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Norwegian women are enchanting and unapproachable, like fjords, cozy and warm, like a hygge. Falling in love with them is like conquering the top: it is not always easy, but in the end, you have an incredible euphoria and passion. Are you ready to challenge boredom and routine? Then go ahead, get to know the most mysterious women on the planet!

norwegian woman

What are Norwegian women like?

There is a stereotype that Norwegians are cold and distant, but this is not at all the case! Those who have been to Norway note how passionate, cheerful and joyful they are. 

They are sporty and attractive

Norwegian women are considered some of the most beautiful on the planet! Nature endowed them with a Nordic appearance of the Scandinavian type: blue eyes, fair skin, and hair. Most of them are natural blondes, less often fair-haired and red-haired ones come across. And it is quite rare to meet brown-eyed and brown-haired women at these latitudes. Scandinavians are slim, fit, and long-legged. They often have steep hips and a large bust. Norwegians take care of their health, regularly go in for sports, love to ride bicycles, and go to the mountains.

They are natural

They are adherents of natural beauty โ€“ they usually donโ€™t dye their hair, and rarely use cosmetics. Thanks to ecology and a healthy lifestyle, they look amazing: the skin and the hair shine, they are full of life and health, which distinguishes them favorably from the artificial beauties.

They are open and good-natured

Women in Norway have little to do with the harsh Vikings. They are open, smiling, and friendly. Norwegian women easily make contact and new acquaintances. They are also one of those who are ready to be the first to come to the rescue โ€“ show you the way or provide other assistance. You can hardly find more responsive women than them.

They are honest and faithful

If you are lucky enough to marry one of them, she will become for you not only a muse but also your best friend for life: faithful, loyal, and ready to help. You can be sure that she will treat you with respect and will not discuss you with her friends or relatives. Your personal relationship will never go beyond the two of you. She will always be honest and open with you. Betrayal or treason is unacceptable for her.

They are calm and unflappable

Norwegian and hysterics are incompatible concepts. Moreover, she wonโ€™t even raise her voice. She was taught from childhood that she should react more calmly to problems. By nature, they, the owners of a Nordic temperament, always include logic and common sense. Therefore, you will never see her emotions take over. This makes them reliable and comfortable to communicate with.

They are free and self-sufficient

As a rule, they are devoid of any stereotypes. If they like you, they will be the first to talk to you, flirt, and even offer a date. They will also give you freedom. If you want to watch football with your friends with beer, she will not even think of demanding to spend time with her. In your absence, she will always find something to do with herself.

norwegian girls

Do Norwegian Women Make Good Wives?

Equality in Norway does not mean abandoning family values. From an early age, they begin to think about family and look for a reliable partner who will become the father of her children. If she wants, she may even be the first to propose to start dating and get married โ€“ for them it is in the natural order of things. 

Family and children are a priority for Norwegians. Norwegians love to cook and experiment with cuisines from around the world. They prefer to have more than one child and spend their free time with the whole family. In their sexual life, they are not at all restrained. 

If you are a fan of experiments, role-playing games, and other thrills, you have come to the right place. She will always do what you want and tell you what she wants. She will do everything so that you together have incredible pleasure.

What kind of men do they like?

On the one hand, Norwegians will want to see next to them someone who shares her views, interests, and resembles her, but at the same time, they often lack passion in relations with compatriots. That is why they often look for vibrant emotions in foreign suitors. They are impressed when prudence and a clear view of things are combined with an ardent temperament. 

Norwegian women usually do not care where you work and what your income is, for her, it is more important how you can solve problems and behave in different situations.

Where to meet Norwegian women?

Norwegians usually have a rather active lifestyle and it is not difficult to get to know one of them. Often they even make acquaintances first โ€“ especially if they see that you share her interests. So where to look for your future soulmate?

At the gym

If you love sports, feel free to go to the gym, yoga, or functional training. There you will meet beautiful girls with an ideal figure, aimed at a healthy lifestyle. You can share your impressions of the exercise, ask for help โ€“ and the conversation will start by itself. Then you can sit in a cafe and relax together from an exhausting workout.

In the park

Parks are a great place to meet. The nature around is soothing and inspiring to enjoy your rest. In addition, in the park, you can run, ride a bike, feed the birds, or just walk. Choose whichever you like best and look for a wonderful Scandinavian like-minded woman.

At the concert

Norwegians love music and often go to concerts by their favorite bands. There is a special drive and you can easily meet the girl you have always dreamed of. Therefore, it will be great to attend a musical event of your choice โ€“ whether it be classical, hard rock or country. You will listen to good music, and for sure spend time in pleasant company.

At the cinema or at the exhibition

Norwegians are great connoisseurs of art. Therefore, they often visit museums, various exhibitions and try not to miss new films. Getting to know them at such places is as easy as shelling peas. Discuss a new movie or paintings and continue this pleasant conversation in the nearest cafe.

Where to meet Norwegian women online?

Social events and walking together are great ways to get to know each other, but online dating can be much faster and more efficient. Norwegians are not always ready to open up to the first comer. And, perhaps, it will take a long time for her before she realizes that she needs you. On specialized online platforms designed for dating, this time is significantly reduced. You see her, she sees you, and you both know what you are looking for and what you want.

norwegian girl

How to date a Norwegian girl: 5 tips

Norwegian women have crazy sexual energy and fire of passions, but it opens only for a truly close person. Such trust must be earned! But this is not as difficult as it might seem at first.

Talk to her as a friend

Do not think that she will be excited to hear how beautiful she is or how delightful her dress is. Before you compliment her, talk to her as a buddy. She will appreciate it if she sees that you communicate with her on an equal footing and that you have no hidden implications. 

Interest her

Norwegians are very smart and well-read and would like to see the same man next to them. Therefore, she will definitely appreciate it if you are an interesting conversationalist and can tell something informative. But donโ€™t overdo it โ€“ youโ€™re on a date, not a lecture.

Tell her about yourself

Norwegians are eloquent listeners. She will be sincerely interested in learning more about you, your family, work, and hobbies. Therefore, do not hesitate and feel free to share whatever you want. For her, this is an indicator of your serious intentions. But do not rush to find out everything about her. She will tell you about herself when she wants.

Do not try to dominate

Norwegian feminism is legendary and, likely, she will not appreciate it if you give her a coat or hold the door. But who knows, perhaps she will not refuse if you offer her to lift or carry something heavy. There are actually many women in Norway looking to be cared for, but make sure it is appropriate and does not highlight gender inequality.

Donโ€™t rush her

Norwegians are leisurely people, and this also applies to love affairs. They are not one of those who go to bed with the first person they meet and they donโ€™t marry after a couple of months of dating. They need to make sure that you are the one they need. Do not be intrusive, but show how dear she is to you. Refrain from making plans for a life together โ€“ this can scare her away. But planning a vacation is a rather good idea.


Should I pay for her at the restaurant?

It is customary among Norwegians for everyone to pay for themselves. However, you can offer to pay for her, emphasizing that it will please you. If she refuses, donโ€™t insist. 

What gifts are the best for Norwegians?

The main rule is not to give too expensive gifts. She may be offended. Try something like original hand-made jewelry, interior items or items related to her hobby.

Do Norwegian ladies really not wear dresses and heels?

Norwegians prefer comfortable clothes made from natural fabrics and dress appropriately for the situation. Since they spend most of their time actively, playing sports and taking long walks, most often they can be seen in jeans, sneakers, and hoodies. But, going to the theater, to a party, or other event, the Norwegian will definitely wear a seductive dress and stylish high-heeled shoes.

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