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Are you going crazy about Indian women? Sure, we can understand because these ladies are very beautiful. Unlike women from other nations, Indian girls stand out in the crowd, first of all, because of their unique culture. Letโ€™s figure out why Indian ladies are so attractive.

What Are Indian Women Like?

Indian women are signified with exclusive ways of dressing. If you meet a woman in a sari (traditional Indian dress), you will soon get to know that she is from India. Also, Indian women are special because of the way they use make-up. However, the appearance of Indian women is not everything that makes them stand out in the crowd.


Most Indian women are illiterate which is, however, a big plus. If you decide to marry an Indian woman, you will rarely have quarrels on the ground of superiority. It means that Indian ladies are very humble and will not humiliate a man trying to prove to him and others that she is worthy.


Indian girls just enjoy the fact that they are women and do not have to be leaders. In fact, the salaries in India are higher for men. Someone might say that this is discrimination on the sexual ground which is not true. Indian women got used to their status in society and accept the way things are in India.


Most Indian women are very shy. They have to dress in a way that most parts of their bodies must be covered. They like to look good and draw the attention of men around them.

Indian girls like to study and get an education. However, not all families there can afford it as long as India is a land of contrasts โ€“ some families are very rich while others are on the fringes of society.


In India, people are divided into castes (parts of the society that have specific rights and financial status that are inherited from their ancestors). It means that if a girl was born in a poor family, her parents must find a husband to her with the same financial status. They both should belong to the same caste. The vast majority of marriages in India are โ€œarranged marriagesโ€ which makes it difficult for both girls and boys to find the match by themselves.


The rights of women in India are not protected well. Sexual harassment and rapes are common things in their society. Therefore, if you do like an Indian woman, you would better travel to this country as soon as possible, marry, and move with your wife to a Western country. Most Indian women are dreaming about marrying a Western man who will solve all their problems and make them happy.

Do Indian Women Make Good Wives?

Indian women are just perfect wives for Western men! Unlike other women, they tend to respect their husbands, stay humble, and be patient, no matter what happens. They learn from early childhood that they must keep their mouths closed and not shout at their husbands.

Therefore, if you want to feel like a real man in a family, you would better marry a girl from India. According to the law, you can do it if she is already fifteen years old. Indian girls are raised with the idea that they must cook well and look good to please their men. You will never be hungry if you marry an Indian girl. However, you must get used to specific Indian cuisine that supposes eating a lot of spices.

It is worth mentioning that Indian women love kids. In most Indian families, there are a few children, so they learn how to take care of the small kids at a very early age. You would better marry an Indian girl if you want to have a big family.

Also, you should not be afraid of language barriers because one of the official languages in India is English. Thus, you might speak English to her and she will understand you easily.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

All Indian women like gentlemen. You should be a man that is polite, friendly, smiling, inspiring, attractive, and responsible to draw the attention of the Indian charming lady.

If you think that it will be easy to win the heart of the Indian girl just by being rich, you are mistaken. You should prove it to bother her parents and her that you love her. Of course, money speaks louder than words, especially, if you take into account the fact that most Indian people are poor. However, you still must create a positive impression on her family to bless you to marry her.

If you are a rich Western guy, it will be much easier for you to win the heart of the Indian woman. All Indian parents want their daughters to be wealthy and never be in need of money. Therefore, you would better ensure her relatives that you have some bucks on your account. To do that, you might give expensive presents to her family members and her. For example, you may present her with a golden necklace or bracelet. It will be very nice to her to accept such a gift.

Where to Meet Indian Women in India?

You will make a big mistake if you start to look for your wife on the streets of India. First of all, you might be shocked by the absence of sanitation. Secondly, the chances to find a worthy woman are minimal if you do it by yourself. Nevertheless, it is possible to look for a wife there.


It goes without saying that India is famous for its beaches. Girls from India like to swim there just like any other woman in the world. You might check out what they hide under their clothes on such beaches as:

  • Varkala Beach (Kerala);
  • Gokarna, Karnataka (Belehittal Rd, Dangebagh);
  • Baga (North Goa).


Indian women like to eliminate stress in places where they can feel contact with nature. They are the most relaxed and easy-going there. So you will easily pick up one of the Indian beauties. Here are the most fascinating Indian parks where you might meet your future wife:

  • Jubilee Park (Jamshedpur);
  • Shivaji Park (Mumbai);
  • Maidan (Kolkata).


Most Indian women are very religious. India is well-known for being a country of contrasts. People tend to visit various temples there, so there are plenty of denominations. If you find a girl in the temple in India, you might find a treasure. Women who are religious tend to be more loyal. Therefore, you would better look for a wife in India among the templegoers.

  • Halebid (Karnataka);
  • Jama Masjid (Delhi);
  • Mount Mary Church (Mumbai).

Where to Meet Indian Women Online?

Internet must be your best friend if you want to marry the most intelligent and beautiful Indian girl. On mail order brides service websites, you will not need to make the woman interested in getting married to you. All of the ladies there intentionally registered there to marry a Western guy and even move to his native country. So you will just need to glance over the photos of females to find the most stunning for you.

How to Date an Indian Girl: 4 Tips

Dating is absolutely legal in India, unlike other Eastern countries. If you want to find a wife in India, you should apply little effort to do it. Follow the rules of dating in India, and you will succeed!

Pay for her

If you want to demonstrate that you are a wealthy western guy, you should pay for both her and you in the restaurant. Indian girls are not as independent as American ones, so she will not mind if you pay for her. Moreover, if you do it, she will respect you more like a man.

Do not try to seduce her

Most Western men think that having sex on the first date with a woman is quite okay. However, it is not if it comes to Indian ladies. Indian girls are brought up with the idea that sex must be only in marriage. So if you really love her, you will wait until you put a ring on her finger and she says โ€œYesโ€ to you when you propose to her.

Play jokes

Indian women have a developed sense of humor. They like to laugh at something witty. Before you date an Indian woman, try to prepare some jokes or funny stories in advance to improve her mood. The perfect date is the one which passes in a positive and friendly atmosphere.

Listen to her

Despite the fact that Indian girls are very humble and shy, they are very emotional and talkative. Let her say everything she wants and nod from time to time to support her speech and make her think that you care. The best thing you can do during the date with the Indian woman is to show your respect and appreciation for both her appearance and personality.


At What Age Having Sex Is Normal in India?

In India, when you are under eighteen, you are prohibited to have sex. So if a woman had sex with a man when she was fifteen, it might be treated as an act of rape due to the law. Ideally, you should marry a woman from India to start living a sexual life with her.

Why Do Indian Parents Hate Dating?

They do not want their children to date because they think that they are wiser and more experienced. Indian parents believe that they can find the perfect match for their kids better than they might do it by themselves. Therefore, arranged marriages are a common thing for most Indian families.

Should Indian Wives Live with Their Parents?

It is not obligatory, though. However, most newborn families in India live together with their parents. It is as long as the family members tend to run the same business and help each other bring up children. However, you still can move to your native Western country with your Indian wife if only you receive the blessing from her parents. The only thing that matters is your love for her and her love for you.

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