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Everyone who has ever spent a vacation in Thailand not only enjoyed sunny weather and beautiful sea but also noticed pretty Thai girls who are impossible not to fall in love with. Every tourist has seen the couples of Western men and Thai women in this country. Beautiful Thai girls are fond of foreigners! They admire men from the USA and Western-European countries and know how to make them happy.

Do you want to become one of those lucky ones who have got Thai girlfriends or wives, but still do not know how to do this? Read this guide and find out why Thai ladies are so attractive to foreign men and how to date them properly.

What Are Thai Women Like?

If you still wonder why so many Western men admire Thai girls, learn a bit about their main features.

They Are Lovely

Thai women are very cute and adorable. They are, of course, very different from the Western standards of beauty, but it does not make them less lovely. Girls of this nationality are miniature, have sweet round faces, and long dark hair that every man wants to touch.

Moreover, sexy Thai girls are not inclined to overuse cosmetics, unlike, for example, Slavic ladies. This makes them even cuter. And often, cute Thai girls look younger than they really are thanks to untouched natural beauty.

They Are Positive

Sweet Thai girls always smile and stay positive in any situation. This is part of their national mentality. Discouragement and bad mood are considered unworthy behavior. The motto of any girl from this country is never to give up and stay positive, despite lifeโ€™s difficulties.

So, it is very pleasant for men to spend time together with such positive girls. Thai women cannot spoil the menโ€™s mood by being in low spirits.

They Are Affectionate

Thai girls are not shy to express their love for their life partners. They do it in any possible way. They are very caring and try hard to fulfill all requests of their men. This behavior especially manifests itself when a Thai lady begins to date a foreigner. Girls of this nationality are delighted with Western men and treat them as princes.

They Are Passionate

Everyone who has ever tried sex with Thai women can say that this was the best night in his life.

 Thai girls are very good in bed. They are always interested in the desires of their partners and strive to fulfill them.

They Are Patient And Accommodating

Thai women are not prone to quarrels and sorting things out. They are calm and rather tolerant of other peopleโ€™s shortcomings. Moreover, they do not make tragedies out of misunderstandings and difficulties in relationships and do not rush to break up with their boyfriends if suddenly something goes wrong. They prefer just discussing everything peacefully and finding a compromise that will help to save relationships. The only exception is cheating on a life partner. Girls of this nationality never forgive this.

Do Thai Women Make Good Wives?

Thousands of Western men who have married girls of this nationality can answer clearly โ€œYes!โ€. Thai women are perfect for the role of spouses. And here are the reasons that explain why.

Thai Wives Are Caring

They do everything possible to please their husbands. They always take care of their spousesโ€™ comfort and good mood.

Thai Wives Are Obedient

These kind and diligent ladies do everything their husbands ask them to do. According to the local traditions, a man is the head of a family. So, his words are the law. Thai wives very rarely argue and are not inclined to nagging.

Thai Wives Are Housewifely

Women of this nationality are ready to assume all household chores as they usually do not work after marriage. They are good at cooking and try hard to keep everything at home in order.

Thai Wives Are Sexy

Sexy Thai girls do not lose their passion over the years. Even after a long time of common married life, they are still hot and ready for experiments in bed. So, the husbands of the women from Thailand are completely satisfied with their love life with their wives.  

Thai Wives Are Good Mothers

Usually, they do not mind having a few kids. And, of course, they give all their love to children and do everything possible for them to be happy and healthy.

Thai Wives Are Loyal

These women do not tend to cheat on their husbands. They believe adultery to be a severe betrayal. So, they give up flirting with other men forever once they get married.

But note that Thai wives expect their husbands to be forever loyal to them too. They never forgive adultery. So, if you have any relationships with other women, do everything possible for your Thai wife never to discover this fact.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Beautiful and good-natured Thai girls like men who treat them like princesses. Ladies of this nationality are delighted with the men who have got the following qualities:

  • Caring. Thai girls are used to being surrounded by care in their childhood. Parents usually love their daughters and pamper them more than sons. So, growing up, Thai women are looking for men who will take care of them like parents used to do.
  • Generous. Gifts and financial support are very important for Thai women. They believe this to be the expression of love and serious intentions.
  • Loyal. Cheating on a life partner is believed to be a betrayal. Ladies of this nationality can forgive anything instead of this. So, if you are going to have any relationships with other women except for your Thai girlfriend, keep it a secret. If she finds this out, she will immediately break up with you. Most likely, she will also make a plan on how to take revenge on you.
  • Without bad habits. Well-mannered Thai women from decent families hate alcoholics and men addicted to nicotine. They prefer a healthy lifestyle. And as they do not drink and smoke, it is unpleasant for them to communicate with people who do this.

If a man has got the qualities listed above, his age and appearance do not matter at all.

Where to Meet Thai Women in Thailand?

Once you arrive in this country, you can get acquainted with friendly and talkative girls of this nationality anywhere: on the streets, in popular tourist places, and on the beaches. Some men manage to start relationships with the staff of the hotel they stay in or the cafes they visit. And, of course, you can meet a lot of sexy Thai girls in local nightclubs.

In Pattaya, the most popular of them are:

  • Insomnia;
  • 808 Night Club;
  • Mixx Discotheque;
  • Lucifer Disco Club;
  • Raas Pattaya;
  • Flexx;
  • VIP NIghtclub;
  • Cavalli;
  • Planet Club.

In Bangkok, there are also many places for the fans of nightlife:

  • Noiz;
  • Sugar;
  • Insanity;
  • The Club Khaosan;
  • Levels;
  • Bangkok Nightlife;
  • Exotica Exclusive Club;
  • Mintclub;
  • Pegasus;
  • Mixx Discotheque;
  • Route66 Club;
  • Glow.

Where to Meet Thai Women Online?

The best place is specialized online platforms for dating between Western men and Thai women. They are very popular in this country as ladies from there admire foreigners.

On specialized websites, you will find plenty of beautiful singles of this nationality who are waiting for their Western princes. Just get registered and choose the girl you want to settle a happy couple with!

And then, you will have all the needed features for developing relationships: convenient chats, virtual gifts, voice and video calls.

Some international dating platforms also offer the services of professional translators for communicating unlimitedly with those Thai girls who do not speak English. Additionally, some of them help in organizing real meetings.

How to Date a Thai Girl: 3 Tips

Dating a Thai woman is a pleasure, but it may seem difficult because of the cultural barrier. To overcome it, follow these recommendations:

  1. Pay a lot of attention to her. Thai women become very attached to their boyfriends and miss them very much being separated from each other. Even a day without communicating with each other can spoil your relationships for a long time. And even if you have gotten acquainted with each other a few days ago, never leave her for a while. This way, you will show her your indifference, and it will delay the moment when she falls in love with you reciprocally.
  2. Always reply to her when she writes to you. Thai women cannot stand loneliness. It makes them depressed which is not appropriate for them. To always stay in high spirits, these girls constantly keep in touch with people they love. So, do not be irritated if she writes to you for the whole day and find a few seconds to text her back even if you are busy at work.
  3. Take care of her comfort, well-being, and good mood. These three things are the most important in the life of Thai people. So, girls of this nationality love men who contribute to these things. Take interest in what she prefers, have fun together, give presents to her, and help her financially when she asks for this.


Does The Age Gap Matter For Thai Women?

Usually, it does not matter. Many tourists who have visited this country have noticed that there are many couples of mature Western men and young Thai girls. And this is believed to be normal in Thailand. Personal qualities usually mean a great deal more than age or appearance for the girls of this nationality.

So, the age gap will not be an obstacle to dating Thai women. On the contrary, many of them consider older men more caring, calmer and more psychologically mature, more successful, and more ready for serious relationships. That is why many young sexy Thai girls prefer older men. Sometimes they are twice or even three times older.

So, you should not worry about your age while thinking about whether it is a good idea to meet Thai women and start a relationship with one of them.

Are Thai Women Golddiggers?

There is such prejudice about them, but it is not really true. Actually, Thai women really like successful and financially stable men, but this is not because money matters more than love for them. Thai women usually do not work after marriage. So, they think of their familiesโ€™ and their future kidsโ€™ well-being. That is why they prefer men who are able to provide for a good life for the whole family.

But a man should not have to be really rich to win the heart of a pretty Thai girl. The economic situation in this country is rather poor. So, any Western man with the average US or Western-European income is taken by women of Thailand as a decent candidate for becoming a boyfriend or a husband. For comparison, the average monthly salary in Thailand is 24000 Thai baht (which is a bit more than $700). So, if you earn a few times more, you seem to be rich from the point of view of an average Thai lady.

Is It Allowed for Thai Women to Marry Foreigners And What Are The Peculiarities of International Marriages?

Yes, it is. Many ladies of this nationality willingly marry Western men. After becoming a family, they either stay in Thailand (a husband buys an apartment in this country where he lives together with his wife) or move to the husbandโ€™s motherland.

The first variant is very popular with senior American and Western-European men who retire and want to spend their free-of-job life in a sunny resort country and with men who can work remotely from any part of the world (for example, software developers).

The second option is more popular with men who are not going to give up their careers and cannot and do not want to live in Thailand for a long time. So, they go back home together with their new Thai wives.

One more peculiarity that is worth mentioning is that there is still a tradition to pay for a bride to her parents. And for foreigners, the required sum of money is usually higher than for locals. It starts from 150 thousand Thai baht (about $5000) and sometimes reaches 1 million Thai baht (approximately $30000). The exact amount depends on the social status of the family a bride comes from, her level of education, her beauty, and other factors.

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