Men from all over the world admire gorgeous Russian beauty. Women from this country drive everyone around crazy and break hearts. Why are they so desirable, and who are the hottest girls of this nationality? Find the answers to these questions below!

What Makes Russian Girls So Tempting?

Women from Russia uniquely combine outer and inner beauty. They look very eye-catching and have a lot of positive character traits.

Russian Ladiesโ€™ Unique Beauty

Every foreigner who comes to this country gets amazed with the incredible variety of women he can meet there. Among the girls of this nationality are:

  • blondes with fair pinkish skin;brunettes both with fair and tan skin;redheads with cute freckles on their faces.

Everyone can find the lady of his taste among such striking variety.

Russian Womenโ€™s Virtues

Men appreciate the following character traits about these ladies the most:

  • Sociability. These girls may seem a bit cold and withdrawn at first sight. But this is just because it is not customary in this country to smile at strangers and have small talks with them. But if you attend a party or other event intended for socializing, you will be impressed with the talkativeness and friendliness of beautiful Russian girls.Cheerfulness. The majority of these ladies are fond of parties and having fun. Young girls are regular visitors to nightclubs where they have a good time and meet new people.High intelligence. Good education is highly appreciated in this country. The majority of women get their university degrees even if they donโ€™t plan to pursue further careers in the future. Moreover, pretty Russian girls from wealthy families like to travel abroad. This broadens their horizons and makes them more interesting conversationalists. Also, many local ladies are fond of reading both classic and modern literature. Thus, it is not a problem to find a topic to discuss with a woman of this nationality.Tolerance. Ladies from Russia donโ€™t think about any barriers and disadvantages when they fall in love. They are ready to tolerate all the shortcomings of their beloved men to save their relationships with them.

The Peculiarities of Russian Womenโ€™s Mentality

The following cultural features of the ladies from this country make them even more attractive:

  • They are open to acquaintances with foreigners. Girls from Russia consider men from Western Europe and America more handsome, successful, and reliable than locals. Thus, they are happy to meet foreigners, and many of them are eager to start serious relationships with men from abroad.They uniquely combine traditional and progressive opinions. Beautiful Russian women are intelligent, enterprising, and independent. However, they still believe in traditional family values and consider men to be the leaders in relationships and the heads of their families.They are free in the expression of love. Hot Russian girls donโ€™t restrict themselves when it comes to expressing their feelings for their beloved men. They are caring, affectionate, and passionate.

The Top 20 Hottest Russian Women

Feel free to admire the best embodiments of unique Russian beauty! Here are the top 20 most gorgeous celebrities from this country.

Ekaterina Usmanova

  • Instagram: @usmanovakateFollowers: 3,3 MCity: Moscow, RussiaAge: 32Occupation: fitness coach

The famous fitness model and online coach amazes millions of admirers with her dazzling beauty. She is incredibly fit and athletic. Moreover, she has attractive facial features and long lush fair hair. The hottie has leadership qualities and motivates other women to become healthier and more beautiful through sports.

Zoya Berber

  • Instagram: @zberberrFollowers: 752 KCity: Moscow, RussiaAge: 34Occupation: TV host, actress

The cheerful and good-looking lady is well-known in her native country for starring in a few comedy series and other movies. She is rather charismatic and appealing with her refined facial features, lush blonde hair, and fit body.

Irina Shayk

  • Instagram: @irinashaykFollowers: 17,8 MCity: New York, the USAAge: 36Occupation: model, actress

The bombshell is one of the truest embodiments of Russian beauty and hotness. She looks absolutely stunning thanks to her long glossy brunette hair, mesmerizing big eyes, shiny snow-white smile, and gorgeous body with large breasts, thin waist, and long legs. The incredible woman is a famous model whose beauty is highly rated by Armani, Guess, Lacoste, and other world-known brands.

Natalia Rudova

  • Instagram: @rudovanataFollowers: 4,3 MCity: Moscow, RussiaAge: 38Occupation: model, actress

The cutie is one of the most typical representatives of the heart-breaking Russian beauty. She has chiseled facial features with a straight thin nose, pronounced cheekbones, and V-shaped chin. The amazing woman often appears in local TV series, which makes her immensely popular.

Marina Alexandrova

  • Instagram: @mar_alexandrovaFollowers: 450 KCity: Moscow, RussiaAge: 39Occupation: actress

The pretty Russian woman has a quite eye-catching appearance with long thick dark hair, hypnotizing large dark eyes, a dainty face with pronounced cheekbones, and an exciting fit body. She is an outstanding actress who regularly appears in movies and theater performances.

Tatiana Kotova

  • Instagram: @kottovaFollowers: 1 MCity: Moscow, RussiaAge: 36Occupation: singer, actress, TV host, entrepreneur

The hot Russian woman is incredibly beautiful. Her lush curly blonde hair, full sexy lips, dramatic eyes with impressive eyelashes, and athletic body with beautiful curves magnetize men. In addition to being extremely good-looking, this goddess is talented and smart. She has got a degree in Finance. But she has decided to pursue a more creative career. She is an ex-member of the cult music group called Via Gra, a solo singer, and a popular actress and TV host who appeared in a few TV shows and programs.

Elena Podkaminskaya

  • Instagram: @podkaminskaya_officialFollowers: 1,2 Mย City: Moscow, RussiaAge: 42Occupation: actress

The elegant woman is rather eye-catching thanks to her graceful body and the love for stylish clothes. She is a famous actress who charmed the audience with her role of Victoria in Kitchen, the popular comedy series about the life of the restaurant staff.

Victoria Lopyreva

  • Instagram: @lopyrevavikaFollowers: 4,3 MCity: Moscow, RussiaAge: 38Occupation: model

The winsome lady attracts the menโ€™s attention with her exciting big eyes, hot full lips, attractive shiny blonde hair, sparkling white smile, and good-looking slim body. Her astonishing beauty is appreciated by numerous famous magazines, such as Maxim, Cosmopolitan, and Gala.

Samoylova Oxana

  • Instagram: @samoylovaoxanaFollowers: 15,1 MCity: Moscow, RussiaAge: 33Occupation: Instagram blogger, entrepreneur

This delightful woman is one of the best examples of being family-oriented and faithful. She has been the wife of a popular Russian rapper, GeeGun, for 10 years. This great lady gave birth to 4 kids. She devotes plenty of attention to her beloved children and remains loyal to her famous husband throughout many years.

Julia Franz

  • Instagram: @frantz_juliaFollowers: 469 KCity: Moscow, RussiaAge: 32Occupation: actress, model, TV host

The cute Russian woman looks extremely lovely thanks to her adorable blue eyes, tempting full lips, and a refined body. She is a remarkable actress who is famous for her appearances in popular comedy TV series called Kitchen and University.

Arina Postnikova

  • Instagram: @arishavalerievnaFollowers: 68,7 KCity: Moscow, RussiaAge: 28Occupation: actress

The hot lady looks like a goddess thanks to her long blonde hair, pure fair skin, charming blue eyes, and beckoning full lips. She is also stunningly slim and is fond of stylish clothes that help her emphasize all the beauty of her body. The amazing woman appeared in several Russian movies, which made her rather popular in her native country.

Maria Gorban

  • Instagram: @gorban_mashaFollowers: 1,4 MCity: Moscow, RussiaAge: 35Occupation: actress

The appealing woman has quite attractive facial features. She is well-groomed and fit. Moreover, she likes stylish bright clothes that make her even more eye-catching. The hottie is a famous actress, well-known for her role of Christina in the hit Russian comedy series called Kitchen.

Nastya Ivleeva

  • Instagram: @nastyaivleevaFollowers: 8 MCity: Moscow, RussiaAge: 31Occupation: TV host, vlogger

The cute Russian girl is famous for hosting the extremely popular travel show called Oryol i Reshka (the literal translation of the title is Heads and Tails). She has won the admiration of the audience thanks to her incredible charisma and excellent sense of humor.

Viki Odintcova

  • Instagram: @viki_odintcovaFollowers: 5 MCity: Moscow, RussiaAge: 28Occupation: model

The marvelous lady looks exciting. Her best features are shiny long straight hair, perfect smooth skin, tempting luscious lips, and amazing large breasts. She is extremely well-groomed and athletic, which makes her even more good-looking. Viki is a successful model whose seductive photos regularly appear in popular magazines.

Maria Sharapova

  • Instagram: @mariasharapovaFollowers: 4,2 MCity: Bradenton, Florida, the USAAge: 34Occupation: sportswoman

This attractive woman made thousands of men get interested in tennis. They like to watch the tournaments with this hot professional tennis player. She is beautiful, fit, and graceful.

Rita Dakota

  • Instagram: @ritadakotaFollowers: 2,8 MCity: Moscow, RussiaAge: 32Occupation: singer, songwriter

The hot woman strikes her admirers with her powerful voice and marvelous appearance. She has an attractive athletic body with large breasts and a thin waist. The famous singer adores sports and meditations that help her stay healthy both physically and mentally.

Olga Seryabkina

  • Instagram: @seryabkinaFollowers: 3,3 MCity: Moscow, RussiaAge: 36Occupation: singer

This admirable woman is beautiful and stylish. She has straight glossy brunette hair, tempting luscious lips, and a refined slim body. The cutie is famous for being an ex-member of the popular Russian music group called Serebro (the literal translation is Silver) and a successful solo performer.

Alena Shishkova

  • Instagram: @missalena.92Followers: 6 MCity: Moscow, RussiaAge: 29Occupation: model

This seductive girl is the queen of beauty who won the Miss Russia title in 2012. Everything is perfect about her: resplendent long blonde hair, stunning big blue eyes, little thin nose, sexy full lips, chiseled cheekbones, and refined body with a thin waist and dainty long legs.

Anastasia Kvitko

  • Instagram: @anastasiya_kvitkoFollowers: 12,2 MCity: Los Angeles, California, the USAAge: 27Occupation: model, blogger, entrepreneur

The hot woman is extremely good-looking thanks to her thick blonde hair, amazing full lips, extraordinarily large breasts, and tempting wide hips. She is a successful model who collaborates with many lingerie brands.

Daria Klishina

  • Instagram: @dariaklishinaFollowers: 369 KCity: Miami, Florida, the USAAge: 31Occupation: sportswoman

This cutie is an athlete who specializes in the long jump. She is the winner of multiple European and World championships. Daria is sporty and elegant. Her slender body, long fair hair, and expressive eyes are irresistible.