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Latvia certainly isnโ€™t the biggest or the best-known country in Europe. There are many reasons why it deserves your attention, but today we are going to discuss the one aspect of Latvia that has lately put it on the international dating map. Latvian women are now some of the most popular women to date in Europe, and here is what to know before you try to date them.

What Are Latvian Women Like?

So what is it about Latvian girls that attracts so many foreign men? Most importantly, itโ€™s the combination of these three qualities.

They are classically beautiful

The way you imagine a beautiful European woman is exactly what a Latvian woman looks like. She has blonde or light brown hair. Her skin has a light tone with adorably rosy cheeks. Her eyes are green, grey, or blue. Her lips are not very plump, but they perfectly fit her delicate facial features. Latvian women can be surprisingly tall. They are not very curvy, but their feminine bodies look even more stunning thanks to their classical taste in clothing.

They are intelligent but humble

A typical Latvian lady has a great education. In addition to a complete school education, she also has at least one university degree, a couple of additional professional courses, and lots of books sheโ€™s read in her lifetime. However, Latvian women are also surprisingly humble about it. They are fascinating to talk to and you can discuss art, literature, or information technology with them for hours. However, they donโ€™t derive pleasure from correcting you when you say something wrong.

They are compassionate and kind

Kindness is a signature personality feature that all Latvian women share. They are a pleasure to be around precisely for this reason: they can tell when you are feeling less than perfect and they will do anything they can to make you feel better. Latvian girls have the rare ability to put themselves into somebody elseโ€™s shoes. When youโ€™re dating a Latviay lady, youโ€™ll feel like no one has understood you better in a relationship before.

Do Latvian Women Make Good Wives?

After all, if you were simply looking for a girlfriend, you probably wouldnโ€™t go as far as Latvia to find one. There is a good chance you are actually searching for a wife, and Latvia is the right direction to do so. Here the three reasons why youโ€™ll never regret getting a Latvian wife:

  1. Sheโ€™ll become your best friend. Latvian women make passionate and fiery lovers, but there is something even more important you get in a Latvian wife: a supportive and understanding friend. You can tell her everything and expect utmost support.
  2. Sheโ€™s the best person to have your kids. Latvian ladies are born to become mothers. Strong maternal instincts, a fair attitude to children, and an ability to remain attentive and desirable wives while also being caring and nurturing mothers is in the blood of Latvian women.
  3. Sheโ€™s talented in housework. For Latvian wives, housework is not some annoying chore they want to get over with. They are inspired by an ability to make life better for their loved ones. A Latvian wife is a talented cook and a skilled decorator, and you will experience her talents every day of your life together.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

A typical Latvian woman is not obsessed with the idea of finding a partner and she can go for long periods of time being single. However, she knows exactly what kind of man she wants to meet, and while she doesnโ€™t care too much about the appearance traits or nationality, there are some male qualities she wonโ€™t budge on:

  • Loyalty. For a Latvian lady, there is nothing more important in a man than loyalty. This is why these women often prefer older men: in their opinion, the older the man is, the less likely is he to change his mind about having a family and abandon his loved ones.
  • Love for kids. A family isnโ€™t a family until there is at least one child, preferably two or three. Latvian women are ready to give their all to children, and they are looking for men who donโ€™t just tolerate kids, but are ready to love them with all of their heart.
  • Assertiveness. Latvian ladies are naturally quiet, but it doesnโ€™t mean they cannot stand up for themselves when needed. So the last thing they want is to be with someone who is willing to accept bad treatment from others and isnโ€™t ready to protect his loved ones.

Where to Meet Latvian Women in Latvia?

Out of all European travel destinations, Latvia is probably one of the most underrated ones. It is worth visiting even if your goal is not to meet a woman for a serious relationship. However, if you are also attracted to Latvian girls, then youโ€™re in luck, because going to Latvia as a tourist is one of the best ways to meet them. Here are the top places for you to check out.


As the capital of Latvia, Riga has the biggest population and the highest number of women who are not only open to meeting foreign guys, but are fluent in English. You have the best chance of meeting them during the day at the Domini Canes, La Kanna, and Milda restaurants. The Victory Pub, Skyline Bar, and Folkklubs Bar are the prime spots to grab a drink and meet local girls, and the Studio 69, Puce, and Coyote Club nightclubs will introduce you to the Riga night scene.


This Latvian city is very small by Western standards, but it has a lot to offer to foreign tourists. Most importantly, as one of the few English-speaking visitors in town, you will attract a lot of attention from local Latvian singles. If thatโ€™s what youโ€™re into, try the Art Hub, Skovorodka, and Yoggi Bear restaurants. The Luna, Imbir, and What About Coffee coffee shops are great places to have coffee and communicate with the ladies. After dark, head over to the Taller, Bastilla, and One More Club night clubs.


Jurmala is located very close to Riga, but it has a completely different vibe. Itโ€™s a resort city on the shore of the Baltic Sea, and while Jurmalaโ€™s own population may be small, it attracts groups of single Latvian girls from all over the country for a vacation or a fun weekend. Besides the cityโ€™s beaches, you have an opportunity to meet Latvian singles at the Mayorenhof, KinzaHouse, and Faces restaurants and the Cafe 53, Atmosphere, and PappaRoti coffee shops. Moreover, the X.O Beach Lounge, Royal Club 13, and Strogonoff Lounge are the top spots for night-time entertainment.

Where to Meet Latvian Women Online?

Online dating is as popular and common in Latvia as it is in other parts of Europe and the world. However, women in Latvia use different types of dating services for different purposes, and itโ€™s important to know the distinction if you want to make the most out of your online dating experience. If youโ€™re a foreigner staying in Latvia, you can try location-based apps like Tinder. However, they may not prove to be very helpful when you are thousands of miles away from Latva.

When you are far away from Latvia but want to meet Latvian singles, you need to use international dating services. These services are designed specifically for people who live in different countries and even on different continents but want to meet each other. They allow you to communicate online conveniently and efficiently and only meet offline when you are absolutely ready.

How to Date a Latvian Girl: 7 Tips

Even if you have a lot of relationship experience and consider yourself a dating expert, itโ€™s highly likely that this dating experience only involved women from your own country and social circle. And while Latvian girls are not that exotic, you still want everything to be perfect in your new relationship, and here is how to achieve that.

  1. Donโ€™t be overly eager to win her over. A Latvian woman needs to know that you are interested in her, but she doesnโ€™t want to see you being desperate to try to impress her. Behave naturally but donโ€™t let her think that youโ€™re not that interested.
  2. Demonstrate your good upbringing. Latvian girls are surprisingly old-fashioned, and they are looking for a perfect gentleman as a romantic partner. This means no rude jokes, no salacious behavior, and no inappropriate physical contact when youโ€™ve just met.
  3. Find out what you have in common. In a new relationship between two foreigners, itโ€™s very easy to just focus on the differences and start thinking youโ€™re not meant to be together. What you need to do instead is look for similarities between the two of you.
  4. Never bring up other women or past relationships. A little-known thing about Latvian women is that they are rather jealous but rarely let it show. A Latvian lady definitely doesnโ€™t want you to talk about other women in your life, except for your female relatives.
  5. Avoid any topics she may deem controversial. There are some topics in the life of a Latvian woman that she may only want to discuss with someone she knows well, not at the beginning of the relationship. For example, anything concerning Latvian history is off-limits.
  6. Take her to the places where sheโ€™s never been. There are plenty of exciting date locations in Latvia, but you should venture beyond that if you want to make the best possible impression. Take her on an impromptu weekend trip abroad or even on a hiking retreat to the forest to spend some unforgettable time together.
  7. Make the best possible impression on her family. Latvian girls are incredibly attached to their families, so the time to meet your potential in-laws will come sooner rather than later. Always ask your girlfriend what are they like to prepare for the meeting better and grab some gifts for the family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there usually a language barrier with Latvian women?

The majority of people in Latvia speak two languages: Latvian and Russian. This is why, if you know neither of those languages, you can often have a hard time communicating with the older generation of Latvians. However, Latvian women in their twenties, thirties, and forties typically know English well thanks to learning it in schools and universities and using it professionally, so you shouldnโ€™t run into any serious language barrier.

Do Latvian women prefer to get married early?

Not at all! Like most European women, Latvian girls are displaying a shift towards getting married later in life. A typical Latvian woman will tie the knot closer to 30 years of age or even after that. This is not because women in Latvia treat marriage as an afterthought, but simply because they want to take their time to find the ideal partner instead of having a rushed marriage and then getting divorced in a year or two.

Is my income level important for Latvian girls?

Once you get to know Latvian women better, you will understand that they are traditional in more way than one. For example, they prefer to take long maternity leaves when they have kids, and some of them prefer to become stay-at-home mothers for years. In that case, your income level will definitely matter to your Latvian lady. In all other cases, you should know that while Latvian women want to date ambitious and successful men, they are also prepared to work and donโ€™t want to fully depend on men financially.

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