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Puerto Rico is an island country that attracts thousands of tourists every year. The magnificent Atlantic Ocean on the north and west of the country, the picturesque Caribbean Sea on the south, pleasant climate all year round, and a rich variety of flora and fauna โ€” this is why Puerto Rico is an extremely popular tourist destination.

But what about local girls? Are they worthy of your attention? Before you visit Puerto Rico or decide to meet Puerto Rican women online, read this guide to find out what these ladies are like, what kind of wives they can make, and how to start and maintain relationships with them.

What Are Puerto Rican Women Like?

Pretty Puerto Rican girls literally drive men crazy. Many of them fall in love with Puerto Rican women at first sight. What features make ladies of this nationality so attractive to men from all over the world?

Exotic Look

Puerto Rican girls look really extraordinary for those men who are used to seeing typical Western women around. Women of Puerto Rico are nothing like Western ladies.

Dark long fluffy thick hair, expressive eyebrows, big enchanting eyes, sexy full lips, and refined bodies โ€” all this makes Puerto Rican ladies look exotic and extremely attractive to men.

Due to such an unusual and appealing appearance, many beautiful Puerto Rican girls become models and often win beauty pageants. For example, in 2016, a lady of this very nationality won Miss World.

Hot Temper

Women of this nationality are very sexy. And this makes men from all over the world strive to date them. But, despite being so hot, Puerto Rican girls are not that easy to get! So, to get love from an exotic woman, a man should try hard to conquer her first. Beautiful ladies of this nationality like a romantic and lasting courtship. This is the surest way of getting reciprocal feelings from a sexy Puerto Rican woman.


Ladies of this nationality are always ready to make new friends. They always greet others with a smile and do not mind having a little conversation with a stranger. If a tourist has some problems, friendly Puerto Rican girls will willingly give him advice on how to reach the place he needs, and so on.

But being so friendly when it comes to new acquaintances does not mean that Puerto Rican girls are easy to get. They are definitely not! To get a decent girlfriend of this nationality, a man should try hard. But such a challenge makes the goal even more desired!

Traditional Family Values

These are not the type of ladies who will try to dominate in the family. They still trust in traditional family values and traditional gender roles. So, they behave like real ladies when a strong man is around.

Do Puerto Rican Women Make Good Wives?

It is hard not to fall in love with sexy Puerto Rican girls. But is it worth dating a Puerto Rican woman if you are interested in serious relationships? Read what kind of wives ladies from this country can make and decide!

Family Comes First

Puerto Rican wives trust in traditional family values. So, husbands and children are the first priority to them. Everything else in their lives matters less. Spouses of this nationality devote all their free time to family. They try hard for every family member to be happy and comfortable.

A Happy Family Is a Big Family

Puerto Rican wives appreciate strong familial ties. But a big family does not always mean a lot of kids. According to the statistics, modern Puerto Rican women prefer having fewer children than they used to do in the past. For example, the fertility rate in 2018 is only 1,04. So, the majority of ladies from this country prefer having only 1 child. For comparison, this rate used to be 1,65 in 2008 when more families had 2 kids.

For modern Puerto Rican wives, having a large family usually means keeping in touch with all, even distant, relatives: grandparents, second and third grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, second and even third cousins, and so on. So, be ready that a woman of this nationality will introduce you to all her relatives and would like to meet your close and distant relatives too.

Strong Social Connections

Puerto Rican wives do not become fixated only on their families. They also appreciate other social connections. They do their best to be on good terms with neighbors and to have a lot of friends.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Ladies of this nationality are not very picky about the age and appearance of their future husbands. The character and the attitude of a man matter much more to them. So, to have high chances of winning the heart of a lady from this country, a man should be:

  • Loving. If a man has true feelings for a lady and is not shy to express them, this will be pleasing for any lady from Puerto Rico.
  • Caring. Every woman of this nationality wants to have a strong man around, a man with whom she will be able to be weak and feminine.
  • Responsible. For women who are looking for serious relationships, this is a crucial parameter. As the ladies of this nationality are for traditional family values, they like men who are ready to take responsibility for the whole family.

Where to Meet Puerto Rican Women in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico has a lot of entertainment to offer to tourists. So, this is a rather good idea to go to this country to meet local women. Even if you do not find a perfect match, you will definitely have an unforgettable time!

Are you already choosing a city to go to? Here are the most interesting of them:

  • San Juan, the capital of this country;
  • Fajardo, a resort town with a well-developed economy.
  • Caguas, a town on the west of the country;

San Juan

This is the capital of the country, the most populated city, and the most popular resort. If you want to enjoy all the pleasures of Puerto Rico maximally, this should be the city of your choice.

Here, you will find beautiful beaches on the spectacular Atlantic Ocean, a wide range of nightclubs and bars.

This city is a paradise for tourists who strive for entertainment. And, of course, do not miss a chance to meet beautiful local girls who do not mind making friends with foreigners.

If you want to enjoy fair sand, warm water, hot sun, and see sexy Puerto Rican girls at all their best, go to one of the local beaches:

  • Condado Beach;
  • Ocean Park;
  • Balneario el Escambrรณn.

If you are a fan of nightlife, do not forget to visit one of the local nightclubs or bars:

  • Kronos;
  • Brava;
  • Mijani;
  • El Batey Bar;
  • La Placita.


This is a nice town on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Here, you can enjoy cozy small streets and scenic beaches: Seven Seas, Colora, Escondida. As for nightclubs and bars, they are not very popular in this town, and there are very few of them here. The most popular of them are Vista del Convento nightclub and Hangover Sport Bar.

But if you are a big fan of nightclubs and bars, better go to the capital of this country where there is a wider choice of them. 


This is a rather small town located 32 km from the capital. So, if you have come to San Juan, you can go to Caguas as well. There is no access to the ocean or sea in this town. This makes it less popular with tourists. But it means that you have more opportunities to meet locals here. The most interesting places of this town are the Historical Museum and William Miranda Marรญn Botanical and Cultural Garden. Also, you can visit El Pueblito nightclub or CaReKi bar.

Where to Meet Puerto Rican Women Online?

Fortunately, for those who have no time to go abroad in search of a life partner, there are specialized places online where they can meet girls from Puerto Rico. There are online platforms that are especially created to bring Puerto Rican women and American men together.

They have thousands of users, convenient search tools, and all that is needed for keeping in touch whenever and wherever you are. So, if you do not want to waste time trying to find single girls offline, just get registered on a specialized website where all women are single and looking for foreign husbands!

How to Date a Puerto Rican Girl: 8 Tips

  1. Be friendly and sociable. This is the only way to get acquainted with beautiful girls.
  2. Take interest in local culture. Though Puerto Rico is under the jurisdiction of the USA, it has its unique culture: the mix of Spanish, African, and Native American traditions, slightly transformed under the influence of the US culture.
  3. Be careful with your body language. Body language is a very important part of communication between Puerto Rican people. But it has a lot of nuances, and it is very difficult for a foreigner to predict what a certain gesture means. So, if you havenโ€™t studied the details about local body language, try to avoid extra gestures because you cannot know for sure how they will be taken by your conversationalists.
  4. Show a good sense of humor. Ladies of this nationality like positive men. So, it is good to show a good sense of humor. But note that it is better to avoid dirty jokes.
  5. Celebrate holidays together. Ladies from this country are fond of celebrations. And if you have fun together, it will help you to become closer emotionally.
  6. Show that you are serious about her. Serious intentions attract ladies from this country as they are family-oriented. Most of them are looking not for temporary boyfriends but for future husbands.
  7. Meet her big family and do your best to get along with them. Both close and distant relatives mean a lot to girls from this country. So, be ready to meet not only her parents and grandparents but also numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins.
  8. Introduce her to your family. A woman can think that a man does not have serious intentions if he does not introduce her to his family. So, it is a good idea to organize a big family celebration where she will meet all your relatives.


Why Are Puerto Rican Women Looking For Foreign Husbands?

Everyone who has visited this country noticed that there are many handsome men there. But why do some pretty Puerto Rican girls not pay attention to locals and are in search of foreign husbands?

First of all, this can be explained by statistics. There are 1,65 million females and 1,52 million males in this country. Such a difference in the number of men and women influences the chances of finding a perfect match among locals for women.

Secondly, many handsome men are not aimed at serious relationships or are irresponsible. That is why many Puerto Rican women would like to have more serious and responsible American husbands.

What Language Do Puerto Rican Women Speak?

There are 2 official languages in this country: Spanish and English. So, there is no reason to worry about a language barrier. There will not be such a problem while dating Puerto Rican women as they speak English fluently.

What is The Religion of Puerto Rican Women?

The majority of the population of this country are Catholics. So, misunderstandings on religious grounds are not likely to become an obstacle to developing relationships with a Puerto Rican lady.

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