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European charm and southern passion, flavored with a breeze from the Adriatic, make Serbian girls some of the most mysterious and sexy women in Southeast Europe. Possessing such a treasure is true happiness, but you need to be persistent to conquer it. After all, brave Serbian women choose those who are ready for great deeds for their sake.

serbian girls

What are Serbian women like?

Serbs belong to the South Slavs, which in practice means the intersection of cultures and a mix of the brightest and most special elements of these cultures. Serbs are those women in whom the modesty and prudence of Europeans are combined with the ardor of southern women. 

Their appearance is bright and sexy

Serbs are deservedly considered some of the sexiest women in Europe. Firstly, they have excellent natural appearance: regular facial features, perfect figure, tall stature. They tend to have long legs and wide, sexy hips. Most often, Serb women are dark-haired and brown-eyed, but also there are many blonde-haired women there. They like to emphasize their dignity with the help of clothes โ€“ and they succeed because men are often unable to take their eyes off them.

They shine in any society

You can take a Serbian woman with you to the Oscars or an elite party for celebs. She knows how to shine and loves to do it, and also she can present herself in any society. Clothes, hair, manicure, make-up โ€“ everything is always perfect on her. It doesnโ€™t matter if she went to the opera house or the nearest shop. You will surely be proud of your Serbian wife.

They enjoy simple things

Serbian women know how to enjoy simple things: aromatic coffee, picturesque panoramas, and even great weather. They prefer to live in the present and feel the happiness of the moment than to lament that they do not have something that others have. They are one of the few nations in Europe that are convinced that the most important things in the world are not things.

They are brave and determined
There has been a war in Serbia for a long time, and this has taught local women to make decisions quickly and take responsibility for them. Therefore, they are able to cope with problems and help others with them. This quality does not at all make them less feminine, and they are ready to let their man take care of them. But they will not demand from you to demolish mountains and get a star from the sky.ย 

serbian woman

Do Serbian women make good wives?

Serbian women are considered to be some of the best wives in Southeast Europe. First, they are wonderful housewives. Serb women love to cook and believe that eating the same dishes for two days in a row is not a good idea. She tries to keep the house clean, but at the same time, she is not one of those who will ruin your mood with things left in the wrong place or an unwashed cup.

They are friendly with children but do not allow them to cross the boundaries. Children tend to respect their authority from an early age, they know they can rely on their mother in difficult situations.

And of course, you will not find a better mistress in bed than a Serbian woman. She simply exudes sexuality and is ready to fulfill your wildest desires.

What kind of men do they like?

Beautiful young Serb women are reasonable beyond their years. Therefore, they are in no hurry to get married. Passion and romance in relationships are important for them, but first of all, they value a manโ€™s ability to cope with problems with dignity and not to lose his face when he meets the slightest difficulty. It will be hard for Serbian women to come to terms with destructive bad habits, quarrelsome nature, aggression, or infantilism. But they are able to treat them with understanding if a man is ready to overcome them. At the same time, the status and financial security of her man do not matter that much for her.

Serbian girls want to see a healthy, reliable, and self-confident man next to them. He must keep straight and be able to stand up for himself. If she sees someone in whom she can be sure, then she will happily join him as a spouse, no matter where he is from. 

Where to meet Serbian women?

It is quite easy to get to know Serbs because usually, they are very sociable, open and talkative. The main thing is to choose the right place where it will be easiest to make an acquaintance.

In the parks

Being great nature lovers, Serbs love to walk in the parks. They can do it alone or in companies. Donโ€™t hesitate to meet a whole bunch of girls. You will be more likely to strike a conversation with the group than with a single girl since they feel more confident in the company. Serbian girls are often kind to foreign strangers, and in the meantime, you can choose the one you like the most.

Popular parks in:

  • Belgrade: Student Park, Zemun City Park, Crveni Park
  • Novi Sad: Danube Park, Limanski Park, Novi park
  • Niลก: St. Sava Park, Park ฤŒair, Seventh Of July Park

In the nightclub

Serbs go to clubs not only to find a stranger for one night. A lot of people who have created strong families met in such a place. In nightclubs, Serb women are quite frank, relaxed, and seductive. If you are confused by ordinary bars, go to themed clubs or a DJ party. Girls go there to listen to music, to dance, and to make acquaintances.

Popular nightclubs in:

  • Belgrade: Hype, Freestyler, Belgrade Night Life
  • Novi Sad: Passion, Amor, Circle 9
  • Niลก: Stanica Nis Pub/Club, Sunset, Feedback

In shopping malls 

Like any woman, Serbian girls love beautiful garments and often go shopping. You can also go there to buy something for yourself. Ask one of the local beauties to help you with a choice or to determine whether the thing suits you or not. In addition, shopping centers have cafes, bowling alleys, a cinema and other places where, as a rule, acquaintances take place very easily and unobtrusively.

Popular shopping malls in:

  • Belgrade: Usce, Trลพni centar Rajiฤ‡eva, Ada Mall
  • Novi Sad: Promenada, BIG Shopping Center, New Nork Shopping Center
  • Niลก: Forum, Exclusive Shopping Center, Stop Shop

In transport

Serbs are fond of getting to know each other in public transport. On the road, they are rarely immersed in smartphones, and instead gaze with interest at strangers. They smile invitingly to those whom they like, and this is where you can catch your luck. You can just exchange greetings and start a conversation โ€“ this will be especially appropriate if the ride is quite long.

serbian girl

Where to meet Serbian women online?

Offline dating is a great thing, but it doesnโ€™t always bring the expected results. There are many beautiful women in the streets, in cafes, in nightclubs, and parks. But you cannot know what mood they are in, whether they are in the mood for communication, whether they will agree to get to know you. In addition, you do not know who these women are, what their intentions are. Perhaps they are engaged or married. Besides, an offline meeting is a real challenge for modest men who do not always manage to demonstrate their dignity from the first second. Itโ€™s much easier to get acquainted online, on specialized websites. All the girls and their data are in front of you, they all have serious intentions, and it is much easier to make a good choice. In turn, the girls can also get a correct and favorable impression of you.

How to date a Serbian girl: 6 tips

So, it has happened โ€“ you met a beautiful Serb woman and you managed to impress her! How not spoil the impression?

Be yourself

Be just who you really are. If you are naturally calm and modest, you should not pretend to be a cheeky guy who sparkles with anecdotes. In this case, you will look ridiculous. In addition, many Serbian women dislike gossipy men who donโ€™t know the value of words. Be yourself, and your natural qualities will become attractive to her.

Donโ€™t overdo it with style

For Serbian women, appearance is really important. But this doesnโ€™t mean you have to wear your most expensive suit and crocodile leather shoes. You just have to be clean and tidy. Chinos and ironed shirt will be fine.

Give her what she really loves

It is not a big deal to present a bunch of flowers or a brooch. She will be grateful to you. But to impress a picky Serbian woman, you need to try with the choice of a gift. Try to find out what kind of flowers she loves, what style of jewelry she prefers. One girl will prefer something funny, another will like something sophisticated.

Show interest

The girl will definitely want to know more about you. But when talking about yourself, do not forget to ask her questions. In general, it will be better if she speaks more. First, Serbian girls are usually very talkative. Secondly, this way you can learn more about it.

Keep showing your passion

There are two ways to show your passion: constant eye contact and light, unobtrusive touching. In this way you will quickly build trust and move on to a closer relationship.

Be honest

Serbian girls are especially sensitive to  lies. They are straightforward girls. And even omissions will annoy them. Donโ€™t try to gloss over your dignity, or hide something, stay honest. She will repay you in kind. Mutual honesty will be a good basis for trustful relationships.


For how long should I date a Serbian girl to propose marriage?

Usually, Serbs do not like to delay marriage if they really like someone. But this does not mean that a couple of weeks of dating will be enough to take her to the registry office. She still wants to understand who you are before starting a family. A good idea is to travel together โ€“ this way you will get to know each other better and quicker. A few months of dating may be enough

How do Serbs feel about adultery?

Since Serbs are quite liberal, including in matters of sex, one might get the impression that they easily forgive betrayal and themselves, on occasion, are able to go to have sex with someone else. This is not true. They do not forgive cheating. They themselves will do this only when they really love someone else. At the same time, you will be the first to know about it โ€“ innate honesty simply will not allow them to play on the side. Adultery in itself is extremely unacceptable for Serb women.

At what age do Serbian girls give birth to children?

The optimal age for Serb women to give birth to their first child is 25-28 years old. They do not want to give birth too early, because it is still important for them to get an education, get on their feet and fully enjoy freedom. But they donโ€™t want to be old mothers either. Many of them try to give birth before the age of 30.

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