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Bulgaria is known all over the world as a country of amazing cultural heritage, outstanding natural beauty, affordable tourism, as well as charming and very nice girls. The temper of Bulgarian women is as gentle as the climate of the Balkans. Possessing a hot southern emotionality, they are welcoming, hospitable and benevolent. They honor family values, respect traditions, but they are also curious and open to everything new.

What are Bulgarian Women Like

The Bulgarian girl is a wonderful mix of European sophistication, southern temperament, Balkan gentleness, and completely special femininity that is admired by men all over the world and is difficult to describe. The only sure way to discover this great mixture of qualities and traits is to meet a Bulgarian woman. But we will try to describe the most typical representatives of Bulgarian femininity.

They are handsome 

Bulgarian women are recognized all over the world as some of the most beautiful in Southern Europe. They, as a rule, have bright and regular facial features, expressive eyes, moderately plump lips, a small charming nose, and a slender neck. They skillfully emphasize all this with well-styled long hair.

They are well-groomed

Almost all women in Bulgaria have healthy, smooth, tanned skin. Hair is also sleek, well-groomed, slightly curly. Their radiant beauty is explained, on the one hand, by favorable weather conditions and dietary characteristics of the Balkan cuisine, on the other hand, by the fact that Bulgarian women know how to take care of themselves.

They have a nice body

The body of Bulgarians, as a rule, is very graceful and has a feminine guitar-like shape. Almost all Bulgarian ladies are slim. The point is in a special genotype, as well as in the fact that physical culture is very well developed in this country. Bulgarian women love to practice various sports and spend a lot of time outdoors.

They are friendly 

Every girl in Bulgaria has her own unique personal characteristics, and yet you can distinguish features common to most Bulgarian ladies. Many of them are very friendly and open but at the same time, they are proud and definitely have self-esteem. They usually easily make contact, know how to maintain a conversation, are sincerely interested in the interlocutor, but also they can guard their personal boundaries, not allowing to violate them.

They are optimistic

You can note the cheerfulness and optimism of Bulgarian women. They know how to have fun and rarely complain about life. Of course, like any woman, they have mood swings, but they are quick-witted and easy-going. In addition, which is also important, most girls in Bulgaria have a good sense of humor.

Do Bulgarian Women Make Good Wives?

Bulgarians are very sensitive to their traditions and family values. This, however, does not mean that girls in Bulgaria strive to get married as early as possible. On the contrary, they tend to choose among candidates for a long time to find the worthiest one. But after the choice is made, the Bulgarian girl becomes a faithful and devoted companion, ready to take care of her beloved.

In Bulgaria, it is accepted that a man is the head of the family, therefore girls are brought up compliant, understanding, and caring. Among them, you rarely can find grumpy and headstrong ladies. Bulgarian wives usually know how to find compromises and show wisdom in controversial situations.

At the same time, Bulgarian wives are by no means weak-willed. Being married women and having children, they continue self-development, as a rule, they go in for sports, have interests and hobbies, and are able to inspire their husbands to achieve goals.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Bulgarian ladies are usually very sensitive and sentimental. Therefore, most of all in their lover, they value care, tact, and understanding. They strive to find a reliable and noble man who takes responsibility, who knows what he wants to achieve in their life, and who can become a worthy father for their children.

At the same time, they are not overly demanding. As a rule, they realize that both partners are responsible for a successful union. Therefore, they are sympathetic to male shortcomings, but only if the man is ready to admit them.

Since Bulgarian girls are very careful in choosing a husband, they are not limited to Bulgarian men. Although they are very patriotic, sometimes they often find foreign men more attractive and consistent with their idea of โ€‹โ€‹an ideal companion. On the other hand, men from other countries find Bulgarian women to be very good wives.

Therefore, international marriages are not uncommon among Bulgarian girls. And most of them are quite successful.

Where to Meet Them in Bulgaria

Since there are many beautiful girls in Bulgaria, you will constantly meet them in different places, just walking the streets. But in the following places, you will have a better chance of meeting a beauty that you really like.

In the heart of the city

The main advantage of the central districts of cities is more people, which means more pretty girls. In addition, the central square is a great starting point to begin a small city tour. Ask a beautiful stranger to show her hometown to you. It is quite possible that she will agree: Bulgarian girls love to talk about their homeland.

Main squares in:

  • Sofia: Batenberg square
  • Plovdiv: ะกentral square
  • Varna: Independence Square

In the park

There are not as many beautiful girls in the parks as on the central streets of cities. But on the other hand, parks have a romantic vibe, which is better conducive to an acquaintance and a leisurely walk. To strike up a conversation, you can simply ask the lady you like if she speaks English. As a rule, Bulgarian girls willingly help foreigners. Fortunately, there are many nice parks in the cities of Bulgaria.

Popular parks in:

  • Sofia: Borisโ€™ Garden Park, City Garden, South Park
  • Plovdiv: Tzar Simeon Garden, Dondukova Gradina Park, Lauta Park
  • Varna: Asparuhov Park, Priroden Park Zlatni Pyasatsi, Park Museum โ€œVladislav Varnenchikโ€

In the bar

Bar culture is well developed in Bulgaria. In both big and small towns, there are quite a few bars and clubs with stylish interiors and a good selection of drinks. Friends go to bars to have fun, and single beauties go there hoping to strike up an acquaintance. Therefore, it is quite easy to get acquainted there. The main thing here is to find a decent bar and not overdo it with the drinks.

Popular bars in:

  • Sofia: Hambara 5L, Speakeasy Bar, Dada Bar
  • Plovdiv: Bar The Post, Temple Bar, Rock Bar Download
  • Varna: Klub Penchis, Kultura Speakeasy Bar, The Garden Bar

By the sea 

In summer, the beach is one of the best places to meet Bulgarian girls. They come here from all over the country to sunbathe, swim in the Black Sea, and probably have an affair with a nice stranger. By the sea, you will find many beach clubs and bars, which are also great places to meet lovely Bulgarian beauties.

Popular beaches in Bulgaria:

  • Marina Dinevi
  • Sunny Beach
  • Harmanite Beach
  • Smokinya Beach
  • Pomorie Beach

Where to Meet Bulgarian Women Online

All the places described above are good for dating if you are ready for an adventure and are not afraid to take risks. After all, you do not know what kind of girl you are going to meet, whether she has a boyfriend or a husband, whether she has serious intentions or is going to lead you by the nose.

If you need a more reliable, convenient, and safe way of dating a Bulgarian woman, youโ€™d better do it online using specialized mail order bridesโ€™ services. Thus, you will have access to a whole selection of girls with serious intentions and all the necessary information about them in advance.

Tips on How to Date a Bulgarian Woman

Women in Bulgaria tend to favor flirting. They are open to communication and sometimes they themselves are the first to make contact. And yet, it doesnโ€™t hurt to know a few rules that will help you avoid common mistakes in dealing with Bulgarian beauties.

Compliment sincerely

Remember, there is a fine line between compliments and flattery. Bulgarian ladies feel this line very well. Do not overdo it by extolling the beauty and intelligence of the girl. Make your compliments appropriate and genuine.

Be natural

When dating a Bulgarian woman, donโ€™t try to surprise her with your wit right away. Donโ€™t make funny phrases. Better be yourself. They will appreciate your sincerity. If she likes you, you will have the opportunity to show wit and a sense of humor in future communication.

Talk less, listen more

Girls in Bulgaria are quite talkative. Allow them to speak more. They will appreciate that you are listening to them attentively. Instead of talking too much about yourself, ask questions. They will be pleased by your interest. In addition, the more you know about them, the easier it will be for you to build further communication.

Donโ€™t overstep the bounds

Donโ€™t let the sociability and openness of Bulgarian girls mislead you. Be careful not to raise the topic of sex too early, it will certainly offend them. Show that you are interested in them, but remain extremely tactful and polite.

Entertain her

Going to a restaurant is not a bad idea. But how about taking her to a club, a movie, or a concert? When dating Bulgarian women remember that they love amusement and will definitely appreciate your initiative. But before buying tickets, try to find out her tastes and preferences.

Be creative

When choosing a place to date, try to go beyond the usual. If you invite her to a restaurant, let it be special or the one with a twist. If you are planning a walk, consider an unusual route. If you want to go to a club, choose the one with an interesting program.

Learn Bulgarian

At least a couple of phrases. When she hears her native language from you, she will be moved and understand that you are really interested in her. This will give you a few points ahead in winning her heart.


Should I take into account any underwater rocks when dating a Bulgarian lady?

Most Bulgarians profess Orthodox Christianity, therefore, unlike Catholics and protestants, they wear a wedding ring not on their left, but on their right hand. Donโ€™t let this confuse you. Even more confusing are some of their gestures. In Bulgaria a nod of the head means โ€œnoโ€, while shaking head from side to side, on the contrary, means โ€œyesโ€. However, when dealing with foreigners, Bulgarians try to adapt to international customs. Therefore, rely on words, not on body language.

Do I have to pay the restaurant bill in full or 50/50?

In Bulgaria, it is considered a good tone for a man to pay the bill in full. Remember this when dating a Bulgarian woman. Although this rule is not strict, it is best to stick to it so as not to seem greedy.

What are the chances that a Bulgarian girl will agree to leave the country to live with me?

As a rule, Bulgarian women are open to new experiences and are not so attached to their country as to live in it all their lives. In addition, if a girl agrees to meet you knowing that you are a foreigner, this means that she is psychologically ready for life abroad.

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