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Belarus women are one of the most sought-after ladies in the world. The number of international marriages between Belarus girls and men from the USA, Canada, and Western Europe is constantly growing.

Why are these Slavic girls so popular? Where to meet Belarus women? How to get a lady of this nationality interested and how to date her? Discover the answers to all these questions from this very guide!

belarus girls

Why Are Men from All Over the World Fond of Belarus Women?

Belarus Ladies Are as Beautiful as Angels

An average woman from this country has the following features:

  • long fair hair;
  • mesmerizing blue or green eyes;
  • cute regular facial features;
  • attractive body with a thin waist and long legs.

In addition to natural allure, wealthy Belarus women often wear stylish branded clothing and gold jewelry, which helps them look more eye-catching and emphasize their high social status.

Belarus Girls Are Fit

Sport is very important for locals. Almost all women do some activities to be healthy and fit. The most popular types of sport are aerobics, dancing, swimming, CrossFit, basketball, and volleyball. Many girls in Belarus go in for one of them as amateurs.

Also, almost all women from this country like jogging in the morning, riding a bike and rollerblading when it is warm outside, and ice-skating in winter. This helps them gain positive emotions and obtain fit bodies.

Belarus Ladies Are Friendly And Kind-Hearted

Though these girls may seem a bit cold and withdrawn towards strangers, they are completely not like that with their friends and relatives. If you are lucky to enter the circle of a Belarus woman, you will feel how benevolent, caring, responsive, and helpful she is.

Belarus Girls Are Tolerant

Women of this nationality donโ€™t fixate on the otherโ€™s shortcomings. Thus, a man doesnโ€™t have to be perfect to become a boyfriend of a Belarus lady. Everything he needs to do is to have honest feelings for a lady and to show them constantly.

Belarus Girls Are Positive

Women from this country stay optimistic even despite the adversities they face. It is a pleasure to communicate with these cheerful girls because they donโ€™t tend to discuss negative topics. They have a good sense of humor and know how to charge others with their positive vibes.

Family Life with Belarus Women: Peculiarities And Nuances

Why Do Belarus Women Make Perfect Wives?

Thousands of foreigners are fully satisfied with their Belarus spouses and would never change them for Western women. And here are the main reasons for this:

  • Belarus wives are great cooks. The husbands of the wives of this nationality are never hungry. These women always take care of their family members to have a nourishing and diverse diet. Their signature dishes are draniki (grated potato pancakes), borsch (beetroot soup), khaladnik (cold vegetable soup), and piachisto (baked meat with potatoes).
  • Belarus wives are excellent housekeepers. These women like comfort and order. They do their best to keep their homes cozy and tidy. Thus, it is always pleasant for all family members to be at home, and they are never ashamed to invite guests to their place.
  • Belarus wives are reliable life partners. Women of Belarus are faithful and caring. They are ready to help and support their husbands every time they need this.

How Do Belarus Wives And Husbands Share Responsibilities?

Though Belarus is a progressive country with a European outlook on life, traditional family values are still common there. According to them, the husband is expected to be the head of a family who provides for it financially and is responsible for making major decisions. The wife is expected to be in charge of household chores and child-rearing.

In big cities, more and more families derogate from traditional roles. Women tend to combine work or their own businesses with family. Working ladies either entrust half of the household chores to their husbands or ask them to hire housekeepers.

Belarus Outlook on Child-Rearing

Women from this country are not fans of large families. It is typical of them to have 1-2 kids. Belarus women are devoted mothers. They believe that children are the essential meaning of life.

Mothers of this nationality do whatever it takes to make the life of their kids even better than their own one. They buy everything for their children, even the things they didnโ€™t have in childhood. Also, they try hard to give their sons and daughters a better education than they have for them to have more opportunities in the future.

Belarus mothers donโ€™t stop taking care of their children when they grow up. Adult sons and daughters still can rely on their parentsโ€™ support: both emotional and financial.

belarus wives

What Kind of Men Do Belarus Women Like?

These beautiful ladies are not quite picky while choosing their life partners. They are ready to tolerate many shortcomings in their beloved men. Warm feelings for each other and true love are above all for them.

Women of Belarus rarely attach great importance to the appearance and age of men. They are more likely to consider character traits while choosing their life partners. According to a typical Belarus ladyโ€™s point of view, a perfect man is:

  • Polite. Good manners are highly appreciated in this country. If a man is courteous and respectful towards women, he has a high chance of winning the heart of a beautiful Belarus girl.
  • Well-educated. Good education is considered a sign of high intelligence and social status in Belarus. And, of course, it is the key to career success, which is important for a man who is considered to be the head of a family in this country.
  • Purposeful and hard-working. It is important for every Belarus lady to understand that a man can provide for the family financially and can find a solution for a problem if there is any. For this, he needs to be hard-working and purposeful.

Where to Meet Belarus Women Offline?

You can meet Belarus girls in their homeland. There are a lot of beautiful and amiable ladies in this country, especially in large cities, such as Minsk, the capital of Belarus, with more than 2 million inhabitants.

Local women like to attend a lot of various places. Those who like to party and socialize, often go to nightclubs. Those who like active rest have a walk, do sports or have a barbecue in parks. Many inquisitive and intelligent girls like to visit museums and exhibitions.

Places to meet Belarus girls in Minsk

NightclubsMaxshow Disco Club, Next, Crystal Hall Minsk, Black House Club, Pin-Code.
ParksVictory Park, Loshitskiy Park, Central Botanical Garden, Drozdy, Yanki Kupaly.
Museums and exhibitionsNational Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus, Gallery of Modern Art, โ€œBelarus Miniโ€ Museum, Museum โ€œBelarus Miniโ€, National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus, Museum of the History of Belarusian Cinema.
belarus woman

Where to Meet Belarus Girls Online?

Meeting foreign women on the Web is much more convenient than going abroad to do that. Luckily, many specialized websites give Western men an opportunity to get acquainted with Slavic ladies. There, you can meet a lot of beautiful Belarus women who are ready for serious relationships with foreigners. Additionally, many of these websites help to overcome language and cultural barriers that people face while having international romantic relationships.

Dating Belarus Women: 5 Useful Recommendations

Dating a Belarus girl will not be as complicated as you thought if you follow these tips:

  1. Encourage a lady to share her cultural experience. People from Belarus are proud of their native traditions and cultural heritage. Asking a lady to tell something about her native country or city is the best way to start a conversation.
  2. Admire her beauty. Belarus women are very attractive. Showing that you appreciate this is the key to the heart of a local cutie.
  3. Take interest in her thoughts, opinions, and feelings. A typical lady from Belarus needs to know that a man considers her not only as a sexy woman but as an interesting personality as well. Thus, take interest in what a girl thinks on different issues, what hobbies she has, and so on. 
  4. Respect her personal boundaries. Belarus women donโ€™t like bossy men. Therefore, never try to tell a lady what to do. Give her some advice only if she asks for this, otherwise, she will get irritated.
  5. Give presents to her. Ladies from this country believe that men should express their feelings for women not only with words but also with actions. Gifts will help you show that you love a girl and that you are ready to provide for her financially after tying the knot.


Do Belarus Girls Speak English?

Rather few ladies from this country have fluent English. Therefore, it is better to think of how to overcome a language barrier in advance.

How to Choose a Present for a Belarus Lady?

It is customary in this country to present flowers to women. Red and white roses are preferable, while yellow color is associated with separation and is better to avoid. Also, Belarus women are fond of stylish high-quality clothes and gold jewelry.

Is Legal Marriage Important for Belarus Women?

Yes, it is. Ladies from this country believe that it is inappropriate to live together and give birth to children without being legally married.

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