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Are you an admirer of Asian beauty and traditional family values? Consider Burmese women for dating and marrying in the future. From this guide, you can find out what makes these girls pleasant to date, whether they can make good girlfriends for foreigners, what the best places to find them are, and how to court them.

Why Is Dating a Burmese Woman a Fascinating Experience?

burmese girls
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Ladies from this country can make excellent girlfriends who make their foreign boyfriends extremely happy. It is very pleasant to date Burmese women thanks to the following characteristics typical for them.

Burmese Girls Are Exotic And Cute

These women are one of the most typical representatives of adorable Asian beauty. Their specific eye and face shapes make them extremely sweet. And their refined miniature bodies make them pretty and irresistible.

Burmese Women Are Calm And Relaxed

These girls donโ€™t focus on problems. They are not fixated on the negative aspects of life. On the contrary, they are positive and never panic because of lifeโ€™s difficulties. Also, they donโ€™t like a fuss but are always laid-back. Thanks to this, the boyfriends of Burmese girls can have a really good time with them, relax, and forget about all their problems. 

Burmese Ladies Are Friendly And Polite

People from this country are kind and well-mannered. Local ladies are not arrogant and are always glad to meet new people. They easily find a common ground with others even despite a language barrier. And they never do the things that may offend others.

Why Are Burmese Women Worth Marrying?

burmese woman
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Burmese ladies can make excellent girlfriends who make their boyfriends happy and help them relax and keep positive. But are they appropriate for serious relationships? Here are a few features that make Burmese wives perfect.

Burmese Wives Are Compliant And Respectful

People from this country worship traditional family values. According to them, the husband is the family head. And the wife respects his opinions and doesnโ€™t challenge his decisions. This makes Burmese women perfect for those who donโ€™t like bossy ladies.

Moreover, Burmese girls are very respectful towards their in-laws. Worshiping elder relatives is an integral part of their native culture. So, they adhere to the advice of their in-laws and never treat them in a way that may offend them.

Burmese Wives Are Good Housekeepers And Mothers

According to traditional family values that are common for the Burmese people, a man is responsible for providing for his family financially while a woman is in charge of household chores and child-rearing.

Burmese women have been prepared for this role since childhood. Their mothers involve them in housekeeping gradually, teaching them to do household chores and assuming more and more of them as girls grow up. In this way, they prepare their daughters for the future role of housewives. Thus, ladies from this country are excellent at housekeeping because they have been taught to do all household chores since childhood.

Moreover, Burmese women are very loving and caring mothers. They believe giving birth to children and their upbringing to be the main purposes of a womanโ€™s life. Thus, they do whatever it takes to take care of their kids, make them happy, and help them become good people when they grow up.

Burmese Wives Are Loyal And Devoted

Faithfulness is very important for Burmese women. They are monogamous. So, once they meet the right person to date seriously, they strive to maintain good relations for many years.

Furthermore, divorce is considered to be shameful, according to the local culture. Therefore, Burmese women do everything possible to save their marriage. They never cheat on their husbands and donโ€™t betray them in difficult times.

What Kind of Men Do Burmese Women Like?

The age, nationality, and physical features of men donโ€™t matter much to Burmese women. They pay more attention to character traits. And it is very important to them that a man is:

  • Polite. Good manners are highly appreciated in this country. If a foreign man wants to make a good impression on a Burmese lady, he needs to be calm, courteous, and friendly.
  • Responsible. When Burmese women choose their life partners, they keep in mind that he is going to be the family head. Therefore, they are looking for responsible persons who are good at making decisions and are ready to provide for their families.
  • Generous. Tender and feminine Burmese women expect their boyfriends to take care of them and make them happier. According to local culture, it is customary for a man to assume all dating expenditures and to give presents to a lady. It is considered that the more generosity a man shows the stronger he loves his girlfriend.

Where to Meet Burmese Women Offline?

burmese girl
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It is not quite typical for these girls to travel abroad frequently. Therefore, the best place to meet them is their motherland. Burma (Myanmar) is a very picturesque country with a lot of interesting things to see. There, you can combine having an incredible vacation with meeting beautiful and friendly girls.

The best cities to visit as a first-time tourist are:

  • Naypyidaw (Nay Pyi Taw) โ€” the capital of this country where almost a million people live.
  • Mandalay โ€” a fascinating city with a lot of tourist attractions and more than a million inhabitants.
  • Bagan โ€” an ancient city that used to be the capital of the same-named kingdom.

The best places to go to meet Burmese girls are parks and malls. Nightclubs are not quite popular in this country.

Burmese women often go to parks to enjoy the fresh air. So, you can meet cute and sociable ladies in the following places:

  • In Naypyidaw: Naypyidaw Water Fountain Park, Naypyidaw Relax Park, Mingalar Kantaw.
  • In Mandalay: Nandawun Park, General Aung San Park Mandalay, U bein bridge park.
  • In Bagan, there is a pretty garden near the ancient temples called Gawdawpalin.

The most beautiful and stylish women of Burma can be found at local malls. The biggest of them in various cities are:

  • In Naypyidaw: Junction, Lucky Bird, Sinma Living Mall.
  • In Mandalay: Central Point, Diamond Plaza, Amazing Mall, Yatanar Mall.

Where to Meet Burmese Girls Online?

Online dating is more convenient and time-saving because you donโ€™t have to travel for thousands of kilometers and stay abroad for a while to find a foreign wife. Also, it is better because both you and the Burmese girls are going to feel more relaxed and less shy while communicating with each other online. Moreover, it is easier to overcome a language barrier while dating on the Internet.

There are specialized international dating sites that are intended to bring the hearts of Western men and Asian women together. Here are the main advantages of them:

  • There, you can find a wide choice of Burmese women who are eager to date foreign men seriously.
  • All the girls are real because trustworthy international dating sites verify every new member.
  • These sites provide the full range of features that are needed to find a match and keep in touch with her.
  • They make long-distance dating easier and more effective by offering professional help: gift delivery, translations, and organizing real meetings.

5 Tips on Dating Burmese Girls

To avoid misunderstandings, keep in mind the following recommendations:

  1. Be proactive. According to traditional gender roles that are still common in Burma, women shouldnโ€™t take the first step or be leaders in a relationship. So, they expect men to do this.
  2. Be polite. Burmese girls scorn men who show bad manners or aggression. Therefore, it is better to be friendly all the time, never shout and avoid using swear words.
  3. Do not hurry. Burmese women need to get to know a man better and get used to him before starting a serious relationship. Thus, donโ€™t rush a lady not to scare her off.
  4. Make your beloved lady happier and take care of her. It is customary for men to do this for their girlfriends in this country. By doing this, you are going to show that you are a reliable man who is good for the role of a family head.
  5. Make a good impression on her parents. This is significant because their opinion matters much to Burmese women. They never marry men whom their family doesnโ€™t like.


What Language Do Burmese Women Speak?

Their native language is Burmese. But some ladies also speak English. Even if you face a language barrier, the Burmese ladyโ€™s friendliness, true love, and the professional translation services provided by international dating sites will help you overcome it effortlessly.

What Is the Best Time to Marry a Burmese Woman?

Ladies from this country are superstitious. It is important to them to choose the lucky day for marriage. They avoid marrying during Buddhist Lent (from July to October) because there is a belief that a marriage contracted at that time will not be successful. Also, many of them consult with astrologists to choose the best date for the wedding.

How Many Children Do Burmese Women Have?

The fertility rate in this country is 2.1. This shows that families with 2 children are the most common in this country.

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