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French women are known in the whole world as desired girlfriends and wives. Thousands of foreigners are charmed by these wonderful ladies. Would you like to become one of those lucky men who have got French women as life partners? If you would, this very guide is just for you. Find out what French ladies are like, how to attract them, and how to date them.

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What Are French Women Like: 5 Distinctive Features

There are many myths about the ladies of this nationality. And everyone has probably heard a few of them. But what are French girls like in fact? Here are a few traits characterizing them.

Beautiful And Well-Groomed

French women look in a very distinctive and charming way. Most of them are brunettes. Despite the dark hair color, many of them have blue eyes. This unique feature fascinates men and makes them fall for French girls.

Additionally, women in France take thorough care of their image. They are always neat, use nice perfumes, and visit beauty salons frequently. They take great care of their hands and never forget to have a beautiful and neat manicure done. Besides, they are proud of their clean and smooth skin and keep it in good condition with the help of regular treatments.

Feminine But Natural

French women know that they are beautiful and make much effort to keep being pretty. But they donโ€™t become obsessed with their looks. They prefer nude makeup without excesses. The only exception is red lipstick, which is considered classic in France.

As for the hairstyle, this is also often a simple option. French girls find it irrational to spend a lot of time styling their hair. They would rather have an extra hour of sleep before work than do an elaborate hairstyle.

As for clothing, French ladies prefer comfort and practicality to fashion trends. But at the same time, they still dress feminine and elegant. Unlike American women, they donโ€™t like sportswear and sneakers. French girls choose comfortable skirts and dresses, as well as beautiful low-heeled shoes.

Intelligent And Open-Minded

French ladies have a sharp mind and high intelligence. They are open to new knowledge and quickly learn new things. These women are also keen on reading, which allows them to become smarter and more versatile. New acquaintances also let them broaden their horizons. French girls like meeting new people, including the representatives of other cultures.

Interesting Conversationalists

French women are very talkative and can captivate anyone with an interesting conversation. They have extensive knowledge in many areas. Therefore, they can find a common language with almost everyone. Besides, they have a good sense of humor. It is very interesting and pretty fun to communicate with these ladies.

Independent And Responsible

French ladies adhere to a philosophy of equality. Many women from this country reach career heights thanks to their professional qualifications. They are also helped in this by their personal qualities, such as responsibility and industriousness. Strong women are attractive to strong men. Therefore, successful men often marry independent French girls.

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Do French Women Make Good Wives?

Thousands of men dream of dating French girls. Their femininity and sexuality win the hearts of both compatriots and foreigners. But is it worth choosing French ladies for serious relationships? Here are the 3 most typical features of wives from France. And it is up to you whether a spouse like that matches you.

French Wives Are Reliable Life Partners

Women from this country are for gender equality. They donโ€™t respect traditional family values and are not going to become housewives. They are well-educated and have decent jobs. After getting married and giving birth to children, they still keep on working. Thus, wives of this nationality contribute to their family budgets on an equal basis with their husbands. Also, they are wise and are capable of helping their husbands with advice when they have some difficulties.

French Wives Know How to Keep Home Cozy

Women from this country like order and comfort. And they always keep their homes tidy, neat, and cozy. Of course, they more often prefer delegating household chores to doing them on their own. But they always carefully monitor the results of housekeepersโ€™ work.

French Women Are Strict Mothers

French mothers are very demanding. They encourage good manners and academic success and immediately suppress naughtiness. Besides, French mothers teach children to be independent and to be able to establish contact with others. Parents never intervene in childrenโ€™s conflicts, but can only give advice on how to solve some problems.

French Wives Respect Their In-Laws

French people respect senior relatives very much. They often gather their whole families together for celebrations. Wives of this nationality show the maximum respect to their life partnerโ€™s parents. They never speak negatively about their in-laws.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

French women are progressive, so they donโ€™t judge people by their age or nationality. But they choose their life partners thoroughly because they are very conscious about marriage. They believe that finding a life partner is a very responsible business. And once a French lady gets married, she remains loyal to her husband despite everything.

The majority of the girls from this country believe that their perfect matches should be:

  • Well-groomed. Neat clothes of the style that suits you and good perfume are a must to attract the girls from France.
  • Considerate. A man should know what a lady is interested in, feel her mood, and take care of her.
  • Interesting. A perfect life partner of a French lady has a broad outlook and is capable of making conversation on any topic.
  • Romantic. Girls of this nationality like beautiful courtship and a romantic atmosphere. They are fond of visiting cozy places together with their boyfriends. Also, a man can win the heart of a French lady with the help of lovely surprises and saying beautiful words to her.
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Where to Meet French Women in France?

The widest choice of beautiful ladies is in large cities:

  • Paris, the capital of France, the most important cultural and economical center of the country.
  • Marseille, the largest port of France located in the southeast of the country.
  • Nice, a popular tourist city washed by the Mediterranean Sea.

In these cities, there are a lot of places to meet French girls for all tastes.

Museums And Art Galleries

There, you can find smart girls who like to gain new knowledge and creative ladies who like to admire the beauty of art. The most famous museum of France is The Louvre located in Paris. In its halls, you can find more than 30 thousand pictures in different styles created by famous artists. Some more museums worth visiting are:

  • The Musรฉe dโ€™Orsay, which represents a wide range of pictures and sculptures of the 19th-20th centuries. Placed in Paris.
  • The Marseille History Museum, where you will see ancient and Medieval sculptures, armor, and other interesting things.
  • The Marc Chagall National Museum, a museum devoted to one of the most famous French artists. Located in Nice.


Nice has many beautiful beaches where you can relax. There, you can also meet many sexy French girls. The best places for sunbathing and swimming in the sea are:

  • Castel Plage;
  • Blue Beach;
  • Coco Beach;
  • Florida Beach;
  • Plage Le Sporting.


There, you can meet the girls who like to have walks, admire nature, and prefer a healthy lifestyle. The prettiest parks in different cities are:

  • In Paris: Parc Montsouris, Parc Monceau, The Tuileries Garden, The Parc de Belleville, The Parc floral de Paris.
  • In Marseille: Parc Borรฉly, The Jardin de la Magalone, Parc balnรฉaire du Prado, Parc Henri Fabre, Parc Longchamp.
  • In Nice: Parc du Mont Boron, Promenade du Paillon, Parc Castel-des-deux-Rois.


You will find cheerful and beautiful girls there. If you are fond of partying, visit one of the best nightclubs:

  • In Paris: La Java, Le Klub, Raspoutine, Mix Club, Djoon.
  • In Marseille: Danceteria, La Palmeraie, Chez Pablo, Baby Club, Pop Club.
  • In Nice: Lโ€™Eleven Club, High Club, Kwartz Club, Maze Club, Le Six, Palace Club.

Bars And Pubs

To enjoy good drinks and a relaxing atmosphere that makes it easier to meet beautiful French girls, go to the following places:

  • In Paris: Bar Hemingway, Little Red Door, Experimental Cocktail Club, Inside Bar Paris, Minato Bar, Bar 8.
  • In Marseille: Fietje, Massilia Pub, La Caravelle, Carry Nation.
  • In Nice: Le Shapko, Master Home Nice, Wayneโ€™s Bar, Waka Bar.


There are a lot of stylish chicks there. You can meet the most fashionable girls in the following malls:

  • Forum des Halles (Paris);
  • Marseille Grand Litoral;
  • Nice Etoile.

Where to Meet French Women Online?

Meeting French girls offline may not be as resultative as you thought. Many ladies you like may not be single or just not be interested in new acquaintances. Besides, not all French women speak English. Therefore, the language barrier can make offline dating more complicated.

So, a better solution is to meet French women online. You can use international dating sites to find French singles who are looking for foreign life partners. They provide the full set of features and services that make full-value dating a French woman online possible:

  • various search filters;
  • different means of communication;
  • virtual gifts and real gift delivery;
  • translation services.
  • real meeting organization.

How to Date a French Girl: 4 Tips

  1. Take interest in her

French women like considerate men. Anyone who wants to win the heart of a lady from this country should be interested in her feelings and opinions. Also, compatibility is possible only if a man and a woman have some common hobbies.

  1. Be romantic

Women from France love beautiful words and romantic surprises. If you are creative, write a poem devoted to her or draw a portrait of her. If you cannot do anything like this on your own, order a portrait of her from a professional artist. This will delight her very much. She will also be happy to get some romantic gifts from you, for example, flowers, stuffed toys, or jewelry.

  1. Donโ€™t fixate on punctuality

French women are often late. Punctuality is not their strong point. And it is considered to be OK in this country. Therefore, donโ€™t be offended if the girl doesnโ€™t receive your video call exactly at the agreed time or if she is late for an offline date. Just be patient and wait for your lady.

  1. Visit interesting places together

Getting new experiences together helps to strengthen emotional and intellectual connections. Therefore, one of the best ways to win the favor of a French lady is to invite her on a trip. Explore new places and enjoy an amazing vacation together. At the end of the trip, you can even propose to her, and she will, most likely, say โ€œYes!โ€.


Do French Women Have Bad Habits?

Ladies from this country are not fixated on a healthy lifestyle. Although they prefer a healthy diet, they can drink some alcohol occasionally. Red wine is especially popular in this country. Additionally, some French women smoke.

Do French Wives Work?

Women from this country value their careers very much. They donโ€™t stop working after they get married. Also, their maternity leave is rather short. When their kids are 4-5 months, they entrust them to daycare or babysitters and resume making careers. Thus, French women are perfect for men who want their spouses to be equal life partners.

Are French Women Good Housewives?

Ladies from this country donโ€™t become housewives in the truest sense of the word. They keep working and contributing to their family budgets after giving birth to children. So, as for household chores, they prefer delegating them to hired housekeepers.

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