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The bewitching beauty and sexuality of Moldovan girls drive you crazy, and their gullibility and complaisance endear men to them completely and irrevocably. Everyone who met a Moldovan girl was no longer able to part with her. What kind of magnetism is hidden in these charming young ladies?

moldovan girls

What Are Moldovan Women Like?

Not everyone has heard much about Moldovan girls, but meanwhile, they have something to brag about.

They have a bright and seductive appearance

Moldovan girls are a hot mixture of Slavic cuteness and southern sexuality. They have slightly dark skin, dark thick hair, and an incredibly feminine figure. Their eyes are uniquely olive-shaped and brown or dark green. Their gaze excites men. Moldovan women are an incredibly pretty nation, and sometimes it is even difficult to choose a beauty queen from them because they are all stunning and attractive.

They are happy and cheerful

Moldovan women have a bright charisma that attracts men. Their secret is simple โ€“ they always smile and shine with happiness. This is even though the country cannot boast of special wealth. It is one of the poorest in Europe. Moldovan women find happiness in the intangible things โ€“ and enjoy life and the people around them.

They are playful and love to joke

Moldovan girls are sincere, spontaneous, love to have fun and in general, they are like children. You will not get bored with them, and this is very conducive to these beauties. In addition, Moldovan women love flirting and sometimes do it as a joke.

They are peaceful and accommodating

Moldovan girls hate quarrels and showdowns. A friendly atmosphere and peace are more important for them than proving an opinion. They express their dissatisfaction gently and unobtrusively, and usually the first time they manage to be heard. Moldovan women are loved for their gentle nature, and ability to communicate and negotiate.

They are tolerant and get along well with people

Moldovan women are those people who easily find a common language with others. They are respectful, empathic, and ready to help. This makes them not only pleasant companions but also true friends for many years.

Do Moldovan Women Make Good Wives?

Moldovan women are excellent housewives who can and love to keep the house clean. Therefore, they are always on the move โ€“ washing, cleaning, and preparing food. Their breakfast is usually hearty, lunch is a three-course meal, and dinner is an opportunity for the whole family to get together and share how the day went. Moldovan women are always ready to listen to and support their husbands or children if they have problems outside the home. The whole family also experiences joys and achievements together. 

Moldovan wives will always look their best for their husbands. Being married to a Moldovan woman, it would never occur to a man to flirt with others, having such a stunning wife at home.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

A Moldovan woman does not place high demands on her future husband, but she hopes that he will be able to become a reliable support for her and their children. Unfortunately, in Moldova, many men sin with alcohol abuse and lack of desire to earn money. Moldovan brides look for the absence of these unpleasant qualities in foreign men.

In addition, a good-natured and peaceful Moldovan woman will appreciate it if her beloved is also kind, gentle, and non-aggressive. A man must take care of her, sincerely love her, respect and support her. He should also be quite generous and interested in communication.

moldovan girl

Where to meet Moldovan Women in the country?

In Moldova, young girls are very fond of getting together and walking in pleasant, picturesque places. What are these places, and where are the most likely to meet a lovely Moldavian woman?

In parks

In cozy parks, it is pleasant to walk along the alleys, sit on a bench and listen to the birds singing, take a break from the bustle of the city, and chat. Why not a great place for romantic dating? Look around โ€“ in one of the parks, the one that is destined for you is waiting for a meeting. Seize the moment!

The most beautiful parks in Chisinau: Valea Trandafirilor din Chiศ™inฤƒu, Cathedral park, Park โ€œRiscanovkaโ€, Valya Morilor.

In cafรฉs and restaurants

Young Moldovan girls most often go to cafรฉs for lunch or coffee. It is not difficult to meet them in such places. Girls are usually friendly and trusting to strangers, they are set to communicate. Offer to have lunch together, and there it is not far before dinner.

The most popular cafรฉs in Chisinau: Rozmarin Cafรฉ, Uptown Cafรฉ, Mozaic Cafรฉ.

In shopping centers

Young Moldavian women go to shopping centers not only to buy a dress. The malls even replace amusement parks, especially in the cold season. Indeed, there are cinemas, bowling, and you can drink coffee, and just sit. An ideal place for new acquaintances and exciting experiences!

The most famous shopping malls in Chisinau: Shopping MallDova, Family Shopping Center, Oasis Shopping Mall, ZityMall. 

Where to Meet Moldovan Women Online?

Nowadays, more and more girls prefer to seek their happiness on dating sites. This is much more convenient and efficient because the profile immediately shows not only how a person looks, but also his tastes, hobbies, place of work, and so on. Moreover, you can chat and immediately understand if you find a common language with a person. This saves time and helps to avoid annoying misunderstandings that may appear during a live meeting.

moldovan woman

How to Date a Moldovan Girl: 5 Tips

A Moldovan girl certainly knows how to charm a man. But do you know how to charm her? Here are some good tips for you.

Take her to a craft Moldovan wine restaurant

The legendary Moldovan wine is worth trying for everyone, and perhaps your girlfriend has tasted it. But if she tasted it without you, then you should fix it immediately. Take her to a restaurant where real Moldovan wine is served. And drink it together. Say that Moldovan wine is the most delicious wine in the world. But her charms intoxicate you much more. She will be flattered โ€“ and a sense of patriotism, and your recognition at the same time.

Give her flowers

Moldovan girls love to be given flowers. Not every day, but sometimes. You can, for example, do this on an interesting date โ€“ for example, the week of your acquaintance. Or come up with your holiday โ€“ for example, the day of beautiful eyes.

Be a gentleman

Give her a hand, hold the door and purse, dress her. Let her feel that there is a man nearby who is ready to take care of her, even in small things. And no far-fetched feminism! Moldovan women love to play the traditional role and love the gentlemen around.

Go with her to the theater and cinema

With your beloved, get out more often to places where you will be in society and can spend time interestingly and informatively. Films, performances, exhibitions โ€“ all this will perfectly diversify your joint leisure time and will be an occasion for your girlfriend to shine in society. This is accurately what Moldovan beauty needs.

Buy her a present

Let it be something inexpensive, but chosen just for her and with love. She will be delighted not only with the very fact of the gift but also with the manifestation of your attention. And also understand that you are ready to spend money on her.


Are Moldovan women lazy?

Moldovan cannot be called lazy. On the contrary, they are used to working hard to provide for themselves because often they have to rely solely on themselves. Moreover, from childhood, young Moldovan women are taught to do a lot around the house โ€“ to clean, wash and cook.

Which of the strange customs in Moldova should be known in order not to offend the locals?

When you visit someoneโ€™s home, itโ€™s best to leave your shoes at the door. Entering an apartment in shoes is considered extremely impolite. This rule is applied in most post-Soviet countries for hygiene reasons. Slippers will be provided instead of your shoes. 

Are all Moldavian women swarthy?

Not all Moldovan women have a swarthy skin color. Many of them are light, and there are even fair-haired and blonde. This diversity arose because, during the Soviet Union, marriages of Moldovan with Russians and other Slavic peoples were popular.

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