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It is quite difficult to find a good wife among emancipated women from the USA and Western European countries. Many young ladies from these regions are not ready to settle down until their thirties. Also, a lot of them cannot devote enough time to their husbands, children, and housekeeping because they are too busy with their careers.

But Kyrgyz women are nothing like Western ones. They believe the family to be the essential purpose of their lives. Thus, these ladies can make perfect wives. And if you feel ready to start a family, it is worth learning more about them.

The 4 Best Features of Kyrgyz Women

kyrgyz women
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They Are Pretty

Kyrgyz girls are exceptionally cute. They are the bright representatives of Asian beauty. If you are fond of lovely Asian ladies, the ones from this country are definitely your type. The main features that make them so adorable and attractive are:

  • The eyes of a specific shape. This is the main feature that adds charm to the look of all Asian women. And Kyrgyz ladies donโ€™t make an exception.
  • Beautiful long hair. Local people in Kyrgyzstan adhere to traditional gender roles. So, women strive to look feminine. They consider long hair to be one of the main signs of femininity. Thus, they keep it well-groomed and good-looking all the time.
  • Cute round face shape. The faces of Kyrgyz women with soft chin lines and chubby cheeks look very lovely.
  • Tempting bodies with sexy curves. Thanks to large breasts, wide hips, and round buttocks in combination with a thin emphasized waist, Kyrgyz women look extremely seductive.

They Are Modest

Girls from this country donโ€™t tend to be arrogant or to behave provocatively. They are quiet, soft-spoken, and reserved. These ladies donโ€™t like to boast of their achievements and treat others scornfully. They are moderate and benevolent. Moreover, Kyrgyz women are always polite towards others, especially men, because it is customary to respect them in the local culture.

They Are Friendly

Though Kyrgyz women are so shy that may seem too cold at first glance, they are not like that at all upon closer acquaintance. If you manage to establish contact with a girl of this nationality, you will see how kind and honest she is.

They Are Feminine

Traditional gender roles are common in Kyrgyzstan. According to local culture, males are expected to be strong while females โ€” to be tender. Therefore, women in Kyrgyzstan are gentle, soft-spoken, and modest.

Furthermore, femininity can be seen not only in their characters but also in their looks. Women in Kyrgyzstan often prefer dresses and skirts to jeans or leggings. Also, they have beautiful long hair which emphasizes their femininity.

4 Reasons Why Kyrgyz Wives Are Better than the US and Western European Ones

kyrgyz girls
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Kyrgyz Wives Are Compliant

It is rather difficult to find an obedient woman in the USA and Western European countries. These ladies believe that a husband and a wife are equal, so they donโ€™t like to compromise. And some of them even strive for taking a leadership role in a relationship and, thus, tend to be bossy.

But Kyrgyz women are completely different. They believe that a husband is the head of a family. So, they donโ€™t mind adhering to his opinion. They respect their spousesโ€™ points of view and donโ€™t challenge their decisions.

Kyrgyz Wives Are Loving And Appreciating

Many ladies from the West have no time to express love and care for their life partners because they are too busy with their careers. Also, many of them donโ€™t appreciate anything their spouses do for them, taking these things for granted.

Unlike them, Kyrgyz women never forget to show their gratitude for everything their husbands do for them. If a spouse is good at coping with the role of the family head, a wife of this nationality surrounds him with love, care, and affection constantly in turn.

Kyrgyz Wives Are Respectful

Many Western women donโ€™t get along with their parents-in-law. And this can make a great obstacle to being happy together.

Luckily, those who have married Kyrgyz women donโ€™t have to worry about this problem. They will never face it because wives from this country treat their parents-in-law very respectfully and politely.

Kyrgyz Wives Are Good Housewives And Caring Mothers

The majority of ladies from the USA and Western Europe keep on making careers after getting married. And this leads to a lack of time and energy for doing household chores and taking care of children.

Meanwhile, Kyrgyz wives focus all their attention only on their families. They donโ€™t work after getting married. So, they have enough time to keep their homes cozy and all family members happy. These ladies are amazing at cooking, rigorous at cleaning, and conscientious at doing all the other household chores.

Moreover, they can devote as much time to their children as it is needed. Kyrgyz women are very loving and considerate mothers.

What Features Do Kyrgyz Women Like About Men?

For these ladies, the following things are the most important:

  • Serious intentions. Kyrgyz girls are looking only for serious relationships. They are not interested in flings or open relationships. Their goal is to date seriously and to start a family. That is why they reciprocate only men with the same intentions.
  • Good manners. Women of Kyrgyzstan canโ€™t stand rude men. It is crucial to be calm and polite to make a good impression on a lady from this country.
  • Stability. This is essential for Kyrgyz women because they need to be sure of their own and their kidsโ€™ prosperous future. So, they mainly choose men who have their own but not rented property to live in and a stable income.

As for the appearance and age of a man, these criteria are not very important to Kyrgyz women. They believe that the age gap cannot destroy true love. Also, some flaws in the look of a man are not crucial for them. They believe inner beauty to be more important than physical attractiveness.

Where to Meet Kyrgyz Women Offline?

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These girls rarely travel abroad, so it is possible to find them in their motherland. If you like traveling, visit this pretty country. The best city to choose is Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan with almost a million inhabitants. You can find local ladies in the following places:

  • Parks: Panfilov Park, Oak Park, Victory Park.
  • Malls: Asia Mall, Bishkek Park, Bishkek City.
  • Nightclubs: Promzona, Retro Metro.
  • Museums and galleries: Museum of Fine Arts, State History Museum.

Also, the Issyk-Kul Lake is a great place to meet Kyrgyz girls. This is one of the biggest lakes in the world. It is extremely popular as a resort place for locals in Kyrgyzstan. People from the whole country go there to have a good time and relax. It is located 260 km from Bishkek.

Where to Meet Kyrgyz Girls Online?

Kyrgyz girlsโ€™ shyness in personal communication with strange men and the language barrier can make great obstacles to finding a future wife from this country offline. But there is an amazing solution: dating Kyrgyz women on the Internet.

Online dating is more time-saving, convenient, and resultative. All you need to meet Kyrgyz girls is a PC or smartphone with an Internet connection and a knowledge of the right websites for finding foreign wives. There are some good international marriage agencies on the Web that are popular in Kyrgyzstan. Plenty of beautiful and young Kyrgyz girls are looking for husbands from the USA and Western Europe there.

5 Tips on Dating Kyrgyz Girls

Consider some cultural peculiarities while dating a Kyrgyz woman:

  1. Be patient while making contact with a girl you like. Kyrgyz girls may seem a bit cold and suspended in the initial period of communication. But this is just because of their shyness. Be patient and give the lady you like some time to learn you better and get used to you.
  2. Devote much attention to your beloved woman. Contact her every time you have a spare minute. Donโ€™t let her feel lonely and abandoned.
  3. Take care of her. According to traditional gender roles that are common in Kyrgyzstan, a man should make his womanโ€™s life easier and happier. You can do this by supporting your lady morally and financially, as well as giving her presents.
  4. Get along with her parents. It is crucial to make a good impression on them and respect them. Without these things, you cannot marry a Kyrgyz lady.
  5. Propose as soon as you understand that you are a good match for each other. According to local culture, the only purpose of dating is to get to know each other better to understand whether you are compatible for family life. 


Is Intimacy Possible while Dating a Kyrgyz Girl?

Premarital sexual relationships are severely frowned upon in this country. They are believed to be very shameful, especially for women.

How to Choose a Gift for a Kyrgyz Girl?

If you want to present her with something beautiful, silver jewelry is the best choice. Kyrgyz women believe that this metal brings them luck and protects them from adversities. Thus, they like everything made of it very much.

How Many Children Are There Usually in Kyrgyz Families?

The fertility rate in this country is 3. Thus, Kyrgyz women are perfect for men who dream of big families with 3 children or even more of them.

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