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Greece is a picturesque country on the Balkan peninsula. It attracts plenty of tourists thanks to the mild climate and the beautiful Aegean Sea. And everyone who has visited this country was impressed by the beauty and sincerity of local women.

Are you one of those who are dreaming of dating a Greek girl? Thanks to this guide, you will learn more about Greek ladies and decide whether it is really worth dating Greek women. Also, you will find out how to overcome a cultural barrier and be happy together with a Greek lady.

What Are Greek Women Like?

If you have never visited Greece yet, you probably donโ€™t know much about Greek girls. But for you to decide whether these ladies are worthy of your time and effort, we have compiled the most typical features of Greek women.

Specific Beauty

Women from Greece look unique and very exotic to foreigners. They are a treasure for men who are looking for something extraordinary.

Despite their specific appearance, Greek girls are also characterized by naturalness. They rarely use decorative cosmetics and prefer basic casual clothes to bright trendy outfits.

Indifference to bright make-ups makes these ladies even more attractive to men because they are not afraid of the contrast between the same woman with and without make-up. They see the natural look at once.


This is the most pronounced national character trait of the Greek people. They are not used to keeping emotions bottled up inside. They express both joy and sadness without hesitation. This attracts men who donโ€™t like too reserved women.


Greeks are very welcoming towards everyone. This makes staying in this country a wonderful experience for tourists. And those who date Greek ladies can enjoy her and her parentsโ€™ hospitality.


Greek women are affectionate and gentle. These ladies surround their partners with love and are very active in sex. Men are fond of their Greek girlfriends because they are excellent lovers.

Do Greek Women Make Good Wives?

If you are serious about relationships and donโ€™t have time to waste it on pointless affairs, you need to know what kind of wives Greek girls can make. Knowledge about typical features of Greek wives will help you decide whether it is worth dating a girl from this country. And we have compiled the 4 most common characteristics of spouses from Greece for you to feel more confident making your decision.

They Keep Positive Atmosphere at Home

Women from this country are very positive and welcoming. They know how to have a good rest and how to have fun together with the whole family. Greek wives are fond of organizing interesting weekends and lavish celebrations with a lot of guests. This helps to mix a boring daily routine up with cheerful days.

They Are Responsible About Parenting

Greek women are not obsessed with the idea of having a lot of kids. Most often, they prefer having only one child. And this is proven by the statistics. The fertility rate in Greece is 1,35, which means that very few women have 2 or more children.

Having only one kid helps to be maximally responsible about his/her upbringing. Greek wives focus on the well-being and happiness of their children and do everything possible to help their kids fully develop their abilities and potential.

They Can Put Up With Adultery

In Greece, it is believed that men are created to be polygamous by nature. Even in ancient Greek myths, the gods often cheated on their beloved.

Modern Greek culture is not strict about adultery as well. Almost all men have cheated on their wives at least once, but very few of them get divorced and start serious relationships with their mistresses. In most cases, husbands cheat on their wives just to add variety to their intimate life.

Being brought up in such a culture, women can easily put up with their husbandโ€™s affairs with other girls. But the main term for your wifeโ€™s peace of mind is that you should love her more than all the other women.

They Worship Parents-in-Law

Respect for elders is an integral part of the Greek mentality. Wives from this country respect both their parents and parents-in-law.

Older relatives are considered to be wiser and more experienced. Younger people respect their opinions and often ask them for advice.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Have you already decided that you would like to have a girlfriend from Greece? But do you have chances to win the heart of a lady from this country? Here are 4 qualities of men that attract Greek women.


The thing that Greek girls like the most is having fun. They know how to have a good rest and like men who are ready to join them in having a good time. If you like celebrations, dining out and traveling, you will definitely find common ground with a lady from Greece without any troubles.


It is natural for people from Greece to show their emotions. Therefore, women from this country donโ€™t like men who keep their feelings bottled up inside. They believe such people to be boring and difficult to understand. So, if you want to attract girls from Greece, get ready to show your true emotions without shyness and reservedness.


Intimate life is very important for sexy Greek women. They are hot and expect their partners to be the same. True love with a lady from this country is impossible without good and regular sex. That is why only passionate men can win the hearts of hot Greek girls.


Those Greek women who feel ready for a family are looking for men who can take responsibility for their wives and children. Usually, an age gap is not an obstacle to marrying a Greek girl because older men are more responsible, successful, and psychologically mature.

Where to Meet Greek Women in Greece?

Many foreign men are ready to travel thousands of kilometers to meet Greek girls. They choose the biggest cities to see plenty of the most beautiful Greek women there. Here are the top-3 cities where, in addition to a lot of pretty Greek girls, there are many interesting sights to explore and interesting places to have fun at.

Athens, the Capital and the Most Ancient City of Greece

The best women of Greece can, of course, be found in the capital of this country. You can meet them almost everywhere. Ladies from this country are very friendly, so feel free to try to get acquainted with the girls right on the streets.

To meet the maximum number of single hot Greek girls, visit popular local clubs: 7 Times, Clown Dogs, Blast Athens, Skyfall, Cinderella.

And donโ€™t miss the chance to learn more about ancient Greek culture. If you are interested in it, visit the most famous sights: The Acropolis of Athens, The Parthenon, The Acropolis Museum.

Thessaloniki: a Scenic City on the Seashore

This is the most popular resort city of Greece. Thousands of tourists go here every year to spend an unforgettable vacation. The atmosphere is very relaxing there. And this makes people more open to new acquaintances. It is possible to meet beautiful Greek girls right on the local beaches.

But there are also a lot of foreign women who have come to this city to spend a vacation on the beaches. So, to meet only Greek girls, it is worth visiting local nightclubs: Eightball, Jโ€™adore Supreme Club, Trap Basement, Vogue.

If you want to have more things to discuss with pretty Greek women, learn more about local culture by exploring the main sights: Aristotelous Square, The Arch of Galerius, The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki.

Iraklion: a Popular Resort City on the Crete Island

This city is the commercial and tourist center of the island, with its own rich history and original culture. It is easy to combine a pleasant beach vacation with the active nightlife and meeting beautiful Greek singles in this city. Some nightclubs are situated right at the beaches like New York Beach Club or Palm Beach Club.

And it is impossible to leave this ancient historical city before visiting its famous sights: Venetian Walls of Heraklion, the church of Saint Titus, The Agios Minas Cathedral, The Historical Museum of Crete, The Heraklion Archaeological Museum.

Where to Meet Greek Women Online?

It is possible to use commonly known social networks like Facebook or Instagram to find Greek girls. But this takes much time and often doesnโ€™t bring the expected results.

A lot of girls donโ€™t advertise their private life, so men cannot be sure whether the girls they like are single. Also, many women are not interested in getting acquainted with foreigners on social networks.

How to avoid delaying the finding of a Greek woman for marriage for many years? There is a much better place to meet Greek girls than social networks. These are Greek mail order brides services. They give a large choice of single Greek girls who are ready to meet foreigners and start relationships with them.

These online platforms provide men with the full set of features and services for finding a Greek wife:

  • large catalogs of real womenโ€™s verified profiles;
  • advanced search settings;
  • convenient means of communication;
  • the services of real gifts delivery and organization of personal meetings.

How to Date a Greek Girl: 7 Tips

  1. Be confident, open, and unaffected. Being reserved and closed is a great obstacle to starting a relationship with a woman from Greece. Girls from this country are open, and they like people who feel free to communicate with them.
  2. Accept her for who she is. Greek women donโ€™t like pretending. If you donโ€™t like something about a lady from this country, donโ€™t think that you can make her change herself. Greeks believe that true love is accepting each other for who you are. So, it is better to find a person whose disadvantages you can put up with.
  3. Always keep in touch and make your conversations more emotional. To become closer, share your feelings. Greek women are very emotional. Therefore, sharing feelings is more important for them than talking about life and discussing some important issues.
  4. Have fun together. Greek girls are fond of having a good rest. If you join her in this, you will take your relationship on a better level. Go on vacation together, and you will strengthen your love.
  5. Add more passion to your relationship. Hugs, kisses, and touches are very important for Greek girls. Nothing can replace physical proximity because it is believed to be the essential expression of love.
  6. Get along with her mother. Greek women worship their mothers very much and often follow their advice. So, if you want to become even more attractive to your girlfriend, get along with her mother, and she will be on your side.
  7. Donโ€™t think that every quarrel leads to a breakup. Greek women are very emotional and irascible. They often start quarrels over small things. But they forgive as quickly as they get irritated. So, donโ€™t get upset if you have argued. Just do what pleases her, and you will instantly make up.


Is There a Language Barrier with Greek Women?

Donโ€™t be afraid that the girls you like will not understand you. In most tourist destinations, locals speak English. Also, the citizens of Athens and other large cities speak English because this foreign language is taught in local schools at a high level. So, the majority of local youth are fluent in English. In addition to English, some Greek women understand German, French, and Italian.

What is the Average Age of Marriage of Greek Women?

Greek women are not aimed at early marriages. They get higher education, travel, have fun and enjoy their lives in their twenties. And the average age of getting married is 30 years old when a lady is more responsible and ready for family and kids.

Are Greek Women Good Housewives?

Greek wives are fond of cooking. They try hard to cater to their husbandsโ€™ tastes. Moreover, they care for all the dishes being healthy. They like seafood and salads with oils that are full of vitamins and minerals.

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