foreign grooms. 

  • Men can mingle with several Swiss girls to be sure of their feelings.
  • These options save finances for travels in person. 
  • Strictly following precautions against fraud on the Internet, men avoid scamming when meeting and dating Swiss women online.  

How to Date a Swiss Girl: 5 Tips

Do you want to succeed with your Swiss girls on the first date? Forget about the quick victory. 

Time and effort will work better than your fussy rush, especially when following some encounter tips.

  1. Be moderate with gestures and intimate movements. Kisses, embraces, and all kinds of PDA do not go within the early relations with Swiss ladies.  
  2. Be insistent and proactive; make the first step toward a woman you like. 
  3. Be ready for active leisure in the open air. Strolls in the park, hiking, and skiing are more typical for Swiss women dates than dining in a restaurant. 
  4. Follow the principle of equality between men and women. Your Swiss woman pays bills and takes up decisions together with you. 
  5. Politeness, romanticism, and chivalry will add scores.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Swiss women like to show off their wealth?

Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, or other Swiss brands are usually associated with prestige and significant earnings. Swiss women have different levels of income. You will never guess how much they earn by their looks. 

Usually, local girls are moderate, wear simple accessories and casual dresses and never show off.     

Are Swiss women all blonds?

Although many girls in Central Europe have typical Scandinavian features, they are different. Besides, almost all women have dyed their hair at least once. 

Thus, if you are a connoisseur of red, brunette, or brown-haired women, you will have plenty of them in Switzerland. 

Are Swiss women emancipated? 

Like all western people, Swiss girls have access to good education and are oriented toward professional development. They have progressive views on sex, culture, and modern technologies and enjoy every minute of their life, attending clubs, coffee bars, and restaurants with excellent dishes. 

Families are the primary value in this society. Swiss girls have customary views about the roles of husbands and wives and usually dream about their weddings. Thus, local ladies are more about equality in rights with men than feminism.  

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