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Romanian women are quite popular with foreign men. Thousands of girls of this nationality move to Western Europe or even to the USA or Canada after tying the knot with the citizens of these countries.

Why do foreign men like Romanian ladies, and why do these women reciprocate Western guys? Where to meet Romanian girls who are ready to start relationships with foreigners and how to ingratiate with them? Answers to all these questions can be found below.

romanian girls

Why Are Romanian Women Worth Dating: Their 3 Strongest Points

Romanian Women Are Exotically Beautiful

The appearance of the inhabitants of this country is a result of centuries of mixing of various nationalities, such as the ancient Romans, the tribes of the Getae and the Dacians, as well as the Slavs. The most common and typical features of the look of Romanian girls are:

  • lush dark hair;
  • big brown eyes;
  • attractive tan skin;
  • straight nose;
  • refined facial features (oval or square face shape, pronounced cheekbones, and chiseled chin);
  • statuesque body;
  • massive hips.

Thanks to all these features, it is quite easy for Romanian girls to draw the attention of men. These wonderful women are eye-catching and irresistible.

Romanian Ladies Are Well-Mannered

Politeness is highly appreciated in this country. All people, especially women, are expected to be courteous and amiable towards others. Good manners of these pretty girls attract men to them and make it easier to establish contact with them and to date them.

Romanian Girls Are Relaxed, Calm, and Soft

Women from this country radiate the vibes of tranquility. They are perfect for men who strive for a calm life without fuss and stress. Romanian girls donโ€™t tend to argue. They are not bossy but rather compliant.

What Kind of Wives Do Romanian Women Make: 3 Roles of a One Woman

A man can find everything he is looking for in one person if he marries a Romanian lady. Girls of this nationality impressively combine the following 3 roles.

A Faithful Life Partner

Family is above all for Romanian wives. They are extremely dedicated and never betray their husbands and children. A man who has a wife of this nationality can always count on his spouse and be sure that there is someone to comfort him when he is in low spirits and help find a solution for a problem if there is any.

A Hot Lover

Romanian women, despite being quite calm in their everyday life, are very passionate in bed. They are active in showing their love for their partners and donโ€™t mind experiments.

A Loving Mother

Ladies of this nationality dote on their children and pamper them in every possible way. They constantly take care of their kids being healthy, happy, and well-educated.

romanian girl

Why Do Romanian Women Like Foreign Men?

European mentality and outlook on life are a standard for the people from this country. Thus, they willingly communicate with foreigners who can share their cultural experiences.

Many Romanian women date and even marry men from abroad (mainly, from Western Europe, the USA, and Canada). They like everything about Western men: both their appearance and their character, and the peculiarities of their mentality.

Where to Meet Romanian Women Offline?

Romania is a beautiful country with hospitable people and plenty of historical monuments. If you are fond of traveling, visiting this picturesque country is a great idea. You will be able to combine sightseeing with meeting pretty and amiable girls.

To have a wide choice of beautiful women, it is better to go to a large city. The biggest one in Romania is its capital, Bucharest. Almost 2 million people live there, and about a half of them are ladies, so you will have an amazingly great choice of beautiful single girls who donโ€™t mind meeting foreigners. Where to find them? There are many places where local youth gathers:

  • Stylish girls who like shopping often go to malls.
  • Cheerful ladies who are fond of parties are regular to nightclubs.
  • Those who prefer a healthy lifestyle can be seen in local parks having a walk, riding a bike, or rollerblading.

Places to meet Romanian girls in Bucharest

MallsBucharest Mall, Promenada, Mega Mall, Sun Plaza, ParkLake Shopping Center, Unirea Shopping Center, Liberty Center Mall.
NightclubsTrue Club, Face Club Bucharest, Princess, Control, Hangover, Fratelli Studios, B52 
ParksTineretului, Izvor, Bordei, Kiseleff, Unirii

Where to Meet Romanian Women On the Web?

Online dating is becoming more and more popular with Romanian youth. And this is not surprising. It is a very convenient and effective way of meeting new people. Moreover, it helps Romanian women get acquainted with foreign men from Western Europe, the USA, or Canada. Many girls from this country are strongly interested in this.

There are specialized places to meet foreign girls for serious relationships online. But there are plenty of them on the Web. How to choose the right one among such great diversity? Consider the following parameters to make sure that the dating site is worth joining:

  • There are a lot of positive reviews and feedback about it on external resources.
  • Registration is free so that potential users can assess the usability and functionality of the site before ordering its chargeable services.
  • All new members pass verification, which prevents fakes.
  • There are a lot of girls for you to have a large choice.
  • The interface is user-friendly so that you donโ€™t have to spend hours looking for the needed features.
  • There are many features for uninterrupted, convenient, and lively communication (text chats, voice and video calls, virtual gifts, and so on).
  • Professional help in overcoming language and cultural barriers and in meeting each other personally is available.
  • The contacts of customer support are easy to find. It should ideally work 24/7
romanian woman

7 Practical Tips on Dating Romanian Women

While dating a Romanian girl, take into account the peculiarities of her mentality. Here is some advice on how to find a common language and build a trusting relationship with a lady from this country:

  1. Be initiative. Women of Romania are for traditional gender roles. Therefore, they expect men to make the first steps. So, donโ€™t wait for a woman to write to you first. Contact her and ask her out by yourself. Moreover, be the initiator of taking your relationship to the next level every time you feel that it is time to do this.
  2. Discuss what the relationships are going to lead to. Be honest about your intentions. Romanian women like clarity and certainty. Therefore, if you are looking for a future wife, feel free to declare your goal. And if you want just to flirt or date without thinking of the wedding as a final objective, be daring enough to tell about this honestly as well. Though the majority of Romanian ladies are family-oriented, some women from this country just want to spend a good time with foreign men without thinking of serious relationships.
  3. Give your lady some time to get used to you. Romanian women donโ€™t like to hurry. They like everything to develop gradually. Rushing a girl can scare her away.
  4. Behave naturally. Romanian girls donโ€™t like pretending. They feel it when someone behaves unnaturally and consider this person dishonest. Thus, just be yourself. 
  5. Donโ€™t be bossy. Romanian women like initiative and strong men but donโ€™t like those who try to tell them what to do.
  6. Keep a woman interested. Ladies from Romania like men who can always find some interesting topics to discuss and interesting places to visit together. So, think of something new and fascinating all the time.
  7. Take care of your beloved lady. Help her every time she asks and pamper her. This will help you show her that you are a reliable man and that you fit perfectly for the role of a husband, the head of a family.


At What Age Are Romanian Women Ready for Marriage?

It is customary for Romanian people to get married early because family is the most important thing for them, especially for women. Romanian girls, unlike Western European or American, donโ€™t put off tying the knot until their thirties. Ladies from big cities get married in their late twenties, and it is considered rather late in Romania. Girls from rural areas start families much earlier: when they are 18-23.

How Do Romanian Wives Share Duties with Their Husbands?

Traditional family values have a strong impact on these peopleโ€™s mentality. Husbands are usually considered the heads of their families. They are in charge of earning money to provide for themselves, their wives, and their kids. Wives are mainly responsible for household chores and raising children. Many of them donโ€™t pursue their careers after starting a family.

But in some progressive families from big cities, these roles are not strictly limited. Husbands can help their wives with cooking or cleaning, as well as spend some time with children. While wives can work part-time or be self-employed to have a favorite business and their own income.

Do Romanian Women Speak English?

The native language of these ladies is Romanian. English is taught at school and universities as the first foreign language. Therefore, the girls who studied well, speak English. But even if the ladyโ€™s level of this language is not enough for a fluent conversation, you can overcome this barrier with the help of professional translations provided by an international dating site.

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