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Do you want your future wife to be humble and respect you? Are you tired of girls who just look good but are not smart? If yes, you would better consider marrying a Pakistani girl who is both obedient, intelligent, and beautiful. Check out the main features of Pakistani girls in this guide.

What Are Pakistani Women Like?


Pakistani women are like any other woman in the world. However, their culture has made them unique. For example, the first thing you will notice when you travel to Pakistan is that all women wear hijab (a specific dress that covers most parts of the femaleโ€™s body not to look sexually attractive).

It is obvious that Pakistani girls are not seductive unlike Western girls who wear short skirts and transparent blouses. However, it does not mean that Pakistani women are not attractive and beautiful.


The girl from Pakistan obeys the traditions of their country and dress in a way that will not tempt men to want to have sex with them. Still, they use a lot of cosmetics and make-up to look good. Therefore, it is impossible to say that Pakistani women are old-fashioned. Moreover, when a girl from Pakistan gets married, she can dress whatever way she wants when she is alone with her husband at home.


It is true that most Pakistani women are not educated and are illiterate. However, their big plus is that they are very obedient and loyal for all men to benefit from. If you are sick and tired of too smart women in your native country who might do everything to be promoted, Pakistani women will be ideal for you. Thanks to the way of upbringing, Pakistani women learn to respect men from early childhood.

Good Housekeepers

Pakistani ladies are very wise if it comes to doing household chores. They know well how to do household chores, raise children, and cook.


In Pakistan, women must obey men, and men are more respected in society, so it is possible to claim that the rights of women are neglected. If you plan to move to your native Western country with your Pakistani wife, she will soon agree to do it, especially if she dislikes the way women are treated in Pakistan and wants some changes.

The average woman in Pakistan is dreaming about a Western guy like you. They want to enjoy the freedom of rights and finally get rid of that hijab that they have to wear in Pakistan.

Pakistani women are very light-hearted. They will go with you wherever you want to go. So if you love her, you will face minimal problems relocating with her to your native country.

Do Pakistani Women Make Good Wives?

Pakistani women are not only good wives but they are the best wives! All Pakistani women know how to dress to impress their husbands, they are good cooks, know how to take care of babies, and etc. They are very polite and humble, and never shout at their husbands.

If you want to enjoy the status of being a husband, you should marry a girl from Pakistan. Note that you would better hurry up to do it as long as arranged and even child marriages are a common thing in Pakistan. Her parents should agree to bless you to marry their daughter before other men decide to do it.

Pakistani girls are very kind. They like to do good, help others, and respect authorities. They tend to adhere to the law despite the fact that they are not properly protected by the law. Therefore, you have more chances to win her heart and convince her to move to your native country because of these facts.

The ladies in Pakistan are very religious. Some of them practice even marrying Quran. It means that instead of having a husband they decide to devote all their lives to studying the Quran. Therefore, you would rather hurry up and try to impress the potential Pakistani bride before she marries the Quran.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Most Pakistani girls like reliable men who can protect them and be a breadwinner in their families. If you earn enough money to feed your wife and your future kids, feel free to travel to Pakistan and marry her.

Unlike other girls, Pakistani women do not have huge ambitions regarding their careers. So you must not be afraid that she will get promoted at her job and leave you. It just does not work with Pakistani girls who are brought up to do household chores.

If you want to impress your charming Pakistani lady, you should give her expensive gifts. These women like generous men, so they will accept your presents willingly.

Note that you not only have to impress the girl from Pakistan but also her parents or closest relatives. the blessing from parents is very important for all Pakistani women. So you would better give presents to both her and her parents or relatives.

Pakistani women like strong men and the ones who are smart. Despite the fact Pakistani girls are not well-educated, they still are very smart and wise. So they want to discuss various things with their men and inspire them.

Where to Meet Pakistani Women in Pakistan?

Looking for a woman to marry might be fun if you travel to Pakistan but it might not always be that fruitful. There are many beautiful girls in Pakistan. However, not all of them might like you or want to marry at all.

Some girls who seem to be too young might be even already married. Therefore, you would better try to find a wife from Pakistan in a different way. Still, you might find a wife in Pakistan in the following places:


Pakistani women are very religious. Their most common religion is Islam. You will find a wife among the devoted templegoers soon if you set a goal. Religious women in Pakistan tend to be the best wives because they obey the norms of the Quran and respect their husbands. You might attend such temples in Pakistan:

  • Hinglaj Mata (Balochistan);
  • Faizan-e-Madinah (Karachi, Sindh);
  • New Bethel Church of Pakistan (Karachi).


Pakistani girls like to attend various cafes and restaurants. They do not mind getting acquainted with a man there. If you are starving and looking for a wife, you would better try visiting the following famous Pakistani restaurants:

  • Andaaz Restaurant (Lahore);
  • Phajja Siri Paye (Shani Mohallah Walled City);
  • Monal (Islamabad).

Shopping Malls

The women from Pakistan like to do shopping. In this way, they get a lot of positive emotions and relax. If you spend some time helping her find the best dress (possibly for the date with you), she is totally yours! Here is where you might find a beautiful Pakistani girl:

  • Gulberg Galleria (Lahore);
  • Centaurus Mall Islamabad (Islamabad);
  • Dolmen Mall (Karachi).

Where to Meet Pakistani Women Online?

The best and most stunning Pakistani women hang out on the mail order brides services. You will find your ideal lady there, applying minimal effort. You will have to specify the type of woman you have been looking for. Just a few clicks โ€“ and there you go!

How to Date a Pakistani Girl: 4 Tips

Dating is not prohibited in Pakistan. However, due to the fact that Pakistan is a Muslim country, her parents or closest relatives will not let you date her one-on-one. There are several rules that are essential for all men dating a Pakistani girl to follow. Here they are:

Bring a small gift

To show her that you really care and are able to take care of her, you would better bring some sweets or flowers, or both to the date with your Pakistani girl. For sure, she will appreciate such a sign of attention. Pakistani girls like presents like any other girls worldwide, so do not hesitate to give them to her!

No touches

One of the biggest taboos on the first date with a girl from Pakistan is that you must not try to touch her hand or whatever part of her body. In your native country, it might be okay to do but not in Pakistan! For them, it might mean that you are trying to seduce her, so they will not let you move on.

Be polite

Dating a Pakistani girl, no matter whether you date in a public place or online, you should prove that you not only like her appearance but her personality. Most Pakistani girls are smart enough to tell the difference.

Also, if the only thing you like in your charming Pakistani lady is the way she looks, you must review your behavior and try to treat women not only as sexual objects. Therefore, you would better say kind words to her and be grateful for your time spent together.

Dress to Impress

All Pakistani girls like good-looking men. You should not neglect this rule if you want to impress your charming Pakistani lady. Note that it does not matter whether your clothes are expensive. Mind the neatness and style.


How to Impress a Girl from Pakistan?

To impress a woman from Pakistan, you should prove that you really like her. For instance, you should drive faster if she walks faster on the street. The best way to impress a Pakistani girl is to pay enough compliments. Enough means as much as possible. If she is a religious person, you should greet her shouting โ€œmashAllahโ€ that means that you are grateful to Allah for His good will about you.

Is It Safe to Travel to Pakistan?

No, it is not. For instance, you would better not travel to Balochistan province and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province because of terrorism and kidnapping. Therefore, it will be very advantageous to date a girl from Pakistan using mail-order brides services which are absolutely safe and secure.

What Language Is Spoken in Pakistan?

There are two languages that are used in Pakistan โ€“ Urdu and English. So you should not worry about the language barrier if you are from an English-speaking country. Feel free to use mail order brides services starting to talk in English with your potential Pakistani bride.

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