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Portuguese ladies are so attractive that it is hard to resist a desire to get closer to them. And those, who dare to start dating Portuguese women, are happy to have loving girlfriends around. If you want to get an exotic and affectionate life partner too, check out our guide to dating a Portuguese girl.

portugese girls

7 Unique Features of Portuguese Women

These girls are quite controversial. Some of their personality traits contradict others. But we have done our best to compose the most truthful portrait of an average Portuguese lady for you.

Exotic Beauty

Portuguese women are rather different from ladies from other European countries and girls from the USA. Most of them have shiny thick curly hair, expressive black eyes, and beautiful smooth skin. These features are enough to make men go crazy over Portuguese girls.

Love for Themselves And Others

Portuguese women are not obsessed with looks. They devote more time to self-development, social life, and career than to shopping or visiting beauty salons. Small flaws are considered not disadvantages but unique features. And itโ€™s typical for girls from this country to accept themselves for who they are. As for the others, they accept them for who they are as well and donโ€™t dwell on their shortcomings.

Plain but Elegant Style

Portuguese girls donโ€™t want to look like glamorous chicks. They appreciate naturalness and restraint in style and comfort in clothing. Many of them prefer the casual, sporty, or classic style. Black, white, grey, beige, and pastel shades of different colors are their favorites. Portuguese women donโ€™t misuse makeup and are not fond of fancy bright accessories. Thus, their outfits are stylish but not vulgar. 

Amazing Friendliness

Portuguese girls are very open, sociable, and kind-hearted. They are happy to make new acquaintances and usually have many friends. They are always ready to help others, including tourists who cannot find their way. Thus, it doesnโ€™t take much effort to establish contact with a Portuguese woman.

Passion And Affection

Portuguese girls, like Spanish ladies, are very hot in love. They show their feelings openly and passionately. Foreigners are usually delighted with the gentleness and affection of Portuguese women. This is the main reason why they appreciate their exotic girlfriends very much.

Polite And Courteous

Portuguese women take great care of the people around them. They treat others the way they would like others to treat them. Courtesy is found in almost every sentence. Such a level of politeness surprises many foreigners and seems to be excessive. But this is the integral feature of ladies from this country.

Peaceful Lifestyle

Portuguese women are both hot and calm at the same time. They are passionate when it comes to relationships with their boyfriends. But they are very relaxed and tranquil in their everyday lives. They are not irascible and usually avoid conflicts. Additionally, they donโ€™t like to rush but do everything thoughtfully.

portugese woman

3 Reasons Why Portuguese Wives Are Appreciated by Foreign Husbands

Foreigners are delighted with their exotic Portuguese wives. The reasons for this are their numerous advantages. Here are a few of them.

Portuguese Wives Are Loving And Passionate

Ladies from this country surround their husbands with affection and care. A man will never feel abandoned if he has a wife of this nationality around. Moreover, Portuguese ladies are excellent in bed. They keep their husbands satisfied with their intimate lives throughout the marriage.

Portuguese Wives Are Loyal

Portuguese girls are very faithful life partners. Marriage is a very important decision, and family is the first priority for them. They never cheat on their husbands because they believe that it can ruin the trust between partners. And they, of course, expect their spouses to be faithful to them as well.

Portuguese Wives Are Active

An eventful life is a must for the happiness of a Portuguese lady. And this rule doesnโ€™t stop working after marriage. Girls from this country donโ€™t give up self-development and active social life after they start living together with their husbands. And even children are not a hindrance to an active life and career. Therefore, a Portuguese wife will never turn into a boring housewife whom there is nothing to talk about.

What Do Portuguese Women Consider While Choosing Boyfriends?

A lot of foreigners are fond of ladies from Portugal. But do they have any chances to win their hearts? Here are the features Portuguese women take into account while choosing life partners:

  • Common interests. Women from this country believe that a boyfriend should be not only a good lover but also a true friend and an interesting companion. Therefore, they are looking for guys with common interests and a similar outlook on having a rest. A popular hobby in Portugal is sport. Also, those people who live by the sea are often fond of diving. As for having a rest, Portuguese women like to go to parties and have picnics together with friends. And a perfect life partner is that one who is always ready to join his lady in this.
  • Personality traits. The most appreciated ones are care, affection, and kindness. A man should be ready to compromise, because itโ€™s OK for women in Portugal to be leading in relationships.
  • Sex compatibility. Intimate life is very important to Portuguese girls. They believe physical contact to be the main way to express love for their life partners. Thus, it is a crucial point to have the same preferences in sex to match each other.

It may seem that Portuguese ladies are quite picky, but this is not really so. They donโ€™t have stereotypical thinking. And if a woman feels compatible with a man, his nationality and age donโ€™t matter to her.

portugese girl

Where to Meet Portuguese Women in Portugal?

Portugal is an extremely welcoming country with a wide range of attractions and many friendly girls. The top-3 cities worth visiting are:

  • Lisbon, the capital and the biggest city of the country with the largest number of interesting places and beautiful local girls.
  • Porto, one of the most important cultural centers of Portugal where you will never get bored.
  • Coimbra, a bit smaller but not the least interesting city with a rich history and a lot of attractions.


Not to waste your time, start exploring local sights right after arriving. The most famous of them are:

  • Belรฉm Tower, a Medieval defensive building.
  • Sรฃo Jorge Castle, the main historical sight of Lisbon.
  • Jerรณnimos Monastery, a unique magnificent architecture monument in Gothic style.

When you are done with admiring the main sights, visit the places where there are a lot of single beautiful girls, for example:

  • Parks: Eduardo VII Park, Jardim Amรกlia Rodrigues, Mรกrio Soares Garden, Park of Necessidades, Water Garden.
  • Nightclubs: Dockโ€™s Club, LuxFrรกgil, Club Noir, Musicbox Lisboa, Plateau.
  • Bars: Red Frog Speakeasy, Procรณpio, Pavilhรฃo Chinรชs.


There are many things worth seeing in this city. The most popular sights are:

  • Porto Cathedral, a beautiful architecture monument in a romanesque style;
  • The Stock Exchange Palace, an interesting building in a neoclassic style;
  • The Serralves Museum, the place where you can admire modern art.

If you have a strong desire to meet beautiful girls, skip the sightseeing step and go right to the following places:

  • Parks where you can find a lot of walking girls: Porto City Park, Quinta do Covelo, Parque Urbano da Pasteleira.
  • Nightclubs where you can hang out and admire beautiful chicks: Plano B, Number One Nightclub, Eskada, Zoom, Gare. 
  • Bars where you can relax and find some pretty girls: Bonaparte Downtown, Bar Baixa, The Royal Cocktail Club, The Wall Bar, Base Porto.


There are numerous places to see for tourists who have come to this picturesque city, for example:

  • The Santa Cruz Monastery, a historical monument built in the 12th century.
  • Conรญmbriga, the ruins of the biggest ancient Roman settlement.
  • National Museum Machado de Castro, where beautiful religious paintings are represented.

And here are the places where you can meet Portuguese girls in Coimbra:

  • Parks: Verde do Mondego Park, Sereia Garden, Parque Coimbra.
  • Nightclubs: LOOK, NB Club, Broadway, Tweet.
  • Bars: Bigorna Bar, Whatโ€™s up Doc Bar, Nelsonโ€™s Bar

Where to Meet Portuguese Women Online?

The best place is an international dating site that cares for its members. The signs of a trustworthy online platform where you can meet Portuguese girls are:

  • Verification of new accounts to avoid fakes.
  • A large audience with a lot of girls online every day.
  • Convenient search filters with a lot of criteria.
  • A wide variety of means of communication.
  • Professional help (translations, real meeting organization, etc).
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Some chargeable features because a good and trustworthy site cannot exist for a long time without being financed.

How to Date a Portuguese Girl: 4 Tips

  1. Be straightforward

Portuguese women donโ€™t like beating around the bush. It is better to talk about your goals and plans for the future honestly and directly.

  1. Let her rule your relationship

It is OK in Portugal for women to take initiative in relationships. And a lot of men donโ€™t mind adjusting to their girlfriends. So, get ready to compromise. Not doing this, you will not be happy in a relationship with a Portuguese lady.

  1. Donโ€™t be shy to show your love for her

Portuguese girls are very hot and donโ€™t hesitate to show their feelings towards boyfriends. And they expect their life partners to show the same behavior. So, if a man neither compliments a girl, nor kisses and hugs her, she will think that he has drifted apart from her, or he is just not alright.

  1. Get along with her friends

Portuguese women are strongly affected by their social circle. If you want to build a stable relationship with a girlfriend from Portugal, get along with her friends. If they donโ€™t like you, they can turn her against you, and this will lead to a breakup.


Are Portuguese Women Different from Spanish Ladies?

Though Portugal and Spain are located close to each other, the inhabitants of these two countries are quite different. The main differences between Portuguese and Spanish women are:

  • Girls from Portugal use decorative cosmetics much less often.
  • They prefer a more reserved style of clothing.
  • Portuguese girls are calmer, less emotional, and less inclined to conflicts.

Do Portuguese Women Become Different after Getting Married and Giving Birth to Kids?

This doesnโ€™t change the life of Portuguese women significantly. Ladies from this country strikingly combine kidsโ€™ upbringing with work and social life.

In Portugal, parental leave lasts only 4-5 months. Then mothers take their children to daycare or entrust them to babysitters. Such a short period of being out of work ensures that a woman doesnโ€™t lose her qualification and can keep on building a career.

Even if a lady from Portugal moves to the country with a more favorable law regarding mothers, it will be strange and inappropriate for her to be out of work for a long time, and she will strive to continue her career as soon as possible.

Social life also doesnโ€™t become less active after giving birth to children. It is OK for a Portuguese mother to go for a walk with friends or visit some interesting places with her husband, taking a stroller with a baby with her.

How Many Children Do Portuguese Women Prefer to Have?

A lot of women have only 1 kid in Portugal because paid parental leave is short and daycare is quite expensive in this country. But if a husband assumes paying for daycare or a babysitterโ€™s services, a Portuguese wife may agree to have more children.

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