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Dutch women marry foreigners rather often. Why do they attract men from abroad and what kind of men do they like? Do Dutch women make good wives for US men? How to attract and date a Dutch lady? Find out all this from our todayโ€™s guide!

6 Features That Attract Foreign Men to Dutch Women

International couples of Dutch girls and men from abroad are rather common. And this is not surprising. There are a lot of things about these ladies that make foreign men fall for them. Here are the main ones.

Magnificent Beauty

It is difficult not to notice a beautiful Dutch lady because she is tall. The average womenโ€™s height in the Netherlands is 170 cm (5โ€™7โ€™โ€™). Thanks to this, Dutch women look expressive and remarkable.

Also, they stand out from the crowd because of their extraordinary Scandinavian appearance. Dutch women have very fair skin, astonishing blond or ginger hair, and stunning blue eyes. Such an appearance makes these girls rather exotic and attractive to many foreign men.

Sporty Bodies

An active lifestyle is very widespread in the Netherlands. The most preferred means of transport in this country is a bicycle. It has been estimated that there are 22.9 million bicycles in the Netherlands while the population of this country is a bit more than 17 million. Thus, everyone has at least one bicycle while some people have even a few ones.

The passion for cycling makes Dutch womenโ€™s bodies, especially their legs, look sporty and athletic. But they are not very slim, by the way. So, they attract men who prefer the middle ground and donโ€™t like too fat or too skinny ladies.

Style without Excesses

Dutch women consider bright makeup to be the attribute of older ladies who use it as a way to draw attention to themselves. Young girls apply expressive makeup very rarely. They prefer natural beauty and believe themselves to be adorable without any cosmetics. Thus, men who like natural women are fond of Dutch girls.

Independence and Pride

Dutch women know their own values and respect themselves. They are self-sufficient personalities and have their own opinions on any issue. Independence and freedom mean a lot to them. Therefore, they never stay in relationships with people who try to limit their freedom.

Unswerving Positivity

Dutch girls focus on the positive things and go through life smiling. It is hardly possible to see a lady of this nationality in low spirits. Dutch women have a well-developed sense of humor and can make anyone laugh. Moreover, they are fond of hanging out in clubs and bars and know how to have a really good time. Such positivity attracts men who want to forget about their problems together with cheerful Dutch girls.

Amazing Diversity

Women of the Netherlands are very versatile. Among young Dutch ladies, there are the ones that differ significantly by character, occupation, and level of education. Every man can find someone who matches him perfectly. There are women for all tastes in this country: from avid party-goers to intelligent business ladies.

Do Dutch Women Make Good Wives for Foreigners?

Many men from abroad just date women from the Netherlands without thinking what kind of spouses they could make. But if your aim is a serious relationship, you should know what to expect your future foreign wife to be like. And here are some features most commonly typical for Dutch wives.

They Choose One of Two Family Patterns

There is a myth about Dutch women that all of them are feministic and obsessed with making careers. But in fact, there are 2 types of wives from the Netherlands:

  1. Housewives. These women prefer families to careers and leave their jobs after getting married and giving birth to kids. A wife of this kind focuses on her family hearth and takes care of her husband and children with maximum devotion.
  2. Career climbers. The second type of Dutch wives have a job as the first priority. They donโ€™t give up their careers after getting married and share the duties connected with home and kids with their husbands equally.

So, it is better to discuss the issue of what kind of wife the Dutch lady you date is going to be to understand what to get ready for and decide whether it is worth marrying.

Dutch Wives Value Their Freedom

Regardless of whether a Dutch lady works after marriage or not, she still doesnโ€™t want to part with her freedom. Therefore, do not expect a Dutch girl to be an obedient and humble housewife.

Dutch wives donโ€™t ask their husbands for permission when they want to go somewhere, have their own points of view on various issues, and may not compromise if they donโ€™t consider it to be necessary.

They also value their personal space and personal boundaries. In the Netherlands, if a couple has no children yet, a husband and a wife can spend time apart from each other with their friends on weekends. And this is not considered to be something out of the ordinary.

Even if there is a child in the family, Dutch wives donโ€™t believe it to be the obstacle to having some time for themselves. It is an ordinary thing to leave kids with their fathers or babysitters and go somewhere with girl friends.

So, Dutch wives take care of their families but donโ€™t forget about themselves as well. This helps to keep a healthy psychological atmosphere in the family because a happy woman is less inclined to quarrel.

How Do Dutch Girls Choose Their Boyfriends?

Dutch women never start romantic relationships just not to be lonely. They are self-sufficient, always have a lot of things to do, and easily find ways to cheer themselves up. Thus, a man should really attract a lady and get her interested. And the best way to do this is to have common interests with a woman. It is important to find a girl whose outlook on life and hobbies are close to yours for you to be able to get and keep her interested in your communication.

Girls from the Netherlands are hardly interested in marriages of convenience. Therefore, it is not necessary to emphasize your financial status when you meet Dutch women. Additionally, the opinions and choices of the girls from this country are not influenced by stereotypes. So, the age, nationality, and occupation of a man donโ€™t matter to them. A much more important thing is to be a true soulmate.

Where to Meet Dutch Women in the Netherlands?

The widest diversity of girls can be found in the biggest cities of this country:

  • Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands;
  • Rotterdam, a large port city in the South of the country.
  • The Hague, an important city on the North Sea shore where the seat of the Dutch government and parliament is located.

Here is a short guide to the main attractions of these cities and the places where you can meet Dutch girls.

Tourist Attractions

Explore them to learn more about local culture and have more topics to discuss with local girls. If you are lucky to meet a beautiful and friendly lady downtown, you can ask her to guide you around the city. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted.

Be sure to visit the following sights that attract thousands of tourists to the Netherlands:

  • In Amsterdam: The Van Gogh Museum, The Rembrandt House Museum, The Royal Palace of Amsterdam, NEMO Science Museum.
  • In Rotterdam: Cube houses, Erasmus Bridge, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
  • In the Hague: The Mauritshuis (Maurice House), The Kunstmuseum, Vredespaleis (The Peace Palace).


You can meet some girls while they are leisurely walking at the following beautiful locations:

  • In Amsterdam: Oosterpark, The Vondelpark, Beatrixpark, Rembrandtpark, Flevopark, Noorderpark.
  • In Rotterdam: Het Park, Rozenburg Park, Dakpark Rotterdam, Vroesenpark, Park Rotterdam, South Park Ahoy.
  • In the Hague: Paleistuin, Park Sorghvliet, Saint Hubertโ€™s Park, Westduinpark, Zuiderpark.


The best places for hanging out in different cities are:

  • In Amsterdam: AIR Amsterdam, Escape, Jimmy Woo, Club Up, WesterUnie, Club John Doe, Disco Dolly.
  • In Rotterdam: NORA Rotterdam, Munch, Now&Wow Club, Huiskantine, 
  • In the Hague: Magistrat, PIP Den Haag, Lustig, Westwood.


Marijuana is legal in the Netherlands. There are even special places in this country where visitors can smoke weed with friends or buy some to smoke at home. A lot of Dutch ladies come here after work or on weekends with their friends. And if you are not obsessed with a healthy lifestyle, you can visit some coffeeshops in different cities of the Netherlands:

  • In Amsterdam: Barneyโ€™s Coffeeshop, IBIZA, Easy Times, Grey Area, The Rookies Coffeeshop.
  • In Rotterdam: Trefpunt, Miami, The 4 Floors, Pluto, Bellamy, The Reef, Coffeeshop 010.
  • In the Hague: Cremers Downstairs, Space Ball, The Point, Galaxy, Moonlight.

Where to Meet Dutch Women Online?

A lot of Dutch girls would like to try romantic relationships with foreigners. Therefore, they join international dating sites. You can meet hundreds of different ladies there. All of them are real as each profile undergoes verification before being shown to other members. You can write to girls or have video calls with them to get to know each other better. And once you are ready to meet in person, you can order the organization of a real meeting.

Note that some features and services of good and trustworthy sites for dating Dutch girls are chargeable, which ensures their finest quality.

5 Tips on Dating a Dutch Girl

  1. Be positive and easy-going. Dutch women are cheerful and donโ€™t like men who are focused on their problems. So, forget about all your lifeโ€™s difficulties while you are communicating with a girlfriend from the Netherlands.
  2. Donโ€™t be confused if she writes to you first. It is an ordinary thing for Dutch girls to take the first step in flirting. In this country, equality is appreciated. Therefore, ladies see no reason in waiting for men to write to them first. If a girl from the Netherlands likes you, it is not a problem for her to write to you first.
  3. Treat her as equal. Dutch women donโ€™t like arrogant and bossy men. So, never try to tell her how to live or what to do. Always take interest in her opinions and make important decisions together.
  4. Never try to limit her freedom. Dutch girls are independent and like to spend some time apart from their life partners occasionally. Donโ€™t get offended if your girlfriend goes to the party with her friends without inviting you. It is OK in the Netherlands for even a wife and a husband to have their own friends and spend time apart from each other sometimes.
  5. Hang out together. Dutch women like to have fun. And if you like to spend leisure time in the same way as she does, you have much more chances to make a happy couple.


Do Dutch Women Speak English?

Though Dutch is the official language in the Netherlands, the majority of the inhabitants of this country speak English as well. Therefore, you donโ€™t have to be afraid of the language barrier.

What Is the Average Age of Dutch Women Getting Married?

Ladies from this country are not eager to marry early. The average age of a woman at the first marriage is 35.5 years old. Thus, if you are a mature man, you have a wide choice of single Dutch age-mates who are not divorced and have no children from previous marriages.

How Are Household Chores Shared in Dutch Families?

It depends on whether a wife works or not. If she is a housewife, she assumes the majority of household chores. And if a wife works, the spouses share household chores equally or hire a housekeeper.

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