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Do you like girls from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Are you dreaming about starting relationships with one of these beauties? Fortunately, it is absolutely achievable and possible thing to do. However, you would better get to know more about Saudi Arabian ladies. Check out the following guide to be aware of various facts concerning these women.

What Are Saudi Arabian Women Like?


Saudi Arabian women are very beautiful. You might figure it out just by looking at some photos of them. Despite the fact they must cover their bodies with loose dresses and heads with scarves, they are still very sexy.

Ladies in Saudi Arabia tend to spend a lot of time shopping because they like to impress their men. Despite the fact the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is claimed to be very conservative if compared to Western countries, girls can use make-up, making them look very attractive.


According to the law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, women should dress modestly. They are prohibited to use heavy make-up. Therefore, you will not meet women in see-through materials and tight-fitting clothing on the streets of Riyadh or Jeddah. Also, females must behave in the correct way. It means that they should be humble and shy.


Saudi Arabian ladies are in good shape and physical condition. The level of healthcare service in this country is very high. According to statistics, there are only 12 deaths per 100,000 live births. This rate is even lower than in the United States of America.

Also, all Saudi Arabian girls must be accompanied by male guardians when they travel, get an education, get married, and undergo surgery, making them protected from various forms of violence. So the females there are mainly healthy.


Girls in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have a right to get basic and higher education. According to statistics, 51% of females study in higher institutions. So Saudi Arabian women are very literate and informed. They are very interesting people to speak with. So if you are looking for a smart wife who is developed mentally and able to keep the conversation going, feel free to marry a Saudi Arabian lady.

Able to Work

Despite the fact that the rights of Saudi Arabian women are rather limited, they can work. However, the salaries are twice lower if compared to malesโ€™ ones. An average Saudi Arabian woman can cover expenses, but if you want to create a family, you will have to be ready to be a breadwinner. Of course, if you want to live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Also, note that most employers there do not want to hire women because of extra expenditures it might require. So you would better think twice before making a decision to stay in Saudi Arabia with her.

Do Saudi Arabian Women Make Good Wives?

Due to the facts mentioned above, Saudi Arabian women are some of the best wives in the world. They are very good mothers to their kids and great housekeepers.

If you plan to relocate with your charming Saudi Arabian lady, you must be blessed by her parents. Family blessing is very important for every Saudi Arabian lady because family values are essential for them. She will choose you if family values are vital for you too.

Also, all Saudi Arabian women are good at cooking. They like to cook traditional meals as well as Western and other types of cuisine.

What is more, all Saudi Arabian girls are very kind. They like to help others and participate in various donations programs. A kind heart is a must for every woman who is planning to get married. So you will never make a mistake if you select a Saudi Arabian lady to spend the rest of your life with.

To add more, these ladies are very good friends. They will never tell your secrets to their friends. You can count on the Saudi Arabian woman if you are in desperate circumstances. She will never divorce you just because you lost your job.

All these factors and more make Saudi Arabian women perfect wives for every Western man. However, what are Saudi Arabian women looking for?

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Being kind, most Saudi Arabian women would rather choose a man who is kind as well. So if you have a big heart and a nice personality, feel free to search among Saudi Arabian ladies.

The criterion which is very important for Saudi Arabian women is a manโ€™s financial status. You should be really wealthy for a Saudi Arabian lady to notice and put an eye on you. Also, her parents would rather bless their daughter to be with a rich man. So you should begin to save money and become, at least, financially literate and independent if you are fascinated with Saudi Arabian girls.

Every Saudi Arabian woman would fall in love with you if you are an easy-going, interesting, smart, courageous, brave, reliable, honest, sincere, gentle, and wise man. If it sounds like you, you have a chance to win the heart of every Saudi Arabian beauty.

Note that being generous is even more vital for Saudi Arabian ladies than being rich. Giving gifts to the family of the potential bride is a must and a sign that a man can provide for his future family and her life will be safe and secure with this specific man.

Where to Meet Saudi Arabian Women in Saudi Arabia?

Shopping Malls

The vast majority of Saudi Arabian women like shopping. No matter whether they are from rich or poor families, they enjoy the entire process of looking for the best outfit. Note that they are accompanied by male guardians all the time in public places. So you should find the approach to him, first of all. Wandering in shopping malls might help you find your Saudi Arabian bride fast and effectively.


  • Granada Mall;
  • Gallery Mall;
  • Avenue Mall.


  • Mall of Dhahran;
  • Clear Coat;
  • Amwaj Mall.


  • Al Salam Mall;
  • Mall of Arabia;
  • Red Sea Mall.


All Saudi Arabian females like to cook. However, often they are sick and tired of household chores and want to try out something new and exotic. That is why you can find your awesome Saudi Arabian future wife here:


  • David Burke Restaurant;
  • Red Chilli Restaurant;
  • Kampai.


  • Toki;
  • MYAZU;
  • Sakura.

Al Khobar:

  • Steak House;
  • Piatto Restaurant;
  • The Butcher Shop & Grill.


It is clear that the best future wives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hang out in religious places. There, they learn that they must be loyal and caring when they get married. You would better look for a partner in religious places if you are planning to find a partner till the end of time. For instance, you might find her here:


  • Al Rahma Mosque;
  • Khadija Baghlaf Mosque;
  • Basha Mosque.


  • R&D Mosque;
  • Ithra Mosque;
  • Shri Krishna Temple.


  • Mre Derm;
  • Al Rajhi Mosque;
  • King Khalid Grand Mosque.

Where to Meet Saudi Arabian Women Online?

You might be searching for your future Saudi Arabian bride on your own. However, mail order brides services would be a better option. You will easily find a beautiful woman to marry if only you register on the dating platform. Many happy couples were created thanks to mail order brides services. Do you want to be like them?

How to Date a Saudi Arabian Girl: 5 Tips

Demonstrate Your Pluses

Presentation is essential for every Saudi Arabian charming lady. If you can present yourself highlighting your strengths, you will succeed. Even if your head is bold, she might like you, if only you behave correctly. However, do not turn your date into an interview. Leave some room for peace and relaxation. She must feel comfy with you.

Use Your Sense of Humor

The best method to shine during a date with a Saudi Arabian girl is to use your sense of humor. Playing jokes is absolutely normal in Saudi Arabian society. However, you would better keep your mouth closed if you want to joke at women. Modern Saudi Arabian ladies are unlike previous generations of women โ€“ they will not let you humiliate them!

Pay for Her

A sign of politeness is revealed the best when you pay for her. It is completely normal to pay for a woman in public places. Moreover, Saudi Arabian ladies got used to it. If you behave this way, she will treat you like a potential husband.

Bring Sweets & Flowers

Signs of attention are okay when dating Saudi Arabian girls. The more you are able to give them, the bigger your chances to win her heart are. Make it a rule to always meet with her with your hands holding a bouquet or some sweets. It will be a big plus if you can afford to present her with a car, jewelry, expensive clothes, and so on.

Do Not Try to Seduce Her

If you have managed to convince her male guardian and her that you are a worthy person to date, you should keep in mind that it is taboo to touch her during the date. Seriously. It might be okay in any other country but not in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, not even speaking about intimacy during the date. If you plan to marry her, sex must not be your number one priority, and all her male guardians are aware of this fact.


What Is the Main Religion of Saudi Arabian Girls?

The country is aligned to Wahhabism which is a strict form of the Islamic religion. According to it, women are not allowed to do certain things in their native country without the maleโ€™s permission. For example, they can not start a certain business, get elective surgery, leave prison, and more.

Can a Western Man Marry a Saudi Woman?

According to the law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is impossible to date on the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, if you find her on the dating platform and convince her to move to your native country, you might get married there. Therefore, dating online must be your number one option if you really like Saudi Arabian girls.

Is Dating Legal in Saudi Arabia?

All affairs are considered to be illegal in Saudi Arabia. However, do not give up if you have always been dreaming about Saudi Arabian beauty. Mail order brides platforms can help you a lot if it comes to dating. You can date her online on dating platforms. If it all goes well, it will be possible to marry her, but on the territory of the USA or other Western countries.

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