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Did the beauty of Egyptian women steal your heart? Do you want to spend the rest of your life with one of the ladies from Egypt? Hopefully, you can do it, if only you follow several rules and mind principles. Do you want to know more about Egyptian girls? Letโ€™s get to know the truth now!

What Are Egyptian Women Like?


It goes without saying that all Egyptian women are very attractive. According to the law and Quran, females have to wear hijab and cover most parts of their bodies. However, it does not mean that these women are less attractive.

It is always interesting for both Egyptian and Western men to know what is hidden under the loose garments of these women. There is some kind of mystery about Egyptian ladies that makes them stand out among women of other nations and look even more beautiful.


It is impossible to get a job for a woman in Egypt without the permission of a man. So Egyptian women learn from early childhood how to obey men and other higher authorities. They are becoming wiser and wiser every day and are aware of the secrets of how to influence men they love. It is not a kind of manipulation or control, but methods to use their female power in the correct way.


According to statistics, 90% of the Egyptian population are Muslims, and the rest of the people are Christians. That means that Egyptian ladies have to pray, at least, few hours per day and follow the principles either of the Quran or Bible.

These Holy Scriptures claim that a woman must obey her husband and be loyal to him for the rest of her life with him. So Egyptian women are very shy and mind these principles to keep peace in their homes.


It is common knowledge that the ancestors of modern Egyptian women were very powerful and authoritative. For instance, such women as Cleopatra set the example for all future female generations of how to rule the nation and behave. Therefore, it is possible to say that Egyptians are rather strong as personalities and understand the power of womenโ€™s energy towards men.

Do Egyptian Women Make Good Wives?

Egyptian women are not only good wives but they are perfect wives for their husbands. They are very good at doing household chores and taking care of children.

If you want to forget about the boring routine, you should marry an Egyptian woman. First of all, she will be your number one friend. Secondly, you will always be fed and full.

Egyptian ladies are very smart and able to keep secrets. Most of them tend to keep their mouths closed and never say too much that might abuse or offend another person.

It is obvious that most Egyptian ladies are not from rich families. However, it does not mean that they are bad housekeepers. Most of them know how to save money and do something with their hands. For example, the vast majority of Egyptian girls can knit, embroider, weave, and do other kinds of needlework.

Even if you are not very wealthy, your Egyptian wife will be able to take care of your future kids. Egyptian women are very hard-working and like to assist their husbands and participate in common business. In other words, you will not need to push your future wife to do something because they already know and understand that they have to work.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Egyptian women are like any other woman on earth. They like when a man is kind and takes care of them. They like expensive presents and signs of attention.

If you want to win the heart of the Egyptian woman, you should impress her family, first of all. The blessing of the family members is very important for all Egyptian girls.

If you think that gifts are enough, you are mistaken. Egyptian women like it when a man can make them laugh and has a nice sense of humor. However, you should not be a clown because Egyptian ladies hate it when there is too much humor. So keep the balance.

Also, the way you look matters a lot. An average Egyptian lady likes when a man is dressed well and appropriately. They like stylish and handsome men. The character is important but the first thing most Egyptian girls might notice is the way a man looks.

It is obvious that all Egyptian women like responsible and reliable men. Note that you should demonstrate these qualities to her to make her interested. If you fail, she might think that you are less worthy and serious candidacy.

Where to Meet Egyptian Women in Egypt?


All Egyptian women like sunbathing. Thanks to the place where Egypt is located, they can tan under the hot sun frequently. You might find gorgeous Egyptian women on the following beaches:

Sharm el-Sheikh:

  • Naama Bay;
  • El Fanar;
  • Ras Um Sid.


  • El Gouna;
  • Old Vic Beach;
  • Public Beach Number 9.


  • Coral Resort;
  • Blue Beach Camp;
  • Nuweiba Lodge.


The best places to find attractive Egyptian women are restaurants and cafes. Egypt is a modern country with multiple facilities and amenities for foreigners.

However, restaurants and cafes are even more popular than pyramids. If you travel to Egypt, it will be a must for you to try national cuisine. Moreover, who knows, maybe you will find your destiny there. Check out the following restaurants where you might find your stunning Egyptian lady:


  • Tabla Luna;
  • Birdcage;
  • Pane Vino.


  • Al Dokka;
  • Mezze Restaurant;
  • Bob Marley Moonlight Terrace Restaurant Cafe.


  • Sofra Restaurant & Cafe;
  • Aisha Restaurant;
  • Nubian House.

Shopping Centers

Shopping is the most popular hobby among Egyptian girls. It is true that Egyptians must dress in a modest way but it does not mean they have to own just a few outfits โ€“ the more clothes they have, the better it is!

All Egyptian ladies want to impress men, so they regularly go shopping in the shopping centers. So you might meet them there. You might accompany a group of Egyptian girls or one of them and give them your advice regarding the way they look in the specific skirts. Why not? Find her here:


  • The Shoppers at Mandalay Place;
  • Habiba Gallery;
  • El Dukroury Mall;


  • Cairo Festival City Mall;
  • The First Mall;
  • Ramses Mall.


  • Omar Effendi;
  • Egypt Free Shops Co.;
  • Sidnawy.

Where to Meet Egyptian Women Online?

If you want to find the most beautiful Egyptian bride, you should register on a dating site. Seriously. Mail order brides services are designed to help Western men find their beloved ones among all Egyptian beauties. You will just need to mention a few facts about you and specify the kind of girl you are looking for. Only motivated and determined women hang out there, meaning, it is your lucky chance!

How to Date an Egyptian Girl: 5 Tips

Have Serious Intentions

Do not start a relationship with an Egyptian girl if your intentions are not serious regarding her. The best and most important thing you can do is be honest both with her and yourself. If you do not really like her, you would better do not try to use her and push her to have sex with you because you might both regret it, in the aftermath.


It is a must for every Western man to stay patient when you date an Egyptian woman. It means that you must not even try to touch her, not speaking even about kisses and hugs. Egyptian ladies are very religious. Think about it. You will be very blessed when you marry her, so be patient till the end.

Say Kind Words

Being polite is also essential for all Egyptian women. For instance, you might tell her how beautiful she is or how the specific veil suits her. Egyptian girls are very sensitive. They like compliments. The more compliments you say, the better because most girls love men by ear.

Listen Attentively

Listening skills might help you a lot during the date. Psychologists claim that it is vital for all girls to speak, at least, 20,000 words per day. So you should let your charming Egyptian lady express herself. Perhaps, she did not have an opportunity to do it during the day. Be wise and give her such a chance!

Make Sure She Safely Got Home

Taking care of the Egyptian girl is very important. If you manage to walk her back home or call a taxi, her parents and closest relatives will appreciate it. Meaning, you will get blessed by them sooner.


Are Egyptian Girls Allowed to Date in Egypt?

According to the law, all Egyptian ladies must live with their parents until they marry. They are not allowed to have intimacy with men before marriage. However, it does not mean they cannot date at all. For example, they might date online which is considered safer for them and their relatives.

Do Egyptian Ladies Want to Marry Foreigners?

Yes, they do! In the modern era of computer technologies, Egyptian girls are no longer limited by geographical boundaries. To be more precise, they choose to date online and many families have been created thanks to mail order brides services. More and more Egyptian girls select foreigners as their perfect match. If you want to marry a beautiful Egyptian girl, you should search for her on dating sites, first of all.

When Can One Marry an Egyptian Woman?

It is possible to get married when a woman is 18 years old in Egypt. At this age, women might register their marriage and kids. If you like younger Egyptian ladies, you would better wait until they can be legally registered.

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