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Visiting the Kingdom of Cambodia, a country in the south of Asian continent, is a rare and exotic occasion. Travel to antiquities and historical monuments of 1000 year old, further remnants of Khmer Empire and French colonization. You will be puzzled by youth of this nation caused by Khmer Rouge dictatorship and its genocide of their compatriots. 

Yet, a modern country starts its economic renovation and cultural recovery, including socialization of rural, tribal and female population. The overall picture is optimistic and inspiring, including magnificent Cambodian women. If you are a single man, willing to meet and marry a unique and nice woman, this place is for you.

What are Cambodian women like?

Meeting a Cambodian woman in this exotic place of the tropical country, a foreign man may be impressed not only by her openness and attraction, but also her immense inner world and perfect personal qualities. 

Cambodian women look exotic

Facial features of Cambodian women are bright and correct, hazel eyes are dark, as well as hair. The skin is tanned and looks like silk. They have perfect complexion. 

Being tiny and having chiseled miniature figures, Cambodian brides attract men by their hot glances and sexual gestures. The outfits are appealing, stylish and always match them. 

Cambodian girls care about themselves, however use little make up and take advantage only of natural treatment. 

Graceful Cambodian females are perfect dancers 

National dances are a unique mix of local traditional culture and religion. Dances of apsaras, the beautiful oriental female beings, are unique shows of Cambodian women, inspired by Khmer and Indian mythology. 

Being extremely graceful and slim, most local women are taught this art in special schools and perform the dance perfectly.  

Local girls are kind and curious 

Traditional gender roles are strong in the Kingdom of Cambodia. However, the country strives to be more progressive and up-to-date. Still men expect local girls to demonstrate no aggression. And females really are kind, calm, gentle and never make any scandals. 

Usually very shy by nature, Cambodian women are also rather curious. However, they are open to new contacts, are always ready to meet new people and learn new things. 

Loving Cambodian females 

The ancient Code of Khmers states the rules of conduct, which this nation tries to keep in modern life. According to its rules, a woman should listen and obey her husband, and be a decent and loving wife in any life circumstances. Therefore, these Cambodian women are born and brought up with these features in blood.

They are also extremely romantic and are able to make your heart warm during your every rendezvous. Cambodian girls present nice gifts decorated with flowers, heart emojis, sing love songs, play tender music. Every detail around you becomes romantic if they are in love with you.         

Do Cambodian women make good wives?

Cambodian women are for you in case you expect love, tenderness and romance in your family relations. These traits make Cambodian girls one of the most desired nations for marriage alongside housekeeping abilities, love for kids and high importance of families. 

  • They are family oriented. Traditionally local women place families first. Their education and upbringing prepares them to the role of a wife and a mom since their childhood. Conservative views are customary of both men and women in this country. 
  • They are caring and supportive. The essence of life for a Cambodian woman is her husband and kids and their needs. Even being occupied with her permanent job, these women will think about the comfort of her house, cooking a tasty dinner and providing their children with everything necessary. Their houses are always full of happy kidsโ€™ voices, tasty fragrances, and love. 
  • They are always interesting for husbands. The natural traits of Cambodian girls is their innate curiosity. They love to learn something new, get new impressions and study thoroughly your interests, beliefs, and countryโ€™s traditions. 

Being open-minded, Cambodian women are always interesting to their spouses like a new book full of new adventures. In their turn, they are ready to share information about their native culture, customs, and history. 

Why do Cambodian women look for marriage with a foreigner? 

Cambodian women love to date foreigners due to multiple reasons. The main of them is their natural curiosity and openness. They are always ready for new impressions and knowledge. Creating an international family is a perfect opportunity for a local girl to travel, to learn foreign culture and language, to get unforgettable impressions.  

Another reason for marrying internationally for a Cambodian girl is beating the poverty of her native country. The Kingdom of Cambodia is developing economically, politically and culturally, trying to reach the prosperity of neighboring countries, such as Thailand and India. 

However, it is a long way these people need to endure. Marrying a foreign single is a good way out for a Cambodian woman to ensure a better life for their kids.    

What type of men are Cambodian brides looking for?

Cambodia is a country with great patriarchal traditions, and generally, Cambodian women usually agree with this. However, contemporary education and development of technologies make these ladies interested in their rights.

Thus, western men are very attractive to Cambodian women in the terms of opportunities, which may be provided to them with work, development and equality with men. 

Respectful attitude from a partner, romantic behavior and chivalrous courtship make Cambodian girls crazy about such a man. They do not see these features in their compatriots. 

Men from nearest neighboring countries (Thailand, India, Malaysia) also attract Cambodian women. The level of life is higher in these countries compared to Cambodia. At the same time, culturally these nations are very close to Cambodia. 

Where to meet Cambodian Women in Cambodia?

Phnom Penh

It is always better to start from the capital city of the country. Phnom Penh is the biggest city of the country. This is also a cultural, economic and political center. 

Nightlife is also vivid in the capital city. It offers plenty of entertainment with your Cambodian bride: concerts of modern and traditional music, dances, restaurants, shows and tours on historical places and monuments. 

Cambodian Living Arts with vibrant dances, Heart of Darkness Nightclub or Pontoon Night Club with contemporary entertainments are lovely places for dating. Visit Phnom Penh Central Market to buy small gifts for your beloved.      


Battambang is another big city of Cambodia. Besides the wonderful views and places of interest, it has multiple restaurants and cafes. Dragons, Buffalo Alley and many other bars and nightclubs offer various traditional drinks and dishes worth tasting with a charming Cambodian woman. 


Sihanoukville is a lovely place situated on the seaside. It attracts thousands of local and foreign tourists. There are sunny warm beaches with nice cafes and clubs, hilarious music or calm quiet corners for meeting and dating. In case you are just looking for a local bride, come here and be sure to meet a hot Cambodian woman to your liking.    

Tips on finding Cambodian girls online

Simple steps to use Cambodian mail order bride platforms

Making up your mind to meet and date a Cambodian woman, try to do it distantly by using online services. Matchmaking assistance in international courting is widely spread all over the world. 

The Kingdom of Cambodia is not an exception. Cambodian women use multiple services to meet and date foreign singles. Just make a few correct steps and you will meet a lovely Cambodian woman for marriage without even leaving your apartment. 

  • To get started, create your profile indicating your target. Describe your personality and mention a woman you want to meet. 
  • Select your best and most recent pictures. It must be attractive and demonstrate your virtues. 
  • Email verification is usually necessary and helps avoid fake profiles. However, due to additional support, scams are not possible, as all information in databases is verified.
  • Usually, some functions are provided free of charge. Alternatively, some free testing period is rendered. 
  • Due to the definite settings of search engines, necessary information appears quickly and without additional efforts. Otherwise, filter tools are available for additional charges.
  • Easy and quick chats are usually provided for those users, whose profiles are upgraded to the premium level. Some services offer free exchange with hearts or messaging in response to a womanโ€™s replica.
  • International dates are difficult without additional services of translation, law advice and travel. Usually, Cambodian mail order bridesโ€™ web sites offer assistance in these issues for the money. 
  • Free excess is available for Cambodian mail order bride services 24/7 from different devices, which is very convenient when your relations become closer.          

How to choose Cambodian mail order bride services  

Cambodian women may seem a bit old-fashioned. Although they are acquainted with modern technologies and online matchmaking services, this is the most convenient and budget saving method to marry internationally. Thus, you may find many profiles of real Cambodian women willing to marry a foreign man. 

Are all services trustworthy and safe? Are there any recommendations to make a choice for a reliable dating platform?

  1. Quality of Cambodian women profiles 

This is the main feature for any mail order bride services. The lists of Cambodian beauties should be real, and contain many photos from real life. Model-like looks may be a signal for fake profiles or scamming data. Service support should provide reliable verification of every woman in the database. 

  1. History and reviews 

Every decent company has its success stories, history and customerโ€™s feedback. The longer a story has a matchmaking service, the better its experience is. Positive reviews and comments may give you understanding on the efficiency of the Cambodian mail order bride platforms. 

  1. Tools and functionalities 

Contemporary websites for dating should be user-friendly and convenient. They must have many additional functions, filters, messengers and chats. Various kinds of applications make possible access from both mobile devices and computers. 

  1. Support service and assistance 

Availability 24/7 is the main condition of efficient work of the assistance. Any problem or delay should be resolved within minutes for the success of your love story with a Cambodian girl.       

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do Cambodian women marry men of the same age? 

Usually, Cambodian women search for love and common interests in relations with foreign singles, paying less attention to the outer look of a man. Age is also not important for them. 

Nevertheless, only men under 50 years old from other countries may marry local beauties according to recent Cambodian regulations. In case, a groom is older, it is not a problem to cross the border with neighboring countries and tie the knot.        

Are there any language barriers with Cambodian women?

Nowadays understanding your Cambodian bride is easier than one may expect. Due to modern education, most women speak English or at least understand it. 

Previously the country had been a French colony. Thus, French is still widely spread there as well as some Asian languages of neighboring countries. However, such languages as Spanish or German are seldom understood in Cambodia. 

What are the relations of Cambodian families with their in-laws? 

Family is the main value for Cambodian people. They respect parents, older family members and love kids. They accept their new relatives and sons-in-law happily, making everything for them feeling at ease. 

In their turn, Cambodian mail order brides adore their foreign relatives, respect all of them. Asian beauties like to introduce their new families, their culture, tasty dishes, history.

Are Cambodian wives good as housekeepers? 

Cambodian women are ideal wives and housekeeping is their best skill. Since birth, they have become accustomed to a limited financial situation, making them economic and allowing saving money. 

Cambodian wives make perfect deals when shopping for groceries, essentials and know how to buy in promotions, stocks or bundles.

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