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Ardent, eccentric and unpredictable, and at the same time โ€“ intelligent and faithful. Spanish women are made of contrasts, that is why they hook, and that is why it is difficult to let them go.

spanish girls

What Are Spanish Women Like?

Your Spanish sweetheart will not let you get bored. Find out more about the cutest features of these beautiful creatures to fall in love with them completely.

Fatal beauties

Spanish women are able to break many hearts with their appearance only. They really do look amazing. Slender, tanned, with a piercing fiery look and luxurious long hair. Among Spanish women, brunettes and brown-haired women predominate. Girls in Spain also tend to emphasize their already expressive beauty with seductive dresses and rich colors. All this simply drives men crazy.

They are emotional and friendly

A Spanish woman is always willing to support a conversation and find something to talk about. Spaniards are very sociable and prefer to be in the company of people, and share emotions with others. The emotionality of Spanish women is manifested in the manner of speaking loudly and gesticulating โ€“ a distinctive characteristic of many southern peoples. At the same time, you need to understand that the more they like the interlocutor; the more expressive are the emotions of Spanish women.

They appreciate the moment

Spanish women have a tendency to enjoy the moment and not rush anywhere. Maรฑana is the codeword for many women in this country, which roughly means โ€œIโ€™ll think about it tomorrow.โ€ She will not pursue wealth if it prevents her from enjoying life. In the same way, she will not demand an expensive car or an elite lifestyle from her husband if they just feel good together.

They never cease to amaze

Spanish women are alien to routine. They are unpredictable in the good sense of the word โ€“ you will not get bored with them. Men adore spontaneous manifestations in a woman, and Spanish beauties are able to provide this to the maximum.

Do Spanish Women Make Good Wives?

A family for a Spanish woman is an incredible value that they cherish like the apple of their eye. The Spanish wife will take care of her husband, and children and create family coziness and comfort for them. It will manifest itself in morning croissants with coffee, a delicious dinner after work, and family gatherings, where everyone will feel that they are loved and protected here.

The Spanish woman is very attached to the family and traditions. It is incredibly important for her to feel like one with her closest people, to accept each other, and create an atmosphere of friendliness and care. A Spanish woman is sure that her husband should always be seduced even after years of marriage. Therefore, she always looks at her best and dresses up for her man.

spanish girl

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Spaniards do not have strict criteria by which they choose their husband. It is important for them that with this person they have mutual love, sympathy, and respect.

It is also important for a Spanish woman that a man be able to provide for her family โ€“ this is not about sky-high wealth, but about the basic needs that every person needs.

Also, the man of her dreams should not be a bore. A Spanish woman prefers lively, witty men who can make a woman laugh and organize her leisure in the best way.

Where to meet Spanish Women in the Country?

Spanish women can hardly be called homebodies. They spend their young years not locked up at home, but where they can meet an attractive man. Which they willingly do. Where do Spanish beauties most often like to go?

In cafes and restaurants

Spanish women are no strangers to hedonism. They love to eat well and drink a glass of rich red wine. They also like to drink coffee in the morning โ€“ lazily and slowly, without rushing anywhere. Of course, in such an environment, women are more than set on an interesting and promising acquaintance.

The best cafes in Madrid: Cafรฉ de la Luz, Plenti, Nomade Cafรฉ

The best cafes in Barcelona: Roast Club Cafe, Citizen Cafรฉ, Chelo Cafe

The best cafes in Seville: Heladerรญa Cafeterรญa Francis, Otto cafรฉ, Virgen Coffee.

On beaches or promenades

Spanish beauties love to bask on the beach or walk along the embankments, admiring the beauty of the surroundings and looking for beautiful men with their eyes. Often in such places, girls like to be photographed, which can be a great opportunity to get to know each other.

On bullfighting

Bullfighting is the national entertainment of the Spaniards. Many of the local girls like this tradition and willingly attend such events. If this is not alien to you, go also โ€“ for sure you will be able to meet a pretty girl on a such show.

At a flamenco concert

Flamenco is a whole Spanish culture. It is woven into all spheres of Spanish life: dance, modern music, art, fashion, and even sports. Choose what you like best and go to get acquainted with the national heritage of Spain. At the same time, you will get to know a charming inhabitant of this unique country.

spanish woman

Where to Meet Spanish Women Online?

How to understand that a girl wants the same thing as you? It is not always convenient to ask directly in live communication. But if you communicate on a dating site, then itโ€™s already obvious what you need from each other. This is the most important and indisputable advantage that online communication gives you. Itโ€™s hard to see a girl live, but in the virtual world, you can learn everything you want about her at this stage in detail.

How to Date a Spanish Girl: 5 Tips

You probably want to know what features Spanish women have in order to impress her on first dates.

Cheer her up

Spaniards hate boredom and silence, but they love fun, jokes, and hilarious people. Therefore, do not hesitate to joke and entertain her as much as you can. If she is not bored with you, she will want to meet with you again.

Do not leave her alone

Spaniards hate being alone. Even if she has gone away to cook dinner for you, go with her and help. She will greatly appreciate such solidarity and will definitely thank you.

Take care of her

For a Spanish woman, above all, it is pleasure and comfort. She will greatly appreciate the one who provides this for her. Take care, ask if she is warm, and offer options on how to improve her situation here and now. This is very important for your significant other.

Send her sexy messages

When she is not around, show love from a distance. Your Spanish girlfriend will be especially pleased if you use your imagination and write her a passionate confession. Of course, without vulgarity โ€“ everything should be within the bounds of decency.

Dedicate a verse or song to her in karaoke

Spaniards love romantic gestures. Do you love her? Write a poem and dedicate it to her. If you cannot write, paint a picture, compose music, or sing at worst in karaoke. Everyone can do it. It all depends on your imagination; the main thing is that it be creative and romantic.

More feelings on people

Do not hold back your feelings when you are not alone. Kiss, hug, and hold hands in public. Again, within the bounds of decency โ€“ but it is very important for your passion that you are proud of her and your relationship with her.


Is it true that Spanish women are jealous and are not averse to flirting themselves?

Spanish women zealously protect family values โ€‹โ€‹and hardly allow themselves to even flirt with another man. Due to her emotionality, the Spaniard may be jealous, but in general, she trusts her husband and, in case of suspicion, will speak softly and openly with him.

What are some unusual wedding traditions in Spanish society?

One of the most unusual traditions is that a classic wedding dress in Spain should be black. Nowadays, however, more and more brides can be seen in white. But still, they add elements of black to their outfit. Many by the way get married in colored dresses โ€“ red or green.

What reason can a Spanish girl cancel a date?

Get ready for your girlfriend to cancel dates. This will only happen because her family once again decided to get together. The fact is that they have such a tradition and it is easier to cancel a date than not to come to a family dinner. However, be prepared for the fact that you will be invited to one of these family dinners.

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