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As one of the most appealing yet mystifying countries in the world, South Korea is somewhat unknown in the West except for one or two facts. Korea definitely deserves your attention as a fascinating place, but today, we want to focus on the one aspect that makes South Korean especially attractive to single Western men. Korean singles are charming, good-looking, and perfect for serious relationships. Here is what else there is to know.

What Are Korean Women Like?

It can take us hours to talk about the best features of Korean girls. However, if you are looking to get your first impression about Korean ladies without having to travel to South Korea, weโ€™ve got you covered! Here is what youโ€™ll love the most about Korean singles.

Beautiful and graceful

The beauty of women in Korea is definitely their strongest feature and you can get a good idea about it simply by looking at them online. Korean women are gorgeous and delicate, with exquisite features that they make even more striking with the help of subtle makeup. Girls in Korea are below average in height and without any dramatic curves, but their behavior, movements, and voice are so ladylike and graceful that they more than make up for their petite figures.

Open-minded and sociable

A Korean woman is someone who never considers her opinion to be the only correct one. She is flexible and open for discussions, so if you want to convince her of something, all you need is to be calm and use strong arguments. Moreover, Korean girls are delightfully sociable. They are genuinely interested in meeting people, making friends, having a good time, and, obviously, finding a suitable partner for a romantic relationship and then marriage.

Fascinating inner world

You can spend a lifetime with a Korean lady, but you will always find new facets of her character and intelligence to admire. Women in Korea have a complex inner world. They never stop learning and they are open to any type of culture and art. They make incredible conversation partners and can teach you a lot about the world. You will talk to your Korean woman for hours and never want those conversations to stop.

Strong family views

Since Korean women are ambitious and well-rounded, people often say that they are not ready to start a family. However, Korean ladies are simply smart about it and will only get married and have kids when they are absolutely ready to do it. If your Korean woman dates you exclusively for a long time, you can rest assured she sees marriage on the horizon. And once a Korean lady gets the family sheโ€™s always wanted, you will never need to doubt her sincerity or loyalty.

Do Korean Women Make Good Wives?

The adorable, slightly naive disposition of Korean women can easily fool you into thinking that these women are fantastic and girlfriends but not as impressive as wives. However, Korean wives are incredibly popular among Western men, and itโ€™s not surprising once you learn about their best qualities:

  • Attentive. A Korean wife always keeps family on her mind, is able to anticipate their needs, and never spends time away from her loved ones when they need her.
  • Selfless. Korean wives have a certain idea of what their life should be like, but they wonโ€™t hesitate to change their direction if thatโ€™s what their husbands or children require.
  • Fair. Korean women are convinced that in a happy family, everything should be equal. A Korean wife has the same fair attitude to everyone and will always make sure everyone is satisfied.

What Kind Of Men Do They Like?

The ultimate goal for a Korean woman is to get married once and for all. This is why girls in Korea tend to get married later than their counterparts from other Asian countries โ€” they simply want to make sure that their choice of a husband is the correct one. Luckily, you donโ€™t need to be rich or have the looks of a male model to charm a Korean lady.

These women are looking for something more substantial in their potential husband. The number one desirable quality for them is compassion. You need to be able to look at every situation through the eyes of your partner and find a solution that works for both of you. Strong character, soft-spoken manners, and love for kids are also very important to Korean girls.

Where To Meet Korean Women In Korea?

Even a short trip to Korea is enough to give you a cultural shock. There are millions of things to see and to do in Korea, and even more so if your plan is to meet Korean women. You can do it by simply walking the streets of the biggest Korean cities and striking conversations with the girls you like, but with these spots, your chances of success become even higher.


Seoul is the capital of South Korea, its most populous city, and a place where there are endless contrasts. Since the biggest number of foreign tourists spend time in Seoul rather than other Korean cities, its women are both interested in meeting foreign guys and have some experience in doing it. The Jungsik, Jyoti, and Mingles restaurants, the Griffin, Pocket, and Southside Parlor bars and the Soap, Octagon, and Madholic nightclubs are the top places to check out there.


Busan is a Korean city where you can not only admire the magnificent modern and historic architecture or try the delicious local cuisine, but also have the time of your life on the local beaches and in the mountains. There are plenty of beautiful Korean singles to meet there, but you can also try the Boibrasil, Anga, and Dajeon restaurants, the Sam Ryanโ€™s, Fuzzy Navel, and Thursday Party bars, or the Groove, Vinyl Underground, and Casa Habano nightclubs in the evening.


Daegu is a fascinating and populous city in Korea, but itโ€™s not as well-known among foreign tourists as the other two on our list. This gives you a certain advantage, as most girls in Daegu have never met a Western guy before but are completely open to it. The popular meetup spots in Daegu include the Balaji, Zione, and Snow Pea restaurants, the Communes, Whoโ€™s Bob, and Fish Bowl bars as well as the Club Egg, Old Blue, and Eiyu nightclubs.

Where To Meet Korean Women Online?

If there is a trend that is popular in the Western part of the world, you can rest assured itโ€™s even better known in South Korea. Korean ladies are always among the first ones to try various technologies and services, which is why online dating is now on the rise in Korea. Korean singles actively use the internet to find boyfriends and husbands, but you will not find a lot of them on location-based apps and sites.

When a Korean woman wants a serious relationship with a foreign man or even marriage opportunities, she signs up for an international dating service. These services are convenient, effective, and budget-friendly. More importantly, they are designed exclusively for long-term dating and marriage, so you can spend less time on formalities and more time on getting to know each other.

How To Date A Korean Girl: 7 Tips

We hear so much about the difference between Korean culture and Western culture that itโ€™s not uncommon for men to feel intimidated about dating Korean women. The good news is that generally, women in Korea are looking for the same things from a relationship: respect, trust, and romance. Here is what else you can do for the success of your relationship.

  • Donโ€™t be too persistent. Korean girls donโ€™t like playing mind games. When they say they are not interested, it only means one thing: they donโ€™t want to continue the conversation and you should move on to another lady.
  • Use any opportunity to spend time with her. For Korean women, being the manโ€™s priority is very important. You can be the busiest gentleman in the world, but when you find the time to take your Korean lady out on a date, she will always appreciate it.
  • Demonstrate your modern values. The mindset of women in Korea is very modern and they canโ€™t stand it when men display obsolete or patriarchal beliefs. However, it also doesnโ€™t mean you need to lie about your true opinion.
  • Avoid boasting about material things. Korean culture is not materialistic and women there prefer to live comfortably but without any excessive purchases. So donโ€™t think that your stories about your salary, car, or house will get you anywhere.
  • Find out how she sees family life. The idea of a perfect family life for a Korean woman can be different from the one you have, so itโ€™s essential to discuss everything at the beginning of the relationship to avoid misunderstanding in the future.
  • Dive deep into her culture. As one of the most unusual and captivating civilizations in the world, Korean culture can tell you more about your woman than hours of conversations. Do your research before meeting Korean ladies for a relationship.
  • Make her feel special all the time. When a Korean woman is in love, all of her attention and effort is directed at her partner, but she also expects the same from him. There are plenty of ways to demonstrate your special attitude to her.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it common for Korean girls to know English well?

It is! Korean ladies invest a lot of time and effort into their education, and since many of them dream of working at international companies, they usually know English on an intermediate level or higher. Plus, many women in Korea are fascinated by the Western culture and media, so they are even more fluent in English.

Do Korean women rely on the opinion of their parents?

No, Korean singles are surprisingly independent. Traditionally, women in Korea move out of their family home to enrol in a university and donโ€™t come back after graduating. They maintain a strong connection to their parents and may ask them for advice from time to time, but ultimately, they make their own decisions.

Do Korean ladies prefer to work while being married?

Yes, there are some Korean girls who want to be housewives and nothing else, but most of them believe that the man and the woman should be equally invested in the marriage. That is why your Korean wife will probably prefer to continue working in some capacity, but it also means that you will also need to help around the house and with the kids.

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