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Are you an admirer of exotic beauty and are looking for a serious relationship? Here is the guide to Mongolian ladies. Learn more about these extraordinary girls and find out where to meet and how to date them.

What Are Mongolian Women Like?

mongolian woman
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Before you decide whether it is a good idea for you to meet Mongolian girls, learn some more details about them. Here are the main features that men appreciate in these nice ladies.

Mongolian Women Are Exotic And Attractive

The appearance of ladies of this nationality is very unusual for Western men. So, thousands of US and European guys who like exotics are fond of Mongolian girls. The following features typical for them are considered to be the most beautiful:

  • attractive tan skin;
  • the eyes of a specific shape;
  • seductive full lips;
  • expressive thick eyebrows;
  • pronounced cheekbones;
  • graceful fit bodies.

Mongolian Ladies Are Calm And Compliant

Though these ladies are quite emotional, they are not inclined to conflict. These girls always keep calm and prefer solving all the problems peacefully. They are always ready to compromise if it is needed to save good relations with someone.

Furthermore, they donโ€™t strive to dominate in relationships. Mongolians respect traditional family values, so women of this nationality are soft-spoken and never behave bossily.

Mongolian Girls Are Honest And Straightforward

Mongolian women donโ€™t like pretending. They prefer saying about their feelings and opinions directly to leading somebody on. This makes it easier to establish contact and develop a relationship with them.

A man who dates a Mongolian lady never has to be puzzled over what his girlfriend thinks and what her true attitude towards him is. She always tells this directly, making a relationship more understandable and less complicated.

Moreover, Mongolian women donโ€™t tend to lie to their boyfriends. This helps to build a relationship of trust and maintain good relations for a while.

Mongolian Women Are Family Oriented

These girls believe marrying, child-bearing and child-rearing to be the main purposes of a womanโ€™s life. Therefore, the majority of them are interested only in dating seriously. They believe that dating is not about having a good time together but about getting to know each other better to marry in the future.

Thus, Mongolian girls are perfect for men who feel ready to start a family. These amazing girls never lead on men with serious intentions.

Do Mongolian Women Make Good Wives?

Before deciding whether it is worth dating a Mongolian girl seriously for you personally, check out the three best features of Mongolian wives. These very characteristics make them perfect spouses. Western men who have married Mongolian women appreciate the following traits of their exotic spouses the most.

Mongolian Ladies Are Excellent Housewives

According to traditional family values that are still prevalent in this country, local women should have been preparing for the future role of a housewife since their childhood. Their mothers start to involve them in housekeeping from an early age (about 6-7 years). And as girls grow up, they assume more and more household chores. So, by the time they reach the age suitable for marriage, they master all the housekeeping skills perfectly.

The homes where Mongolian wives live are always cozy and tidy. And their husbands and kids are always content with their diverse and nourishing diet. All this is because Mongolian women are excellent at cleaning and cooking.

Mongolian Wives Are Loyal

These women are monogamous. Once they fall in love with someone and decide to tie the knot, they no longer turn their attention to other men. They remain faithful to their husbands for many years and do their best to save the marriage even in difficult times.

Mongolian Women Are Good Mothers

Taking care of children is the sense of life of Mongolian ladies. They do everything possible for them to be comfortable and happy all the time. Also, Mongolian women cultivate independence and responsibility in their kids. They teach their sons to be strong, courageous, and decisive. As for the daughters, they have been preparing them for the future role of a housewife since childhood. Mongolian mothers teach their daughters how to do household chores and encourage them to help them with household chores.

What Kind of Men Do Mongolian Women Like?

mongolian girl
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Girls from this country are not fixated on looks. They are not quite picky about menโ€™s appearance. So, a man doesnโ€™t have to look like a prince to win the heart of a Mongolian lady.

Moreover, Mongolian women do not attach great importance to age. They donโ€™t believe that it is a must for a man to be their age-mate. So, couples with an age gap are quite common in Mongolia. Some girls from this country even deliberately choose mature men. They consider mature men more responsible and appropriate for family life.

But what matters to Mongolian ladies is the character of a potential husband. To make a good impression on a woman from this country, he should be:

  • Decisive. Mongolia is a country with traditional family values. And making major decisions is considered to be menโ€™s duty. Thus, Mongolian women prefer decisive men who can quickly make the right decision in a difficult situation.
  • Responsible. According to local culture, a man is considered to be the family head. Therefore, he should be ready and able to take responsibility for his family.
  • Family-oriented. The majority of Mongolian women are looking only for serious relationships. Thus, they are looking for men whose goal is the same: to find a match for dating seriously and marriage. If a lady from this country sees that a man is not ready to settle down, she is not likely to waste her time communicating with him.

Where to Meet Mongolian Women Offline?

The widest range of single Mongolian girls can, of course, be found in their motherland. The largest city of Mongolia that is worth visiting as a tourist and a man who is looking for a Mongolian girlfriend is Ulaanbaatar. This is the capital, the most populated, and the most interesting city in this country.

The exact places where to go to find beautiful ladies in Ulaanbaatar:

  • Nightclubs where you can meet Mongolian girls who are ready for new acquaintances: Lux, ZU, Choco Metropolis Club, Mint, Vegas.
  • Parks where a lot of ladies have a walk: National Park of Culture and Recreation, Khar Nuuryn, Berh Uul.
  • Malls where beautiful and stylish Mongolian girls enjoy shopping: Hunnu, Naran, Shangri-La, Naadam.

Where to Meet Mongolian Girls Online?

Online dating is more convenient, time-saving, and effective. A man doesnโ€™t have to travel for hours and stay abroad for months to find a future wife thanks to specialized international online marriage agencies. Their mission is to unite the hearts of Western men and Asian ladies who strive to find each other.

These sites are quite popular with Mongolian girls because many of them are looking for foreign husbands and believe online dating to be very convenient. So, there is a large choice of beautiful ladies on such websites. All of them are real because credible international dating sites verify every new member to make sure that this is not fake.

Moreover, these online platforms provide everything that is needed for a successful search for a match and uninterrupted keeping in touch with her. They have a lot of search filters, text and video chats, and professional services, such as translations, gift delivery, and help in organizing real meetings.

5 Tips for Dating Mongolian Girls

A relationship with a lady of this nationality will bring only joy and pleasure but not negative emotions to both sides if you follow some recommendations:

  1. Show serious intentions. Mongolian women believe that a relationship must lead to marriage. Therefore, they never communicate with men who are looking for long pointless dating or open relationships. To make a good impression on a lady, tell her about your intentions directly.
  2. Take leadership but avoid being bossy or disrespectful. According to traditional gender roles that prevail in Mongolia, a man is a leader who should be proactive, always take the first step in a relationship, and make important decisions. But do not mix up strength and decisiveness with being bossy and rude. Avoid being arrogant and telling a woman what to do.
  3. Keep your beloved lady happy. Tender and feminine Mongolian girls expect their potential husbands to take care of them. You can do this by giving presents and supporting a woman in every possible way when she needs this.
  4. Discuss significant topics. To understand whether you can make each other happy if you get married, discuss how both of you imagine a perfect life partner and an ideal family life.
  5. Make a good impression on her parents. This is crucial because you cannot marry a Mongolian lady without her parentsโ€™ consent.


What Language Do Mongolian Women Speak?

Their native language is Mongolian, so be ready to solve a problem of a language barrier. For example, choose an international dating site that offers professional translation services.

What Age Do Mongolian Ladies Get Married?

It is not customary for women in Mongolia to delay marriage until their thirties. They usually tie the knot at 20-25 years old.

How Many Children Do Mongolian Women Usually Have?

The fertility rate in this country is 2.8. This means that families with 3 children are most popular, while some families have 2 kids.

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