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Denmark is a country of equality, independence, and self-sufficiency. A high standard of living and reliable social guarantees provided to the citizens influence their mentality and lifestyle.

The women of this country have achieved maximum equality and emancipation. Therefore, they are perfect for men who want to have equal life partners but not humble rightless housewives by their side.

If you are one of those who are looking for a self-sufficient woman, pay attention to Danish ladies and learn more about them. From our guide, you will find out what Danish girls are like, what their family values are like, where to meet Danish women, and how to date them.

What Are Danish Women Like?

Ladies from Denmark have a lot of advantages. Here are a few things that attract men the most to these unique women.

Aristocratic Beauty

Danish women are mostly tall. They have fair hair and blue eyes. It is hardly possible to meet a girl with brown eyes in this country. Many of them have pronounced cheekbones, which gives their faces sophistication and aristocracy.

By nature, they have very fair skin, and there is not so much sun in this northern country. So, it is fashionable to visit a solarium. Therefore, donโ€™t be surprised when you see a lot of tan Danish girls.

Sporty Body

Sport is a very popular hobby in this country. There is a whole subculture of people keen on a healthy and active lifestyle here. Those women who go in for sports, do this not just for show but really try hard to achieve their goals. Thus, there are a lot of ladies with athletic physiques in Denmark.

Natural Look

The abundance of makeup and fancy clothes are not popular with these northern girls. They prefer to look naturally and accept themselves for who they are. A bright make-up is considered more vulgar than beautiful.

The same goes for clothing. You are unlikely to meet many ladies wearing high heels and short dresses. For everyday life, Danish girls choose comfortable casual clothes in reserved colors.

Absolute Self-Confidence

Every Danish lady respects and values herself. Regardless of her appearance and weight, she accepts herself for who she is and considers herself a queen. After all, the main thing in a woman is her personality, inner world, and career achievements, but not her appearance.

But that kind of self-confidence doesnโ€™t make Danish women arrogant. Itโ€™s quite the contrary: since these women donโ€™t suffer from psychological complexes, they donโ€™t seek to assert themselves, humiliating others.

Complete Independence

Many Danish girls have a passion for studying and self-development. There are many career opportunities for such ladies in this country.

But, even if a woman doesnโ€™t have a prestigious education, it is not difficult to find a job that doesnโ€™t require special knowledge and skills. And an ordinary average salary is enough to fully provide herself with everything she needs and not depend on anyone.

Thus, Danish women are not looking for sponsors or rich husbands to provide for them. They prefer partner relationships in which a man and a woman are equal.

Do Danish Women Make Good Wives?

Ladies of this Scandinavian nationality are perfect for men who want their wives to be true friends and trustworthy life partners to them. These ladies are the complete opposite of those girls who live following traditional family values. Unlike them, Danish women are for complete equality.

Danish Wives Are True Friends

Women of Denmark are rather choosy while looking for life partners. They never start a family because โ€œitโ€™s time to do thisโ€. Moreover, very few of them are interested in marriages of convenience.

Therefore, they find soulmates with a similar outlook on life and lifestyle preferences. And they make true friends with such men before getting married. While a wife and a husband live together, this friendship, mutual respect, and mutual assistance only grow stronger.

Danish Wives Are Equal Life Partners

Equality is so ingrained in the mentality of these Scandinavian girls that it has got into the family values as well. Danish women believe that both spouses are equal and that there is no head of the family among them.

Therefore, they work and invest in the family budget on an equal basis with their husbands. Also, they participate in solving important issues and making vital decisions on an equal basis with their spouses.

A wife of this nationality never becomes a burden for her husband. On the contrary, she makes a loyal ally a man can always count on.

Danish Wives Are Hot Lovers

Self-confidence and the absence of psychological complexes make Danish women excellent in bed. They know what they want and how to enjoy sex. But note that equality has spread in their sexual life too. Thus, Danish girls are ready only for those experiments that they like. They will never compromise if they donโ€™t like the ideas of their husbands.

Danish Women Are Reasonable Mothers

Firstly, Danish women consider the decision of becoming mothers very carefully. They are very conscious about parenting and give birth only to the planned children.

Secondly, they are very sensible mothers. Many of them study the parenting and child psychology literature even before they become pregnant. This helps them be completely ready for becoming mothers.

Also, Danish mothers do their best to cultivate positive character traits in their children. And this, in their opinion, is, first of all, independence. From childhood, they teach sons and daughters to make decisions and cope with lifeโ€™s tasks on their own. Additionally, they take care of giving their children a good education that will ensure bright future prospects.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Danish women are quite picky when choosing life partners. They are interested in harmonic relationships with true soulmates. Thus, the following criteria are the most important for them:

  • Common hobbies and a similar outlook on life. Danish girls want their boyfriends to be true friends for them. Thus, there should be something in common: interests you can share and life views you both accept.
  • Approximately the same level of education and income. Since Danish women are for equality of partners in marriage, they choose the men of their level. Educated girls with prestigious jobs prefer men with a high level of education and income. And women without higher education most often choose men whose occupations do not require high qualifications too.
  • Respect and decency. Danish girls communicate only with men who respect women. If a guy is impolite or acts rudely towards a lady, she will never become interested in him.

Age and appearance usually matter little to Danish women. They are against stereotypes and discrimination. So, they donโ€™t judge people by their looks or age.

Where to Meet Danish Women in Denmark?

Denmark is a picturesque and welcoming country with a rich history and unique culture. It is definitely worth visiting at least once. If you have an opportunity to go on a trip to Denmark, donโ€™t hesitate to do this. You will have an unforgettable time and meet a lot of stunning girls there.

If you are choosing where exactly to go, we recommend you to pay attention to Copenhagen. This is the capital and the only big city in Denmark. More than a million people live here, in contrast to all the other towns with a few hundreds of thousands of inhabitants.

In the city of Copenhagen, you will have no time to be bored. There are a lot of interesting places to go to. And you can meet Danish girls at all of them.

The Sights Worth Visiting

If you havenโ€™t been familiar with Danish culture yet, broaden your outlook by visiting the top 3 attractions:

  1. Copenhagen City Hall, where there is a viewing platform that will allow you to see the most scenic views of the capital of Denmark.
  2. Amalienborg, the most beautiful palace in Denmark.
  3. Hans Christian Andersen Museum, the place devoted to the outstanding Danish writer.

Pretty Parks

If you are eager to enjoy the fresh air and meet the girls who are fond of having walks, your destinations are:

  • Tivoli, an entertaining amusement park.
  • Valby, a big park with a few theme garden sections and places for concerts and other events.
  • ร˜rstedsparken, a picturesque park in the city center.

Popular Nightclubs

For those who believe that the entertainment and fun are just beginning with the sunset, there are a lot of awesome places like:

  • Culture Box;
  • Never Mind;
  • Rumors;
  • Bakken;
  • Dorsia.

Where to Meet Danish Women Online?

If you lack free time and cannot go to Denmark, you can meet Danish girls on the Web. The best place to find them is a trustworthy international dating site. This is a safe and convenient environment for dating a Danish girl online.

Good dating platforms provide users with a full range of features and services for finding a match and keeping in touch. Also, they take care about the absence of fake accounts and the security of the membersโ€™ personal data.

Nice and reliable international dating sites may have chargeable features and services because they cannot function without financing.

The Intricacies of Dating Danish Girls: The 5 Most Useful Tips

  1. Find the right person. It is important to have the same outlook on life and common hobbies. Otherwise, you will not be able to get a Danish lady interested for a while. To find a perfect match online faster, specify as many details about yourself in your account as possible. Also, pay attention to the things that girls write in their profiles.
  2. Take interest in her inner world. This way, you can show that you are interested in a ladyโ€™s personality, first of all.
  3. Donโ€™t be too intrusive. Danish women take it as a violation of their personal boundaries when men write to them too often, demand that they reply immediately, or ask too personal questions.
  4. Focus on the things you have in common. Discussing common hobbies and interests helps to establish close psychological contact. This will keep her interested as well.
  5. Treat her as equal. Never try to impose your point of view on her, respect her life principles, and reckon with her opinions.


Should We Split Restaurant Bills at Dates?

Like in all countries where women are independent and emancipated, in Denmark, the majority of ladies prefer to split the bills with their boyfriends.

Do Danish Women Work After Marriage?

Thatโ€™s bad form to be a housewife in Denmark. Women strive to realize their full potential in their careers. Thus, they donโ€™t give up working after getting married.

It is not customary to take long leave after giving birth to a child as well. Danish women are out of work only for about 4-6 months. After this, they take their children to daycare or hire babysitters, and return to their workplaces.

How Do Danish Wives Share Household Chores with Their Husbands?

Danish wives donโ€™t believe that there are โ€œmenโ€™sโ€ and โ€œwomenโ€™sโ€ duties. They work for the benefit of the family budget on an equal basis with their husbands. And the same thing goes for household chores. They prefer to share them equally: a wife assumes some household chores while a husband is responsible for others or they do all of them in turn.

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