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Brazil, a South American country, is a center of hilarious fun and entertainment, as its carnivals are the fests of joy, dance and music. Every night, on Fridays and weekends Brazilians spend their free time in some noisy places dancing, kicking up their heels. 

Gorgeous Brazilian women know a lot about parties and enjoy them wholeheartedly. Dating these adorable females means getting a new experience in love affairs, human relations and geographical knowledge.

What are Brazilian Women Like?

Romance and passion 

Yes, Brazil is a country of real love and passion. Both positive and negative features are very distinctive in its inhabitants. Brazilian women are astonishingly expressive. This quality stands first in their character, leaving behind even their natural beauty. 

Being daughters of the native land of jolly carnivals and hilarious music, Brazilian women like spending much time in cafes and restaurants, romantic places with picturesque landscapes. 

They are faithful in love relationships. Brazilian girls are devoted to an only man, even if they start relations somewhere in a nightclub. Once they exchange a kiss or an embrace with a guy, they think their relationships are monogamous, giving their partners warm and tender feelings. 

Model look 

If you are looking for a nice wife or a sweet lover, Brazilian girls are the best for that. Their inner world is as beautiful as their appearance. Being good looking, pretty with perfectly shaped bodies, these adorable women are frequent participants and winners of beauty contests, top-models. 

Brazilian women are long legged, maintain a good physical fit and have no excessive weight. Regular face features, tanned or darker shade of skin make them look exotic.

Very special attitude 

Amiability of Brazilian women is well known around the world. Staying in a foreign country, these women may create an atmosphere of a native land and a family. Being in a relationship with a Brazilian girl, you will feel at ease everywhere. She is able to create a celebration in your everyday life and a holiday.

In addition, Brazilian females are very family oriented. Even being in a pair for a day or two, you will be immediately introduced to their parents and native home.      

Perfect guides

The hospitality of Brazilian girls extends to not only accompanying and supporting their foreign boyfriends. They are excellent guides on their countryโ€™s picturesque places, monuments, entertainments, customs, traditional dances, and cuisine.    

Do Brazilian Women Make Good Wives?

Brazilian women belong to the perfect nations for creating families. Usually they are brought up in rather big kinships. Brazilian parents may have three or more children, and girls are accustomed to taking care of younger siblings, cooking and coping with house chores. Your Brazilian wife maintains the perfect home in the right order, which makes her an unsurpassed housekeeper.

Amiable personal traits of Brazilian girls are also very good for a happy family life. They have an excellent sense of style, are romantic and faithful. She is your best friend and a passionate lover, who will be devoted to you.

An additional piece of beauty in your relationship is her gorgeous look and exotic appearance. Together with their welcoming character, all these qualities make Brazilian women desirable by every foreign bachelor.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

  • A manโ€™s appearance is important for Brazilian women when meeting a male for the first time. You will have incredible success with these ladies, if you are a blond man with blue eyes. They dream about kids with a pale skin shade and light eyes color. 
  • Personal traits of their future spouses are very important as well. Brazilian ladies appreciate sincere attitude. A man should be chivalrous. Take care of your Brazilian girl, be polite and courtesy. 
  • Respect her homeland traditions and be attentive to her parents. Be sure that you will be introduced to her relatives. Brazilian girls are faithful to their men, involve them in their family life.
  • Generally, these girls are very cordial to all foreigners, especially from European or North American countries. The economic situation in Brazil is not very good, and many Brazilian girls prefer moving to a new prosperous state. Thus, demonstrating your high social position and prosperity, you will obtain additional scores in the eyes of your Brazilian girl. 

Where to Meet Brazilian Women in Brazil? 

Sao Paulo

There are 2 largest metropolises in Brazil. These are Sao Paulo with reported 12 mln inhabitants and Rio de Janeiro with around 7 mln people. Sao Paulo is one of the biggest cities in the Americas, attracting not only Brazilian girls, but also bridegrooms all over the world, as it has a lot of African and Asian diasporas. 

Numerous attractive women live and work here. This is a big center of the financial, historical, gastronomical life of the country with many offices, nightclubs, restaurants and various attractions. Your pretty Brazilian girl may be a perfect guide and companion during the visit to this municipality. 

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the second biggest city in the country. Its sunny beaches and vibe nightclubs attract beauties, who increase joy and affection with this city during big celebrations and carnivals. Soccer fans also are welcomed here as all sport spectacular infrastructure is preserved here since the 1950 and 2014 FIFA World Cups.

It is easy to meet, hook-up and date a Brazilian girl here. However, you must be inventive to invite her to your bed after a vibrant party. Most women here are western styled, and one-night stands are not common for them.      


This is a cool and entertaining city. Women of all skin color are waiting for amiable loving relations here. The city resembles Havana, Cuba. Mulatto/African women with all shades of tans are very agreeable. 

Beautiful and Brazilian women may become your gorgeous companions. Though be aware of the high level of crime in the city, including robbery and prostitution, and avoid undesirable problems.   

Belo Horizonte 

Belo Horizonte is one more host of FIFA World Cups, it is an amiable city for foreign sport fans, tourists and bridegrooms. Compared to other municipalities in Brazil, Belo Horizonte is safer in terms of crime. 

Alongside numerous entertaining establishments, bars, restaurants, malls, where prominent Brazil women may be contacted, there are numerous architectural and historical attractions. This city has relatively new history, however its buildings, streets, monuments are an example of contemporary engineering. 

Nice Brazilian girls will make your tour here unforgettable and will tell you many interesting facts about the city.        

Where to Meet Brazilian Women Online?

Dating sites, applications, portals are widely spread nowadays. These are perfect means to connect you with Brazilian women. Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Badoo, BrazilCupid and many others offer excellent opportunities to contact Brazilian girls online. 

One or more females, whom you will distinguish, will wait until the moment of your arrival to meet personally. Coming to Brazil, it will be rather challenging to deal with many issues in a new country, including lodging, tour planning, excursions. 

If you exchange mails and get acquainted with a girl online prior to the voyage, there will be no need to worry about the first encounter. Besides, your Brazilian woman will help you in a new country, as these ladies are perfect guides and companions on trips.

Different portals offer different functionalities. Thus, you may have multiple levels of database access to the Brazilian beauties, depending on your activity level, desire and a purse. 

It is no secret that free or low cost services are not the best choice. They lack much information, which may be interesting. At the same time, the access level, usually marked as โ€œSuperiorโ€, โ€œPremiumโ€, โ€œLuxโ€ proposes verified photos, biography, portfolios of Brazilian girls. This makes an easy selection on the basis of definite desirable features, like height, IQ level, hair color.  

How to Date a Brazilian Girl: 5 Tips

Your outfit and physical condition

Looking good, brushed and groomed you will add many scores to your total score in the eyes of your future Brazilian lady. This will be a tribute not only to her natural beauty, but also to her diligence. 

After all, these adorable women spend much time getting prepared for the first date. Dreaming about their future match, they spend much time in the gym, go twice a month to the hairdresser, regularly undergo massage and cosmetics procedures, buy new and fashionable outfits. It demands a lot of time and resources. So they expect to see a man who matches their perfect look. 

What you say

Demonstrate your wide outlook, hobbies and interest to make her listen with an open mouth. Brazilian men are usually shallow and have little intellect. They prefer the macho exterior to the clever interior. Prepare some interesting facts and stories. Listen attentively to your Brazilian woman, reveal your interest in her life, parents, jobs. 

How you overcome a language barrier 

Portuguese is the main language in Brazil. Dreaming about a foreign groom and relocation to a new country, some Brazilian girls study the language of the targeted country. When dating a Brazilian woman with the help of a special matching resource, it is easy to select a lady who speaks English or other necessary foreign language. 

However, be ready that a Brazilian woman you like will not understand you. Think about it ahead; get ready to use translation apps, on-line translating programmes, or the services of personal interpreters.  

Your behavior 

Brazilian men allow themselves to behave rather aggressively towards women. They are often rude and impolite. Thus, a man who will be courteous, will look contrastively positive. Brazilian women appreciate chivalry. 

Continue your forestry and pay yourself when dating a Brazilian woman for the first time . Actually, they expect men to pay during all the rendezvous, as Brazilian girls do not earn enough money for luxurious entertainments, like exotic dining, dancing parties, theaters, sports events.   


Stop being too shy and coy. Display your real feelings and attitude. Though do not expect to sleep with your Brazilian woman after your first evening. They are open-minded, passionate and expressive and a kiss on the first night is not a rare occasion. 

However, usually one or more meetings are needed for a Brazilian woman to be seduced. Donโ€™t be afraid, you will not wait too long. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Brazilian women look like those participating in carnivals? 

Brazilian women are associated with a vibrant party of annual Brazilian carnivals. Nevertheless, do real Brazilian girls look like those beauties who dance and entertain the audience in bright decorations, open and explicit outfits? 

Actually, yes. Most Brazilian women are tall, have perfect slim figures with long legs. Their tinned honey-colored skin is always cared thoroughly and is touched with a moderate amount of make-up. Gorgeous Brazilian females like decorating themselves and always look tidy. The passion and thrust for joy is in their blood, so you will never be bored with them.       

Are families important for Brazilian women? 

Brazilian women are good mothers and daughters. These girls are very close with their families. The tights of the kinship are so strong, that they have a vital role in taking decisions and plans for the future of your Brazilian girl. 

Be prepared to meet and impress her dad and mom, and numerous aunt, uncles, cousins and grannies. This may be a little irritating. On the other hand, these great families are very reliable and always support every family member facing troubles. Every next generation is brought up with respect to their predecessors.

It is not a rare case that younger generations take care of their elderly parents. As this often falls on the shoulders of Brazilian women, it costs them their careers, especially in top positions, which they may reach after their 30-40. 

What are the best dishes to taste with your Brazilian girl? 

Brazil is a country of sweets and outstanding desserts. Many of them originated from Europe. Portuguese colonists brought their receipts along to their new country. Except for extraordinary taste, these dishes boast of a perfect form and unique serving. 

Try quindim, an airy and light dessert without any flour and baking. It is made from egg yolk, ground coconut and sugar. Mixed ingredients make a sweet yellow substance, covered with melted butter for a softer and glossier surface. Quindim is served in the form of hemispheres, or sliced being prepared in donut mould. Many Brazilian girls cook it and you will be in love with both, a dish and its confectioner. Brigadeiro is one more sweet dessert, with which Brazilian women may treat you. Usually this dish is served on occasion of large parties, special events and important guests. Brigadeiro is made in the form of cupcakes, or rolls from milk, cocoa powder, and butter. The outer layer is covered with liquid chocolate, so this is the best treat for chocolate funs.

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